Classification: Fantasy environment

Creator: Name unrevealed

Users/Posssessors: Death Master, Princess Adora, Thunder Man, White Zero

First Appearance: 2001: A Space Odyssey#5 (April, 1977)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Comicsville creates an environment for its customers to experience life as a super-hero. Using robots to play the parts of villains, the customers are able to participate in an adventure where they are an all-powerful hero who defies all odds.

History: (2001: A Space Odyssey#5) - In 2040, Harvey Norton, clad in the identity of the White Zero took part in an adventure at Comicsville, matching wits with the Death Master. He heroically fought off the Death Master's underlings, and destroyed the Holocaust Bomb which the Death Master had threatened earth with. As the White Zero continued through the Death Master's base, he came upon the mysterious Monolith, which attempted to communicate with him. However, he believed it to be part of the story and continued on.

He caught up to the Death Master just as he was about to escape into time with the Princess Adora, but managed to destroy the Death Master with the ray blasters in his gloves. He then went to set the princess free, but was irate when he found that the actress playing the princess didn't meet with his expectations. He furiously demanded an explanation from the manager, and learnt the actress originally contacted couldn't make it. Norton departed the Comicsville scenario, passing other customers on his way out, and changed out of his costume.

The proprietor met with Norton as he undressed to remind him that he couldn't get a refund, but Norton didn't argue the point and complimented the proprietor on the Monolith they had created. The proprietor had no idea what Norton was talking about.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

Presumably the adventures in 2001: ASO#1-7 do NOT take place on Earth-616, but this remains uncertain.

by Prime Eternal

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The White Zero was the super-hero alias adopted by Harvey Norton while in Comicsville. As the White Zero, he was a powerful, dedicated action hero possessing superhuman strength (class 40?), and equipped with ray blasters in his gloves which could atomize his opponents.

-2001: A Space Odyssey#5


The Death Master was a robot assigned to play the part of the villain in the White Zero scenario. Apparently the leader of a band of aliens on Venus, the Death Master threatened earth with a Holocaust Bomb, and attempted to escape with the captive Princess Adora using his Time-Warp Traveller. The Death Master was destroyed when the White Zero atomized him with his ray blasters.

-2001: A Space Odyssey#5

Princess Adora was the love interest for the White Zero, and was to be rescued by the hero from the Death Master's clutches. Unfortunately, the actress didn't meet with Harvey Norton's expectations, as the actress originally contacted to play the part couldn't make it.

-2001: A Space Odyssey#5

2001: A Space Odyssey#5 (April, 1977) - Jack Kirby (writer/pencils/editor), Mike Royer (inks)

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