Official Name: Zygotea;
    aka Delta-7

Nature: Alternate Reality (Reality-8116) extraterrestrial world (destroyed);
    Milky Way galaxy

Natives: None identified to this point

Population: Zygotea was apparently uninhabited at the time of its destruction;
    the total population that lived on Zygotea is unrevealed, as is the number of Zygoteans (aka Deltans) that ever existed in their interstellar armada

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Inapplicable;
    the specific governments that ruled the populated world are unreaveled, but it went from a utopian world to one where greedy rulers gained power of everything; at least some of these leaders were part of a theocracy

Languages: Unrevealed

National Defense: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: None identifed

Visitors: None identified

First Appearance: Epic Illustrated#7 (August, 1981)

Epic Illustrated#7/6 (fb) - BTS) - Zygotea, aka Delta-7, was once a utopia, rich in beauty, promise, and reality, with seemingly endless bounty and the freedom of mind and body that all shared.

(Epic Illustrated#7/6 (fb)) - Eventually the dreamers died a slow and unnoticed death, while the workers traded reason and responsibility for numbing contentment.

    The true leaders' words fell on barren ground.

    Greedy, insensitive, incompetent, profit-worshipping politicians took power. 

    Noble families were fashioned to rule, but the future potential was ignored.

    Natural resources were depleted and cities and technology overran the world, and only a select had any wealth.

    The people turned toward exploiting limited aspects of their live, sure as drugs and other hedonistic activities; abruptly, their resources ran out, and only the rulers and the ruled were left, and all cries for social justice were ignored.

    The only resource left was the people themselves.

zygotean-8116-deathspectrezygoteans_race-8116-exodus(Epic Illustrated#7/6 (fb) - BTS) - In seeking the stars, the many -- persuaded by the military's might and blessed by the church -- set out to save the few: Their sweat and muscle built the fleet's ship, their lives were sacrificed to test space weapons, and their bodies were used as fuel. 

    The planet died out and those left behind perished as the remaining Zygoteans took to space.

(Epic Illustrated#9 - BTS) <Well over 100,000 years after the Zygoteans' departure> - The Infinity Horn was used to destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy to end the Zygoteans' threat and to spare the galaxy's inhabitants from prolonged suffering at the Zygoteans' hands.
    Zygotea, if it still existed, was destroyed by the Infinity Horn, as were all Zygoteans in the galaxy.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Profile by Snood.

Zygotea has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Epic Illustrated#7: Metamorphosis Odyssey chapters X: Requiem, pg. 1 (planet from space);
       pg. 1, lower half (blended into each other rather than separate panels);
       pg. 2, upper panel (strip-mined land);
          second panel (city and factories on barren land);
          fourth panel (people weeping over devastated city);
       pg. 3, third panel (spectre of death over city);
       pg. 4 (people departing in ships)

Epic Illustrated#7: Metamorphosis Odyssey chapters X: Requiem (August, 1981) - Jim Starlin (writer, artist), Stan Lee (editor/publisher), Archie Goodwin (editorial director), James Shooter (consulting editor)

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