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Real Name: Syzygy Darklock

Identity/ClassAlternate Reality (Reality-8116) extraterrestrial (Altarixian) magic-user;
(approximately 1 million A.D.)

Occupation: Sorcerer, adventurer, freedom-fighter;
    former priest/bishop

Group Membership: Formerly Dreadstar and Company (Vanth Dreadstar, Oedi, Skeevo Phlatus, Willow)
    formerly the Instrumentality, Priests of Vieltoor

Affiliations: BialgesuardTaurus Killgaren, Dr. Loomis, Slytis;
    formerly the Lord High Papal, Sister Marian

EnemiesBialgesuard, Hymlok, Taurus Killgaren, Lord High Papal, King Nellor;
Sister Marian

Known RelativesWoolfor Darklock (father; see comments), Cula Darklock (mother; see comments), Ajar'l Darklock (brother, deceased), Lena Darklock (wife, deceased), Ravol Darklock (son)


Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly mobile throughout the Empirical Galaxy;
    formerly his abode within Mist Valley, Caldor;
    formerly Altarix

First Appearance"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - see comments


Summon demons, form protective pentagrams, molecular transport, levitate

prostheses/bionic parts

darklock-syzygy-8116-price-pre-face-obHeight: Unrevealed (approximately )
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately )
Eyes: (Left/bionic) solid red; (right/organic)
Hair: None; formerly brown


darklock-syzygy-8116-price-pre-full("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Syzygy and Ajar'l Darklock, sons of  native to Altarix, one of the inner planets spared the conflicts seen in the outer planets in the 200 year-long war between the Instrumentality and Monarchy theocracies.
    Altarix was the homeworld of the Instrumentality's mystical arm, the Order of Vieltoor.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS / Dreadstar and Company#4: Syzygy Darklock profile) - As a child, Syzygy showed his brother, Ajar'l that there was nothing to be afraid of in the dark.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - A few decades ago, Dread Veil Sorcerer Taurus Killgaren discovered a potential future stellar event that would have a tremendous and very positive effect on existence..

    Seeking to aid this tomorrow's coming to pass, Killgaren determined that either Syzygy or Ajar'l Darklock was destined to be a major factor in this grand scheme.

    Killgaren chose Syzygy and influenced him into joining the priesthood of the Instrumentality. 

    Rising to the position of Lord High Bishop, Syzygy sought to rule the Instrumentality and put an end the war with the Monarchy. To this end, Syzygy spent long hours at night with forbidden tomes and parchments and casting secret spells.

("The Price") - Sister Marian served Syzygy Darklock, acting as his medium and psychic anchor. The two worked together for eight years, resisting the romantic urges toward each other due to their vows.darklock-syzygy-8116-price-full-nonrobed

("The Price" - BTS) - While Syzygy had joined the priesthood for power and a comfortable life, he appreciated that Marian's vows came from deep within her heart, and he resisted telling her of his love for her for fear of leading her astray, of blackening her soul with his lusts.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Realizing the amount of power Syzygy would need to achieve his destiny and that the fiercely loyal Syzygy would have to sacrifice the soul of the mortal he most loved in the universe to the demon Slytis to gain that power, Killgaren plotted to have his demon servant Bialgesuard or one of his agents slay Ajar'l in order to lead Syzygy to investigate, learn his involvement, and gain the power to confront him (Killgaren); only this level of power would allow Darlock to summon and deal with Slytis.

("The Price" - BTS) - Sensing Ajar'l's passing, Syzygy interrupted his meditation to seek out his brother.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - As the security force was legally not allowed to investigate any crime involving any mystical power or element, the Papal division sent a cardinal, who examined Ajar'l's remains and ruled that no supernatural agency had anything to do with it.

("The Price" - BTS) - Syzygy learned of his brother's brutal passing and the official ruling.

("The Price" (fb) - BTS) - Secretly sensing Killgaren's involvement in the death of Ajar'l Darklock, the Instrumentality's Lord Papal encouraged Syzygy to investigate, hoping to see his rival eliminated.


("The Price") - Suspecting Ajar'l's murderer(s) had targeted himself and had mistakenly struck against Ajar'l, Syzygy investigated his brother's office, uncovering Bialgesuard's identity. Syzygy subsequently conjured Bialgesuard with Sister Marian mystically anchoring him from the next room.

    Using pre-arranged and painful means, Syzygy forced Bialgesuard to identify his master as Taurus Killgaren. Having been abused by Killgaren for this very purpose, Bialgesuard arranged for Syzygy to access an 11th level reality where the gods stored their reserves of mystic energies.

     Although Syzygy was vastly empowered, he lost both legs, most of his left arm, his left eye and suffered third degree burns over 80% of his body before Bialgesuard remotely closed the Eye of the Gods portal (so that Darklock would survive to slay Killgaren).


darklock-syzygy-8116-slytispower - entrance

("The Price") - After recovering via his own mystical powers and with the aid of bionic implants, Darklock confronted and slew Killgaren (and his familiar, Hymlok) upon glimpsing the future and confirming his reasons. 

("The Price") - Returning to the mortal plane, Darklock sacrificed his beloved Marian to Slytis and gained the desired power, quit the priesthood, and departed Altarix, traveling to Caldor and seeking out Vanth, the man most prominent in his vision of the future.

darklock-syzygy-8116-slytispower-globe darklock-syzygy-8116-slytispower-accepted

     Within Caldor's Mist Valley, Syzygy set up his abode and patiently awaited for weeks until Vanth approached, at which point Syzygy identified him and noted that in certain mystic circles he was referred to as Dreadstar the Starslayer. Darklock spoke to Vanth of his destiny (noting his awareness of his sword) and his own role as Vanth's comrade and mentor, but then sent him back to assure the People that he meant no harm: "I've no love for cats, but if they leave me in peace, they'll have no reason to fear me."
    The two planned a meeting the next evening. darklock-syzygy-8116-mgn3-wvanth

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (fb) - BTS) - For an unspecified number of star cycles, Vanth met with Syzygy Darklock twice every moon cycle, and the two became friends while Syzygy shared his knowledge with Vanth. 

(Dreadstar and Company#5: The Dreadstar and Company Files: Oedi) - At some point, Syzygy also met and spoke with the People's Oedi (son of the elder Oedi), telling him of the Monarchy and Instrumentality war and noting that Vanth was destined to force an end to the war.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar) - When Syzygy tried to convince Vanth to use his powers to fight against the evils of the galaxy, Vanth angrily refused.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (fb) - BTS) - The Monarchy -- acting on decades out of date information -- slaughtered the People and Delilah.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar) - After Vanth had learned what happened, Syzygy advised Vanth that some of his power might be able to put an end to such senseless tragedies. Vanth considered that he might do so someday, but first he would have vengeance -- despite Syzygy's advice to the contrary-- of the Monarchy's First Nova Squadron and King Nellor, who had performed and ordered the slaughter, respectively. Initially misunderstanding Vanth's resolution to enlist in the military to gain this vengeance, Syzygy argued that the Monarchy's crimes and nature paled before the Instrumentality's.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (fb) - BTS) - After Vanth had spent two years infiltrating the Monarcy's military as Captain Dreadstar and ultimately being transferred to the royal palce on Jewelworld, Vanth contacted Syzygy and coordinated with him to facilitate the murder of King Nellor as well as Vanth's subsequent access to (via a spell of molecular transport) the heavily-guarded chambers of  Nellor's successor, King Gregzor (and presumably his subsequent escape fromlGrgzor's chambers...and ikely Vanth's previous escape from Nellor's chambers).

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar - BTS) - Dreadstar convinced King Gregzor to secretly follow his plans of adjusting the economy and ending the war.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar) - Vanth subsequently met with Syzygy in a Jewlcity tavern, agreeing to join his crusade to end the war but insisting that they would follow his lead. They also discussed that others would join their struggle.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Dreadstar / Reality-8116 primer


    Syzygy's origin is detailed extensively throughout "The Price." Get it and read it. Great, although horribly tragic, story.
    I believe that's the cover, but I scanned it from the cover of Dreadstar Annual#1, which unfortunately has Vanth and Syzygy's hands covering small parts of the cover.
    As Syzygy is a complex character with numerous appearances, I tried to summarize details to avoid an overly lengthy profile.
    You can also get a lot more detail by reading the profiles on Taurus Killgaren, Bialgesuard, and Sister Marian.

    Sadly, despite the price Syzygy paid, the vast power he gained in his origin story did not persist. Perhaps his body could not handle the magical energies, and his power faded as a result of his body dying (his life only maintained by his magical energies).
    Certainly the Lord Papal later had his powers amplified by the gods of the Instrumentality or something, but I suspect it was to some degree a plot device, as having Syzygy be that powerful just couldn't fit into regularly stories and not make him a virtually invincible foe.
    Or, perhaps Syzygy invested his power in backing Dreadstar, allowing him and his allies to survive otherwise certain death repeatedly.

    Bialgesuard is credited for slaying Ajar'l, although Bialgesuard is a feline-humanoid, while the creature that grabbed Ajar'l, while only partially seen, had tentacles. It is certainly possible that Bialgesuard is a shapeshift, but it's also quite likely that Bialgesuard had lesser demon agents or allies grab Ajar'l. Perhaps they brought him to Bialgesuard, who may or may not have been hidden within the shadows or perhaps in another realm.

    Ajar'l's parents names

    A syzygy is an astronomical term referring to he nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (such as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system

Profile by Snood.

Syzygy Darklock
should be distinguished from:



    To replace his Syzygy's eye, Dr. Loomis installed an optical scanner, which was -- at least according to her -- the best on the market: It's range included infrared, ultraviolet, and certain bands of radiation. It originally protruded significantly, but she noted that they could set the assembly directly into his eye socket later. 

    She then placed an arm, also the latest model, which duplicated every muscle and nerve need, and she felt it would not get in the way of his casting spells "or whatever it is you do."

    Finally, she placed the legs, which were of ardimanium construction and had a government rating of 450 H.B.S. force value. She further noted that they would allow him to outrun and outjump a Lorterian panther. 

    When she noted that it would take her a couple weeks to get the skin covering for all of these units. Syzygy told her that the skin covering was not necessary for what he needed to do...and, he considered that it was probably better that way. 

    As Syzygy soon stood before Dr. Loomis and Sister Marian, she told him she would put the skins on order and that he could come for them at his convenience. Syzygy thanked her and told her that she knew where to send her bill.

--"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5
darklock-syzygy-8116-price-bionicarm darklock-syzygy-8116-bandagedface

: (without ads)

"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 cover (Price cover);
    pg. 7, panel 1 (face, pre-transformation)
    pg. 12, panel 1 (full, pre-transformation);
        panel 3 (pentagram, ritual);
    pg. 22, panel 1 (nearly consumed by energy passing through Eye of the Gods);
    pg. 25, panel 3, 5, 7, (prosthetic eye, arm, and leg);
    pg. 39, panel 4 (bandaged face);
        panel 8 (entering room for Slytis' power);
    pg. 40, panel 3-ish (globe of power);
       panel 4-ish (accepting power);
Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar, pg. 15, panel 7-8 (with Vanth, in profile; face, partial/oblique);

"The Price," Eclipse Graphic Album Series#5 (1981) - Jim Starlin (writer/artist); I don't know who edited it; reprinted in Epic's Dreadstar Annual#1 (1983) it credited Jo Duffy (associate editor) and Archie Goodwin (editor)
Marvel Graphic Novel#3: The Metamorphosis Odyssey Book Three: Dreadstar (1982) - Jim Starlin (writer/artist), Archie Goodwin & Jo Duffy (editor)

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