Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Rampager, servant of Dr. Doom and the Jester

Group Membership: Assembly of Evil, pawn of the Acts of Vengeance prime movers

Affiliations: Dr. Doom, Fenris, Hydro-Man, Jester, Rock, Rusty and Arthur (creators)

Enemies: Avengers, the Eternals (Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, Zuras), She-Hulk, Thing

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in New York area

First Appearance: Eternals I#14 (August, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: The Hulk robot was designed to mimic the Hulk in both appearance and speech. It was also prone to violence, like its role model. It could perform superhuman leaps, and possessed superhuman strength and endurance rivaling the real Hulk's. While it possessed the cosmic energy of the Eternals' Uni-Mind, it could overcome the Eternals' powers of molecular rearrangement

The Jester's modifications to the Hulk robot included a "give up?" sign in its mouth that could release anesthetic gas; a hammer which could spring out from its head; feather ticklers which could emerge from either side of its body and tickle an opponent; a boxing glove located in its chest; balloons, a stuffed pink rabbit, a flower which could shoot water, a horse's tail could emerge from the robot's back, a toy car, a toothbrush, an alarm clock, a machine gun, a brick, and a horseshoe.

History: (Eternals I#14)- The Hulk robot was constructed at the Maryland Institute of Technology by two students, Rusty and Arthur, who wanted it to serve as the team mascot for their school's all-star game, but they were forbidden to use it by Dr. Timothy Ryan, who considered the robot dangerous. As the robot lay inert in the lab, it was bathed by the cosmic energies released by the Eternals in Olympia, as they emerged from a Uni-Mind. The energies granted the robot sentience, and increased its powers to rival the Hulk's. The robot broke out of the lab, and set forth to find itself an enemy, attacking motorists along the way.

The National Guard were called in to deal with the robot, to little effect, and the ruckus drew the attention of Ikaris, Makkari and Sersi, three of the Eternals. Makkari sped forth to face the robot, but it struck him down with bricks, then flung his body at Ikaris. Ikaris engaged the robot in combat, but it took his strongest blows with little effect.

(Eternals I#15)- Ikaris attempted to blast the robot with his eyebeams, but it dodged him, and leapt into the air. Sersi used her powers of molecular control to transform the robot into stone, which seemed to stop it, but the cosmic energies allowed the robot to overcome its transformation, returning to its normal state. It then knocked out Ikaris and kidnapped Sersi. Makkari pursued the robot in his ship, but the robot hurled the spire of a building at it, then grabbed the ship and flung it away. The National Guard resumed their battle with the robot, until Ikaris and Sersi had both revived. Sersi managed to slow the robot down by creating illusions to keep it occupied, but it was still too powerful for the three Eternals. Just then, Zuras entered the fray.

(Eternals I#16)- Zuras allowed the robot to charge him, and placed his hands upon it, releasing the cosmic energies from its shell. The robot ran amok in pain as the cosmic energy leaked out of its body. Mad with rage, it tore into the ground, until it had dug into the crypt of the Deviant Dromedan, awakening him. It finally lost the last of its energies and was rendered inert.

(Incredible Hulk II#350 (fb))- Dr. Doom discovered the Hulk robot, now divested of its cosmic energy. He took it apart then reconstructed it so that it would obey his summons.

(Fantastic Four I#320)- After dispatching the Hulk against the Thing, only for the Hulk (at that time in his gray form) to lose the first bout, Dr. Doom activated the Hulk Robot, and sent it to confront the Thing. Not having recognized the Hulk in his gray form, the Thing thought he was now facing the real Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#350)- The Thing fought the Hulk robot through New York, but began to guess that he was not facing the real Hulk, as the robot could not duplicate the Hulk's ability to become stronger during a fight. After taking several blows from the robot to test it, the Thing became convinced he was dealing with a fake, and tore it apart.

(Cloak and Dagger III#9 (fb))- To assist the Jester during his participation in the so-called "Acts of Vengeance", Dr. Doom provided the Jester with the Hulk robot's remains. The Jester rebuilt it to include many humorous weapons from his own arsenal.

(Cloak and Dagger III#8-9)- The Hulk Robot joined with the Jester, Fenris, Rock and Hydro-Man in recruiting Cloak and Dagger for an assault against the Avengers, unaware that Cloak and Dagger were actually super-heroes.

The motley crew of villains assembled against the Avengers while the team was holding a press conference, and the Hulk Robot attacked She-Hulk. It employed anesthetic gas, a hammer, a feather tickler, and a boxing glove against her, but only managed to keep her on the ropes. When the Wasp shot the Jester's remote control, the robot went haywire, and She-Hulk flung it into the path of an energy blast fired by Fenris, destroying it.

(Eternals IV#3) - The Hulk Robot (or a non-operational replica) was exhibited in a museum the Eternals kept in Olympia which held reminders of foes and their weapons. Zuras displayed the robot to Joey Eliot.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

by Prime Eternal

The Hulk robot should not be confused with:

Rusty and Arthur were two students at the Maryland Institute of Technology, and were responsible for creating the Hulk robot. They intended to use the robot for the school's all-star game, but Dr. Timothy Ryan forbade them. After the robot became possessed by the energies of the Uni-Mind and ran amok, the two students appeared on television, describing to viewers how the robot was performing feats which should have been impossible.

--Eternals I#14, 15

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