Classification: Extradimensional race

Location/Base of Operations: Unknown dimension

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: "Blue Gorilla", "Prince" Samson, "Princess", "Warriors"

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#137 (BTS, late September, 1993)
Marvel Comics Presents I#140/1 (arm of a "Giger"; late October 1993)
Marvel Comics Presents I#141/1 (first full appearance; early November, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: They had techno-organic bodies, used high-tech weapons and had the technology to control the mind waves of other beings far away from their own dimension through a dimensional gateway.

Traits: They were a race of bloodthirsty conquerors and liked to use others as their pawns.



(Marvel Comics Presents I#137/1-139/1 - BTS) - The Giger sent their mind control through a gateway to an island on Earth and took possession of Doc Samson, his men, a blue gorilla and the island's natives. They made them build a portal on Earth and made them capture more people to become their pawns. Wolverine tried to help a woman who was captured by their human warriors and was knocked out by Doc Samson. Wolverine found out about Samson being among the controlled people and got away for a short time, but they recaptured him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#140/1) - The pawns of the "Giger" brought Wolverine to the cave where they had built a portal for the "Giger". The "Giger" sent weapons through the portal. Samson and his "Princess" tried to bring Wolverine under the control of the "Giger" too, but it didn't work and in the process the "Giger" also lost control over Samson. The "Giger" finally wanted to go through the portal after the fine tuning was finished, but the first to go through got his arm sliced off by Wolverine. The hero went through the portal into the home dimension of the "Giger" and opposed them.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#141/1) - Many "Giger" were killed by Wolverine. He accidentally damaged the machinery that controlled the portal to Earth and it exploded. The explosion threw Wolverine through the portal and he arrived back on Earth shortly before the portal on Earth exploded as well. Only one thing remained under the control of the "Giger"; the Blue Gorilla.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#142/1 - BTS) - The Blue Gorilla followed the heroes to get revenge on them, but he was buried in a pyramid. The last pawn of the "Giger" had fallen.

Comments: Created by Erik Larsen, Chris Marrinan and Scott Koblish

I chose the name "Giger" because in some way they are just a techno-organic version of the Alien race that is generally known from the famous Alien Quadrilogy (and the comics and the video games and 2004 summer "blockbuster" Alien VS Predator) and the guy who designed the look of these famous Aliens was none other than Hans Rüdi Giger.

The characters under the control of the "Giger" spoke in insect language. Krrrztk rakkt! Really annoying to read. Durability and strength of the pawns were enhanced because they were mind controlled and felt no pain.

Small info on the gorilla. He wore keys as earrings. Nifty!

On the introduction page of Marvel Comics Presents I#137 this was stated: "Not a moments rest for Wolverine on his island vacation". This story probably takes place directly after his run-in with the Coven on Koma Koi. In Marvel Comics Presents I#139 it was stated on the first page that this story still took place on Koma Koi, which I didn't notice when I originally wrote this profile.

Profile by Markus Raymond


The "Giger" have no known connection to

The "Blue Gorilla" has no known connection to

The "Princess" and the "Warriors" have no known connection

"Prince" Samson is Leonard Samson a.k.a. Doc Samson and has no known connections to

"Giger" Portal

This was the portal of the "Giger". It was built by their pawns on Earth. The "Giger" only sent weapons through the portal until the fine tuning of the portal was finished. The portal in the dimension of the "Giger" was destroyed by Wolverine and the portal on Earth exploded because of the feedback.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#140/1 (141/1




"Blue Gorilla"

The gorilla originally escaped from a freighter that carried specimens for the London Zoological Society. It fell under the influence of the "Giger" and became their special enforcer. It killed the woman Wolverine saved from the warriors, and later was the opponent of Wolverine in an arena fight, armed with a giant axe and a shield. It missed Wolverine with the axe and got his shield and the arm holding it sliced up. The gorilla next attacked Wolverine without a weapon and got skewered, but was taken care of and survived the injuries. It was the last to remain under the control of the "Giger" when the portal was destroyed. The gorilla armed itself with some big guns and followed the heroes to the place of Mr. Williams. It attacked them, but they were too powerful for it and it fled into the ancient temple nearby after one of it's weapons detonated. The heroes survived the explosion and Wolverine followed the gorilla into the temple. The gorilla once again tried to fight Wolverine, but in the end it was buried under the temple which was blown up using Mr William's dynamite.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#137/1 (138/1-139/1, 141/1-142/1





It is not known what the "Princess" was before she came under the control of the "Giger". She was the female leader of the pawns of the "Giger". She gave all the orders and together with her prince Samson she watched the fight between Wolverine and the gorilla. She didn't stop Samson when he attacked Wolverine after the defeat of the gorilla, but when he was also overpowered she sent the warriors in to help him. She followed Wolverine with a couple of warriors into the jungle after his escape and captured him again. She ordered the warriors to bring Wolverine to the portal and tried to bring Wolverine under the control of the "Giger", but this plan failed. She defeated Wolverine when he attacked her. Samson saved him from her wrath and defeated her on Earth while Wolverine fought the "Giger" in their dimension. The "Princess" seemingly didn't survive the explosion of the portal.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#137/1 (138/1-141/1


"Prince" Samson

Doc Samson came under the control of the "Giger" while he and a group of men were on the island for reasons unknown. He became the male leader of the pawns of the "Giger". He knocked out Wolverine with a tree after the mutant defeated the warriors. He watched the fight between Wolverine and the gorilla in the arena and stopped Wolverine from killing the gorilla. His mask was shattered in the process and Wolverine learned that Samson was the "Prince". Samson's whole armor got destroyed by Wolverine and the "Princess" sent in the warriors to help her "Prince". Samson threw Wolverine through the wall of the arena which gave Wolverine the chance to flee. Samson helped at the portal and tried to bring Wolverine under the control of the "Giger" when he was recaptured. It didn't work and the explosion of the mind control device freed Samson from the influence of the "Giger". The "Prince" was no more and Samson helped his heroic Canadian friend to stop the "Giger".

--Marvel Comics Presents I#137/1 (138/1-142/1



They were originally natives of the island and scientists. Some of them were finished off by Wolverine when he tried to free a woman from their clutches. Others watched the fight and were ordered to help Samson by their "Princess". They also helped her to recapture Wolverine and brought him to the portal where more of them were storing the weapons that came through the portal. They weren't happy when the first "Giger" that came through the portal got his arm cut off. They all died when the portal on Earth exploded.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#137/1 (138/1-141/1



images: Marvel Comics Presents I#141, p2, pan1 ("Giger" race)
Marvel Comics Presents I#140, p8, pan6 ("Giger" portal)
Marvel Comics Presents I#138, p3, pan1 ("Blue Gorilla")
Marvel Comics Presents I#137, p8, pan2 ("Princess")
Marvel Comics Presents I#137, p8, pan2 ("Prince" Samson)
Marvel Comics Presents I#139, p5, pan4 ("Warriors")

Marvel Comics Presents I#137 (September, 1993) - Erik Larsen & Chris Marrinan (writers), Chris Marrinan (pencils), Mike Machlan (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#138-140 (October, 1993) - Erik Larsen & Chris Marrinan (writers), Chris Marrinan (pencils), Chris Marrinan (#138-139) & Scott Koblish (#140) (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#141-142 (November, 1993) - Erik Larsen & Chris Marrinan (writers), Chris Marrinan (pencils), Scott Koblish (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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