Real Name: Ken Shiga

Identity/Class: Human mutate (possibly? - see comments)

Occupation: Super hero, college student

Group Membership: Formerly Justice Pals

Affiliations: Courtney Alaska, Alfredo the chicken, Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Blade/Eric Brooks, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Thor/Jane Foster, Thor/Thor Odinson), Brain Drain/Bryan Drayne (Werner Schmidt), G'illian Blax'zthor, Butterball, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Chef Bear, Chipmunk Hunk (Tomas Lara-Perez), Chompsky, Chrrt-Chuk race, Davis, Eggs Benny, Franky, Allene Green, Dor Green, Maureen Green, Haskel, Hippo, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff), L'il Busta, Loki (Loki Laufeyson), Mary Mahajan, Mew, Mole Man (Harvey Elder), Ms. Chloe, New Avengers (Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hulkling/Teddy Altman, Songbird/Melissa Gold, Power Man/Victor Alvarez, White Tiger/Ava Ayala, Wiccan/Billy Kaplan), New Mutants (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Cypher/Doug Ramsey, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Magma/Amara Aquila, Mirage/Danielle Moonstar), Porkums, Professor Bravo, Ratatoskr, Rocket Raccoon, Sentinel X-42903-22, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Phil Coulson, Nick Fury II, Maria Hill), Smuckums, Sootori, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green), Tippy-Toe, Tree-Lobster, Venom ("Flash" Thompson), Nancy Whitehead, Wiggums

Enemies: A.I.M. (Andrew Forson, Monica Rappaccini, others), Baron Mordo (Karl Mordo), Blockchain (Brock Channing), Boomerang (Fred Myers), Bug-Eyed Voice (Arthur Bigelow), Dr. Doom (Victor Von Doom), Doombear, Dormammu, EpicCrimez, Fin Fang Foom, High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Humanoids, Iron Ring (Melissa Morbeck), Mr. Bettany, Mr. Edwin, M.O.D.O.K., Mojo II, Mysterion, New-Men (Clarence, Claude, Commander Huggy Q. Loveyface the Sixth, Sally), Octopals (Dark Ock, Doctopus, Doctor Cyberock, Pre-Doc Ock), Red Skull (Johann Schmidt), Swarm (Werner Schmidt), Taskmaster (Tony Masters), Whiplash (Anton Vanko);
    formerly Ratatoskr/Girl Squirrel

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Captain Crimehunter, "the Unsinkable Koi Boi"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: (unidentified): Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#5 (July, 2015);
    (identified): Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#6 (August, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: Koi Boi can talk to fish, swim well through water and grow his own body slowly to fit the size of any container. Koi Boi has extremely strong core muscles and can flop on the ground, propelling himself into the air and allowing himself to move across the city at fast speeds. Koi Boi also possesses magnetic-sensitive cells, which allows him to navigate well through Earth's magnetic fields.

Koi Boi is also a talented computer science student with a great love for puns.

Height: 5'6'' (by approximation)
Weight: 135 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Ken Shiga decided to adopt the super hero name of Koi Boi, using his powers, including that of talking to fish and breathing underwater, for the greater good.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#1 (fb) – BTS) – Ken decided to put fish eye goggles on his super hero costume, in part to help distract others from realizing his true identity.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#19 (fb) – BTS) – Melissa Morbeck pulled strings to get Ken accepted into the computer science program at Empire State University.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#6 (fb) – BTS) – Ken Shiga began attending Empire State University, where he met Tomas Lara-Perez in class, soon realizing he was the super hero Chipmunk Hunk. Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi began teaming up to fight crime. Nancy Whitehead saw them in class together.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#5) – Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk helped clean up in the fight with Mysterion, who had held hostages in the Statue of Liberty.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#6) – When Hippo attacked the campus bank, Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi responded, meeting Squirrel Girl, Nancy Whitehead and Tippy-Toe there. After sparring with Hippo, Squirrel Girl jumped into the fight and deescalated things by convincing Hippo to get a job instead of committing crimes. Nancy soon exposed Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi's real identities and they learned that Squirrel Girl was Doreen Green.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#7 (fb) – BTS) – Ken woke up in the night, hearing the fish upset, and he went out as Koi Boi with Chipmunk Hunk to investigate, finding many civilians in the streets in fights, having been influenced by the small Girl Squirrel.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#7) – Ken and Tomas discussed the unrest with Doreen and Nancy in class. When their professor began yelling at the class, many in the class started yelling and fighting as well, and Doreen and her friends tried to intervene but they were overwhelmed by the violence of the students. Nancy proposed a theory that Girl Squirrel was actually Ratatoskr, looking up a Wikipedia article for information, and they realized the squirrel-god was behind the gossip and rioting. The group went to Avengers Tower, with Koi Boi swimming quickly in the river along the way, and they found the Avengers (Black Widow, elderly Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye and Spider-Man) arguing like everyone else. The Avengers attacked and Squirrel Girl and her friends defeated them in combat. They sought out the two Thors and Nancy and Tippy-Toe went with them to Asgard to fix the escaped Ratatoskr's prison cell while Squirrel Girl, Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi stayed on Earth to fight Ratatoskr. In time, Squirrel Girl, Koi Boi and Chipmunk found the seemingly heroic Girl Squirrel, who revealed herself swiftly to be Ratatoskr. When Squirrel Girl and Chipmunk Hunk summoned squirrels and chipmunks to help them fight, Ratatoskr turned the creatures against them. Koi Boi summoned koi to help him fight in the water in case the battle led there. Ratatoskr then attacked directly.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl I#8) – Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi helped Squirrel Girl fight Ratatoskr until the villain turned the two male heroes against Squirrel Girl by influencing their minds, playing up their insecurities. They shook Squirrel Girl out of a tree then she returned with web-shooters but a mind-controlled crowd soon turned the tide against her. Squirrel Girl was pinned but soon, the two Thors, Loki (with a cat head), Nancy and Squirrel Girl's partner Tippy-Toe arrived from Asgard, wearing ear plugs to block Ratatoskr's power. They helped turn the tide against Ratatoskr, who was soon defeated. Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi apologized for attacking SG. Later, Doreen taught her friends how to speak squirrel.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#1) – Koi Boi helped others save civilians from a house fire then they all went to see Nancy and Doreen's new apartment. Later, Doreen and Nancy took Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi through their teleporter to have lunch on Avengers Island.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#2) – On the ESU campus, Nancy approached Tomas and Ken, saying Doreen was missing, but Tomas and Ken had no memories of Nancy, Doreen or Tippy.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#7) – Ken was studying when Doreen called him, needing help against the super-villain Swarm. Koi Boi taught the local fish to spit water like archerfish do and they helped knock the bees out of the air while Koi Boi swam quickly to create a water vortex to contain them. He and Squirrel Girl soon took bags of damp bees to the police.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#8) –Nancy, Tippy and Ken helped Doreen write dating profiles. Later, Doreen returned to describe a series of terrible dates but Mole Man attacked her before proposing to Doreen, who turned him down. Mole Man retaliated by sinking all of Central Park into Subterrania. Mole Man continued to flirt with Squirrel Girl but he ordered his Moloids to attack when Nancy slapped him and Koi Boi helped fight them off, all while cracking fish jokes. Mole Man soon retreated.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#10) – After finishing a conflict with Mole Man, who had sunken many of the world's most famous buildings, Squirrel Girl had Nancy, Mary, Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi all help Doreen put dirt back under the missing buildings as squirrels in Iron Man suits lifted the buildings up.

(New Avengers IV#18) – Squirrel Girl took Nancy, Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk with her to the funeral for Roberto da Costa but he revealed he was alive when he attacked Monica Rappaccini and Dr. Andrew Forson in their attempt to take over A.I.M. They joined in the fight, helping the New Mutants (Magma, Cypher, Mirage, Cannonball, Karma) take down A.I.M.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe GN) – Doreen and Tippy checked in with Nancy, Tomas and Ken about homework and class-loads. After getting a call from Iron Man, Doreen took Tippy, Nancy, Ken and Tomas to Stark Tower, where they changed to their super hero costumes. Iron Man wanted to show them how he'd just rebuilt one of the High Evolutionary's machines. The High Evolutionary attacked with henchmen and several New-Men and during the fight, Squirrel Girl was knocked into the HE's machine and she emerged with a duplicate, who later named herself Allene. Allene went to campus with Doreen, Nancy, Tippy, Tomas and Ken, and proposed that they take a more active role in stopping crime by having the squirrels, chipmunks and fish all watch out for crimes, allowing them to be more proactive in their crime-fighting. The others agreed to give it a try but on their way home, they discovered that Chompsky the squirrel had been hit by a car. When Allene declared war on humanity, seeking to save squirrels, she and Doreen began fighting and Tomas and Ken got involved when Doreen needed help freeing a captive Tony Stark. They soon realized that Allene had plans to conquer the world to make it better for squirrels. Allene used a trick to lure Doreen and her friends hundreds of miles away from the city. Upon returning to NYC, Doreen and her friends partnered with S.H.I.E.L.D. and watched Allene defeat Hulk as they realized she had defeated most of the city's heroes and villains and was now using their technology. Allene easily defeated them as she banished S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Negative Zone then the heroes shed their costumes and fled. Days later, Doreen and her allies joined with Venom ("Flash" Thompson), Hippo, Rocket Raccoon and Kraven the Hunter, and Doreen ended up with Thor's power, freeing the heroes from the Negative Zone. After the fight was finished, Doreen realized Tippy had broken her back during the rescue and she liberated the heroes to heal and stabilize her. In the end, they let Allene go to the Negative Zone to populate a planet with her squirrels.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#12 – BTS) – During a break from school, Ken chose to visited the ruins of New Atlantis.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#16) – Doreen greeted all of her friends at her birthday party including Iron Man, Nancy, Thor (Jane Foster), Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi, Brain Drain, Dor and Maureen Green, Loki, Thor (Thor Odinson), Black Widow, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Spider-Man (Peter Parker). When the Red Skull attacked, Doreen easily defeated him.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#17) – Mary, Tomas, Ken, Nancy, Brain Drain and Doreen attended an ethics class hosted by guest lecturer Melissa Morbeck.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#18) – Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi were teaming up to stop a purse thief but Squirrel Girl stopped the man by dropping nuts on his head from the sky in her flying suit. She invited Tomas and Ken to come and visit Melissa Morbeck with she and Nancy on Saturday morning, sure that Morbeck would be willing to make them flying suits as well. That Saturday, they went to see Morbeck, meeting her bear butlers, Mister Edwin and Mister Bettany, and Morbeck had her computers take measurements of Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi, promising them suits soon before sending them away.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#19) – Koi Boi, Chipmunk Hunk, Mary Mahajan and Nancy Whitehead rushed into Morbeck's home with the police, past mind-controlled zoo animals, and found Squirrel Girl battling armed bears and Melissa Morbeck already gone. In time, Morbeck had a plane with a banner announce that Dr. Doom was attacking the city with mosquitoes, frightening the public.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#20) – After interacting with Tippy-Toe and Mosquito Man Bug Spray online, Squirrel Girl discussed the threat of Morbeck with her allies, and Tippy-Toe gathered squirrels Davis, Naseemo, Porkums and Li'l Busta to help protect Mary, Tomas, Ken, Nancy and Doreen from getting bitten. Morbeck had Doombear, a bear in a Dr. Doom costume, reveal itself to SG and her allies, and Morbeck spoke through the bear, revealing she planned to frame Squirrel Girl for the animal and mosquito attacks across the city. Squirrel Girl then challenged Morbeck to face her directly and Morbeck did so, speaking over a megaphone and knowing that the media was recording every move. SG, Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi battled the animal army while Mary and Nancy worked on creating an EMP. Tippy shaved off her fur to pose as a rat then ran directly up to Morbeck and detonated the EMP, shorting out her ability to control the animals. Morbeck was arrested and Detective Mike Corson at first didn't know who to believe until Thor (Thor Odinson), Thor (Jane Foster), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Iron Man (Tony Stark) vouched for her and Morbeck was arrested.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21) – With Mary visiting her family and Nancy and Doreen going on vacation to the Negative Zone, Tomas and Ken were asked to feed Mew, watch over Brain Drain and protect the city from crime. Later, at Sidekick Coffee, Brain Drain kept helping Ken with his homework, getting Ken in trouble when Professor Bravo walked by. When the Octopals (Dark Ock, Doctopus, Doctor Cyberock, Pre-Doc Ock) committed crimes, Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk stopped three of them but Brain Drain allowed Cyberock to escape. Tomas and Ken asked for some space from Brain Drain, who removed his costume and walked away, and the other Octopals escaped. Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi soon saw "Green Goblin" robbing a jewelry store (Bella’s Rubies, owned by Mrs. Manningham) then "Spider-Man" entered to seemingly stop him and soon, they saw "Dr. Strange" stopping "Mephisto" and "Captain Marvel" taking down "Mystique." Relaxing, Tomas and Ken took the night off but woke up to news that the heroes and villains the night before had been fake. They soon discovered that Brain Drain had facial recognition technology that could help them identify heroes and villains. They successfully apprehended criminals dressed as Titania, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Spider-Man, Shocker, Bullseye and Daredevil before taking down the Octopals. They fought crime all night and got home in time to see Doreen and Nancy make it back.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#25) – Doreen and Nancy told Brain Drain, Ken and Tomas about their adventures in the Savage Land, where they fought Ultron.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#31) – At the mall, Koi Boi, Chipmunk Hunk, Brain Drain, Nancy Whitehead and Squirrel Girl stopped EpicCrimez during a jewelry store robbery that the villain was live-streaming. After he was apprehended, he hit Squirrel Girl and Nancy with an alien ray gun that sped them up into hyper-time. Over the following two days, SG and Nancy aged decades, able only to communicate with their friends through notes. Tomas, Brian and Ken did their best to aid their friends, given the time shifts, over the following days until Doreen and Nancy were finally able to return to the present as their younger selves.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#32) – Hanging in his room with a Namor poster, Ken was invited by Nancy and Doreen to join them in an escape room. Tomas, Brian, Mary, Ken, Nancy and Doreen met Kraven at the airport and invited him to the escape room as well. Inside the escape room, Koi Boi chose the name "Captain Crimehunter." Calling their team the Justice Pals, the group worked together to get out of the room but they soon discovered the walls were closing in on them.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#33) – Squirrel Girl helped the others escape the trap by using her super-strong jaws then they all took time to recount their individual skills. Koi Boi talked about his powers to breathe underwater, slowly grow to fit the size of any container and talk to any fish. As they solved more puzzles, Koi Boi helped solve one puzzle underwater. Soon, Mojo II was exposed as their captor and Chipmunk Hunk used a secret sonic scream to defeat him. Outside, Kraven was tackled by the police. SG tried standing up for him but ended up getting them all arrested.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#35) – Squirrel Girl made sure the secret identities of the heroes would stay safe. After time in their cell, the group was taken to court, represented by She-Hulk, while Courtney Alaska prosecuted them. In the end, SG and her friends were found innocent and Kraven was found guilty but he broke out of custody and ran for it.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#35) – Haskel the squirrel guided Nancy, Mary, Tomas, Ken and Brain Drain toward a battle where Squirrel Girl was defending Kraven against Spider-Man. Kraven bid his friends farewell, promising to return as their ally another day.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#37 (fb) – BTS) – Koi Boi gave lectures to his friends on undersea creatures including octopi.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39 (fb)) – Koi Boi lectured his friends on salt water and how fish can pee out of their gills.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#37) – After someone posing as Squirrel Girl faked her death, a funeral was held and Doreen's friends attended the fake funeral with Doreen and Nancy in disguise. They saw many heroes and villains give testimonials of the impact SG had on their lives then they showed footage of "Squirrel Girl" dying in a battle alongside the Avengers against the Octobliterator. Back at home, Nancy, Doreen, Tippy, Ken, Mary, Brian and Tomas discussed options and they determined the impostor was likely a Skrull.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#38) – Doreen, Brian, Tomas, Ken, Mary, Tippy and Nancy used personal questions to determine that they weren't Skrulls. The next day, when Iron Man called to check in, they caught him in a lie and realized he was a Skrull.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39) – Nancy, Doreen, Mary, Tippy, Ken, Tomas and Brian met for coffee and discussed how to detect Skrulls. Mary suggested building a weapons system but the others decided to hack Databus, the A.I. belonging to Tony Stark. They went hunting for Tony and realized he was underwater. Koi Boi investigated and discovered a group of Atlantic Medhadens (including Butterball, Franky, Wiggums, Eggs Benny and Smuckums) who directed him to the Skrull form Tony was being kept in. Koi Boi found the cage and then tracked it back to a Skrull woman, who immediately surrendered.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#40) – Squirrel Girl and her friends listened to G'illian Blax'zthor the Skrull share her life story about being a defector who was starting a new life and they agreed to help her with SG even convincing Iron Man to support them. They held a press conference, announcing SG was alive and a Skrull had died. Months later, SG and her friends welcomed a group of Skrull refugees to Earth.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#43) – Squirrel Girl took Tippy-Toe, Brain Drain, Nancy, Koi Boi, Chipmunk Hunk and Mary Mahajan to the Negative Zone to visit Allene Green then SG disappeared, magically transported back to Earth.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#46) – Brain Drain, Nancy, Mary, Tippy, Ken and Tomas returned from the Negative Zone to see that Doreen and Ratatoskr had defeated an invasion of Frost Giants. Loki came to arrest Ratatoskr but Nancy and Doreen argued she should remain free.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#47) – Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi, Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe worked together to defeat the Leader and his Humanoid robots, with Ken and Tomas calling their team-up "the fish and chips combo platter." They rejoined Mary, Nancy and Mew and they realized Brain Drain was missing and went looking for him. They realized Brain Drain was sending them coded messages that informed them that Melissa Morbeck had kidnapped him. The friends turned on the news and realized that Morbeck had revealed publicly that SG was Doreen Green and Nancy hugged Doreen as she grieved the loss of her privacy. They saw that SG's apartment had been blown up before several of SG's villains attacked, including Blockchain, EpicCrimez, Bug-Eyed Voice, Swarm and Boomerang.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#48) – Squirrel Girl convinced her foes to retreat, stating they wouldn't want to know what she was like if she actually wanted revenge. The heroes returned to the blown-up apartment. SG later took Nancy, Tippy, Ken, Mary and Tomas back to confront Morbeck in Central Park, where they were soon joined by Iron Man. Morbeck stole his armor and then began calling herself Iron Ring before she attacked with Whiplash, Leader, Baron Mordo, Fin Fang Foom, Taskmaster, Dormammu, M.O.D.O.K. and Dr. Doom. Brain Drain, in a new enhanced armor, was forced to attack his friends while Koi Boi evaded Whiplash's whips.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#49) – Taskmaster punched Koi Boi back and he was pinned by Brain Drain. After punching Whiplash, Koi Boi was nearly overwhelmed in battle along with Chipmunk Hunk and Squirrel Girl. The Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Blade/Eric Brooks, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Thor/Thor Odinson) attacked, having been alerted ot the battle by the media, then Morbeck summoned armor for her allies. Soon, more of SG's allies arrived, including Ratatoskr, Rhino, Ms. Chloe, Kraven the Hunter, Sentinel X-42903-22, G'illian Blax'zthor, Hippo, Sootori, the Chrt-Chuk, Mole Man, Chef Bear, the Tree Lobster and Alfredo the Chicken. When Dr. Doom announced that he had set off a bomb to kill them all, they searched for it but SG found it and threw herself on the bomb to save her friends.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#49) – Squirrel Girl survived the explosion then Galactus arrived to wrap up events, sending the villains to jail. Later, Squirrel Girl and her friends (including Koi Boi) gathered to celebrate her heroism.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle#1) – Spider-Man reached out to Koi Boi, wanting him to talk to fish in a toxic pond, but Koi Boi refused. After seeing a fish that had been mutated by the toxins, Koi Boi pointed Spider-Man toward a toxic barrel nearby.

(Marvel's Voices I#1) – Koi Boi got together with a group of queer super-heroes for a Pride event.

Comments: Created by Ryan North and Erica Henderson.

Holy carp, this is a fun character. In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#9, Koi Boi is seen wearing a binder, which transgender men sometimes use to tightly bind their chests, giving them a more masculine appearance. Later, the creators quietly revealed that Koi Boi is transgender online, an issue that is never brought up directly in the comic books.

We do not know the source of Koi Boi & Chipmunk Hunk's powers, so they are not technically confirmed mutates.

Profile by Chadman.

Koi Boi has no known connections to:

Butterball, Franky, Wiggums, Eggs Benny & Smuckums

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39 (fb) – BTS) – A school of Atlantic Medhaden befriended Koi Boi in New York's rivers. When Franky decided to start his own school, he ended up in conflict with Eggs Benny and Wiggums. Smuckums noticed an unusual Skrull form.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39) – Koi Boi questioned Butterball, who showed him to the Skrull form.

Butterball was the only Medhaden named who was pictured. The others were not seen (or at least, not identified if they were). --Proto-Man

--Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39 (39 (fb) - BTS, 39,

Mrs. Manningham & Bella's Rubies

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21 – BTS) – When Bella's Rubies was robbed by a man in a Green Goblin costume, who was then taken away by a man in a Spider-Man costume, Mrs. Manningham, the owner, told the local newspapers that the arrest hadn't been real.

--Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21 - BTS

Professor Bravo

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21) – A teacher at Empire State University, Professor Bravo was angry seeing student Ken Shiga seemingly getting help from other students at Sidekick Coffee Shop. He gave Ken extra work to make up for it.

--Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21

The Sidekick Coffee & More!

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21) – Ken Shiga, Tomas Lara-Perez and Brain Drain studied at the Sidekick Coffee & More! cafe, seeing Professor Bravo there.

--Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21

images: (without ads)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39, p18, pan1 (main)
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Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#39, p18, pan1 (Butterball)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21, p6, pan5 (Professor Bravo)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#21, p6, pan1 (Sidekick Coffee Shop)

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