Classification: Human technology

Creator: Mr. Fantastic

User/Possessors: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#97/2 (1992)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The frequency of the Hyperwave makes it possible to communicate with others in real time over the distance of light years. The frequency of the Hyperwave uses super-space short cuts like black holes, worm holes, time rift etc. to navigate through space, to a receiver. At the time of the story it was still in the experimental stage and had its flaws.



(MCP#97/2) - Mr. Fantastic used the Hyperwave to communicate with the Silver Surfer while they evacuated all citizen of the Drell star system because of an upcoming supernova. Silver Surfer liked the the Hyperwave communicator and thought it would revolutionize the inter-stellar communication. Mr. Fantastic saw it more realistic and explained that it was still in the experimental stage. The Surfer flew through the portal with the last ship when the star became a supernova, or so it seemed. Mr. Fantastic lost contact with the Surfer and when he looked on the monitor for the Hyperwave he saw that the Surfer was inside it (see above the green point in the middle). Mr. Fantastic contacted President Bush and explained him everything.
    Meanwhile the Surfer was flying towards Earth in the Hyperwave at an incredible speed. He couldn't do anything about it because he was numbed by the energies in the Hyperwave. Mr. Fantastic told the President how the Hyperwave worked and what the danger was right now. Mr. Fantastic believed that the Surfer got caught between the gravitational pull of the supernova and its nearest planet and then a slingshot effect threw the Surfer into space with the speed of light converting his body into an energy-form which got pulled into the Hyperwave where the Surfer regained his structural integrity. The Surfer was ten hours and fifteen minutes away from hitting Earth and Mr. Fantastic wanted to help the Surfer and the president gave him one chance. If Mr. Fantastic failed the Surfer would be destroyed before hitting Earth.
    Mr. Fantastic used an experimental bio-laser to enter the Hyperwave in a special suit against the numbing effect of the Hyperwave and found the Surfer immediately (see left). He tried to stimulate the muscles of the Surfer to give him a chance to regain control of his board but it failed. Earth wanted to destroy the Surfer, but Richards tried again. He grabbed the Surfer but couldn't slow him down. The Surfer saw how hard Richards tried and concentrated. He regained control of his board and his cosmic power. He dismantled the Hyperwave and shielded himself and Richards from the effects. The Surfer brought Richards back to Earth where Richards began to analyze the discoveries about the Hyperwave and its dangers.

Comments: Created by John Figueroa and Ron Wilson

First of all I am not a physicist, but this is a comic anyway. Mr. Fantastic is a genius, but in my opinion more dangerous than Dr. Doom and is far too often using stuff he just invented. Poor George Sr. was drawn like he didn't had a clue what Richards was talking about and even had a lazy eye. I don't like the pink Hyperwave and Richards used a really ugly headset to communicate with the Surfer who had a far cooler headset.
    The big question for me is if Richards used the Hyperwave technology ever again.

Clarifications: Hyperwave should not be confused with:

Marvel Comics Presents#97, p12, pan4 (Hyperwave on screen)
Marvel Comics Presents#97, p14, pan4 (Silver Surfer & Mr. Fantastic inside the Hyperwave)

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