Classification: Terrestrial Technology

Creator: Dr. Faustus

User/Possessors: Everyman

Appearances: Marvel Team-Up I#132 (August, 1983)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Able to draw on the strength of those in the nearby vicinity to amplify the strength and durability of its user. It can increase these abilities to superhuman levels; at least to Class 25 strength. As energy is continually drained, those affected by it will begin to grow weaker and eventually could even die.

History: (Marvel Team-Up I#132) - Dr. Faustus designed the Absorbascann and commissioned Everyman into using it. Everyman believed that the device linked him to those around him, making him one with the common man or the everyman. Everyman used the device against Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic. Everyman managed to overpower both of them, but then Mr. Fantastic pointed out that Everyman wasn't merging with the masses into some perfect union, but actually bleeding the life out of them. Mortified, Everyman dropped the Absorbascann and ran off.

Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Sal Buscema.

Technology entries aren't my strong-suit, so let me know if I missed anything, especially appearances.

Clarifications: The Absorbascann should not to be confused with:

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Marvel Team-Up I#132, p11, pan6 (Everyman with Absorbascann)

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