Real Name: Brigid O'Rielly

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Vigilante; former police detective

Group Membership: None;
formerly New York City Police Department

Affiliations: Michael Bowen, Phil Carlisle, Officer Kris Cleary, Lucas Cleary, Mr. Cleary, Emma Mazzilli, Officer Louis Mazzilli, Rebecca "Rusty" Nales, Night (Lea C. Farr), Capt. George Petrovic, Thing (Ben Grimm);
formerly Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Francis Delgado, Gale, Mister Jip, Pyromania, Shriek, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Webber

Enemies: Alpha-Hoods, Avandalia, "chickenhawks", Cheka and his gang, Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Crimson Daffodil and his gunmen, Dagger (Tandy Bowen), D'Spayre, Eye of Force Neo-Nazis (Erich Hennig, others), Roger Falcone, Duane Hellman, Charles "Curley" Hutchik, John Jameson, Detective Samuel Brady, Eddie Sawchuck, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), George Strunk, many unidentified mobsters and corrupt cops

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in New York City;
formerly 21st Precinct, 39th Street and 9th Avenue, New York City

First Appearance: (As O'Rielly) Cloak and Dagger I#1 (October, 1983); (as Mayhem) Cloak and Dagger II#5 (March, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: In solid form Mayhem exudes a green, venomous, corrosive gas from her pores that surrounds her. The gas destroys bullets and energy like Dagger's light-daggers on contact. If this gas enters another person's bloodstream, it will paralyze the person for an unknown amount of time depending on how much gas entered the body. Mayhem attacks people by raking their skin with her talon-like fingernails so that the gas will enter their bloodstreams. The gas can also act like a truth serum, forcing her victims to tell her the truth. Mayhem can levitate herself and fly at an unknown speed. She can turn swap between a corporal and gaseous form at will, but she apparently can't stay in gaseous form for long and it seems to take some concentrantion to turn her body completely into gas. Before her mutation she was a trained police detective versatile in the use of handguns.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: (O'Rielly) Green; (Mayhem) solid green
Hair: (O'Rielly) Red; (Mayhem) green


(Cloak and Dagger III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Brigid O'Rielly and Rebecca Nales sattended a Shakespeare class together in college.

(Strange Tales II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Brigid graduated police academy alongside Rebecca Nales. After the academy they started out as partners, but eventually became friends and together came up through the ranks to become detectives.

(Cloak and Dagger I#1) - Detective O'Rielly was called in to the precinct about some junkies that were found in an alley behind a pinball parlor. She recognized them as "chickenhawks", who usually preyed on runaways getting off buses at the port authority. Questioning one of them she found out that they had been attacked by a pair of superhuman vigilantes (Cloak and Dagger). Checking the department's files she found more attacks on criminals in the area by the two vigilantes. O'Rielly believed only the police should deal with criminals and didn't want innocents to get caught in the crossfire of vigilantes and criminals.

   Hanging out at port authority during investigations O'Rielly observed two runaways followed by "chickenhawks". When she heard gunfire she rushed into the building and encountered the "chickenhawks" being attacked by Cloak and Dagger, but one of the kids she was following got shot in the back and fell right into her arms. Blaming Cloak and Dagger for the boy's death O'Rielly tried to arrest them because she believed she could've saved both kids without the vigilantes' interference. Dagger was shocked by the boy's death and began crying while Cloak teleported with Dagger back to the Holy Ghost Church.

(Cloak and Dagger I#2) - O'Rielly visited the wake of another victim of a serial killer (Duane Hellman) and told Father Delgado that she wanted to find the killer before he killed again. Asked by Delgado why she came to the church O'Rielly wasn't sure if she just wanted to see the victim again to focus her anger. On her way out O'Rielly walked by the serial killer by coincidence without knowing.

   Back at the precinct Cloak and Dagger teleported into O'Rielly's office to talk with her, but O'Rielly immediately shot at them. Her hand and gun got caught inside the darkness, making her feel the cold within the Darkforce dimension. She was shocked at the bullets' disappearance. Cloak and Dagger offered their help to catch the serial killer. Despite reminding them that she should arrest them because of the boy that got killed O'Rielly accepted their offer and told them that a likely suspect was Duane Hellman, a disgruntled clerk that got fired from three drugstores in the neighborhood. The third store was not hit yet and was most likely his next target. Cloak and Dagger teleported to the third drugstore while O'Rielly took her car to the store. While Hellman shot at the vigilantes O'Rielly entered the store to prevent the vigilantes from murdering the serial killer. Cloak dragged Hellman into the Darkforce dimension, but O'Rielly held on to Hellman and was nearly pulled in as well. Cloak released O'Rielly when Dagger asked him to. O'Rielly demanded Cloak to release Hellman as well, but Cloak told her he was gone.

(Cloak and Dagger I#3) - O'Rielly visited the Holy Ghost Church again and told Father Delgado how she had helped Cloak and Dagger take the law into their own hands. She loaded silver bullets into her gun to go after Cloak and Dagger. Delgado wondered why O'Rielly was telling him all this and she admitted that she just needed to confess it to somebody because she actually felt that the serial killer had deserved whatever Cloak had done to him. Despite that she believed she had to bring Cloak and Dagger to justice because what they were doing was against the law.

   While observing the Holy Ghost Church O'Rielly got her confirmation that Father Delgado had something to do with Cloak and Dagger when she saw Delgado carry an unconscious Dagger to a taxi. After Delgado and Dagger were gone O'Rielly entered the church in search for Cloak. When she heard Cheka and his gang enter the church she hid in the confession booth. A fight ensued between Cloak and Cheka's gang and O'Rielly got stuck in the confession booth when one of the gang members got tossed in front of the booth's door. When she finally got out after Cloak got knocked over the head with a cross by gang leader Cheka O'Rielly tried to put the gang under arrest, but got into a shootout with Cheka. Cloak got between their bullets, saving both. O'Rielly disarmed Cheka before Cloak, having learned that if he wanted to be a man again he needed to deny his hunger, released Hellman from the Darkforce dimension. O'Rielly had no further reason to arrest Cloak for murder because Hellman was still alive.

(Cloak and Dagger I#4) - O'Rielly brought Cloak to the hospital where Father Delgado had brought the delirious Dagger. She observed the two vigilantes reunite and understood that they needed each other to be whole. Cloak teleported Dagger, Delgado and O'Rielly back to the Holy Ghost Church where Dagger and Cloak revealed their origins to the others. After hearing their story O'Rielly realized why they had become vigilantes, but knew that she could never put their story into a report. She promised the law wouldn't hassle them anymore because she believed they had suffered enough.

(Cloak and Dagger II#1) - At the precinct O'Rielly relieved a desk seargent of his duties when she overheard him on the phone apparently making a deal with criminals. Afterward she took off to protect pornographers from the wrath of Cloak and Dagger. O'Rielly and three officers arrived and Cloak and Dagger delivered the criminals to them before teleporting away. While arresting the pornbrokers O'Rielly overheard one of them talk about paying cops for protection. O'Rielly ordered to seal the porn shop and take all paperwork with them.

(Cloak and Dagger II#2) - One week later at the precinct O'Rielly talked with Captain Petrovic about the corruption at the precinct she had learned about at the porn shop raid. Petrovic warned her she would make a lot of enemies if she tried to clean house at the precinct even though it would look good for the precinct if someone from the inside cleaned house.

(Cloak and Dagger II#3 - BTS) - When Cloak and Dagger busted an eavesdropping operation of the 21st precinct on drug dealers O'Rielly was called in by the officers doing the op.

(Cloak and Dagger II#3) - O'Rielly ordered her men to play back the tapes to gain a clue where to wait for the drug shipment after learning that none of the gangsters had a chance to call off the drug deal before Cloak and Dagger had defeated them. O'Rielly planned foil the drug delivery and catch Cloak and Dagger.

   O'Rielly and her men got ready at the precinct for busting the drug shipment at the pier when Father Delgado and Dagger's stepfather Phil Carlisle entered. O'Rielly told them since Cloak and Dagger had interrupted their wiretap they couldn't find out where the drug shipment would arrive exactly and needed to cover all bases before Cloak and Dagger found the shipment first. She didn't allow Delgado and Carlisle to come along for the raid. O'Rielly and the NYPD arrived after Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger got into a fight with mobsters, whose motorboat got accidentally blown up by one of the drug dealers. O'Rielly cursed the vigilantes, who all fled the scene before the police could interrogate them.

(Cloak and Dagger II#3 - BTS) - An ambulance was called in to pick up the injured drug dealers.

(Cloak and Dagger II#4) - Still searching for the drug ship Santa Angela O'Rielly interrogated Charles Hutchik, who was working at the docks under an alias, and showed her and other detectives the empty crates that had been unloaded from the ship shortly after midnight. O'Rielly didn't believe Hutchik had no knowledge about where the content of the creates had gone. Confronting him with the fact that she knew Hutchik had forged his papers to gain the job as shipping clerk he revealed the crates were filled with religious icons that got picked up by trucks. When he told O'Rielly to ask her own men O'Rielly hit him with her gun. She swore to investigate the involvement of the police after she had found the drug shipment. Through broken teeth Hutchik eventually revealed the drugs would be stored at an abandoned warehouse. O'Rielly ordered to hit any ownerless warehouse in the five boroughs hoping it would keep any crooked cop too busy to warn the mob.

(Cloak and Dagger II#5) - An allegedly anonymous tip received by one of Falcone's informants led O'Rielly and her men to a warehouse at the Furman Street Piers in Manhattan (it was Marshall Pharmaceuticals, formerly owned by Simon Marshall, the man behind the mutation of Cloak & Dagger). Though O'Rielly suspected it was a trap to interrupt her investigation into police corruption she led the raid of the warehouse. Cloak and Dagger arrived shortly after and found Marshall's abandoned lab while O'Rielly and her crew found the drug-filled statues in plain view. Brady, Falcone and Sawchuck stayed behind, revealing themselves as traitors, when an unbreakable plastic cage trapped O'Rielly, Mazzilli and Cleary. O'Rielly shot a hole in the cage while it filled up with a deadly experimental gas. Mazzilli and Cleary died quickly, but O'Rielly, although barely, survived by sticking her head through the hole she had shot into the cage. She died when Cloak and Dagger teleported her out of the cage. Using her powers Dagger tried to revive the spark of life she had felt a moment earlier, but seemingly failed. Cloak and Dagger set out to take revenge on O'Rielly's murderers. Meanwhile O'Rielly, mutated by the gas, opened her eyes. She levitated to the outside and assaulted Sawchuck, paralyzing him with the gas exuded from her body and leaft him badly scarred behind. O'Rielly, now calling herself Mayhem, showed no mercy to her murderers. Realizing she had to be stopped Dagger tried to stop her with her light-knives, but they dissipated when they hit the gas cloud around Mayhem. Mayhem attacked Falcone's car after Dagger escaped his clutches and punched through his window. Mutilating his face she paralyzed Falcone, who ran his car off the dock into the water and drowned. In his last moments Falcone revealed the statues would be distributed at a religious festival. Mayhem swore to stop them and Cloak and Dagger (though the latter a bit saddened) agreed to aid her.

(Cloak and Dagger II#6) - Cloak, Dagger and Mayhem searched for the drug-filled statues by attacking local criminals. The last guy standing was tossed into the Darkforce dimension by Mayhem and Dagger followed him to interrogate him, but when he didn't talk Dagger left him behind. Shocked at Dagger's actions Cloak released the man himself. Mayhem, Cloak and Dagger continued their hunt for the drugs and listening to the vigilantes Mayhem realized how much Cloak loved Dagger. Arriving at the Holy Ghost Church Dagger saw people carrying the religious statuettes filled with drugs from the church. Mayhem recognized the men with Father Delgado as capos of the Mafia. Mayhem, Cloak and Dagger revealed to Delgado that some of the alleged church elders were actually mobsters delivering drugs hidden in the statues to the streets. While he wouldn't believe them at first he started to when he followed Mayhem, Cloak and Dagger to the outside and saw the three vigilantes surprise the mobsters, who pulled guns on them. When Mr. Genovese, a regular at Delgado's church, was hit by a stray bullet Mayhem chased down some of the mobsters on her own and mercilessly took them out while Cloak and Dagger took care of the rest. Mayhem and Delgado found them when they were done with the mobsters. Delgado wanted the vigilantes to realize their mission was over, but Mayhem still wanted to deal with the corrupt cops at her precinct while Cloak and Dagger planned to follow the drug-trail to eradicate it at the beginning. Mayhem mocked Delgado for questioning Cloak and Dagger's actions.

(Cloak and Dagger II#7) - Mayhem attacked a mugger and using her gas' truth serum-like abilities to make him confess he was a robber, rapist and murderer. Mayhem paralyzed him and watched cops arrest the man.

(Cloak and Dagger II#8) - Mayhem attacked the 21st precinct in search for the inside man, who had betrayed her. The traitor revealed himself when he shot at Mayhem. Unable to harm her due to the corrosive gas surrounding her she threatened to kill him. Captain Petrovic, unable to believe that this creature was actually O'Rielly, confronted Mayhem and made her question her own actions. Torn between her past and present she showed mercy and took off without killing the corrupt officer, who was arrested afterward.

(Cloak and Dagger II#9) - Seeking sanctuary Mayhem went to the Holy Ghost Church like Cloak and Dagger before her. There she encountered Father Delgado performing an exorcism to get rid of Cloak to save Dagger from his evil. When Delgado explained to Mayhem what he was doing she got mad at him because Delgado was willing to betray Cloak and Dagger, who had trusted him, just because he lusted after Dagger. Mayhem flew away in tears realizing even Delgado had gone mad.

(Strange Tales II#13/1) - Mayhem visited Father Delgado at the asylum he had been brought to after recent events. Hoping he had recovered enough from his madness to counsel her she talked to him, but the madman told her she had become just as bad as those she had brought to justice when she was a cop (which is actually the truth). Mayhem left the asylum screaming.

(Strange Tales II#14/1) - Mayhem watched Rebecca Nales through a window looking at a photograph of Nales and O'Rielly as police officers in O'Rielly's apartment. Nales paid O'Rielly's landlord rent for another three months because she still believed O'Rielly was alive and would return, which made Mayhem tear up again.

(Strange Tales II#15/1) - Mayhem visited Cloak at the Holy Ghost Church to talk with him about Dagger's visit to the madman Father Delgado. She also told Cloak how much alike they both were, but because she had no desire for vengeance anymore and hated what she had become she wanted to die by entering the Darkforce dimension through Cloak. He didn't allow her to enter even when she threatened to hurt him in his solid form. Cloak made her realize that her letting the corrupt police officer at the precinct live was her first step to become O'Rielly again. Mayhem kissed Cloak in her desire to feel someone again. Cloak felt her cold lips and warm heart and told her to find remedy for her condition instead of death. Promising him to think about his words she left.

(Strange Tales II#19) - Mayhem seeped in gaseous form into Captain Petrovic's office at the precinct. When he pulled his gun on her she asked him to put it away so they could have a talk about what she had become. Petrovic acknowledged she had changed since her last visit at the precinct and told Mayhem about her friend Nales bringing in the corrupt cops and searching for her. When Petrovic was informed that George Strunk, a former employee of Reed Richards, had locked himself up at his house and threatened to detonate a bomb, Mayhem went there to aid against the mad scientist even though Petrovic ordered her to stay away. Mayhem accompanied the Fantastic Four's Thing and Petrovic into Strunk's home and stayed hidden in gaseous form while her allies tried to negotiate with Strunk, who wanted nothing to do with them and demanded Richards to come so he could prove his genius by forcing Richards to dismantle his bomb. With the negotiations failed Mayhem revealed herself and scratched Strunk's arm to force him to reveal how his bomb worked. Unable to dismantle the bomb before it blew up Thing and Mayhem worked together to reduce its explosive force while Petrovic arrested Strunk. In her gaseous form Mayhem reduced the amount of oxygen in the room while Thing covered the bomb with his body. Although the bomb detonated it only blew up Strunk's home. Thing and Petrovic both claimed Mayhem didn't survive the explosion.

   Meeting up with Thing and Petrovic at the precinct Mayhem thanked them for supporting the story of her death. Loaning Petrovic's hat and topcoat Mayhem then visited the families of deceased colleagues Mazzilli and Cleary. After talking to Cleary's son Lucas, who believed Mayhem was an angel, and watching Mazzilli's wife through a window Mayhem bought them tickets to a baseball game with her credit card because they all loved baseball.

   A few days later Lucas Cleary and his father went to the game with Mrs. Mazzilli with the tickets bought for them by Mayhem. Mayhem watched them from above.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#1) - Sitting at a mountainside Mayhem remembered how much she had changed and atoned for her vigilantism in recent weeks. Mister Jip approached her when Mayhem said out loud that she wanted to live again.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#2) - Mayhem seeped into Dagger's hospital room through the window and talked to the recently blinded Dagger. Mayhem wanted to be called O'Rielly again and told Dagger not to feel sorry for herself because she was just blind and not dead like Mayhem. Dagger suspected Mayhem would do anything to be alive again. Unable to deny that this was the truth Mayhem left.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#5 - BTS) - Mayhem waited at Rebecca Nales' apartment.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#5) - When Nales arrived and heard O'Rielly's voice she was glad to have finally found her friend. It meant a lot to O'Rielly that Nales still believed that she was alive, but in her current state Mayhem was merely a ghost speaking with the living. Nales told O'Rielly she was not a ghost to her, but a friend and partner she would give anything to find again. Hearing this made O'Rielly's choice to return to life easier. Turning into her gaseous form she floated out the window. When Nales turned on the light O'Rielly was gone and only the topcoat and hat she was wearing was still there.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#6) - Having made her choice Mayhem returned to Mister Jip and told him she wanted to live again.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#12 (fb) ) - At Mister Jip's secret North Pole lair Jip used a combination of science and magic to turn Mayhem human again.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#12 (fb) - BTS) - He made a deal with O'Rielly and turned her into his personal spy by removing one of her eyes and replacing it with one of his own. Ordering her to stay close to Cloak and Dagger so he could spy on them through her he sent her back into the world.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#8) - Back among the living, but with an eyepatch over her right eye to hide Jip's eye, O'Rielly saved Nales from a member of Crimson Daffodil's gang during a bank robbery. O'Rielly came down through a crawlspace and shot the gunman twice. Surprised to see O'Rielly alive and not as Mayhem anymore Nales hugged her. O'Rielly promised to explain everything later.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#10) - Sitting on the couch in Nales' apartment O'Rielly got lost in her memories until Nales interrupted her. Nales was surprised O'Rielly had started chain-smoking again after returning from the dead, which O'Rielly had still not explained. O'Rielly promised to explain her resurrection soon. Before leaving to help in the investigation of the Marked Man case Nales asked O'Rielly when she would return to the NYPD, but O'Rielly didn't answer. When Nales was gone Mister Jip's voice was heard from underneath O'Rielly's eyepatch and ordered her to lift it, but O'Rielly wouldn't do it. Jip angrily reminded her that they had a deal and threatened her.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#11) - O'Rielly had lunch with Captain Petrovic at the Wienerwald restaurant. She had a smoke while Petrovic told her about the Marked Man case, which O'Rielly considered a weird case. O'Rielly avoided answering Petrovic's questions about her resurrection and instead asked him for help in acquiring a private investigator's license.

   In the restaurant's bathroom Mister Jip told Brigit to stop wasting time with Petrovic and instead stay close to Cloak and Dagger to spy on them. He got mad because O'Rielly had him covered up all the time and threatened her once again. O'Rielly promised to do better. Petrovic knocked on the door to tell O'Rielly he had to leave because the Marked Man was spotted nearby. Fearing the Marked Man could expose her secretly spying for Jip O'Rielly didn't offer to go along with him.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#12 (fb) - BTS) - O'Rielly revealed the truth about her resurrection to Nales and how she had become a pawn of Mister Jip.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#12) - Fighting against Mister Jip's control O'Rielly was dragged to the Holy Ghost Church by Nales to ask Cloak and Dagger for help. O'Rielly revealed the truth about her resurrection to Cloak, Dagger, Michael Bowen and Father Delgado and showed them that one of her eyes had been replaced with one of Mister Jip's so he could actively spy on her friends. Jip's face was seen in the eye and he swore revenge on O'Rielly and the others. Nales revealed it took all of O'Rielly's and her strength to bring O'Rielly to Cloak and Dagger and asked Dagger to purify Jip's eye with her light. It worked, but Dagger was sure it was only a temporary cure and Jip would regain his power over her. O'Rielly and the others then decided to hunt down Mister Jip and deal with him once and for all after forcing him to fix O'Rielly. O'Rielly, Nales, Cloak and Dagger made preparations for their journey through Canada to the North Pole. Feeling Jip slowly regain his strength to reassert his control over her O'Rielly knew she needed Dagger to drive him away again soon because she didn't feel she had the strength to resist him a second time on her own. When the time came to decide whether to take Dagger along or let her go to a doctor and regain her sight Dagger allowed O'Rielly to make the choice. Showing self-sacrifice O'Rielly decided to sent Dagger to a doctor, a sacrifice Mister Jip had already predicted to his servant Father Delgado.

   Cloak teleported with Nales and O'Rielly to the north. While Cloak rested up for the next teleport O'Rielly started having a headache when Jip's voice suddenly returned. Cloak teleported with Nales and O'Rielly successfully to the North Pole, but O'Rielly hardly able to remain control over her body collapsed.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#13) - O'Rielly, Nales and Cloak climbed up a mountain and approached Jip's base when Cloak revealed he had to return to New York because he believed Dagger was in danger. Though he promised to return as soon as he could O'Rielly and Nales were left on their own. O'Rielly felt Jip's influence grow stronger and the pain increasing the closer they got to Jip's HQ. Jip contacted her through the eye and told her she would soon be helpless again. While Nales climbed down a mountain nearb Jip's HQ Jip forced O'Rielly to cut Nales's rope, but she resisted and dropped her knife down the mountain instead. Arriving at the entrance to Jip's HQ his servant Night, who had been waiting for them, let them in.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#13 - BTS) - Having realized that there was no future in serving Jip Night molded a bullet out of the living darkness Jip had removed from Dagger (the stuff that blinded her) and gave it to her new allies, who loaded Nales' gun with the bullet.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#13) - Night brought O'Rielly and Nales to Jip, who ordered Night to kill them, but she revealed her betrayal instead. When O'Rielly threatened Jip with her gun he forced her to unload it on Nales, but O'Rielly's gun was empty. Night then revealed her master plan and before Mister Jip could react Nales shot him with the Darkforce bullet, which turned him into a stinking pile of dust. Without Jip's magic his HQ fell apart and O'Rielly, Nales, Cloak and Dagger fled through a door.

   The door took O'Rielly and her allies back to New York City into the mysterious empty apartment just down the hall where Dagger's stepfather lived.

(Cloak and Dagger III#14 (fb) - BTS) - O'Rielly and Nales were part of the investigations of mysterious runaway killings and were unable to get any information from people on the street.

(Cloak and Dagger III#14) - O'Rielly and Nales were present when the NYPD found the body of runaway teenager David impaled on a black lance lodged in a building in downtown Manhattan. A few feet away they found an "Eye of Force" medallion. A police officer handed it over to O'Rielly, who promised to see what she could find out about it. Returning to their car O'Rielly and Nales talked about this being the fourth runaway killed in the same manner within four weeks. They had no idea where the runaways had disappeared to before turning up dead and had no idea how to get the scared people on the street to talk.

   After a few Eye of Force members were arrested after a fight with Cloak and Dagger O'Rielly and Nales showed them their insignia matched the one found at the last runaway murder scene. Cloak and Dagger promised to find out more for O'Rielly and Nales from kids on the street.

(Cloak and Dagger III#15) - When the police was unable to pluck the body of another dead runaway teenager, who had been skewered by a black lance lodged in the wall of one of the upper floors of an Upper East Side skyscraper in Manhattan, Cloak retrieved it for the police. O'Rielly and Nales thanked him even though he nearly fell on them and Dagger. O'Rielly told Cloak and Dagger their only lead was Eric Hennig, who Dagger had met the night before while working undercover, and Nales told them they needed to know where Erich had gone because according to O'Rielly they were pressured to find the murderer. Cloak acted moody and left with Dagger to continue their investigations. They promised to return to O'Rielly and Nales as soon as they knew more.

   O'Rielly and Nales later met with Cloak and Dagger at the Holy Ghost Church where Dagger revealed that Erich was part of the Eye of Force cult, which promised runaways power. She needed to return to Erich to get to the cult's HQ with him. O'Rielly let her go undercover again.

(Cloak and Dagger III#16) - O'Rielly and Nales were staring at the black lance and still wondering were it came from when Cloak appeared. They were surprised he wasn't with Dagger. They went up the roof and wanted an update on the murder case from Cloak. When unidentified energies exploded from Cloak's body O'Rielly and Nales got out of the way. Moments later Dagger and Erich Hennig appeared out of nowhere and Spider-Man saved them from falling to their death. O'Rielly thanked Spider-Man for his assistance.

(Cloak and Dagger III#17) - O'Rielly and Nales arrested Erich Hennig. O'Rielly told Dagger they would have to charge Erich within 48 hours. Cloak teleported with Dagger and Spider-Man back to the Eye of Force's Schamballah base to deal with the Nazi cult. O'Rielly was surprised at how much the teleportation seemed to hurt Cloak this time around. O'Rielly and Nales' interrogation of Erich was a complete failure. Realizing they had become dependent on Cloak and Dagger to bring in results Nales took O'Rielly to Dagger's stepfather Phil Carlisle to learn more about the vigilantes from him. O'Rielly knocked on the door and when it opened they saw Phil and the demons D'Spayre and Avandalia sitting at a table. O'Rielly and Nales fell under the demons' control and were forced to sit down at the table. O'Rielly sat in front of a platter with screaming souls.

(Cloak and Dagger III#18) - D'Spayre ripped Phil Carlisle's apartment from the building and raised it into the sky with Avandalia, Phil, O'Rielly and Nales inside. D'Spayre mutated O'Rielly into Mayhem again. When Cloak and Dagger tried to return home they were diverted to Phil's apartment where to their shock O'Rielly had been mutated into Mayhem and was attacking her friend Rebecca Nales.

(Cloak and Dagger III#19) - Driven mad by D'Spayre Mayhem tried to slash Nales, who begged her to stop. D'Spayre told Cloak and Dagger Mayhem was under his control. Nales overcame Avandalia's control and tried to escape, but Mayhem knocked her down again and warned her to not try this again. Avandalia watched Nales and Phil suffer from withdrawal from the D'Lite drug they were injected with. Even though Avandalia was unable to determine whether Mayhem was enjoying it to see them suffer because Mayhem was hard to control due to her combined scientific and magical nature she was still surprised when Mayhem slashed through her. Mayhem's attack dissolved Avandalia to dust. Watching Nales and Phil keep fighting over the drug Mayhem didn't follow her friend's request to aid her and instead left through a window, letting Nales fight on her own. Mayhem disappeared into the night.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual I#9/4) - Mayhem mercilessly attacked the Alpha-Hoods gang, who were terrorizing the Lower Manhattan neighborhood. When she was about to slaughter them Cloak and Dagger arrived to stop her. Dagger's light knives were unable to pierce Mayhem's corrosive cloud giving Mayhem another shot at the Alpha-Hoods. Dagger cut through a fence to help gang members escape from the murderous Mayhem. Having enough of Dagger trying to stop her Mayhem tried to paralyze Dagger, but like Mayhem was partially immune to her powers so was Dagger to Mayhem's. Ultimately Cloak cleared a way for Dagger through Mayhem's smoke screen and Dagger hit Mayhem with a light knife, which seemingly dissolved Mayhem completely. Shocked that she had seemingly killed Mayhem neither Dagger nor Cloak noticed Mayhem slip away in her gaseous form into the sewer system.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Mayhem was caught and ended up institutionalized at Ravencroft.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual I#10) - During transfer to Ravencroft Shriek escaped her shackles and freed Ravencroft inmates Gale, Mayhem, Pyromania and Webber. Mayhem tried to stop the others from escaping at first, but then planned to kill them as soon as they had all escaped Ravencroft. After failing to hit Spider-Man Mayhem got knocked out when Spider-Man hurled Pyromania at her. Back in her cell Spider-Man sealed it up with webbing.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Mayhem a potential Initiative recruit.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Rick Leonardi (pencils) & Terry Austin (inks),.

Whatever happened to her between her last appearance during the 90s and Civil War made Tony Stark believe she was sane enough to become part of the Iniative. I consider it almost criminal that she has not been used since.

Mayhem received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#8 (July, 1986) and a color corrected reprint in #9 (August, 1986).

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Mayhem has no known connection to:

Brady has no known connection to:

The Cleary family has no known connection to:

Roger Falcone has no known connection to:

Charles "Curley" Hutchik has no known connection to:

The Mazzilli family has no known connection to:

George Petrovic has no known connection to:

Eddie Sawchuck has no known connection to:

Detective Samuel Brady

Brady was a corrupt member of the 21st precinct of the NYPD taking bribes from the mob. He accompanied O'Rielly, Falcone, Sawchuck, Mazzilli and Cleary to the abandoned warehouse of Marshall Pharmaceuticals to lure O'Rielly into a trap. He stayed behind when O'Rielly, Mazzilli and Cleary closed in on one of the drug-filled religious statues stored at the warehouse by the mob. He, Falcone and Sawchuck left the others behind to die in a gas chamber. Brady couldn't believe how easy it was to earn all the money they would receive for this deal. They were then attacked by Cloak, Dagger and the newly mutated O'Rielly, now known as Mayhem. Brady tried to run over Cloak, but ran right through him, getting trapped in the Darkforce dimension temporarily. There he saw the deceased Officers Cleary and Mazzilli shooting at him. Returning from the Darkforce dimension Brady crashed his car into crates.

(Strange Tales II#16 (fb) ) - Brady stumbled from the wreckage of his car and hid from Mayhem.

(Strange Tales II#16 (fb) - BTS) - Brady ended up an alcoholic living on the streets, who was haunted by nightmares of the transformed Brigid O'Rielly, who sought revenge on those that murdered her.

(Strange Tales II#16) - Detevtice Rusty Nales found Brady in an alley after following a series of tips from informants. Brady revealed that he couldn't keep his hands steady, keep a job or sleep since the murder of O'Rielly. The alcohol made it hard to remember though, which was a blessing to him. He still remembered how he fled from the murder scene and how Brigid O'Rielly had become the monstrous Mayhem, who slashed Sawchuk and Falcone. Nales took Brady in for murder and he thanked her. He begged Nales to put him somewhere where Mayhem couldn't find him.

--Cloak and Dagger II#5 (Cloak and Dagger II#5, Strange Tales II#16 (fb), [16 (fb)], 16

Officer Kris Cleary

Kris Cleary was the mother of Lucas and wife of Mr. Cleary. She was a big Yankees fan and rooted with her son Lucas for them at live games. She was a police officer at the 21st precinct of the NYPD. She accompanied O'Rielly, Mazzilli, Brady, Sawchuck and Falcone to the abandoned warehouse of Marshall Pharmaceuticals. Inside the warehouse she stayed with O'Rielly and Mazzilli when they found one of the drug-filled religious statues the mob had stored at the warehouse and got trapped inside an unbreakable plastic chamber. The chamber filled up with an experimental gas that killed Cleary.

--Cloak and Dagger II#5

Mr. & Lucas Cleary

They were the husband and son of Officer Kris Cleary. When Kris was still alive she often took them to live games of the New York Yankees. After Kris' death Mayhem visited young Lucas, who played with action figures in the garden. When Lucas told her that he and his father didn't go to baseball games anymore she bought tickets for them and watched the Clearys and Mrs. Mazzilli watching the game live. When Mr. Cleary told Mrs. Mazzilli that he had not bought the ticket for her or for themselves young Lucas surmised that it was his mother's friend the angel, who had visited him in the garden. Mayhem watched the trio see the game.

--Strange Tales II#19/1

Roger Falcone

Falcone was a corrupt member of the 21st precinct of the NYPD taking bribes from the mob. Allegedly receiving a tip from an informant on the location of the drug-filled statues that came in with the Santa Angela ship he led O'Rielly, Brady, Sawchuck, Mazzilli and Cleary to the abandoned warehouse of Marshall Pharmaceuticals. Inside he lured O'Rielly to a trap. He, Brady and Sawchuck hung back when O'Rielly, Mazzilli and Cleary closed in on one of the drug-filled statues. They got trapped in an unbreakable plastic chamber and Falcone mocked O'Rielly that she couldn't hold her breath if she shouted so much. Falcone, Brady and Sawchuck left the warehouse while the chamber filled up with a deadly gas. Outside Falcone told his associates to tell the others at the precinct that O'Rielly went ahead with Cleary and Mazzilli and that he, Brady and Sawchuck found them dead in the plastic chamber when they caught up to them. Falcone then called for back up from car 54. He was then attacked by Cloak and Dagger. Falcone took Dagger hostage when Mayhem, O'Rielly mutated by the gas, also entered the fight. Taking off in his car with Dagger, the heroine blinded Falcone and managed to jump out the driving car's window. Mayhem then punched through the fron window and scratched Falcone's face several times, paralyzing him. Falcone drove the car into the harbor and drowned.

(Strange Tales II#15/1 (fb) - BTS) - Falcone's family requested a closed casket funeral due to his mutilated corpse.

--Cloak and Dagger II#5 (Cloak and Dagger II#5, [Strange Tales II#15/1 (fb)]

Charles "Curley" Hutchik

aka. Freddy the Fence (among other unidentified aliases)

Hutchik was a criminal, who forged documents, including those that got him a job at the docks as a shipping clerk. He was on duty when the drug ship Santa Angela came in carrying narcotics hidden in religious statues. Though he lied to O'Rielly and her colleagues at first, telling them he wasn't on duty when the ship unloaded its cargo after midnight. He led them to the empty crates and became more cooperative when they revealed that they knew who he actually was. O'Rielly beat the information out of Hutchik that the statues where delivered to an abandoned warehouse by trucks (though he couldn't tell them which warehouse).

--Cloak and Dagger II#4

Emma Mazzilli

Emma was the wife of Officer Louis Mazzilli. After his death she felt extremely lonely. Watching her through the window Mayhem heard her listen baseball broadcast on the radio. Mayhem bought her a ticket to the next game. Mrs. Mazzilli thanked Mr. Cleary for the ticket and told him she would buy the tickets next time. When Mr. Cleary revealed that he didn't buy the tickets his son surmised it was his mother's friend the angel, who had visited him in the garden. Mayhem watched the trio see the game.

--Strange Tales II#19/1

Officer Louis Mazzilli

Louis Mazzilli was the husband of Emma Mazzilli. He was a police officer at the 21st precinct of the NYPD. He accompanied O'Rielly, Cleary, Brady, Sawchuck and Falcone to the abandoned warehouse of Marshall Pharmaceuticals. Inside the warehouse he stayed with O'Rielly and Cleary when they found one of the drug-filled religious statues the mob had stored at the warehouse and got trapped inside an unbreakable plastic chamber. The chamber filled up with an experimental gas that killed Mazzilli.

--Cloak and Dagger II#5

Captain George Petrovic

Captain Petrovic worked for the NYPD at the 21st Precinct, 39th Street and 9th Avenue, New York City.

(Cloak and Dagger II#2) - Petrovic told O'Rielly that even though her plan to investigate corruption at the precinct would look good if it was done by one of their own he warned her that she would make many enemies by doing it.

(Cloak and Dagger II#8) - Captain Petrovic confronted Mayhem when she attacked the 21st precinct in search for a corrupt cop, who started shooting at her. Petrovic questioned whether Mayhem was still the same person as O'Rielly when he saw how ruthless she had become. Mayhem showed mercy and the corrupt cop was arrested.

(Strange Tales II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Petrovic closed the case of O'Rielly's murder because her murderer, corrupt cop Falcone, was dead.

(Strange Tales II#13) - Returning from an out of town assignment Rebecca Nales visited the 21st precinct and confronted Captain Petrovic about O'Rielly's death. Petrovic couldn't tell Nales where O'Rielly's body was because he thought he wouldn't understand what she had become.

(Strange Tales II#19) - Petrovic pulled his gun on Mayhem when she invaded his office, but she quickly calmed him down by telling him that she had changed. Believing her due to her recent actions he believed her. When a call came in that former Reed Richards employee George Strunk had locked himself up and threatened to detonate a bomb Mayhem offered to help Petrovic with the case. He ordered her to stay away, but she still came. Petrovic and Thing negotiated with Strunk, who didn't care for them because he wanted to prove his genius by forcing Richards to dismantle his bomb. Petrovic and Thing had failed, so Mayhem revealed herself and cut Strunk, using her gas as truth serum. Petrovic arrested Strunk after he had revealed how to deal with the bomb. Petrovic and Thing claimed Mayhem had died during the bomb's explosion. Mayhem thanked them and Petrovic loaned her his topcoat and hat.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#11) - Petrovic and O'Rielly, returned from the dead, had lunch at the Wienerland restaurant. Petrovic wanted to know why she wanted to see him outside the precinct and how she had returned to life. O'Rielly didn't give him any answer, but asked him for help in acquiring a private investigator license. When he got a call that the Marked Man had been spotted nearby Petrovic told O'Rielly that he had to leave.

--Cloak and Dagger II#2 (Cloak and Dagger II#2, 8, Strange Tales II#13/1, 19/1, Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#11

Eddie Sawchuck

(Cloak and Dagger II#5) - Sawchuck was a corrupt policemen working at the 21st precinct of the NYPD. On the payroll of the mob he accompanied Falcone, Brady, O'Rielly, Cleary and Mazzilli to the abandoned warehouse of Marshall Pharmaceuticals where the mob had stored drug-filled statues. He hung back with Falcone and Brady when O'Rielly, Cleary and Mazzilli approached one of the statues. They got caught in an unbreakable plastic chamber that filled with deadly gas. Leaving the warehouse Sawchuck wondered if their lies would be believed at the precinct. They were attacked by Cloak and Dagger, who were joined shortly after by O'Rielly, who had been mutated into Mayhem. She attacked Sawchuck, cutting open his face and paralyzing him with the gas exuding from her body. She then tossed him into nearby creates.

(Strange Tales II#15/1 (fb) - BTS) - Sawchuck was found at the crime scene heavily scarred and paralyzed. He was brought to a hospital and slowly regained feelings in his limbs.

(Strange Tales II#15/1) - Rebecca Nales visited Sawchuck in hospital to learn more about the death of O'Rielly. He told her that Falcone was the brain of the operation and nothing else. Before leaving because Sawchuck's wife and son had come to visit him, Nales told Sawchuck that she was glad he was regaining feeling in his limbs again because that meant he would soon go to prison for the rest of his life.

--Cloak and Dagger II#5 (Cloak and Dagger II#5, Strange Tales II#15/1

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