Official Name: Lartorez

Nature: Alternate Reality planet (Reality-8116);
    Milky Way galaxy (destroyed)

Natives: None

Population: None

Capital City: Inapplicable. 

Government: Unrevealed

Languages: None

National Defense: None

Places of Interest: None

Visitors: Briefly used as a base by AknatonJuliet, Vanth, Whis'par, and Za

First Appearance: (Vaguely referenced, unidentified, unseen) Epic Illustrated#2 (Summer, 1980)
    (seen and identified) Epic Illustrated#5
 (April, 1981)

(Epic Illustrated#2/6 (fb) - BTS) - Lartorez was a rocky, barren mineral poor planet that the Zygoteans passed in their plot to conquer every race and stripmine every world in their ever-expanding empire. 

(Epic Illustrated#2/6 (fb) - BTS) - For this reason, Aknaton chose Lartorez as a temporary base for the team he was gathering to end the Zygotean threat.

(Epic Illustrated#2/6 (fb) - BTS) - Aknaton transported Juliet of Earth, Whis'par of the Forest People of the World of the Woods, and Za of Tyjor to Lartorez and then departed to recruit the final member of their group.

(Epic Illustrated#7/7 (fb) - BTS) - Aknaton mystically warped Vanth (the final member), himself, and the Light Cutter across space to save time and get them to Lartorez from Delloran.
    The Zyogteans apparently detected his sorcerous energies and followed them back to that planet. 

(Epic Illustrated#5/9) - Aknaton brought Vanth to meet Juliet, Whis'par, and Za.

(Epic Illustrated#5/9) - Aknaton departed -- while he traveled to a different plane/dimension to determine the secrets of Soule's amulet -- for an uncertain period of time instructing them to await his certain return. 

(Epic Illustrated#5/9 (fb) - BTS) - During Aknaton's absence, Vanth proved his power by flattening an overly inquisitive Za with a single punch. Whis'par explained to Vanth that the Infinity Horn would bring an end to all life in the Milky Way galaxy.

(Epic Illustrated#6/6) - Upon Aknaton's return, Vanth confronted him about his plans to blow up the galaxy. To convince his allies of the wisdom of this plan, Aknaton prepared to show them the true face of Zygoteism.

(Epic Illustrated#7/6) - Aknaton related the Zygoteans' history; subsequently, a group of Zygotean cruisers detected Aknaton and his group and received orders to terminate them.

(Epic Illustrated#7/7) - After Aknaton detected the landing and approach of Zygotean cruisers, the group followed Vanth's instruction to get to the Light Cutter. As they took off, Vanth blamed Aknaton's warping space back from Delloran as the means by which the Zygoteans had tracked them. 

    Vanth used the Light Cutter to take out the Zygotean cruisers and then cunningly destroyed the dreadnought -- waiting for them just above the stratosphere -- that brought them there. 

    Aknaton then punched in the coordinates and they departed to their last stop, the planet Dreamsend.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

    The "mineral poor planet the Zygoteans had already passed" on which Aknaton left Juliet, Whis'par, and Za, and later Vanth until they were ready to go after the Infinity Horn was not named in the story (though I could have missed it), but the title for the issue in which Vanth met the others on the planet (Epic Illustrated#5, Chapter VIII) was called "Sunrise of Lartorez." (and it's called "Lartoprez" in the index page). I'm not familiar with Lartorez (or Lartoprez) meaning anything else, nor does a Google search come up with anything, so maybe that's the name of that world.

    Lartorez could apparently support human and other (Byfrexians/Vegans, Forest People, Orsirosians, Tyjorians) lifeforms without obvious support systems, presumably meaning it was sufficiently warm, oxygenated, etc. It's possible that Aknaton mystically protected the others, but that seems a needless drain on his power, and yet another means for the Zygoteans to track him.

Profile by Snood.

Lartorez has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
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        pg. 6, panel 5 (view of multiple plateaus);
Epic Illustrated#7: Metamorphosis Odyssey chapters XI: Nightfire, pg. 1 (confronted by Zygotean ships)

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