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Classification: Extradimensional (Earth-50810) terrestrial technology

Creator: Tony Stark (Iron Man) (Earth-50810)

User/Possessors: Wolverine (Earth-50810)

Location: Stark Industries warehouse, secret location, USA (Earth-50810)

First Appearance: Mega Morphs#1 (October, 2005)



Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Wolverine model of the Mega Morph, like other Mega Morphs designed and built by Tony Stark, is uniquely tailored to the powers of its singular pilot. It also amplifies these powers.

   The exact composition and how the Mega Morph achieves such a close match with the pilot is unrevealed (see comments) and may be unique to Earth-50810, but it is able to duplicate Wolverine's mutant rapid healing ability while Wolverine is piloting it, rapidly repairing any damage. It has a set of three Adamantium (or at least Adamantium alloy) retractable sharp claws mounted in each forearm; these blades are capable of cleaving metal.

   It has two modes: a giant humanoid mecha battlesuit called "Wolvy-Bot" (see comments), which stands about 40' tall, and can transform into "Aero-Slasher", a space-worthy jet vehicle that can fly at subsonic speeds with movable arms. The pilot's seat is in the red canopy of the chest cavity and appears to have a simple neural wave interface to link with its pilot's powers, although intuitive manual controls are still required to activate the machine's arms, piloting, and to trigger transformations.

   Each Mega Morph also has a radio communications device and a tracking beacon.




(Mega Morphs: Captain America mini comic (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark developed next-generation super-hero battle gear he called Mega Morphs, each powered by the unique abilities of the super-hero it had been built for. But the plans were stolen by the nefarious Dr. Octopus, so Stark enlisted five heroes - Wolverine, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Spider-Man - and equipped them with their own custom Mega Morphs to counter Dr. Octopus, who was also gathering components for a secret weapon.

(Mega Morphs: Wolverine mini comic) - In his Mega Morph, Wolverine reached the Earth's outer atmosphere to stop Dr. Octopus tampering with a satellite, but radio interference prevented radio communication between Wolverine and Stark. In his own self-made Mega Morph, Dr. Octopus viciously attacked Wolverine, smashing the red cockpit canopy, intending to suffocate the pilot. But the Mega Morph was powered by Wolverine's healing factor and rapidly self-repaired the damage. Wolverine transformed his mecha into jet mode and slashed at Dr. Octopus, who quickly fled. Wolverine returned to Earth, but was told he'd been too late to prevent the villain reprogramming the satellite.

(Mega Morphs: Dr. Octopus mini comic) - Dr. Octopus finished creating his weapon to sap the super-powers of every super-hero on Earth. The five heroes rushed in their Mega Morphs to stop him atop Mt. Everest, but were too late. Initially, the heroes' Mega Morphs seemed not to respond to the depowered heroes, but Ghost Rider rallied them to use their willpower, and the pilots regained control of their Mega Morphs to smash the weapon, saving the day.

(Mega Morphs#1 (fb) - BTS) - The six Mega Morphs (including Dr. Octopus') were stored in a secret Stark Industries warehouse.

(Mega Morphs#1) - Weeks later, the Hulk, surreptitiously mind-controlled by Dr. Doom, freed Dr. Octopus (Doom's pawn) and retrieved the Mega Morphs for Hulk and Dr. Octopus, but smashed the remaining four. Stark and Spider-Man later surveyed the damage.

(Mega Morphs#1 - BTS) - Stark and his workers quickly repaired the remaining Mega Morphs.

(Mega Morphs#1) - In his own Mega Morph, Captain America carried the Wolverine Mega Morph to the Xavier Institute, seeking Wolverine's immediate assistance, although Wolverine seemed embarrassed about it. The two Mega Morphs then rushed off to help Spider-Man and Ghost Rider, who were under attack  by augmented Doombots.

(Mega Morphs#2) - In Aero-Slasher mode, Wolverine's Mega Morph cut into the giant Doombots, before transforming into its mecha mode and continuing the fight. Victorious, they flew up to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, parking them on deck, while the pilots learned of the next threat -- Dr. Octopus and the mind-controlled Hulk were stealing the giant robot Red Ronin in Iceland.

(Mega Morphs#3) - The four heroes rushed in their Mega Morphs, but Dr. Doom had already taken remote control of Red Ronin. Combined attacks were attempted, but Red Ronin's overwhelming size aced them until the Hulk, now free of mind control and still in his Mega Morph, delivered the decisive blow in felling the giant robot.

(Mega Morphs#4) - S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered that Dr. Doom had sent kamikaze Doombots to Washington, DC, and the heroes again rushed to intercept in their Mega Morphs, only to discover that it was a trap; the Doombots were exploding  only near the Mega Morphs. The heroes' machines sustained damage, but eventually Stark was able to override the Doombots' programming and send them back to Latveria. The pilots followed with Fury in a S.H.I.E.L.D. craft, but left their mighty mechas behind because of the threat of the Doombots.



Comments: Developed by Toy Biz and Marvel Comics.
Comic version adapted by Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Pat Davidson (inks).

The two modes, "Wolvy-Bot" and "Aero-Slasher" (cringe), were not used in-story, but came from a full-page Toy Biz advert found in contemporary Marvel comics (e.g., Marvel Team-Up III#12) (see inset at bottom of page).

Mega Morphs were a 2005 toy line developed by Toy Biz and Marvel incorporating popular Marvel characters (oddly only males), and were similar to the Transformers line of toys in that they were humanoid in shape and, with a few clicks and twists, could turn into a different machine -- but unlike Transformers, these Mega Morphs incorporated pilots (similar to Gundams and other mecha). (Catch the exciting TV ad on YouTube!) The Mega Morphs included mini comics (with nine models produced in total - see image at left for Wolverine's; the red chestplate is the cockpit). However, it was not confirmed that this took place on an alternate Earth until 10 years later in Web Warriors.

So how did Tony Stark develop Mega Morphs that could be tuned so specifically to a certain hero's powers, be they mutant, cosmic, gamma, serum or hellfire-derived? Could it be similar to the Super-Adaptoid's hypothetical composition of unstable molecules (pioneered by Reed Richards on Earth-616) to mimic the abilities of skilled human beings, albeit at a more primitive level on this Earth? Alternatively, when Dr. Octopus-50810 appeared in his Mega Morph in Web Warriors, crossing into another universe, he lamented the absence of "Funtanium" to build his "accessories" (WW#9), so maybe this hitherto unknown/unique element is the secret to the suits' adaptability (however, Dr. Octopus stole the plans from Stark and built his own Mega Morph, so it's debatable whether it applies to all the Mega Morphs).

The artwork seemed to sometimes vary the height of the Mega Morph, but generally it seemed to be about 40' tall in mecha mode.

Marvel released a four-issue Mega Morphs series tie-in with the toys, which was collected in digest form. Additionally, each toy came with a mini comic showcasing that mega Morph in action. The digest included the five mini comics for the first wave of six Mega Morphs (Series 1: Doc Ock, Spider-Man, Wolverine; Series 2: Captain America, Ghost Rider, Hulk), but not the last three (Series 3: Iron Man, Thing, Venom), which admittedly have their own short story arc (by a different writer) that sort of acts like an epilogue (or post-credits scene). Please note that the mini comics don't include indicia information, so the comic title is derived from the cover.

I'm not 100% sure on the release dates of the mini comics (which came with the toys), but as far as I can tell, the first set was timed with the Marvel limited series. The first six mini comics and the Marvel limited series were later published indigest format.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Wolverine Mega Morph of Earth-50810 has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Mega Morphs: Wolverine mini comic, cover (main image)
Mega Morphs: Wolverine mini comic, p2, pan4 ("head" shot)
Mega Morphs#2, p10, pan1 (Aero-Slasher in action)

Mega Morphs#1 (October, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Pat Davidson (inks), John Barber (editor)
Mega Morphs: Wolverine mini comic (October, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Pat Davidson (inks), John Barber (editor)
Mega Morphs: Dr. Octopus mini comic (October, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Wayne Faucher (inks), John Barber (editor)
Mega Morphs#2 (October, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Pat Davidson (inks), John Barber (editor)
Mega Morphs#3 (November, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (layouts), Logan Lubera (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), John Barber (editor)
Mega Morphs#4 (December, 2005) - Sean McKeever (writer), Lou Kang (pencils), Pat Davidson (inks), John Barber (editor)

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