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Membership: None identified

Purpose: Aggravated robbery first; revenge against Spider-Man later.

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Brothers Ian and Richard (briefly)

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21 (September, 2000)



(Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21) - Spider-Man first encountered these creatures of unspeakable evil during a regular patrol. Four Mimes were in a shootout with the police outside a jewelry store they'd just robbed. Spidey took them down quickly while mocking them relentlessly. The Mimes couldn't even get a word in edgewise. They were taken into police custody and exercised their right to remain silent. Peter Parker ended his day by giving stand-up comedy a shot, but got no laughs from his opening mime joke.

(Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38) - This was part of the 'Nuff Said Month: the stories would have no words. In auditorium at an undisclosed location, the Mime leader stood before his gang, which had apparently been foiled by Spider-Man a few more times since. Sporting an Admiral's cap, he presented his plan for revenge, earning a silent ovation.

Spidey was ambushed while trying to save a couple being held at gunpoint by a couple of Mimes. Silent, but deadly, the whole gang lay in waiting for him. Spidey found himself being pursued by the Mime Tank, commanded by the Mime leader himself. On a stoplight, the Mime Mobile takes a break while staring at the Monkmobile in a wordless challenge. The Monkmobile broke down in a heap at the attempt of a drag-race. Spidey lured the Mimes (by mooning them) into an Acme plexiglass factory and setting up a trap of his own. The angry Mimes gave chase and ended up trapped inside a giant plexiglass box. There are no words for this.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins (writer), Mark Buckingham (pencils), Dan Green and Rodney Ramos (inkers).

While these are the only two recorded appearances of the Murderous Mimes, here's hoping someone brings them back. You know what they say, third mime is a charm. I'd like to think they have been active this whole time, without anyone hearing a peep. After all, the First Rule of Mime Club is

Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21 alternate numbering is #119, Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38 alternate numbering is #136.

Profile by Henrique Ferreira

The Murderous Mimes have no known connections to

Mime Leader

  Leader of the Murderous Mimes. After multiple defeats during robberies, he enacts a plan to get revenge on Spider-Man. They end up defeated again.

--Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38

Mime Mobile

  The Mime Mobile was an armored (bulletproof) pink Volkswagen Beetle, with a black and white striped hood, and "MIME" personalized plates.

--Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21, Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38

Mime Tank

  A tank commanded by the Admiral Mime in the pursuit of Spider-Man.

--Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21, Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38

Mime Motorcycle & Sidecar

  A motorcycle with a sidecar used in the pursuit of Spider-Man.

--Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38

Mime Van

  A van used in the pursuit of Spider-Man.

--Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38

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Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p4, pan1 (main image)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21, p16, pan1 (shooting Spider-Man)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p19, pan4 (confined)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p11, pan12 (Mime leader)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21, p13, pan1 (Mime mobile)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p11, pan11 (Mime tank)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p15, pan1 (Mime motorcycle & sidecar)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38, p14, pan10 (Mime van)

Peter Parker Spider-Man II#21 (September, 2000) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Mark Buckingham (pencils), Dan Green, Rodney Ramos (inkers), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Peter Parker Spider-Man II#38 (February, 2002) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Mark Buckingham (pencils), Wayne Faucher (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)

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