Pulse remembers


Real Name: Pulse

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Kree design/Shi-ar technology) cyberorganic construct

Occupation: Resistance fighter

Group Membership: Kree Resistance

Affiliations: Cable, Domino, X-Force (Caliban, Meltdown, Shatterstar, Siryn, Sunspot, Warpath), unnamed Kree scientist (creator), Silver Surfer (loose)

Enemies: Shi'ar, especially Commander Yahnos Tr'morr;

briefly Cable, Domino, Pulse, X-Force (Caliban, Meltdown, Shatterstar, Siryn, Sunspot, Warpath);
possibly the Inciters (see comments)

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across intergalactic space;

formerly Earth;
formerly Kree territory in the Shi'ar Imperium including in the spaceship Novaburst

First Appearance: Cable/X-Force '96/1 (1996)

Powers/Abilities: Pulse was a relatively non-aggressive sentient computer program that relied on Shi'ar nanomatrices to create a host body and so with the correct technology, could mimic various cyberorganic forms, including the appearance, expressions and some of the powers of Ultron, Deathlok and Warlock drawn from the Danger Room. It had various extra in-built accessories including a small holographic projector mounted in his palm plus shoulder-mounted devices that erected a powerful force field wall.

Pulse readies for battle


(Cable/X-Force '96/1 (fb) - BTS) - Pulse was created by a Kree scientist from Shi'ar technology to gather data for the Kree resistance, which was fighting the occupation Shi-ar forces on Hala, the former Kree capital planet. Pulse found evidence that the Shi'ar Royal House did not want made public. However, the Shi'ar became aware of his actions and pursued him across space, manging to evade them on several occasions.

(Cable/X-Force '96/1) - Pulse jumped through a Shi-ar Stargate pursued by Yahnos Tr'morr. To evade capture, he taunted the Shi'ar commander, who then blew up Pulse's vessel. However, the cyberorganic being was able to electronically transmit himself to the planet where his masked signal was drawn to Shi'ar technology and downloaded into the Danger Room's program, which was in use by X-Force and controlled by Cable and Domino. But the signal was interrupted and Pulse's programming was scrambled after reassembling himself in a Danger Room scenario, not realizing the true battle simulation nature of the environment. Assembling himself from the Danger Room's Shi'ar technology, he sought contact with X-Force, but was instead blasted away by Meltdown. Pulse downloaded metallo-synthetics models from the Danger Room, transforming before X-Force into Ultron. Shatterstar managed to stab "Ultron" until Pulse was able to take control of the program, and selected the next option, changing into Deathlok. Hit by Warpath, "Deathlok" retreated and then assumed the identity of the former New Mutant Warlock. Grabbed by Sunspot, "Warlock" was able to determine the holographic nature of the environment. Meanwhile, Cable inadvertently let Deathbird of the Shi'ar know of Pulse, but she described the construct as a hunted fugitive that would now be retrieved.

Pulse fires his shoulder cannons

   Pulse was able to escape outside the building and came across several surfboards, triggering a memory of the Silver Surfer and initiating recovery of his core program. This allowed him to revert to his true form. Feeling threatened by the approaching mutants, Pulse set up an energy barrier but was knocked down and held in a telekinetic field by Cable. Pulse revealed his true nature and function to the group. Outside, the Shi'ar arrived and Tr'morr demanded the synthoid's return with threats of violence. 

(Cable/X-Force '96/1 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile, Siryn decided to remove the object of contention and gave Pulse access to the subspace communication relay and gathered scrap metal to mimic the destroyed shell of Pulse. The synthoid piggybacked a signal from the Warbird to the Shi'ar planet of Chandilar.

(Cable/X-Force '96/1) - Siryn briefly distracted the Shi'ar with scrap metal but Tr'morr quickly learnt of Pulse's escape.

   Already light years from Earth, Pulse sat alone in a spacecraft and hoped to complete his mission in time and that the Silver Surfer would heed his warning.

Comments: Created by John Francis Moore (writer), Luke Ross (penciler) and Rob Hunter & Matt Ryan (inkers).

   Although it's not specifically stated, it would seem quite apparent that the threat Pulse detected was the revival of the incredibly destructive Inciters. However, it does not appear that Pulse was in time to warn the Silver Surfer of the threat to Zenn-La posed by the Inciters. Was he too late or did something happen to him in the meantime (such as being consumed by the Inciters)? Why hasn't he resurfaced - was he destroyed in the Annihilation War?

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Pulse has no known connections to:

Pulse flees in the Novaburst


The Novaburst was a Kree Starskimmer capable of interstellar travel and was used by Pulse to escape the Shi'ar. It was seriously outclassed by the Shi'ar Warbird Hawksblood and was destroyed under orders of Commander Tr'morr.



--Cable/X-Force '96/1

The Kree creator of Pulse

Kree Scientist

An unnamed Kree programmer developed and constructed Pulse from Shi'ar technology, programming it to gather data on the Shi'ar forces to counter their occupation of the Kree homeworld of Hala. His fate remains unknown.


--Cable/X-Force '96/1

images: (without ads)
Cable/X-Force '96/1, p31, pan5-6 (main image)

p33 (head shot)
p32, pan2 (shoulder beams)
p1, pan3 (Novaburst)
p34, pan4 (Kree scientist)

Cable/X-Force '96/1 (1996) - John Francis Moore (writer), Luke Ross (penciler), Rob Hunter & Matt Ryan (inkers), Jaye Gardner (editor)

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