Real Name: Hal Brady

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Arsonist and a job in the hardware business

Group MembershipBrady family, We--the People

Affiliations: We--the People, his family

Enemies: Captain America, We--the People traitor

Known Relatives: Rose Brady (wife), Michael Brady (son), Pat Brady (son), John Brady (son), Bobby Brady (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 518 West Seneca in Brooklyn, New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#18/1 (January, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: He knew how to start a fire with gasoline. He was also a convincing leader at least to people in a similar situation.




(Marvel Fanfare I#18/1 (fb) - BTS) - Hal Brady was a miserable man. His work was down and money wasn't flowing. He hated the state for the high taxes and the support of the poor and founded the group We--the People together with some colleagues. As arsonists they terrorized their district.

(Marvel Fanfare I#18/1) - Hal and his group started their sixth fire in Brooklyn. Throughout the night fire-fighters and Captain America saved as many people as possible and put out the fire.

After this arson Hal tried to blackmail the city for six million dollars by sending a letter to their district's fire department. The department's captain showed it to Captain America and the sentinel of liberty was now after the arsonists.

The next morning Hal left his family like always. He met the other members of We--the People and invited them to a meeting that evening. At the meeting he told them that their demands were ignored and that their next target would be the nursery home Sunset Manor. The fire was laid, but a member of the group lost his badge which led Captain America to him. The arsonist gave Cap their leader's address and Cap went straight to him. Hal tried to attack Cap with a knife, but the hero was too strong for him. Cap remembered how he saw Hal and his loving family only days before and then took Hal with him. Hal led Cap to the rest of We--the People and told them to attack the hero, but they didn't. Hal didn't want to end in prison and started a fire with a gasoline tank. Everyone (including the US flag thanks to Captain America) got out alive except for Hal who was killed by his own fire.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, Frank Miller & Joe Rubinstein

Profile by Markus Raymond

Hal Brady and his family have no known connection to:

We--the People have no known connection to:

Brady family

Hal's loving wife Rose and his four sons (Michael, Pat, John, Bobby) lived in Brooklyn, NYC. They weren't rich, but they were happy with their life. Each morning Hal left them and they didn't know that he was the leader of We--the People. When Cap went after Hal Brady his son John tried to stop Cap from attacking his father and Rose began to cry because she didn't know why Cap attacked her husband.

It is unknown what became of Hal's family after his death.

--Marvel Fanfare I#18/1


We--the People

They were a group of men living in Brooklyn. They were average citizens, but led by Hal Brady they became the arsonists known as We--the People. They had meetings in the Knights of Brooklyn building. After six successful arsons they blackmailed the city, but they were ignored. They continued with arsons at a nursery home and several old people died. The police man of the group lost his badge at the nursery home and Captain America found him and squeezed out all the information he needed out of him. When Hal led Cap to the rest of We--the People they were playing dart in their HQ. They didn't want to fight Captain America and the police man told them that they had to pay for their crimes. They escaped the fire started by Hal and saw how Cap saved the US flag.

After the story the surviving members were probably arrested for their crimes.

--Marvel Fanfare I#18/1


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