Official Name: Koma Koi

Continent: Oceania

Population: Current estimates unavailable

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Unrevealed

Major Languages: English (everyone spoke fluent English), otherwise unknown

Monetary Unit: Unrevealed

Major Resources: Tourism

National Defense: Unrevealed

International Relations: Unidentified developers (allied with Mr. Williams)

Extraterrestrial Relations: The "Giger" used the island as the beachhead for their attempted invasion of Earth.

Places of InterestTemple of the Coven, Temple of the Sun

Domestic Super HumansBlood Shadow, Fetish, Satyr, Vex

Non-Human Population"Blue Gorilla" (controlled by the "Giger")

Prominent CitizensHigh Priest, Kayla, "Princess"

Superhuman Residents: Cyber (Silas Burr), Doc Samson (Dr. Leonard Samson), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Thing (Ben Grimm), Wolverine (James Howlett) (all temporary due to work or vacation)

Domestic Crime: The doomsday cult of the Coven tried to summon Mekkani-Nai, the final Dark Age of Man.

International Crime: See above!

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (July, 1993)

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (fb) - BTS) - One night every century the sky above Koma Koi aligned into secret sigils. It was a time of potent magics and enlightenment.

   During those times the cult only known as the Coven tried to bring forth the Final Dark Age of Man.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134 (fb) - BTS) - They were opposed by another cult on the island, who sought to summon an age of enlightenment on the same night instead.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (fb) - BTS) - Koma Koi became known as a paradise-like vacation location with friendly women that knew how to hand-roll cigars.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (fb) - BTS) - The Coven hired Cyber to steal the Tear of Heaven from the Temple of the Sun.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#136 (fb) - BTS) - The Coven were unaware that they had only gotten their hands on a glass replica on the Tear of Heaven, which was part of a plan set up by Kayla and her cult. Kayla allowed herself to be kidnapped by Cyber and hoped the Coven wouldn't notice that the stolen "Tear of Heaven" was a fake until the alignment had passed.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (fb) - BTS) - They marked the priestess Kayla as their sacrifice to summon the Final Dark Age of Man during the night of the constellation that only appeared once every century.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132) - Wolverine heard about Koma Koi and decided to go on vacation on the island. He was sitting at the beach when Kayla ran towards him. He smelled her fear and his nemesis Cyber on her. He defended her from the assassins of the Coven, who intended her to become their sacrifice to summon the Final Dark Age of Man. Wolverine wounded the assassins, but killed none of them.

   After spending the night intimately with Kayla at a hut in the jungle, Wolverine woke up to see weird constellation in the sky. Kayla explained that she had transferred the sacrificial mark to Wolverine and that he was now able to see the greater truth. The Coven would now have to kill Wolverine to summon the Final Dark Age of Man. Wolverine put on his costume

   The leaders of the Coven and Cyber found the wounded assassins near the beach. Cyber smelled Wolverine and even though he had brought the "Tear of Heaven" to the Coven, they were mad at him for losing their supposed sacrifice Kayla. Fetish used her mystic powers to locate Kayla, while Vex killed an assassin to read his intestines and learn that Wolverine would end up on their altar.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#133) - Wolverine snuck into the Temple of the Coven to stop the cult from summoning the Dark Age of Man by stealing back the "Tear of Heaven" for Kayla's cult. He knocked out two guards before he was confronted by the Coven's leaders. He took care of Fetish, Satyr and Vex and was ready to take back the Tear of Heaven, but Blood Shadow knocked him unconscious.

   Wolverine awakened somewhere else in the temple while chained to Cyber with an Adamantium chain.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#134) - Wolverine and Cyber fought in a pit against each other until Blood Shadow used gas to knock them out again because the Coven needed Wolverine as their sacrifice.

   Meanwhile Kayla returned to the Temple of the Sun and was confronted by the High Priest, who reminded her that the constellation would pass in a few hours and with it the chance to bring about an age of enlightenment or darkness. Kayla assured him that that they didn't have everything they needed to summon the Final Dark Age and that her champion Wolverine would take care of everything.

   At the Coven's temple Blood Shadow held up the "Tear of Heaven" while Cyber and Wolverine were bound to an altar above an acid pit. Cyber cut through one of ropes holding up the altar to free himself because the acid couldn't destroy his Adamantium skin but the rope holding his arm.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#135) - Cyber and Wolverine escaped their restraints. Satyr jumped on the altar to stop them from escaping, but got clothesline into the acid by the chain still holding them together. Cyber and Wolverine then joined forces to fight through the Coven's hordes and escape with the "Tear of Heaven" into the jungle.

   Fetish used her mystic abilities to raise Satyr from the acid and heal him. Blood Shadow led Vex and an army of assassin to fly with bat-like wings to the Temple of the Sun.

   Meanwhile Wolverine and Cyber arrived at the Temple of the Sun with the "Tear of Heaven" and were allowed inside after Wolverine vouched for Cyber, who was still bound to him with an Adamantium chain. Inside the temple Cyber turned on Wolverine because it was all part of his plan to get inside the Temple of the Sun. Wolverine lost consciousness.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#135 - BTS) - Cyber used his key to remove the Adamantium chain from his wrist and chain Wolverine to a wall.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#135) - Kayla found Wolverine, who was slowly regaining consciousness. He told her to flee, but it was already too late because the Coven's forces had arrived at the Temple of the Sun to attack.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#136) - Cyber hit Kayla to defile the temple with the blood of the marked sacrifice to enable the Coven to destroy the Temple of the Sun. The Coven fought the warriors of the Temple of the Sun while Wolverine revealed that Kayla had transferred the mark of sacrifice to him a few hours earlier, which screwed up Cyber's plan because this meant the Temple of the Sun was still a holy place and could not be destroyed by the Coven. The leaders of the Coven arrived to kill Kayla, Wolverine and Cyber for ruining their plans, but Wolverine slaughtered Blood Shadow in a fit of animalistic rage. Cyber tried to flee the temple, but Vex stood in his way. Cyber disemboweled him, which led to the dying Vex read his own entrails and see the future of Cyber one last time. Wolverine hurled the Adamantium chain around Cyber's neck and nearly hung him alive, but Cyber revealed the chain's key, which Wolverine stole to remove the chain from his wrist. Cyber fell from the bridge screaming.

   After the battle was over Kayla and the High Priest thanked Wolverine for returning the "Tear of Heaven" to them, but he revealed that it was a fake all along and was a bit surprised that Kayla and the High Priest both knew that the true Tear of Heaven had always remained in the Temple of the Sun. They explained their whole plan to Wolverine and how glad they were that the Coven had been completely destroyed, assuring enlightenment each century from that point on. Wolverine though realized that Kayla's cult had acted in ways similar to the Coven and that the future would not be so bright as they suspected.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#142 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Williams came to Koma Koi under the pretense to protect the island's eco-system and restaurate one of the island's temples. In actuality he covertly worked for developers, who sought to build a new hotel and turn the island into a condo tourist mecca.

   A gorilla escaped from a freighter carrying specimens for the London Zoological Society and landed on Koma Koi.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#141 (fb) - BTS) - An extradimensional race (I dubbed the "Giger" in 2004) created an extradimensional gateway on their world to Earth, but they were only able to send mind control waves to Earth through it. They took control of natives on Koma Koi and turned them into a work force to create a dimensional portal on Earth's side to send weapons through. They also took control of a gorilla, who became their enforcer.

   Doc Samson led an expedition on a fact-finding mission on Koma Koi to study mysterious mental aberrations among the natives. They got caught and fell under the mental control of the extradimensional invaders.

   The mind-controlled slaves of the "Giger" continued fine tuning the extradimensional portal on Koma Koi so that the "Giger" could eventually send their invasion army through the portal.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#137) - Still in costume Wolverine was sitting in the trees of Koma Koi and saw a few mind-controlled warriors making weirdly insect-like noises and escorting a captured woman through the jungle. Wolverine defeated the warriors, but didn't notice how the woman was captured behind his back by a gorilla wearing a similar mask to the warriors. Moments later Wolverine was knocked out by a tree trunk to the head wielded by a guy in white armor (it was the mind-controlled Doc Samson).

(Marvel Comics Presents I#138) - Wolverine regained consciousness and was forced to fight the gorilla in an arena in front of the woman and the white warrior. Wolverine skewered the gorilla, but was then stopped by the white warrior from killing it. Wolverine destroyed the white warrior's mask to reveal that it was Doc Samson.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#139) - Wolverine was attacked by the mind-controlled Doc Samson, but destroyed bit by bit of his armor. Eventually the female leader ordered the other warriors to come to the aid of Samson, who managed to knock Wolverine through the arena's wall. The injured gorilla was carried away. Wolverine fled into the jungle, but was soon caught again.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#140) - Wolverine was carried to a cave in a paralyzing energy field. Inside the cave Wolverine witnessed weapons being sent through a strange portal. An alien device was put on Wolverine's head and got activated by Samson, but the machine connected to it detonated because Wolverine resisted. Doc Samson regained control over himself and grabbed one of the energy rifles to fight the mind-controlled warriors. Wolverine joined the battle by attacking the female leader, but needed Samson's help against her. When Wolverine saw an alien arm coming through the portal he cut it apart and then decided to go through the portal to stop whatever was trying to come through on the other side.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#141) - While Wolverine fought the supposed invaders in their home dimension, Doc Samson kept fighting the female leader in the cave on Koma Koi. Wolverine damaged the portal and barely got through back to Earth where the portal in the cave blew up. The explosion apparently killed everyone but Doc Samson and Wolverine. After everything was over Wolverine told Samson not to beat himself up over what had happened despite all the deaths, which included Samson's whole expedition and many natives.

   The injured, mind-controlled gorilla was still around and on his way to do something bad.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#142) - The gorilla armed itself with the some of the weapons the "Giger" had sent through the portal while Wolverine and Doc Samson made their way to Mr. Williams. They asked him to call for help, but he didn't want a supersonic jet to land on the island because it could disrupt the eco-system. Moments later the gorilla attacked the building. Doc Samson and Wolverine fought the mind-controlled gorilla while Mr. Williams nearly shot Wolverine. Samson and Wolverine took the fight to the outside. Doc Samson got knocked out by an energy blast, but Wolverine followed the gorilla to the temple. Williams took the opportunity to set up explosives on the temple walls to blow it up for his employers. Samson caught Williams while Wolverine defeated the mind-controlled gorilla inside the temple. Wolverine barely escaped the temple before it blew up, which meant that Williams had actually succeeded in his job for the developers.


(Fantastic Four VI#12) - Thing and Alicia Grimm went to Koma Koi for their honeymoon. They were picked up at the dock by a suitcase carrier, who received a signed picture from the Thing for taking the couple to their bungalow. The man wasn't too pleased, but he was working for the Puppet Master anyway and immediately informed the villain (and adoptive father of Alicia) of the couple's arrival. Moments later the signal was cut off, but Puppet Master had heard enough and created a puppet of the Hulk to use him to attack the Thing on Koma Koi.

   That evening Alicia and Ben were strolling on the beach. Alicia gave Ben another ring he could wear while he was in human form (he could change into human form once a year for a week and it was right on schedule during the honeymoon). Ben took the ring, but the Hulk jumped from the ocean on to the beach moments later and challenged the Thing to fight him. Thing didn't want to fight and admitted that the Hulk was stronger, but the Hulk was controlled by Puppet Master, who wanted to kill the Thing. Hulk's first punch sent the Thing into a bungalow, injuring an innocent bystander. The Thing asked another man to take Alicia to safety before the Hulk continued his assault. Hulk beat up Thing and tossed him against a mountainside, which was so heavily damaged that it caused an avalanche that buried Alicia and others. Thing immediately tried to dig up his wife, but she was safe for the moment. The Hulk attacked again, but with only 52 seconds to go before the Thing transformed back to human form he raised his fists to take the fight to the Hulk.

(Fantastic Four VI#13) - The fight continued until the Thing asked the Hulk to help him dig out Alicia and the other tourists. Puppet Master accidentally revealed that he had been controlling the Hulk when he was shocked that his Alicia was trapped under the rocks. The Thing gave the Puppet Master-controlled Hulk a beating to break Puppet Master's control over the Hulk. Alicia and the tourists were still trapped under the rubble, but it formed a little cave and Alicia found a way to help the tourists dig a way out by themselves. The Thing and the Hulk continued their battle with the seconds ticking down to Ben's transformation. Ben was glad when he saw that Alicia and the tourists had escaped. He then used one final punch to knock out the Hulk, which destroyed Puppet Master's puppet and knocked the Hulk out. The Thing finally transformed to his human form, but was badly injured.

(Fantastic Four VI#13 - BTS) - Alicia called the Fantastic Four, who picked up Ben and her from Koma Koi. The Thing remained in a coma for a week.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott & Steve Lightle.

I was a bit surprised to see Koma Koi get used again in Fantastic Four until I realized that Dan Slott was also the writer of the Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine storyline.

I wonder how developed the island was around the time we first saw it in Marvel Comics Presents I#132. It was apparently known as a tourist location, but we saw none of the bungalows and buildings later seen in Fantastic Four VI#12. Maybe Wolverine just wanted to enjoy some alone time and chose a beach far away from other tourists. Maybe the developers mentioned in Marvel Comics Presents I#142 succeeded to turn the island into a big tourist attraction during the subsequent years.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Koma Koi has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
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Fantastic Four VI#12, p8, pan3 (at night)
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Marvel Comics Presents I#142, p6, pan4 (another temple)
Fantastic Four VI#12, p4, pan1 (bungaloos and buildings in the back)
Fantastic Four VI#12, p8, pan1 (from a distance)

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