Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Presumably human

Occupation: Mad scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Clone, Megobars, Megocybs, Megodwarfs, Rolleys, Rotators, Yankers, Zorreks

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), the US President

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Doom Tube, somewhere in one of Earth's deserts

First Appearance: Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann" computer video game (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Megalomann did not appear to possess any superhuman powers but being a mad scientist, he had access to all sorts of high-tech weaponry and technology, including his maze-like Doom Tube headquarters (and its orbital elevator, the Orbivator), a virus-housing missile, the Converter devices capable of converting the ingredients Ying and Yang into an anti-virus serum, and the robotic Megobars, Megocybs, Megodwarfs, Rolleys, Rotators, Yankers and Zorreks.

He was also served by the Captain America clone known as....the Clone.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: White (no visible irises)
Hair: White (balding)

History: (Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann" video game (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Megalomann contacted the US President and demanded to be given power, warning that if the President failed to comply, Dr. Megalomann would release a missile containing a deadly virus capable of wiping out the planet. The President quickly called the only available hero, Captain America.

(Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann") - Determined to stop Dr. Megalomann before the 1-hour ultimatum had expired, Captain America entered into Megalomann's desert headquarters, the Doom Tube, a maze-like series of cylindrical tubes divided into decks and quadrants, all interconnected by the Orbivator elevator system. Welcoming Captain America upon his arrival, Dr. Megalomann gloated that Captain America would soon perish inside the Doom Tube. Dr. Megalomann then unleashed his robotic Zorreks against Captain America, who had taken a serum to partially protect him from Dr. Megalomann's virus. Despite this protection, Captain America's serum was unable to completely protect him from the Doom Tube's highly toxic leaks and during his trek through the Doom Tube, Captain America had to periodically replenish his serum supply by locating the serum's ingredients (codenamed "Ying" and "Yang") and placing them inside the Doom Tube's Converter, housed in a quadrant of its own, and pressing certain wall panels. Using the Orbivator orbital elevator, Captain America used the Orbivator computer system to find his way through the Doom Tube, destroying Zorreks within the Doom Tube's monitor room before obtaining Green Capsules of Ying from Zorreks within Blue Doors, remaining careful not to grab the Red Capsules. Once obtaining several Green Capsules of Ying, Captain America boarded the Orbivator once more and used the Orbivator's computers to learn that Deck One of the Doom Tube housed the robotic Yankers, which guarded flashing floor panels capable of activating the Converter and replenishing Cap's protective serum. Venturing into Deck One, Captain America battled Dr. Megalomann's Yankers, drawing them out to attack and causing them to leave their flashing floor panels unguarded. Utilizing the floor panels to activate the Converter, Captain America succeeded in replenishing his supplies of the anti-virus serum before using the Orbivator to go to Deck Two of the Doom Tube, where he fought the spinning Megobars. Upon the Megobars' destruction, another Rotator robot appeared, which Captain America easily dispatched, obtaining the codeword housed inside the Rotator before venturing into another area of Deck Two, where he battled several Megodwarf robots and obtained another codeword from a destroyed Rotator. After destroying more Rotators and Zorreks, Captain America activated the monitor screens in Monitor Room#2 on Deck Two and proceeded to Deck Two's Converter, once more battling Yankers before using the Converter to replenish his anti-virus supplies before using the Orbivator to visit Deck Three, where he obtained more Green Capsules of Ying. Upon gathering more anti-virus serum from Deck Three's Converter, Captain America used the Orbivator's computers to learn that once he activated the monitors in Deck Three's monitor room, he would be able to access the Doom Tube's Mission Control room. Obtaining another codeword from a destroyed Rotator, Captain America returned to the Orbivator and moved deeper into the Doom Tube onto Deck Four, where he destroyed a series of Megobars and gathered yet another codeword from a downed Rotator. Taking out the last remaining Megodwarfs, Cap gathered a codeword from the subsequently appearing Rotator and then battled the tilting and spinning Rolley robots. Accessing another codeword from the Rotator that appeared following the Rolleys' defeat, Cap once more entered the Orbivator and traveled to the Doom Tube's Deck Five. Battling another swarm of Rolleys and a codeword-housing Rotator, Captain America fought his way through the final swarm of Zorrek and yet another codeword-housing Rotator before returning to the Orbivator, where Dr. Megalomann angrily announced that Captain America had now gained all of the codeword clues to stopping the virus missile. Learning from the Orbivator's computers how stop Dr. Megalomann's missile ignition, Captain America visited Deck Five's Converter, battling its Yanker guards and replenishing his anti-virus serum before returning to Deck One to activate that deck's monitors using the codewords earlier obtained from the Rotators. After Captain America used the codewords within the other Decks' monitor rooms, Dr. Megalomann took control of the Orbivator and sent Captain America into the Doom Tube's Vault, where Cap was forced to the battle the Clone, a clone of himself serving Dr. Megalomann. Destroying the Clone, Captain America then accessed the Control computer for Dr. Megalomann's Mission Control room from the Vault and halted the ignition dials for the virus missile launch. Succeeding in stopping the missile launch exactly on the July 4th date, Captain America was congratulated on a successful mission and told to have a Happy 4th of July. What became of Dr. Megalomann or his Doom Tube remained uncertain.

Comments: Created by Russell (programmer), Stefan Vfnowski and Ann Vfnowski (designers).

The video game that Dr. Megalomann appears was also known as Captain America Defies the Doom Tube and it was released on various computer systems between 1987-1988.

Following Captain America's successful disarming of Dr. Megalomann's virus missile, the video game ended with a hearty congratulations but made no mention of what happened to Dr. Megalomann. One has to wonder if Cap even took him into custody, especially considering that Cap never actually fought Dr. Megalomann in person, only robots and the Clone who served him. It's very possible Dr. Megalomann is still out there somewhere, though it seems unlikely that his Doom Tube would have remained in the desert, especially since Captain America knew where it was after his mission. It's likely the Doom Tube was disassembled, hopefully not with the still-hidden Dr. Megalomann inside. Then again, it was never confirmed that he was communicating with Captain America in the Orbivator from inside the Doom Tube or if he was hidden somewhere else...

Also, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the repetitive nature of the text in this profile but frankly, the computer game itself that I was adapting was an insanely repetitive and downright boring game. The best part about the entire game was the final battle with the Clone. I'd also like to apologize for the less than ideal image for Dr. Megalomann but the main image I chose was literally the only image of Dr. Megalomann at all.

Dr. Megalomann's height and weight were impossible to determine, as he was only ever seen on a video screen in an old pixelated video game. We never saw a full body image of him to approximate height and weight.

Despite the main villain of the video game being Dr. Megalomann, an unmasked Red Skull is shown on the box art for the game. At first I assumed the old man on the box art was a drawing of Dr. Megalomann but I later realized upon a closer look that it was just an unmasked Red Skull...

Given that Dr. Megalomann had the chemicals Ying and Yang in abundance, which could be used to create an anti-virus serum, it stands to reason that perhaps Dr. Megalomann's virus was also created using Ying and Yang chemicals. Also, Ying and Yang were an obvious reference to the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy.

His name was a play on megalomaniac...

An alternate-universe incarnation was murdered by the cult Circle of Eight in the Avengers Alliance game.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Doctor Megalomann has no KNOWN connections to:

The Clone

The Clone was a clone (likely robotic) of Captain America utilized by Dr. Megalomann. When Captain America infiltrated Dr. Megalomann's Doom Tube to stop the scientist from destroying the world with a virus missile, he succeeded in using codewords from Dr. Megalomann's Rotator robots to access the deeper reaches of the Doom Tube. Angry that Cap had made it that far, Dr. Megalomann took control of the Orbivator elevator and forced Captain America into the Doom Tube's Vault, where Dr. Megalomann unleashed the Clone against Captain America in a room also booby-trapped with a pacing electrical current generator. Fiercly battling the Clone, Captain America eventually destroyed him then set to work disarming the ignition dials on Dr. Megalomann's virus missile.

The Clone was equipped with a replica of Captain America's shield and presumably had the same peak human physical attributes possessed by the true Captain America.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


Dr. Megalomann's Converter devices took up entire rooms of the five Decks of his Doom Tube headquarters. The Converters were capable of utilizing ingredients codenamed Ying and Yang to create an anti-virus serum, presumably to protect Dr. Megalomann himself from his deadly virus missile. Dr. Megalomann had his robotic Yankers guard the flashing floor panels that activated the Converters but when Captain America infiltrated the Doom Tube, he drew out the Yankers and activated the Converters on each Deck to create more anti-virus serum for himself.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"

The Doom Tube

The maze-like Doom Tube was the desert headquarters of Dr. Megalomann, from which Dr. Megalomann sent an ultimatum to the President to surrender his power lest Dr. Megalomann unleash a virus capable of destroying the planet. The President contacted Captain America, who ventured into the Doom Tube, battling the various robotic drone guards sent by Dr. Megalomann and using the Doom Tube's own devices, such as the Converters and the Orbivator's computers, to aid him in finding and stopping Dr. Megalomann.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


The spinning Megobars were the robot guardians of Deck Two of Dr. Megalomann's Doom Tube. They could spin at high speeds and project energy blasts. When Captain America used the Orbivator to arrive on Deck Two of the Doom Tube, the Megobars spun around the area, attempting to crash into Captain America while also firing energy beams at the hero.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


Megocybs were flying, energy-projecting robot drones that Dr. Megalomann had programmed to guard the edges of the Doom Tube's rooms. During Captain America's trek through the Doom Tube, Megocybs frequently shot energy beams at him from the room corners.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


Megodwarfs were short robots equipped with tiny legs that allowed them to move around quickly. They were also stronger than Dr. Megalomann's average robot guards and, like most of the robot guards, could fire energy blasts. While making his way to Dr. Megalomann's virus bomb, Captain America managed to destroy all of the Megodwarfs.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


The Orbivator was an orbital elevator housed within Dr. Megalomann's Doom Tube. It was capable of traversing the various decks of the Doom Tube and contained a computer system equipped with a camera to allow Dr. Megalomann to view the Orbivator's passengers. When Captain America infiltrated the Doom Tube, he used the Orbivator to travel between the Doom Tube's decks and often used its computer systems to gain clues as to where he needed to go next in order to stop Dr. Megalomann. During his first time inside the Orbivator, Dr. Megalomann viewed Captain America from afar, appearing on a small video screen inside the Orbivator, and gloated that Captain America would die in the Doom Tube before he could stop Dr. Megalomann.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


Rolleys were robots that tilted and spun while moving around rooms on the Doom Tube's Decks Four and Five. They were stronger and faster than Dr. Megalomann's average robots. Upon their destruction, Captain America had to battle a codeword-housing Rotator.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


Rotators were robots serving Dr. Megalomann that were equipped with propellers capable of flight. Rotators could project energy beams and were stationed in many sections of Dr. Megalomann's Doom Tube. They also housed codewords that allowed access to deeper levels of the Doom Tube. Some rotators were multicolored and moved in a circular pattern while guarding the Doom Tube's Monitor Rooms. When Captain America infiltrated the Doom Tube, he used the codewords housed within the Rotators to activate the monitors within the Doom Tube in order to disarm Dr. Megalomann's virus missile.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


The bouncing robot Yankers served Dr. Megalomann by guarding flashing floor panels that activated the Converter, which transmuted the anti-poison ingredients codenamed Ying and Yang. When Captain America entered their area of Dr. Megalomann's Doom Tube, the Yankers swarmed Cap and attempted to overwhelm him. Fending off the Yankers, Captain America activated the flashing floor panels that the Yankers had left unguarded in their attack, causing the Converter to convert Captain America's acquired Ying and Yang ingredients into more of his anti-virus serum.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"

Ying & Yang

Ying and Yang were chemical components that could be converted into an anti-virus serum using the Doom Tube's Converter devices. The chemicals were housed within hovering Zorreks and protected by reinforced blue doors equipped with energy blasters. During his trek through the Doom Tube, Captain America continually gathered capsules of Ying and Yang from destroyed Zorreks and used the Converters to replinish his supply of the anti-virus serum, allowing him to make his way through the Doom Tube areas where the virus had leaked.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"


The robotic Zorreks were drones utilized by Dr. Megalomann. Some were equipped to fly through the air while others crawled across the ground but all variations seemed to be able to project energy blasts. When Captain America infiltrated Megalomann's Doom Tube, Dr. Megalomann sent waves of Zorreks after Captain America, who tended to destroy them with his shield. During his trek through the Doom Tube, Cap eventually destroyed all of the Zorreks.

--Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann"

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Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann" video game screenshots (all images in this profile)

Captain America in "The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann" video game (1987) - Russell (programmer), Stefan Vfnowski, Ann Vfnowski (designers)

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