starofvengeance-cm46-mainSTAR of VENGEANCE

Classification: Extraterrestrial (Kree) starship; Imperial Dreadnought; Imperial registry#417, star-class battle cruiser

Creator: Almost certainly unspecified Kree engineer(s)

Possessors: Unspecified Kree serving the Supreme Intelligence

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Fawn, Rick Jones, Rambu

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#46 (September, 1976)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: 5000 meters (3.1 miles) long and weighing just under a million metric tons, the Star of Vengeance reportedly had power enough to obliterate an entire solar system.

    It's arsenal included blasters and anti-matter nuclear missiles.

    It was considered the deadliest warship of the Kree starfleet.

History: (Captain Marvel I#46 (fb) - BTS) - As a junior lieutenant, Mar-Vell served two years aboard the Star of Vengeance, during which he dreamed of one day becoming her captain.

(Captain Marvel I#46) - As Captain Marvel and Rick, alongside their allies Rambu (formerly of Deneb IV's Underground) and Fawn (secretly a manifestation of Rick Jones' subconscious via the energies of his Nega-Band) approached Hala to confront the Supreme Intelligence (SI) for his complex manipulations of them, they were confronted by the immense Star of Vengeance.starofvengeance-cm46-approach

    Mar-Vell considered that sending the Star of Vengeance to kill the four of them was like sending an elephant to squash a mosquito. The Supreme Intelligence responded to his thoughts, agreeing with his sentiment and clarifying that he did not send his proudest flagship out to serve as the instrument of their destruction: It was just one of the stages.

    The Supreme Intelligence then sent a beam that transported Mar-Vell to Hala, where it was confronted by one of the SI's giant Supremor androids, and Rick aboard the Star of Vengeance, where he was confronted by another Supremor android; both androids were animated/controlled by the SI's mind. Rick's battle shattered a wall that revealed his presence to blue Kree crew members, who despised him both as a pink (similar to Kree "half-breeds") and a Terran, and joined the fight against him.

    As the Supreme Intelligence had planned, the Supremors' powers were such that Mar-Vell, and Rick swiftly appreciated that each hero would have to draw on the full power of the Nega-Bands to defeat his opponent, meaning either one would be left powerless and easily slain, or both would perish if they fought the Supremors without the full power. Further, the Supreme Intelligence wished the battle to occupy the heroes until the Millennia Bloom flower fully bloomed, and its siren song would reach into the core of their being and consume everything that made them unique, leaving behind only a soul-less, pliant form that the Supreme Intelligence could mold into whatever it wanted him to be.

    Having considered Rambu inconsequential and floating in space and having been unable to sense Fawn's existence, the Supreme Intelligence was not prepared for their interference. The two entered the Star of Vengeance unnoticed, and Fawn sensed and tracked down Rick. As Kree soldiers' attack on Rick agonized Fawn, Rambu apparently sacrificed himself battling those soldiers, giving Fawn a respite so that she could use her power to blast the Supremor who had been attacking Rick. Gaining awareness of Fawn's existence, that Supremor terminally struck down Fawn.

    Fueled by rage over Fawn's death, Rick fiercely assaulted the Supremor, and Mar-Vell allowed him to access the full power of the Nega-Bands to overcome his foe while Mar-Vell used only his own power to fight defensively against his Supremor. starofvengeance-cm46-sunflare

     Rick then rushed to the controls and launched all of the Star of Vengeance's anti-matter nuclear missiles into Hala's sun, causing a massive solar flare that engulfed Hala, hammering against the world's defensive shields until the shields glowed as brightly as a new-born-star.

(Captain Marvel I#46 (fb) - BTS) - The Supreme Intelligence diverted all of its power to the bolster Hala's shields, effectively overloading and short-circuiting itself and every person and machine on (or orbiting) Hala. This not only left the Supreme Intelligence offline but also somehow neutralized the threat of the Millennia Bloom.

(Captain Marvel I#46 - BTS) - Traveling to Hala, Rick channeled his power through the Nega-Bands and revived Mar-Vell, after which the two headed back to Earth.

CommentsCreated by Chris Claremont, Al Milgrom and Terry Austin.


    In the real world, solar flares from the Sun take over eight minutes to reach Earth. This is because they cannot travel faster than the speed of light. One would expect that even an artificially-triggered sunflare would also be limited to traveling at that speed and thus it would have taken a number of minutes for the radiant energy streaming out from Pama to cross the millions of miles separating the star from Hala. This is inconsistent with the story which seems to show Hala being struck by the sunflare's energy immediately after the missiles detonated in the sun.
    Yes, I know that we've never been told how far Hala was from Pama, but science says that planets can only have habitable environments if they orbit far enough from their stars to not overheat. if they're too close, then they become Venus-like. So, I've always wondered, if it took minutes for the sunflare to hit Hala, what exactly were Rick, Mar-Vell and the Supremor doing during that time?
--Donald Campbell

    Even worse than the solar flare taking several minutes to hit Hala is the time it took the missiles launched from the Star of Vengeance to hit the sun. The text says it took a minute before the missiles hit and detonated in the sun, but I wouldn’t think that the missiles could travel at the speed of light, but even if they could, it would have been several minutes before they reached the sun, and then several minutes for the flare to hit Hala…so may 16 minutes or so…all the while, the Supremor was yelling “NOOOOO!!” to the threat to took a long time to arrive, a more extreme but otherwise similar scene to the guy that got run over by the steamroller in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery!
    Or maybe the missiles were tachyon-powered and could travel faster than the speed of light, and they imparted that same energy into the sun, so it really was a minute for the missiles to reach the sun and then a nearly instantaneous solar flare striking Hala.

Profile by Snood.

The Star of Vengeance should be distinguished from:

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Captain Marvel I#46, pg. 2, panel 2 (approach);
       pg. 2-3 (main);
       pg. 15, panel 6 (sunflare)

Captain Marvel I#46 (September, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Al Milgrom (penciler), Terry Austin (inker), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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