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Real NameGlenn Alan Herdling


OccupationDirector of Marketing Communications, writer; former assistant editor/editor, editorial director, account executive, creative director, Manager of Business Development

Group Membership: Medco, the Publications Committee for the American Medical Writers Association; formerly Wizard Press, Unicorn Publishing, and Marvel Comics

Affiliations: Casey, Laura Herdling, his black 1986 Honda Prelude SI

EnemiesNone known

Known RelativesCasey (pet), Laura Herdling (wife), Mark Herdling, Trevor Herdling (sons)

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsPort Jervis, New York

First Appearance: (mentioned): Marvel: The Year-in-Review#2 (1991);
(fully seen):
What If? II#31 (November, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Glenn Herdling had no superhuman powers but was an excellent writer and editor.

History: (real life (fb)) - After graduating with B.A. in English and Psychology from Bucknell University, Glenn Herdling began working for Marvel Comics as assistant editor for its Spider-Man titles, helping to increase Marvel's circulation to 3 million.

(Marvel: The Year-in-Review#2 - BTS) - Glenn Herdling was a features writer on Marvel: The Year-in-Review magazine, published by Marvel Comics. In the magazine, Glenn wrote an article about the recent Manhattan battle between Spider-Man and an out-of-character Lizard.

(What If? II#31) - During a hot air balloon trip, Glenn proposed to his girlfriend Laura. Unfortunately, the engagement ring reflected the sun's rays and caused the balloon to catch on fire. Glenn's dog Casey was contacted by the Uni-Power, transforming him into Captain Universe and allowing him to save Glenn and Laura from certain death.

(real life) - Glenn was promoted to editorial director of Marvel's Custom Publishing division and later took a job as creative director for Unicorn Publishing. He later became Manager for Business Development for Wizard magazine, helping to launch their Black Bull line of comic books. Later still, he received a Masters of Science degree from New York University and served on the Publications Committee for the American Medical Writers Association while working as Director of Marketing Communications for Medco and preparing to launch a humor magazine titled Moist.

Comments: Created by his parents!
Adapted into comic book form by himself, Scott Alan McDaniel, Jim Sanders III, and Sam Delarosa.

The Appendix has a list of Herdling's creations.

Glenn obviously was a real writer for Marvel Comics at the time that the What If? issue was written. Big thanks for him for providing real life bio info!!

Profile by Proto-Man. (with a lot of real life info added by Glenn Herdling himself!!!)

Glenn Herdling  has no known connections to

1986 Honda Prelude SI

The black 1986 Honda Prelude SI was Glenn's car where Casey the dog was left when Glenn and Laura went up in their hot air balloon. To quote Glenn himself, it was "sweet wheels in its day."

--What If? II#31

Laura Herdling

Laura Herdling was Glenn's girlfriend when the two went on a hot air balloon ride where Glenn proposed to her. Before she could answer, the hot air balloon caught on fire and the two were saved by Glenn's dog Casey, who had become Captain Universe. Following their near-death experience, Laura accepted Glenn's marriage proposal and the two married, later having two sons: Mark (named after the original Master of the Obscure, Mark Gruenwald) and Trevor.

--What If? II#31

What If? II#31, p1, pan1 (The Honda)
 p1, pan4 (Glenn Herdling, headshot)
 p2, pan3 (Glenn Herdling, fullbody & Laura Herdling)

Other Appearances:
Marvel: The Year-in-Review#2 (1991) -
What If? II#31 (November, 1991) - Glenn Alan Herdling (writer), Scott Alan McDaniel (penciler), Jim Sanders III, Sam Delarosa (inkers)

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