Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human magic-user and weapon-user

Occupation: Witch, assassin

Group Membership: Unrevealed

Affiliations: Baron Thunder and the Committee

Enemies: Jack Russell, Lissa Russell, Lt. Lou Hackett, Raymond Coker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mrs. Lynn James; "that little old lady" (to Lawrence Tong); "Big-Mouth" and "the chick dressed in weird" and "the girl" (terms that Jack Russell used in his narration)

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Werewolf by Night I#18 (June, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: According to Baron Thunder, Ma Mayhem was "California's most powerful witch" but this assessment cannot be verified because she was never shown using any magic. However, the fact that she was willing to attack and kill a werewolf in order to obtain the ears that she needed for a spell she wished to cast indicates that she probably did have some magical abilities. Or maybe she was just completely delusional?

   Whatever magical abilities Ma Mayhem may (or may not) have possessed, she definitely did have enough mystical knowledge that she was able to identify the "werewolf rings" on sight and knew what abilities they could grant to anyone wearing one of them.

   The witch may have possessed the skills needed to create the mask that she wore in her "Ma Mayhem" identity but this was never confirmed. If she didn't make it herself, then she must have acquired it from someone else.

   During her battle with the Werewolf, Ma Mayhem proved to be a capable fighter who had armed herself with weapons that were effective against her prey. If the arrival of a second werewolf had not derailed her plans, she probably would have defeated and captured the Russell Werewolf single-handedly.

Weapons/Paraphernalia: Ma Mayhem used three special weapons when she tried to capture the Jack Russell Werewolf: a silver axe, some silver dust, and a magical silver-coated whip. She carried these weapons, plus a vial of sleeping gas, with her in an over-the-shoulder bag.

   Ma Mayhem used a seemingly non-magical but very realistic mask to hide her true appearance as an attractive young blonde woman.

   Additionally, Ma Mayhem also equipped herself with a vacuum cleaner.

Height: 5' 6' (total guess)
Weight: Unrevealed (it's impolite to ask a lady)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde; (disguise) Grey

History: Few details about the life of the seemingly-young witch who used the false identity of "Ma Mayhem" have been revealed.

(Werewolf by Night I#18 (fb) - BTS / Werewolf by Night I#20 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, this witch created the false identity of "Ma Mayhem" for herself, one which involved her using a mask to disguise her appearance. "Ma Mayhem" acquired the reputation of being "California's most powerful witch" but the truthfulness of this claim has never been verified.

(Werewolf by Night I#17 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Ma Mayhem became known as "a most intelligent werewolf-captor." Although this seems to imply that she had previously succeeded in capturing at least one werewolf (and had done so in an intelligent manner), no details about any werewolves she may have captured have ever been revealed.

(Werewolf by Night I#18 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, "Ma Mayhem" met Baron Thunder who believed her to be California's most powerful witch.

(Werewolf by Night I#20 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Baron Thunder learned that "Ma Mayhem" was a false identity used by the witch. It has not been revealed if the witch first met the baron as "Mayhem" and later revealed her true identity to him or if she met Baron Thunder as her real self and later revealed that she was "Ma Mayhem." However they met, the witch came to have strong feelings for Baron Thunder but it was never made clear if he shared those feelings or not.

(Werewolf by Night I#17 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Baron Thunder came to believe that Ma Mayhem was "a most intelligent werewolf-captor." This may have been the reason why they met in the first place.

(Werewolf by Night I#20 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the witch learned about the "werewolf rings" and what they could do for the people who wore them. It seems likely that it was the witch who learned about the rings first and then told Baron Thunder about them, but it could have been the baron who learned about the rings on his own and later told Mayhem. Alternatively, maybe they each gained that knowledge separately, via their own sources, and later let each other know what they had learned.

(Werewolf by Night I#17 - BTS) - Baron Thunder sent the android Behemoth to capture the Werewolf but ordered it to return to base when it became obvious to him that brute force would not be enough to succeed.

(Werewolf by Night I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Ma Mayhem was hired by the Committee to capture the Werewolf (Jack Russell) and bring him to them. As (part of) her payment, Baron Thunder promised her the Werewolf's ears for a spell she wished to cast.

(Werewolf by Night I#17 - BTS) - The following evening, when the Behemoth was being repaired by the Regenerators, Baron Thunder realized that his men had unspoken questions about why he had ordered the Behemoth to return, but he privately reminded himself that one of his many resources was "a most intelligent werewolf-captor" who was just about to strike.

(Werewolf by Night I#18 - BTS) - Later, after Baron Thunder expressed his confidence that Ma Mayhem would succeed where his clay-like Behemoth android had failed, martial artist Larry Tong asked him, "That little old lady, Boss?" in a way that suggested he doubted her capabilities. Baron Thunder replied that that "lady" was California's most powerful witch and that she would succeed.

(Werewolf by Night I#18) - Just before moonrise, Ma Mayhem (in her disguise as a grey-haired older woman) arrived at Jack Russell's apartment at Colden House while he was being questioned by Lt. Hackett of the LAPD about suspected werewolf activity in the area. Mayhem gained entry by introducing herself as "Mrs. Lynn James" and claiming to be the new cleaning lady. After Russell let her inside and resumed his conversation with Hackett, Mayhem turned on her vacuum cleaner. With Hackett facing away from her, Mayhem pulled a silver-bladed axe out of her bag and swung it at Hackett's head, but Russell saw her and pulled Hackett out of the way, knocking him unconscious in doing so.

    After remarking on how "the copper" had been knocked out, Mayhem pulled off her kerchief and stated that that was just as well because the Committee had sent her to fetch him, then introduced herself by telling Russell that he could just call her "Ma Mayhem." When Russell asked what she wanted with him, Mayhem corrected him, stating that it was not really him she wanted or she would have struck earlier, but that she had waited for the full moon to rise because it would bring the Werewolf. And even as she spoke those words, Russell turned into the Werewolf.

   Finding himself facing an old female who stood before him, with death seeming to gleam from her silver axe and death reflecting in her eye, the Werewolf snarled and prepared to attack! However, as he lunged at her, Mayhem quickly pulled a handful of silver dust from her bag and blew it directly into the Werewolf's face, causing his attack to stop short as the dust choked his throat and lungs and left him wide open. As Mayhem raised her axe high above the choking Werewolf, she took a moment to gloat, saying, "The baron promised me your ears, Wolfie - - for a spell I wish to cast! A pity you must lose your head in the process! The baron will be disappointed, since he wants your blood - - and here it'll be spilt all over - -" but her gloating was interrupted when her prey managed to roll himself into her legs, causing her to tumble to the floor with a "Whoops!"

    Lying on the floor, Mayhem observed that "Wolfie" was a feisty one and that her axe-handle had been smashed in her fall, then stated, "But Ma Mayhem has other weapons in her bag --" as she pulled out a magical silver-coated whip and, while still on her knees, began lashing the Werewolf with it, reminding him that it was silver that could hurt him. As the Werewolf shrank back, Mayhem interpreted that as him cowering in fear before her and stated that she liked it, but it wouldn't help him because that was just the beginning, and she lashed him again. As she struck him a third time, Mayhem told "Wolfie" that now he would crawl back to the Committee as "as ol' Ma Mayhem's pet!" Realizing that that meant that he would be caged, the Werewolf leapt at her in a desperate attempt to remain free but her fourth strike with the whip caused it to snake around him and throw him against the wall. Further strikes with the whip caused the Werewolf to repeatedly slam against the thin plaster-and-wood interior wall that finally gave way, sending the Werewolf flying into Raymond Coker's next-door apartment. Mayhem pursued her prey into the new apartment but both of them soon found themselves facing a black-furred werewolf (secretly Coker) who could talk. As the two werewolves began to fight, Mayhem realized that she wasn't prepared to face both of them at once and quickly decided that Baron Thunder had better be informed, which meant that she had to leave the scene immediately.

   As Mayhem retreated, the two werewolves continued to battle and soon fell from Coker's balcony onto a police squad car. As the werewolves fled from the police, the Werewolf knocked down a young woman (Lissa Russell) who called out to "Jack" and identified herself as his sister. Mayhem, who had just reached her car, heard her and realized that she might be a potential werewolf who wasn't quite old enough to transform yet. Mayhem pretended to try to help the fallen girl but used some sleeping gas to knock her out, then moved the unconscious Lissa into her car and drove away with her.

(Werewolf by Night I#18 - BTS/Werewolf by Night I#19 (fb) - BTS) - The next morning, Jack Russell returned to his apartment to find that someone (probably Mayhem) had left a ransom note pinned to the door of his apartment by an odd dagger. The note informed Russell that the Committee had kidnapped Lissa and demanded that he surrender himself to save her life.

(Werewolf by Night I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Late that afternoon, Russell spotted a piece of Mayhem's sweater which had snagged on a fence outside Colden House. He noticed that there was some "plastic flesh" attached to it and brought it inside so he could take a closer look at it but was soon distracted by a phone call from Clary Winter who urgently needed his help at Mallet Studios.

(Werewolf by Night I#20 - BTS) - Jack Russell somehow learned that the person who was responsible for Lissa's kidnapping was "some kook holding the handle of Baron Thunder (who) was evidently the head of some ad hoc fraternity called the Committee."

(Werewolf by Night I#20 - BTS) - On a night in the week following Lissa's kidnapping, Jack Russell went out to dinner with his friend Clary Winter. Just after they had ordered, lawyer Geraldo Kabal approached their table, confirmed that Clary's screen name was Melody Tune, and presented her with a small token of his esteem for her prodigious acting talent. As Kabal opened the box and revealed the odd ring that was inside, Jack was overcome by a strange compulsion that forced him to snatch the ring and jam it on his finger. As Kabal sat down beside Clary, Jack asked if he could have seen Kabal at Mallet Studios, and Kabal replied that he had been there tending to the disposition of a former client's possessions, a trunk filled with odd paraphernalia. When Kabal mentioned that a "Baron Thunder" had recently offered him a considerable sum for the trunk, Jack claimed to be a friend of the baron's who had been trying to get in touch with him but had lost his address. Once Kabal had obligingly helped Jack by giving him directions to the baron's new home on Moonrise Hill, Jack abruptly excused himself, telling Clary that he was sure that Mr. Kabal would see her home.

(Werewolf by Night I#20 - BTS) - Later that night, after arriving at the baron's place on Moonrise Hill, Jack was surprised when his unspoken wish that he could have the Werewolf's body and his human brain caused the ring to tingle as he transformed into the form for which he had wished. Werewolf Jack then entered the house, searched every room and found nothing. Angered, Werewolf Jack pounded on a wall and may have triggered something that caused the floor to plummet downward. Alternatively, either Baron Thunder or Ma Mayhem may have activated the floor-elevator.

(Werewolf by Night I#20) - After avoiding any injury when the floor struck the bottom of the shaft, Werewolf Jack peered out into the gloom and immediately saw Lissa, wearing a tattered dress and chained to a nearby wall. Before Werewolf Jack could free her, a young blonde woman dressed in odd clothing stepped out from the shadows and spoke to him, saying, "Ah, my friend the wolf. Remember me...?" Not waiting for (or expecting) a reply, the woman answered her own question, saying, "Of course not. When we met, I was behind this mask of Ma Mayhem..." as she held up the mask in her left hand. Then, after having let the mask drop, the witch continued to address Werewolf Jack, describing herself as "...the one who abducted your sister - - and the one who will now cause your death!" As she presumably intended, her words provoked Werewolf Jack into lunging at her, but that only brought him directly into the path of a sledgehammer fist with which Baron Thunder punched out of the murk to strike him in the side of his face and send him sprawling to the floor. The witch merely watched with a smile as Baron Thunder taunted the "beast" but, when Werewolf Jack did spring to his feet, she noticed the ring on his finger and called out to the baron to warn him that his foe was wearing "the ring" and then added, "He's a werewolf in body only! His mind is still human. He must lack the ferocity of the wolf!"

   As they watched the ensuing battle between Baron Thunder and Werewolf Jack, Mayhem and Lissa both remained silent even as fires began to break out around the subterranean machinery complex. Near the end of the fight, when Werewolf Jack propelled Thunder back into one of the machines lining the wall, Mayhem and Lissa both noticed that the machine had become unstable due to the impact. Mayhem called out "Baron--!" even as Lissa called out "Jack--!" and their twin cries formed a single warning that the machine was toppling. Their warning gave the baron enough time to release his enemy and turn to catch the falling machine. However, despite his strength, the baron was only able to hold back the flaming machine for a few seconds (during which Werewolf Jack scrambled away) before it crashed down on him and crushed him beneath it. "The chick dressed in weird" (as Russell thought of her) rushed to the baron's side as he lay immobile and possibly unconscious and stayed there, kneeling over him as the flames spread. By the time Werewolf Jack had freed Lissa, the baron and "the girl" were surrounded by flames and Lissa stated that there was nothing they could do to save the duo. The situation made Werewolf Jack wish that he had never changed into the Werewolf so the ring activated again to transform him back into Jack Russell who then fled with Lissa.

   Jack and Lissa both escaped from the subterranean complex and the house above it before the fires set off explosions that destroyed both structures.

   "Ma Mayhem" and Baron Thunder presumably both died in those blasts.


Comments: Created by Mike Friedrich, Don Perlin and Mike Royer.
   Quickly killed off by Doug Moench, Don Perlin and Vince Colletta.

   Mayhem's objective in attacking the Werewolf seemed to fluctuate a bit. Although she had been hired by Baron Thunder and the Committee to capture the Werewolf, when she attacked him with her silver axe she seemed intent on chopping off his head, despite the fact that she knew that the baron would be disappointed. And then, once her axe had been rendered useless, she began to use her magical silver-coated whip to make the Werewolf crawl back to the Committee. So, did her desire to obtain the Werewolf's ears temporarily overwhelm her professionalism enough that she tried to kill the Werewolf instead of capturing him? Or was she just talking tough?

   During her first encounter with Jack Russell, Ma Mayhem addressed him in rather informal terms, calling Jack "son" four times and the Werewolf "Wolfie" five times. I guess it was just part of her charm?

   The idea that the grey-haired "little old lady" known as Ma Mayhem was actually a much younger blonde woman who had been wearing a mask to make her look older seemed to come out of nowhere. If it wasn't for the fact that her creator, Mike Friedrich, wrote the story in which Jack Russell found a piece of Ma Mayhem's sweater with "plastic flesh" attached to it, I would have assumed that the whole mask idea was something that new writer Doug Moench had come up with on his own. As it is, I still don't really get what the point of her disguise was, except for the obvious.

   One thing you have to give the witch credit for is how committed she was to her portrayal of Ma Mayhem as an older woman. Not only did she use words (like "feisty") and exclamations (like "Mornin' Glory") that sounded more appropriate coming from the mouth of an older person, she also twice referred to herself as "ol' Ma Mayhem" and one of those times it was only in her thoughts. However, one possibility that has recently occurred to me is that maybe she actually WAS an older woman and the only reason why she wasn't grey-haired in her true form was because her nature as a powerful witch had granted her an extended lifespan (like Agatha Harkness) that made her body look much younger than its true chronological age. Of course, this is only speculation but it does explain how she could be so convincingly in-character as the older Ma Mayhem.

Profile by Donald Campbell.

"Ma Mayhem" has no known connections to


   An essential component of the witch's "Ma Mayhem" identity, this mask was able to convincingly make her look like an older woman with grey hair. Although the main reason for wearing this disguise was presumably to help keep her real identity a secret, thereby protecting her from any customers who might be dissatisfied with her services or targets that she might have failed to capture or kill, making herself look older may have also caused her targets to underestimate her capabilities and thereby not be as ready to defend themselves against her as they should have been.

   The mask was composed of "plastic flesh" of some kind and seemed to be a single piece that the witch simply pulled on over her head. However, it's possible that the mask actually opened in the back. The grey hair and the glasses were both attached to the mask.

   The witch was wearing the mask when she posed as "Mrs. Lynn James" and claimed to be the new cleaning lady in order to get Jack Russell to let her into his apartment. The disguise remained intact and convincing during her assault on Lt. Hackett, her confrontation with Russell, her subsequent battle with the Werewolf and her later kidnapping of Lissa Russell.

   Late the following afternoon, Jack Russell spotted a piece of Ma Mayhem's sweater snagged on a fence and discovered that there was "plastic flesh" attached to it. This caused Russell to suspect that "Ma" wasn't what she had presented herself to be but he doesn't seem to have come to any further conclusions on his own.

   On a night in the following week, when Jack Russell (transformed into a werewolf by a magic ring) entered the subterranean machinery complex beneath Baron Thunder's house on Moonrise Hill, he was greeted by the witch who asked "my friend the wolf" if he remembered her. She then answered her own question, saying of course not because when they had met she had been "behind this mask of Ma Mayhem" which she then held up for him to see. She then proceeded to taunt Werewolf Jack in order to provoke him into lunging forward so that Baron Thunder could punch him from out of the dark. The witch then dropped the mask which was never seen again. Presumably it burnt up or melted in the subsequent fire.

Note: Although "hyper-realistic masks" made of silicone or latex which cannot be distinguished (at least for brief periods) from a real person's face can now be made, the idea that such a mask could have been created back in 1974 would seem to have been possible only in works of fiction (like the "Mission: Impossible" TV series). Perhaps the mask itself was not that totally convincing and the witch actually used a glamour spell to make her disguise look more realistic? However, if the witch could use her magic to disguise herself, why would she have needed an actual mask? Perhaps using her magic for such a spell was something that magic-sensitive targets could have detected, thus alerting them that a threat was nearby? Or maybe maintaining a glamour spell would have been a drain on the amount of magical energy she would have had available for emergencies?

--Werewolf by Night I#18 (WBN I#19-20


   Seemingly made of brown leather, this was just an ordinary soft-sided bag which "Ma Mayhem" used to carry the specialized weapons that she planned to use to battle and capture (or kill) the Russell Werewolf. The weapons that she drew from the bag included a silver axe, silver dust and a magical silver whip, as well as a vial of sleeping gas.

    Aside from its contents, there doesn't seem to have been anything magical or special about this bag. It appeared to be a type of satchel since it had a back that extended to form a flap that folded over to cover the top and could presumably be fastened in the front. When opened, the top was wide enough to allow quick and easy access to her weapons, something that was helpful during combat. The witch carried the bag with its strap over her right shoulder and the bag hanging down alongside the right side of her body. She also carried it during combat, except when she had been knocked off her feet, dropped the bag and had to resume fighting before she could pick it up again.

    When the arrival of a second werewolf forced her to abort her attempt to capture the Russell Werewolf, Mayhem presumably took her weapons with her in the bag when she left. Later, when Mayhem realized that an upset teenage girl who had just been knocked over by the Russell Werewolf was his sister, she was able to retrieve a vial of sleeping gas from the bag and use it on Lissa Russell, rendering her unconscious and unable to resist being put into Mayhem's car.


Note: I spent more time than I like thinking about searching Wikipedia for a type of bag that matched the one used by Ma Mayhem. A satchel is the closest that I could find but I have a nagging feeling that there's a better name for it. Mayhem herself just called it "her bag."


--Werewolf by Night I#18

silver axe

   The first weapon that "Ma Mayhem" pulled out of her satchel during her mission to capture the Russell Werewolf, the silver axe had two primary components: a wooden handle that was less than two feet in length and a silver head. Mayhem carried it in one hand but gripped the handle with both hands when she swung the axe with the intent to injure or kill her target.

   After gaining entry to Jack Russell's apartment while disguised as a cleaning lady, Mayhem waited until his unwanted guest, LAPD detective Lt. Hackett, had his back to her, then removed the axe from her satchel, gripped it with both hands and swung it straight at Hackett's skull. However, her blow missed because Russell saw what she was doing and pulled the detective out of the way, an act which inadvertently (but conveniently) knocked him out.

   Now confronting Russell, Mayhem held the axe in her right hand while Russell transformed into the Werewolf, then transferred it to her left hand while she removed a handful of silver dust from her satchel and blew it into her foe's face. Once the dust had caused the Werewolf to start choking, Mayhem grasped the axe with both hands again as she moved in for the killing blow. However, the Werewolf managed to roll himself into her legs, causing her to tumble to the floor. Since the axe-handle was smashed in her fall, Mayhem had to take another weapon from her bag to continue her attack.

Note: Ma Mayhem can be seen swinging that axe with intent to kill in the main image.

-Werewolf by Night I#18

silver dust

    One of the weapons that "Ma Mayhem" brought with her on her mission to capture the Russell Werewolf, a quantity of silver dust that was carried, apparently in a loose state, within her satchel.

    After Russell transformed into the Werewolf and saw Mayhem facing him with her silver axe in her hand, he snarled and prepared to attack. Mayhem reacted by reaching into her satchel and grabbing a handful of the silver dust. Once the Werewolf began to lunge at her, Mayhem pulled out the dust, opened her hand in a level orientation, and then blew the silver dust off her hand and directly into the face of the Werewolf who inhaled the dust into his throat and lungs. His vulnerability to silver caused the Werewolf to begin to choke, stopping his attack in its tracks and causing him to drop to his knees, leaving himself wide open for Mayhem to attack him with her silver axe.




--Werewolf by Night I#18


silver-coated whip

   One of the weapons that "Ma Mayhem" brought with her on her mission to capture the Russell Werewolf, the silver-coated whip was meant to be a back-up in case the silver axe failed. Unlike Mayhem's other weapons, this whip was specifically described as being "magical," but the nature of its magic is unclear. The magic may have been what allowed the whip to remain flexible despite being "silver-coated" or it may have acted to greatly increase the force that the whip would impart when it struck its target.

   The whip appeared to be between 10 and 12 feet in length, and its width tapered to a point at its tip. Its handle was made up of a series of silver rings, and its lash was composed of a flexible silver material that had been braided together. The most distinctive features of the whip were the small yellow spheres of varying size that seemed to hover just off the surface of the whip and moved as it moved. What function these spheres served, if any, has never been revealed.

   After the handle of her silver axe was broken, Mayhem was forced to use another weapon, and she pulled the silver-coated whip from her satchel. Due to his vulnerability to silver, being struck by the whip caused the Werewolf intense pain, enough to cause him to cower in fear before Mayhem, but she didn't stop using it on him. After being struck four times, the Werewolf ended up trapped against a wall and unable to escape as Mayhem whipped him again and again, each time slamming him back against the wall with enough force that the thin plaster-and-wood wall eventually gave way.

    Thrown through the new hole in the wall by the latest blow from the whip, the Werewolf landed in the apartment of Raymond Coker who immediately fled out of sight. However, as Mayhem stepped through that hole and the Werewolf charged in to resume the death-struggle, a black-furred werewolf capable of speech (secretly Coker) leapt at the two intruders. The Werewolf instantly turned his attention to the new werewolf ; and Mayhem, realizing that she wasn't prepared to fight two werewolves at once, decided that Baron Thunder had to be informed so she took her whip and quickly left the two werewolves to their battle.

--Werewolf by Night I#18


sleeping gas

   One of the weapons that "Ma Mayhem" carried in her satchel, the vial of sleeping gas was presumably not meant to be used on the Russell Werewolf since Mayhem, despite having been hired to capture the Werewolf, seemed to be planning on killing him in order to get his ears. However, it turned out to be fortunate for Mayhem that she had brought the vial along.

   After having been forced to abort her mission against the Werewolf, Mayhem was standing in the street near her car when both werewolves escaped into Griffith Park. When a young woman who had been knocked down by the Werewolf called after him, identifying herself as his sister, Mayhem realized that the teenager might be someone who could potentially become a werewolf when she was older and saw a way by which "Ol' Ma" could come out ahead after all. While pretending to be trying to take care of the teenager, Mayhem held the open vial of sleeping gas under her nose and the girl lost consciousness in only a few seconds. Mayhem then got the girl into her car and drove away.



--Werewolf by Night I#18


vacuum cleaner

   A household appliance for cleaning floors and rugs by suction that "Ma Mayhem" used during her attempt to capture the Russell Werewolf. This particular vacuum cleaner was an upright model. The name printed on its dustbag was "Gruber" which presumably was the name of its manufacturer.

   Mayhem primarily brought the vacuum cleaner with her as a prop to make her look more like the cleaning lady that she was pretending to be. However, once Mayhem was inside Jack Russell's apartment, the vacuum cleaner served another purpose as its humming helped cover up any noise that Mayhem might have made as she approached Lt. Hackett from behind with the intention of killing him with her axe.

Note: The vacuum cleaner can be seen in this profile's main image. There's a second image, from later in the story, that shows more of it, but I don't think this item is significant enough for this sub-profile to merit getting its own image.

--Werewolf by Night I#18

images: (no ads)
Werewolf by Night I#18, page 4, panel 7 (main image - "Ma Mayhem")
Werewolf by Night I#20, page 9, panel 1 (main image - true appearance)
Werewolf by Night I#18, page 4, panel 2 (head shot - disguised)
Werewolf by Night I#20, page 9, panel 3 (head shot - real face)
Werewolf by Night I#18, page 5, panel 3 (introducing herself to Jack Russell)
      page 8, panels 4-5 (whipping the Werewolf)
Werewolf by Night I#20, page 9, panel 3 (watching the battle alongside a chained Lissa)
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Werewolf by Night I#18, page 6, panel 6 (grabbing silver dust from her bag)
      page 5, panel 3 (silver axe)
      page 7, panel 3 (axe head)
      page 6, panel 7 (blowing silver dust)
      page 6, panel 8 (silver dust hurting the Werewolf)
      page 7, panel 4 (magical silver-coated whip)
      page 7, panel 5 (...being used to whip the Werewolf)
      page 14, panel 4 ("taking care" of Lissa)
      page 14, panel 5 (Lissa goes to sleep)

Werewolf By Night I#18 (June, 1974) - Mike Friedrich (writer), Don Perlin (artist), Roy Thomas (editor)
Werewolf By Night I#19 (July, 1974) - Mike Friedrich (the story), Don Perlin (the art), Roy Thomas (the editor)
Werewolf By Night I#20 (August, 1974) - Doug Moench (writer), Don Perlin & Vince Colletta (artists), Roy Thomas (editor)

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