altarix-8116-population-symbolicpictureOfficial Name: Altarix

Nature: Alternate reality (Reality-8116) extraterrestrial planet, unidentified star system, Empirical galaxy;
    period of activity is approximately 1 million in the future

Environment: Life-sustaining biosphere

Gravity: Unrevealed;
    presumably possessed a gravitational field in which it was comfortable for human-like races to function

Atmosphere: Unrevealed;
    presumably an unspecified combination of gases (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) able to be breathed by humanoid beings

Natural Satellites: At least one moon;
    the two large spherical bodies in the sybolic image would seem to have to be moons, but perhaps they just represented worlds in the war between the Monarchy and Instrumentality

Artificial Satellites: None known

Natives: Ajar'l Darklock, Cula Darklock, Lena Darklock, Ravol Darklock, Syzygy Darklock, Woolfor Darklock, Sister Marian, Anton Mezlo;
    presumably Dr. Hoggarth, Dr. Loomis, unidentified nurse; unidentified pathology officer;
    presumably Loterian panthers;

Population: Unrevealed;
    presumably a few billion; but only one city was seen, so it is unrevealed whether that city was representative of other cities and how populated the rest of the world was;
    much of the population seemed to be essential human, but there were some non-humans present as well

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Theocracy ruled by the Instrumentality

Languages: Unrevealed

Monetary Unit: Unrevealed

Major Resources: Unrevealed

Planetary Defense: The forces of the Instrumentality; Priests of Vieltooraltarix-8116-ajarl-city

Places of Interest: None identified

Prominent Residents: The Lord High Papal and Cardinal Spyder spent time here, but it is unclear whether they lived there or just visited

Organizations: Daily Instrument, Instrumentality, Brotherhood/Order/Priests of Vieltoor,

Visitors: None identfied

First Appearance: "The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - see comments

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Nestled deep within the protective folds of the immensity of the Instrumentality theocracy, the inner world Altarix was homeworld to the Order of Vieltoor.

    The Instrumentality's mystical arm, the Order was composed of mysterious holy men who delved into, studied, and communicated with the Instrumentality's supernatural forces

    Although the Instrumentality had warred against the Monarchy for 200 years, Altarix and the other inner worlds were largely spared from this conflict.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - During the first 100 years of the war, big busines reveled, as productivity and profit skyrocketed, and industry expansion went wild.

    The second century of the war, however, was marked by stagnation as there was no more space, market, or resources with which to grow.

    The economy was left in a state that it would collapse without a war to support it.

    On Altarix, there was 88% inflation and 14% unemployment.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - A few decades before the main story, Dread Veil Sorcerer Taurus Killgaren discovered a potential future stellar event that would have a tremendous and very positive effect on existence.

    Learning that one of the Darklock brothers was destined to be a major factor in this grand scheme, Killgaren chose Syzygy and influenced him into joining the priesthood of the Instrumentality, within with he rose to Lord High Bishop within the Order of Vieltoor.

    Syzygy ultimately sought to rule the Instrumentality and put an end to the war with the Monarchy.

    Ajar'l Darklock became an executive tax lawyer for the Instrumentality.

    Eventually, Killgaren arranged the murder of Ajar'l Darklock by demon agents, leading Syzygy to gain power, ultimately sacrificing his assistant and would-be lover, Marian, to the demon Slytis.

    Rebult as a cyborg due to damage incurred in the process, Syzygy left Altarix and the Instrumentality and sought out Vanth (later known as Dreadstar) on the planet Caldor.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Dreadstar / Reality-8116 primer

    I am not certain that the top left image is of Altarix, rather than just a symbolic image showing warfare in space while some worlds lived almost oblivious to the battle.

    I would ASSume the base word of "altar" in Altarix, the center of the theocracy known as the Instrumentality is not accidental.

    The Price was originally published in black and white in Eclipse Graphic Album Series #5 (1981). It was reprinted, with colorized artwork, in Dreadstar Annual#1 (1983) by Epic (the licensed characters/stories division of Marvel).

    This profile is complete up to the Dreadstar graphic novel. From there I'll hit the Dreadstar story in Epic Illustrated and then I'll start the main Dreadstar series. I would imagine Altarix is at least mentioned thereafter, but I'll work through the series and add references as I encounter them.

Profile by Snood.

Altarix has no known connections to

Daily Instrument

Apparently some sort of newspaper on Altarix.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Instrumentality tax lawyer Ajar'l Darklock refused to accept/believe the "wild/whispered rumors" about how the church dealt with tribute evaders. He told himself that if those were true, he'd have "seen something on the video" or in "The Daily Instrument."

--The Price

pathology officer

altarix-8116-price-officialaltarix-8116-price-officer-profile("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - The investigating police captain assumed Ajar'l' Darklock's death to have been the result of some outlaw fringe religious cult, some sort of human sacrifice.

    The pathology officer felt the butchery didn't look to be the work of any human killer.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - As the security force was legally not allowed to investigate any crime involving any mystical power or element, the Papal division sent a cardinal, who examined Ajar'l's remains and ruled that no supernatural agency had anything to do with it.

("The Price") - Syzygy Darklock met with pathology officer, who sympathetically told him that all they were able to recover of his brother was in ths box in front of them. Syzygy asked how the security force was handling the case, and the officer told him that the captain figured that they had to go on the assumption that Ajar'l was the victim of some outlaw fringe religious cult...some sort of human sacrifice.

    Syzygy asked the pathology officer if this was how he saw it, and the officer reluctantly and respectfully admitted that the butchery of the body did not look to be the work of any human killer. However, he also shared the laws preventing the security force from investigating any crime involving mysticism and that a cardinal had already examined Ajar'l's remains and ruled out the supernatural.

    Suspecting the truth, Ajar'l thanked the officer and bade him a good day, and the officer, presumably suspecting Darklock would investigate on his own, bade him good luck.

--The Price

Note: The lack of any nasal structure, the pale yellow (or possibly white skin), and the solid eye may indicate he is of similar race/genetic makeup to the Lord Papal.
I'll re-visit this comment after I review the Papal's a few years

 Loterian panther

Loterian panthers are presumably large felids native to Altarix known for ther running speed and jumping height.

("The Price") -
Dr. Loomis placed Syzygy Darklock's bionic legs, noting them to be of ardimanium construction and that they would allow him to outrun and outjump a Lorterian panther.

--The Price

Note: Maybe they show up in later issues, but they were only mentioned in The Price.

images: (without ads)

  "The Price," story pg. 1, panel 1 (population and symbolic picture with Instrumentality and Monarchy symbols);
          panel 2 (Altarix from orbit);
       pg. 2, panel (Ajar'l and the city);
       pg. 7, panel 6-8 (officer speaking to Syzygy);
       pg. (Syzygy and the Lord Papal in a courtyard)

"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - Jim Starlin (writer/artist); I don't know who edited it; reprinted in Epic's Dreadstar Annual#1 (1983) it credited Jo Duffy (associate editor) and Archie Goodwin (editor)

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