The Alchemoid attacks Captain America between the polihedronsALCHEMOID

Real Name: Alchemoid

Identity/Class: Altered human, technology user

Occupation: Serve the Druids

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Druids, the Druid (Dredmund Druid)

Enemies: Captain America/Steve Rogers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Labyrinth of the Ancients (or Labyrinth of the Elders?)

First Appearance:  Captain America I#187 (July, 1975)
{Per i lettori Italiani: Capitan America Editoriale Corno#99 (26 gennaio 1977)}

Powers/Abilities: Great strength and durability. Produce scorching and pungent oil from his suit. Fire alchemical blasts from hands.




head shotHistory:
(Captain America I#188 (fb) - BTS) - The Alchemoid was a walking bulk of alchemic energy. He was created by the Druid. He was the prototype of an army of Alchemoids, which would have to defeat the SHIELD and conquer the world for the Druids.

(Captain America I#187) - The Alchemoid was sent by the Druid against Captain America, when the latter was brought in the Druids' base: the Labyrinth of the Ancients. The Alchemoid ambushed Captain America several times until Cap was pushed at the arena at centre of a labyrinth, where stood lots of geometrical polyhedrons around the arena.

(Captain America I#188) - Fighting face to face, the Alchemoid was stronger than Captain America and his touch was burning. But Steve understood that the Alchemoid became stronger if they stood near some groups of polyhedrons, figuring out that that was the Alchemoid's source of power. So, Cap parried to have the Alchemoid blast some of these polyhedrons. The Druid, understanding Cap's intentions, ordered the Alchemoid to immediately slay Captain America, and augmented the power channeled into the Alchemoid. However, the excessive power plus the missing polyhedrons were too much for the Alchemoid who annihilated himself.

The Alchemoid fires his alchemic blastsComments: Created by John Warner, Frank Robbins and Frank Chiaramonte.

    The colors of the Alchemoid's suit and skin changed from Captain America#187 to Captain America#188, maybe it depended from the heat generated? The oil produced? The energy level raised? Or the colorist?

Profile by Spidermay


The Alchemoid has no known connections to

Alchemoid, Captain America I#187, page 18, panel 1
Alchemoid - head shot, Captain America I#188, cover
Alchemoid, Captain America I#188, page 3, panel 5

Captain America I#187 (July, 1975) - John Warner (writer), Frank Robbins (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Len Wein (editor)
Captain America I#188 (August, 1975) - John Warner (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Len Wein (editor)

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