Official Name: Delloran

Nature: Alternate reality (Reality-8116planet (destroyed), Milky Way galaxy

Natives: None;
    formerly the "Dellorani";
    Joenis Soule was a long-time resident, but was not native

Population: None;
    formerly 6 billion

Capital City: Non-existent;
    previous capital city unrevealed

    previous government unrevealed

    previous languages unrevealed

National DefenseNon-existent;
    previous national defense unrevealed

Places of InterestNon-existent;
    the entire planet was destroyed by weapons utilizing radioactivity, leaving behind pockmarked, radioactive remains and fragments of destroyed architecture
    previous capital city unrevealed

Visitors: Aknaton, Vanth Dreadstar, Joenis Soule, Zygoteans;
pirates, demons, thieves, magicians, and Zygoteans seeking Aknaton's key

First Appearance: Epic Illustrated#4 (Winter, 1980)

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Delloran was once a wondrous world that pulsed with 6 billions souls.

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) <100,000 years ago> After hiding the Infinity Horn on a far-off world, Joenis Soule, an artificial being created Aknaton of the Osirosians, was instructed to await that Orsirian on the planet Delloran and not reveal the Horn's location until a certain verse was recited to him by an Orsirosian. Joenis contained the information within a key he kept in an amulet around his neck.

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Soule protected Aknaton's key ("my treasure") from pirates, demons, thieves, magicians, and Zygoteans; many, if not all, of those who sought the treasure perished. 

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Joenis Soule learned to love Delloran. delloran-planet-8116-war-ravaged2

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Zygoteans came to Delloran, eventually slaying everyone and leaving behind pockmarked, radioactive remains.

(Epic Illustrated#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - Aknaton used Vanth's ship, the Light Cutter, to transport himself and Vanth to Delloran. 

(Epic Illustrated#4/2) - Aknaton met with Joenis, recited the verse and received the amulet/key. Knowing Aknaton's plan -- to use the Infinity Horn to destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy to eliminate the Zygoteans -- Joenis declined Vanth's offer to leave with them and then fatally shot himself with his radium laser shortly before they could return to their ship and depart Delloran.

(Epic Illustrated#7/7 (fb) - BTS) - Aknaton mystically warped Vanth, himself, and the Light Cutter across space to save time and get them back from Delloran. The Zyogteans apparently detected his sorcerous energies and followed them back to that planet. 

(Epic Illustrated#9) - The Infinity Horn completely annihilated the entire Milky Way galaxy, including Delloran.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

    The native inhabitants of Delloran were never named. As the world was described as wondrous, they likely had an advanced and benevolent civilization, but all we know is they had sufficient technology to build cities. They were no match for the Zygoteans, but neither was any other race within Reality-8116's Milky Way galaxy. One could only guess at their culture, level of technology, etc.

    One might guess that Joenis Soule was designed to look like one of the natives of Delloran, meaning they were essentially humanoid, with a faint purple skin color (or perhaps they had various colors of skin), possibly extendable hands/digits, and/or glowing red eyes. Then again, maybe they looked nothing like him but accepted him anyway.

    We don't know how long ago the Zygoteans destroyed Delloran. Vanth and Aknaton traveled to Delloran in what was the equivalent of Earth's 1980 AD, and Vanth noted that he doubted anything lived on Delloran for "years" (presumably -- although not certainly -- the writer meant to refer to the equivalent of a human year for the reader's benefit). It looked to still have fires burning all over the place, so presumably the destruction was only a couple years ago (or less), as opposed to decades, centuries, millennia.

    Additionally, we don't know how or when Delloran developed to have a civilized population. 100,000 years before, when it was arranged for Joenis to wait on Delloran for his master, we have no idea whether the planet was populated. Certainly by the time of its destruction, society had reached at least human levels, if not more.

    Aknaton presumably was mystically protected from the radiation on Delloran, and Vanth was shown to be able to absorb radiation, but Aknaton may have protected him, too.

Profile by Snood.

Delloran has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
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        pg. 2, panel 1 (wide picture)

Epic Illustrated#4: Metamorphosis Odyssey chapter VII: Delloran Revisited (Winter, 1980) - Jim Starlin (writer, artist), Stan Lee (editor/publisher), Archie Goodwin (editorial director), James Shooter (consulting editor)
Epic Illustrated#7: Metamorphosis Odyssey chapters X: Requiem & XI: Nightfire (August, 1981) - Jim Starlin (writer, artist), Stan Lee (editor/publisher), Archie Goodwin (editorial director), James Shooter (consulting editor)
Epic Illustrated#9: Metamorphosis Odyssey, Chapter XIII: Doomsday & XIV: Aftermath (December, 1981) - Jim Starlin (writer, artist), Stan Lee (editor/publisher), Archie Goodwin (editorial director), James Shooter (consulting editor)


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