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Real Name: Kh'oja

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-5631) extraterrestrial (Skrull)

Occupation: Warpriest, accuser/prosecutor

Group Membership: Wrath of the Fallen

Affiliations: Kly'bn, Lyja, Paibok, one unnamed Skrull, Letha (all Earth-5631)

Enemies: Galactus, H.E.R.B.I.E., Power Pack (Alex, Jack, Julie, Katie Power), Franklin Richards, Kofi Whitemane (all Earth-5631)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Warpriest (see comments)

Base of Operations: Puzzle Planet;
    formerly Patchworld

First Appearance: Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1 (September, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: Like other Skrulls, Kh'oja was a shapeshifter. He was trained to use the Four Fundamental Forces that granted each member of the Power Pack their powers and so effectively had their combined might. As a member of the Wrath of the Fallen, he was also schooled in 12 different forms of combat. Kh'oja was clever and trained in Patchworld's law, but was arrogant and a religious zealot. He used the smartship Letha for interstellar travel and had access to a Truth-Sifter.


(Skrulls vs. Power Pack#4 (fb) - BTS) - Kh'oja set up a plan to frame Power Pack for stealing relics that would reveal the full details of an ancient prophecy, hoping that would gain him leadership of his sect. He dispatched four Skrulls, Kly'bn, Lyja, Paibok and one other, to impersonate the Power children on Earth.

((Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1 (fb)) - Kh'oja used the Truth-Sifter to record the theft of four sacred artifacts on Patchworld while disguised as each of the four Power children, specifically the archives of the Wanderers of the Black Galaxy, the Reliquary of Truth from Aves, the Tabernacle of Ethereals, and the Knowledge Troves of the Taurians.

(Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1) - The real Power Pack, captured and imprisoned, faced trial with Kh'oja acting as the accuser. Kh'oja spoke first of Patchworld and its collection of artificial planetoids, created from various alien cultures that had been almost decimated, including by Galactus. He showed the visual footage, but the previously unshared evidence led Power Pack's defense representative, Kofi, to seek additional time to prepare for the trial.

(Skrulls vs. Power Pack#2) - Power Pack escaped and became criminals to flush out who had framed them. Expecting to meet the smugglers supplying weapons to the blockaded Skrull world of Satriani, they instead found Kh'oja, who attacked them, as well as the newly arrived Franklin Richards and H.E.R.B.I.E., using his combined powers.

(Skrulls vs. Power Pack#3) - Kh'oja fought Power Pack, but they were evenly matched. Franklin and H.E.R.B.I.E. boarded the Skrull's smartship Letha and found the stolen sacred artifacts, which revealed part of the prophecy of Eternity's Children that had been hidden on the artificial Puzzle Planet. Letha's alert to Kh'oja distracted him and the children escaped aboard their own smartship. Enraged, Kh'oja called in the Skrulls impersonating the Powers children on Earth to join him at the planetoid.

(Skrulls vs. Power Pack#4) - Kh'oja attacked the children on Puzzle Planet just as they were unlocking the gateways that would lead them to the secret location. Kh'oja considered it a blasphemy that unbelievers could have that knowledge and stormed his way into the secret vault only to find treasure and the corpses of those who had come before looking for the secret. The vault shut him in while he frantically searched through the items. 

Comments: Created by Fred Van Lente (writer) and Cory Hamscher (art).

In issue 3, Franklin Richards starts calling him Warpriest as his name, rather than as a position, and in issue 4, Kh'oja calls himself Warpriest too.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Kh'oja has no known connections to:



A jellyfish-like Truth-Sifter makes accurate recordings of events that cannot be forged and so can be submitted as evidence in a trial. One was used by Kh'oja to frame Power Pack for various thefts on Patchworld.


--Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1

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Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1, p14, pan1 (main image)
Skrulls vs. Power Pack#2, p20 (using powers)
Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1, p15, pan3 (Truth-Sifter)

Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1-4 (September-December, 2008) - Fred Van Lente (writer), Cory Hamscher, Jacopo Camagni & Gurihiru (pencils), Cory Hamscher, Norman Lee & Gurihiru (inks), Nathan Cosby (editor)

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