Real Name: Kraa

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Luphomoid)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Former master of a number of slave-borgs

Enemies: Nova (Rich Rider), Star-Corps (Grot, Muraitak, Tas'wzta, Torthar, others), anything associated with Xandar and/or Earth

Known RelativesZorr (brother), Xira (sister), Nebula (alleged niece)

Aliases: Last of his race, Scourge of the Galaxy, Slayer of Centurions

Base of Operations: Last seen in custody of Xandarian Starcorps;
    formerly mobile aboard his interstellar
death-ship/warcraft/devastator ship;
    formerly "Luphom"

First Appearance: (BTS) Nova II#14 (February, 1995)
    (seen and named)  Nova II#15 (March, 1995)



Powers/Abilities: Kraa was 10-12 feet tall, had Class 75-100 strength, and was highly durable. He survived a starship crash virtually unscathed. He wielded a pair of power energy-blasters and formerly piloted the powerful death-ship, crewed by his slave-borgs.

Height: 12'
Weight: 2 tons
Eyes: Red
Skin: Light blue

(Nova I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Galactus drained the life energy from the homeworld of the Luphomoids. Only those who were at the time invading another world survived; Kraa was one of these few survivors.

(Nova I#1 - BTS) - Nova Prime (Rhomann Dey) of Xandar slew Zorr.

(Nova II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Kraa vowed to grind every last vestige of Xandar beneath his heel.

(Nova II#14 - BTS) - Adora summoned Nova (Rich Rider) back to Xandar for an emergency, but he refused as he was busy on a mission with the New Warriors to protect Earth. She told him that as a member of the Xandarian Star-Corps he was subject to its strictures and that he would return to them one way or another.

(Nova II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Aboard his "death-ship," Kraa decimated an unidentified planet, which was the base of the a pair (at least) of Star-Corpsmen. An "ancient, yet flourishing civilization" was reduced to ashes in mere moments.

(Nova II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Queen Adora dispatched another Star-Corps team to intercept Kraa.

(Nova II#15) - Torthar and the other Star-Corpsmen fell in Kraa's continued assault, and Kraa repeated his vow to destroy every last vestige of Xandar. The assault was witnessed via viewscreen by Queen Adora, who mused that only the Nova-Prime (Rich Rider) could stop Kraa. She asked for two volunteers to travel to Earth and return with Rich Rider by whatever means were necessary.

(Nova II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Kraa slaughtered the Corps-Men as he confronted them, damaging their ship. Tas'wzta (a D'bari) was badly injured and left to die. Some of the Corps perished, while others went to a neighboring planet to lie in ambush for Kraa.

(Nova II#15 (fb)) - Kraa noted that the Centurions (Corps-Men) were not impeding his progress. After Xandar had fallen, he would unleash his fury on Earth, where Zorr had been slain.

(Nova II#15) - Muraitak (a Skrull) and Grot accepted the challenge, and they ambushed and captured Rider on Earth and brought him towards Adora. En route, Adora spoke to Rider in his dreams, showing him the threat of Kraa. Rider, Murailak, and Grot arrived at the ship of the Corpsmen Adora had sent against Kraa. There they found the badly damaged ship and Tas'wzta, but Rider then attempted to break free and return home. As the others tried to convince him to stay, the Nova-Ship was attacked by the irresistible blasts of Kraa's predatory death-ship. Detecting life forms aboard via his death-ship's sensors, Kraa instructed his slave-borgs to continue their course so he could end the Centurions' resistance once and for all.
    Rider located the Nova-Ship's main power core for its weapon systems, disconnected it, and then hooked it up to a matter-conversion chamber, after which he fired a blast that damaged Kraa's death-ship, though the Nova-Ship was destroyed in the resulting explosion. Kraa's death-ship was forced to descend on a nearby planet. The death-ship was destroyed in the crash, but Kraa pulled himself free, vowing to shred those who would come after him.

(Nova II#16) - Kraa ambushed Rider and Grot as they arrived on the planet in search of him, apparently killing Grot with his blaster guns. Rider survived the blast, repaired his armor (re-configuring it to its original/classic form in the process) and confronted Kraa. As Nova bragged of how Dey--who had worn the same costume--had slain Zorr, Kraa fired on him, vowing to flay the flesh from his bones. Nova dodged several blasts and fired back, but Kraa shrugged off the attack and then punched Rider, knocking him to the ground. As Kraa rushed forward to finish Rider off, Muraitak appeared in the form of Zorr, telling Kraa that he had learned of peace and wished him to turn from his destructive path. Kraa was confused, and Nova attacked him, knocking him back twice, but Kraa fought back, knocking him back again. When Kraa told him that Earth would be next (after Xandar) to fall before him, Rider caught his next punch, forced it back, and then flattened Kraa with a single blow.

(Nova II#16 - BTS) - A party of Nova Centurions arrived to imprison Kraa in a containment vault.

Comments: Created by Chris Marrian, Mike Harris, and Mark Stegbauer.

    In Nova II#15, Adora commented that it was Nova (Rich Rider) who had bested Zorr in the past. Actually, the neophyte Nova was unable to damage Zorr in any way, but he did distract him sufficiently so that Rhomann Dey could use his Nova-Prime Starship to lock onto Zorr, teleport him aboard, and disintegrate him by channeling the ship's full power into him.
    Rider clarified/corrected this in Nova II#16.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:



    Sufficient to level an entire planet, Kraa used this to wipe out a civilization along with a pair of Star-Corpsmen. He crippled a Nova-Ship with it, but it was knocked into the gravity field by a blast from a matter-converter powered by the weapons systems power core. It crashed on an unidentified planet and was destroyed.


    It was also referred to as Kraa's warcraft and devastator ship.


 --Nova II#15






   Presumably lobotomized or otherwise cybernetically controlled slaves of Kraa, they served as the crew of his death-ship, and they presumably perished when the ship crashed on the unidentified planet.


--Nova II#15






Nova II#15, cover (full body)
Nova II#15, p22, pan4 (face) Nova II#15, p1, pan2 (death-ship)
Nova II#15, p18, pan1 (slave-borgs)

Nova II#14 (February, 1995) - Chris Marrinan (writer/penciler), Mark Stegbauer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Nova II#15 (March, 1995) - Chris Marrinan (writer), Mike Harris (penciler), Mark Stegbauer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Nova II#16 (April, 1995) - Chris Marrinan (writer/penciler), Mark Stegbauer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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