Dreadstar was a licensed character/title created by Jim Starlin starting way back with the Metamorphosis Odyssey in Epic Illustrated#1 in the Spring of 1980. The Metamorphosis Odyssey started around the modern era and affected Earth, but then swiftly destroyed the entire Milky Way galaxy and then moved on like a million years in the future. Dreadstar eventually got his own series under the Epic imprint, but Starlin later took the whole shebang over to First Comics. And in 1994, it was published under the imprint of Bravura, a creator-owned division of Malibu comics. He appeared sometime later in issues #5-7 of the Breed III series. And, there's talk of a Dreadstar television show.
   Still that earlier Marvel connection allows me to place this reality in the fringes of the Marvel Megaverse.
   Peter David took over the writing around issue#31 or so, but Starlin remained the owner. At any rate, from start to finish, it is the best series I've ever read, period! I'd love to see it continued, by Starlin, David, or both!

Aknaton (Dreadstar foe)

Alpha Centauri (star)

amulet/key (Joenis Soule possession)

Amulet of Pure White Light (used against demon Bialgesuard)

A-Team (Zygotean mercenary squad, Dreadstar/Aknaton foes)

Bazkar (A-Team leader)

Bialgesuard (demon, agent of Taurus Killgaren)

blue crystals (Tyjor)

Byfrexian (Dreadstar's race)

Captain Guolabou (Zygotean Landing Party 017)

Cenzar (World of Woods)

Council of Sensitives (World of Woods)

cruisers (Zygotean ships)

cyborg assassin (A-Team member)

Darklock, Ajar'l (Empirical galaxy)

Darklock, Cula (Ajar'l's mother)

Darklock, Lena (Ajar'l's wife)

Darklock, Ravol (Ajar'l's son)

Darklock, Woolfor (Ajar'l's father)

Darklon (sorcerer)

Delloran (xt planet, Dreadstar story)

Doctor Hoggarth (Altarix native, Syzygy Darklock character)

Doctor Loomis (Altarix native, Syzygy Darklock character)

dreadnoughts (Zygotea ships)

Dread Veil plane (home of Taurus Killgaren)

Dreamsend (xt planet, Infinity Horn storage satellite)

Dreadstar, Kalla (Dreadstar's daughter)

Earth-8116 (Dreadstar story)

Elders (Orsirosian race)

Eye of the Gods (dimensional portal)

Forest People (World of the Woods natives)

Frank ?? of Earth

Great Division (cast out Bialgesuard)

Gromlin (World of Woods)

Hall of Death and Mercy (Kalloombrian Temple, Dreamsend)

Hand of Darkness (Dreadstar character)

Hymlok (Taurus Killgaren ally)

Ice Demon's Lantern (location on Byfrexia)

Infinity Horn (Orsirosian item, Dreadstar story)

Iron Angel (Deadstar ally)

Izak (Dreadstar ally)

Juliet ?? (Earth's last survivor, Dreadstar character)

Kalloombrians (former Dreamsend natives)

Kalloombrian Temple (Dreamsend)

Killgaren, Taurus (manipulator of Syzygy Darklock)

Lartorez (planet, Dreadstar story)

Laurie ?? of Earth

Lawt (Byfrexian)

Light Cutter (Vanth Dreadstar's spaceship)

Nieth (Orsirosians)

Nimsu (Byfrexian)

Nultorian Iron Men (A-Team members)

Orb (used by Taurus Killgaren)

Orsiros (Aknaton home world, Dreadstar story)

Orsirosian (Dreadstar characters)

Personal Defense Buckle (worn by Ajar'l Darklock)

"Pop" of Earth

Ra (worshipped by Orsirosians)

ritual of summoning/control (performed to summon Bialgesuard)

ship (Zygotean Landing Party 017)

Sister Marian (Syzygy Darklock character)

Slytis (demon, Syzygy Darklock character)

Snow Bears (wildlife of Byfrexia)

Soule, Joenis (Aknaton servant)

tentacled demon (Bialgesuard or his agent)

tomes (owned by Taurus Killgaren)

tower (Dread Veil plane, home of Taurus Killgaren)

Tyjorians (xt, Dreadstar charaters)

unidentified nurse (Altarix native, worked with Doctor Hoggarth)

unidentified warrior (Zygotean Landing Party 017)

Vanth's unidentified parents (Byfrexians)

Whis'par (Forest People, World of the Woods) *for mature readers only*

World of the Woods (Dreadstar story)

Xam (A-Team member)

Z (Zygotean, Dreadstar foe)

Za (Tyjorian, Dreadstar character)

Zygotea (destroyed xt planet, home of Zygoteans)

Zygotean encampment (location on Byfrexia)

Zygotean Landing Party 017 (Aknaton foes)

Zygoteans (Aknaton/Dreadstar foes)

All characters mentioned or pictured are ™ and © Jim Starlin. If you like this stuff, you should check out the real thing!

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