Classification: Exo-skeleton

Creator: Elliot; modified by Microchip (Linus Lieberman)

User/Possessors: Punisher (Castle)

First Appearance: Punisher I#34 (June, 1990)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Strength-enhancing (enhanced human to Class 10), resistance to injury, arm-mounted cannons or machine guns, rapid user eject function;
    Damages easily repeated trauma.
    The first exo-skeleton was perhaps 10-12 tall, while the second was closer to human size. The second also had an extensible cable for scaling walls.

(Punisher I#34) - Microchip had unwittingly tapped into the computer system of the Reavers, prompting Pierce to send Prettyboy, Reese, and Skullbuster after he (and by association, the Punisher). Outmatched and outgunned, Micro led Castle to his cousin Elliot, who supplied the Punisher with a suit of armor that he had obtained when an unspecified think tank went bankrupt. Micro overhauled the suit and Castle put it on an attacked the Reavers when they arrived. He succeeded in destroying Skullbuster's tank tread and severing Pretty Boy's hands, but the Reavers repaired themselves, ganged up on him, and disabled the armor.
    Castle used the rapid eject function to escape, then detonated the armor, disabling the trio to the point that they decided to cut their losses and return to their Australian base.




(Punisher War Journal#56) - Unable to match the power of foes taking a PCP variant that granted superhuman physical abilities, Castle had Micro dig out Elliot's spare Exo-Armor. Micro had dramatically rebuilt it using spare parts and the Punisher wore it to Killer B's apartment, where he found B hopped up on the drug, battling a similarly monstrous Bosephus. Castle used the armor to blow a hole through the wall, through which Killer B tossed Bosephus. Killer B then leapt on top of Castle, cracking the armor with each blow. Killer B hurled him down the stairs, where he crushed Mitch and Gig, and was then left without power. Castle could still activate his shoulder gun, however, which he did, pumping 600 rounds per minute into the drug-frenzied Killer B, leaving him a blood-spattered mess.
    Castle left the disabled armor behind.






Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Bill Reinhold.

No known connection to:


Last name possibly Lieberman.

    Cousin of Microchip and owner of Elliot's Auto Salvage in Queens. He also collected various assault weapons, buying them from anyone on the East Coast, and selling them to anyone who wanted them--except Arabs. In addition to the Exo-Armor he gave the Punisher, he used remote controlled miniature cars packed full of gelginite, and various other weapons. He expressed interest in working with Micro and the Punisher further, but was killed when the Reavers assaulted his yard.
    The Punisher didn't understand what Micro was so upset about, because if Elliot hadn't been killed by the Reavers, he'd have had to kill them himself.

    --Punisher II#34



Other appearances:
Punisher War Journal#56 (July, 1993)

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