hoggarth-dr-8116-chestupDoctor HOGGARTH

Real Name: Hoggarth (presumably his surname, with his first name unrevealed)

Identity/ClassAlternate Reality (Reality-8116) extraterrestrial (Altarixian) civilian;
    extratemporal (approximately 1 million A.D.)

Occupation: Physician

Group Membership: Unspecified medical facility/group

Affiliations: Syzygy Darklock, Sister Marian, unidentified nurse;
    presumably Dr. Loomis;
    possibly a pair of alien patients

Enemies: While under the dominion of ruling Instrumentality, Dr. Hoggarth at minimum preferred to avoid their scrutiny

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unidentified medical facility, planet Altarix, Empirical 

First Appearance"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - see commentshoggarth-dr-8116-faceclose

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Hoggarth is a physician, presumably specializing in emergency and/or trauma and/or pain relief.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'8"-5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 170-190 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (perhaps light brown or amber in the one image you could see them at all)
Hair: Brown


("The Price" - BTS) - Seeking the power to confront Taurus Killgaren, who had arranged the death of his brother, Ajar'l, the Lord High Bishop Syzygy Darklock coerced Killgaren's demon-servant Bialgesuard to lead him to the Eye of the Gods, the entrance to the 11th level of reality in which the gods stored their reserves of mystic energy.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - The power released from that realm would have destroyed Darklock, but Bialgesuard remotely closed the Eye (so that Darklock would survive to slay Killgaren, who had been an abusive master); however, seeking vengeance for Darklock's disciplining -- did not close the  Syzygy had lost both legs, most of his left arm, and his left eye, and suffered third degree burns over 80% of his body.

("The Price" - BTS) - Syzygy's confidante, Sister Marian found his severely injured form and delirious form.hoggarth-dr-8116.jpg

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Sister Marian summoned medical help, and Syzygy was taken to a hospital.

    Dr. Hoggarth treated Darklock, amazed that he was still alive (which was due to the mystical energies within his body). Once he had pain medications administered, Syzygy started to heal at a fantastic rate, with wounds and burns that should have taken weeks to heal instead resolving within hours. Additionally, Darklock actually grew one half meter in body height and swiftly seemed stronger than ever. 

("The Price") - Dr. Hoggarth reported Syzygy's injuries, miraculous recovery, and increase in bodily stature to Marian, noting that he had never seen anything like this in his medical career. He further noted that by the end of the day they would have no reason not to release him from the hospital. 

    Dr. Hoggarth then asked Marian for information on how Syzygy had been injured for his report. When she informed him that Syzygy was priest of the mystic brotherhood (the Order of Vieltoor), Dr. Hoggarth -- clearly intimidated b y the idea of drawing the attention of the theocratic Instrumentality who ruled Altarix -- considered that he should file the case under "industrial accidents," and Marian agreed that that might be best.

    A nurse then arrived, noting that Bishop Darklock had been asking for the Sister, and Dr. Hoggarth thanked the nurse, after which Sister Marian entered Syzygy's room.

("The Price" - BTS) - Syzygy told Marian that he was fine now and had her to thank for that, as if she had not gotten him to the medical facility the pain might have driven him mad.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

    Dreadstar was a licensed character/title created by Jim Starlin starting way back with the Metamorphosis Odyssey in Epic Illustrated#1 in the Spring of 1980. The Metamorphosis Odyssey started around the modern era and affected Earth, but then swiftly destroyed the entire Milky Way galaxy and then moved on like a million years in the future. Dreadstar eventually got his own series under the Epic imprint, but Starlin later took the whole shebang over to First Comics. And in 1994, it was published under the imprint of Bravura, a creator-owned division of Malibu comics. He appeared sometime later in issues #5-7 of the Breed III series. And, there's been talk of a Dreadstar television show...
    Still that earlier Marvel connection allows me to place this reality in the fringes of the Marvel Megaverse.
    Peter David took over the writing around issue#31 or so, but Starlin remained the owner. At any rate, from start to finish, it is the best series I've ever read, period! I'd love to see it continued, by Starlin, David, or both!
    It is noteworthy to consider that everything from the last chapter of the Metamorphosis Odyssey and everything thereafter (including the Price) takes place 1 million years after Aknaton used the Infinity Horn to destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy to eliminate the threat of the Zygoteans.

    The Price was originally published in black and white in Eclipse Graphic Album Series #5 (1981). It was reprinted, with colorized artwork, in Dreadstar Annual#1 (1983) by Epic (the licensed characters/stories division of Marvel)

Profile by Snood.

Dr. Hoggarth
should be distinguished from:


hoggarth-dr-8116-nurse-alienshoggarth-dr-8116-nurse-upperHer name unrevealed, she worked with Dr. Hoggarth and apparently Dr. Loomis.

("The Price") - After speaking to a pair of aliens, the nurse received word that Bishop Syzygy Darklock had been asking for Sister Marian, and she -- asking Dr. Hoggarth to excuse her -- reported this to Sister Marian. Dr. Hoggarth thanked her, and Sister Marian went in to see Darklock.

     When the cybernetics expert, Dr. Loomis, arrived to see Darklock, the nurse reported this to him.

--"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5

Note: We know nothing about the pair of green aliens talking to the nurse...were they together? Were they patients of Hoggarth, Loomis, or another doctor at that facility...or did they just stop to ask directions...or maybe they were staff there?

images: (without ads)
"The Price," pg. 23, panel 3 (upper body);
        pg. 24, panel 1 (chest-up
; nurse with aliens);
            panel 2 (face, close-up, profile);
            panel 3 (nurse, closer)

"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - Jim Starlin (writer/artist); I don't know who edited it; reprinted in Epic's Dreadstar Annual#1 (1983) it credited Jo Duffy (associate editor) and Archie Goodwin (editor)

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