main imageAEROCRAFT

Classification: Terrestrial vehicle

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: The Avengers (Black Panther (T’Challa), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Vision)

First Appearance: Avengers I#59 (December, 1968)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Aerocraft was a vehicle designed for flight and to seat at least three individuals.


(Official Marvel Index to the Avengers I#3 – BTS) – The Aerocraft was probably crafted by remodeling an old Avengers Aero-Car.

(Avengers I#59) – After the erratic Yellowjacket kidnapped the Wasp, the other Avengers frantically searched for her in the Aerocraft. Soon locating her at City Hall, they were astounded when she announced her plans to marry Yellowjacket.



Comments: Created by Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils) and George Klein (inks).

The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers I#3 stated that the Aerocraft was “probably a remodeled Aero-Car.”

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Aerocraft has no known connections to

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Avengers I#59, p19, pan2 (Aerocraft, main image)
Avengers I#59, p19, pan1 (Avengers in the cockpit of the Aerocraft, supplemental image)

Avengers I#59 (December, 1968) – Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils), George Klein (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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