Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Manifestation of Rick Jones' subconsciousness created via his connection to the Nega-Bands

Occupation: Companion and assistant to Rick Jones

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas), Rick Jones, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Rambu

Enemies: The General/Head, Null-Trons, Supreme Intelligence/Supremor

Known Relatives: Rick Jones (progenitor)

Aliases: "Little lady," "Luscious" (from Rick);
    she is described as a gamin (see comments), but it wasn't really an alias.

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    apparently perished aboard the Kree starship Star of Vengeance in proximity to the Kree world Hala, Greater Magellanic Cloud
    formerly mobile throughout the Deneb system (notably the OK Space Station, Deneb IV's moon, and Deneb IV), interstellar space, the world/dimension accessed via the Mind Gem

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#42 (January, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: A manifestation of Rick's subconscious, Fawn could tap into the energies of the Nega-Band via Rick. fawn-jonesrick-cm44-touchmarv-again

    Not being an organic being, she could exist comfortably in space and in atmospheres that were at least to some degree toxic to humans. She could alter her hairstyle and clothing at will.

    As she was generally both invisible and immaterial, most beings -- including the cosmically aware Mar-Vell and the vastly telepathic psychic collective known as the Supreme Intelligence -- could not sense her presence/existence immediately, although the robotic Null-Trons and Drax the Destroyer could sense her right away (see comments). 

    When initially formed, she was translucent and vanished when Rick stopped focusing on her directly. Over time, she became more visibly solid (although she still vanished as he approached for a short time period), and she could soon speak to and touch Rick.

    She could also share her thoughts on and impose her will on others to some degree. Some beings with whom she interacted gained the ability to sense and communicate with her.
    For unrevealed reasons, despite his physical, mental, and life force-energy connection to Rick, Mar-Vell remained unaware of Fawn's existence after their first two interactions.

    Fawn was aware of some things about which Rick was presumably ignorant, such as the location of Thanos (which she presumably gained via tapping into Mar-Vell's cosmic awareness). She even sensed the truth nature of the evolving relationship between Rick and Mar-Vell when both of them were laboring under a misunderstanding of their connection.

    Able to sense and locate Rick Jones, she eventually proved able to fire some type of blast from her head that knocked the powerful android Supremor form of the Supreme Intelligence back off of his feet. The Supremor considered that the power that attacked him was nearly equal to its own.

    Fawn presumably had the ability to tap into the power of the Nega-Band for other effects and perhaps even the potential to access the Destiny Force as Rick had done before.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'8")
Weight: Unrevealed (at human density, she would likely have been 130 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

fawn-jonesrick-cm42-okss-pinkdressfawn-jonesrick-cm42-okss-pinkdress-fullfawn-jonesrick-cm42-okss-translucent (
Captain Marvel I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Drawing on the power of his Nega-Band, one of a pair shared with heroic Kree Captain Mar-Vell, the human Rick Jones subconsciously generated a being in the form of his image of the ideal woman.

(Captain Marvel I#42) - Within the O.K. Space Station's Red Dog saloon, Rick Jones caught sight of and approached the attractive Fawn (unidentified at the time; unknowing apparently a mental construct created by Rick via his connection to the Nega-Band).

     As Rick got closer to her, he realized that she a wraith-like woman through whom he could partially see. Distracted when a group of locals confronted Mar-Vell, Rick turned back to tell the "little lady" he was needed again, but he found her to be gone completely.

    After the Stranger had departed and Rick had repaired the damaged done, Fawn (still unidentified) appeared again to Rick, this time speaking and telling Rick to come to her as he deserved a reward for his valiant effort.

     As he leaned in for a kiss, however, Mar-Vell called to him, and when he turned back toward Fawn, he found that she had vanished once again.

(Captain Marvel I#42) - As Rick could not -- at the time -- fly interplanetary distances on his own, Rick and Mar-Vell departed the OK Space Station on the mechanical steed Rusty Paint.

(Captain Marvel I#43 - BTS) - The Supreme Intelligence caused Rusty to malfunction in the vicinity of Deneb IV's moon, forcing Captain Marvel and Jones to land there in its barren region.  (Captain Marvel I#43) - As Mar-Vell tried to figure out what was wrong with Rusty, Rick flew around over the barren region and saw a girl waving to him. As he got closer, he recognized her as the girl he had met at the Red Dog Saloon (and wearing the same outfit).

Although he had no idea how she could have gotten to this location before he had, he put aside his concerns as he felt that she was not hostile. As he further considered how she had been coming on pretty strongly before she disappeared, she vanished again. However, Rick then saw her again by the edge of a wooded region, and as he considered that she was back, like a will o' the wisp, he tried to approach her slowly, but as he got close and leapt for her, she vanished again.

(Captain Marvel I#43 - BTS) - Meanwhile, the Supreme Intelligence manipulated Drax the Destroyer -- who had been enraged to near-madness by Mar-Vell's seeming destruction of his arch-enemy, Thanos, whom Drax's life mission was to destroy -- into traveling there and attacking Captain Marvel, irrationally blaming him for having previously robbed him of a chance to kill Thanos.

(Captain Marvel I#43) - Within the wooded region, Rick was pleased to again find Fawn, and he considered that "she was still wearin' that same sexy smile, like she was ready to cruise to Vegas right now!" As he wondered why kept running away or whatever she did, he also appreciated that she was wearing a different outfit and hairdo than before. Curious as to how she had changed so quickly, he wondered if she might be an elf or something. As he got closer, he greeted her, calling her "luscious" and after stating that he could appreciate playing hard to get, he asked her to site still just this once, for him. She replied, "Of course, Rick Jones, since you plead so prettily. Come, my handsome boy...give me your hand."


     Soon, they sat affectionately, and Rick noted that she had even told her his name. After she replied, "Haven't you guessed? Don't you know? My name is Fawn," he considered that it was a pretty name, but asked why he should/would know it. Coyly touching his helmet with her finger, she told him perhaps she would tell him if he removed his silly head-globe.

     Although he was reluctant to do so, uncertain about the atmosphere, Fawn told him that he was no fun. Rick told her that if she promised not to go up in smoke again, he would show her how much fun he could be. After she dashed away, asking, "Oh, will you now?" Rick ran after, feeling a strong attraction to her and insisting "Yes," and then caught her by the ankle and brought her down.


fawn running off, leaving Rick collapsed.

   Rick considered that he had  never known anybody like this, not even his former girlfriend, Lou-Ann, as she seemed to be so innocent and so deep at the same time. Fawn noted while she had not gone up in smoke this time, it would avail him naught, as she absolutely refused to cuddle up next to that horrid helmet again. Convinced, Rick considered that he should be able to use his Nega-band to adjust; however, as soon as his helmet was off, he cried out in pain and doubled over.


(Captain Marvel I#44) - Collapsing, Rick briefly considered that Fawn had begged him to take off the helmet and wondered if she had meant for this to happen. Pushing that idea aside, he weakly asked Fawn for his helmet, noting that the air was poisonous and he could not breathe; however, despite his pleas to help him quickly and the pain that he was in, Fawn instead darted off and left him there. Rick considered that he was going to die and that he had almost loved her...




(Captain Marvel I#44) - Fawn traveled to the barren region in which Rick and Mar-Vell had first arrived, and she was spotted by Drax (see comments). He swiftly disregarded her as no warrior, and when she called out to and reached for him, he warned her to stand away from him "or by the dark god of hate, I'll..." Instead, she reached out and touched his mind, telling him "Please, you know what you must do for me." The history of his existence as Drax flashed across Drax's mind, after which he sensed that Rick Jones was dying, and he sensed the location of Thanos.

     When Mar-Vell returned to renew the fight, Drax instead departed to seek out Thanos while informing him of Rick's current state and instructing him to go with the girl (whom he considered to be so like his daughter, Heather Douglas, now Moondragon).

    Unable to see Fawn and his mind somewhat addled by the influence of Rick's personality, Mar-Vell raged at Drax for being a coward and fleeing, but then Fawn touched his mind as well, granting him clarity.

(Captain Marvel I#44 - BTS) - Appreciating Rick's plight and location -- although unsure why he all of a sudden knew it so clearly -- Mar-Vell flew to him, took him aboard Rusty (whom the Supreme Intelligence had restored to working order) and flew to Deneb IV. There he placed Rick into a life-support chamber.


fawn-jonesrick-cm45-breakupfight(Captain Marvel I#44) - Surveying the city, Mar-Vell encountered and was assaulted by the Null-Trons, who sensed and verbalized "the other one, hovering by the Kree-Man." Still unable to sense Fawn's presence, Mar-Vell turned to look and was puzzled to find no one there. Fawn considered that that the poor man was so much in the dark and that his blindness to her did NOT help; however, for Rick's sake, she would do what she could: Her touch restored Mar-Vell's strength, allowing him to take flight to escape the Null-Trons.

(Captain Marvel I#44 - BTS) - Returning to find Rick missing, Mar-Vell was overwhelmed and captured by Deneb IV's Underground and brought to their Head/General in their subterranean sanctuary (to which they had already brought Rick).

(Captain Marvel I#45 - BTS) - Fawn's presence remained hidden as the General had the Underground cast Rick into the giant Mind Gem and while the General convinced Mar-Vell to enter the Mind Gem as well.

(Captain Marvel I#45) - After the General had struck down the cyborg Rambu of the Underground for not caring whether the Underground or the Null-Trons perished in battle, as long as one side died and the battle ended, and after Rambu assaulted the Mind Gem, Fawn revealed her presence to Rambu. Noting that her desire was to aid Rick, which would also save Rambu's cause, Fawn explained that as "her substance was not of his universe," she needed his help to enter the Mind Gem. When she asked his aid, Rambu knew what he had to do, and he took Fawn's hand and entered the Mind Gem with her.

    When they reached Rick and Mar-Vell, Fawn thanked Rambu for her aid, promising that she would not forget it. While Rick and Mar-Vell battled furiously to maintain their own existence (believing that their mental bond was going to merge their minds), Fawn noted that if Rick died, she would die as well. 

fawn-jonesrick-cm44-departdenebiv    Rick heard Fawn's voice, after which Rambu got between the combatants, noting that while he cared nothing for them, the female must survive. Rick initially insisted he was going to finish the fight, but Fawn then touched Rick and Mar-Vell's foreheads, telling them they would listen to her. She then told that there was no reason for the conflict, no need for either one of them to win the battle. She further explained that their relationship and their selves were merely evolving and that they would not merge unless they wanted to.

    Appreciating that the General had tricked him, Mar-Vell asked Rick who the woman was, but Rick assured him that he had no idea. Regardless, Fawn called to the handsome men, and she held hands with Rick, who held hands with Mar-Vell, who held hands with Rambu, and she led them to :"leave this jewel of madness and death! The light is about to dawn!"






(Captain Marvel I#46) - Fawn, Rick, Mar-Vell, and Rambu journeyed "countless parsecs" (see comments) from Deneb IV go the Kree imperial homeworld, Hala. As they approached, they were confronted with the Kree imperial dreadnought the Star of Vengeance. They were further greeted by the Supreme Intelligence who told them that their little drama was entering its final act and that they had made their entrance on cue, although it found Rambu's presence surprising (and it was not yet aware of Fawn's presence). The Intelligence then transported Mar-Vell down to Hala and Rick aboard the Star of Vengeance, leaving Fawn and Rambu in space.



fawn-jonesrick-cm46-blastsupr(Captain Marvel I#46 - BTS) - The Supreme Intelligence animated two of the giant Supremor androids, who separately engaged Rick and Marvel. The Supremors' powers were such that the Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell, and Rick all felt that each hero would have to draw on the full power of the Nega-Bands to defeat his opponent, meaning either one would be left powerless and easily slain, or both would perish if they fought the Supremors without the full power. Further, the Supreme Intelligence wished the battle to occupy the heroes until the Millennia Bloom flower fully bloomed, and its siren song would reach into the core of their being and consume everything that made them unique, leaving behind only a soul-less, pliant form that the Supreme Intelligence could mold into whatever it wanted him to be.


Captain Marvel I#46) - As the Supreme Intelligence gloated that he was virtually guaranteed of success as long as some random, unseen factor did not screw things up, Rambu and Fawn entered the Star of Vengeance. Sensing Rick's location and his plight, Fawn led Rambu to him. As Kree warriors blasted Rick after the Supremor had smashed him through a wall, Fawn cried out that Rick's pain was destroying her. After Fawn noted that she could help Rick but that she needed time, Rambu swooped down and assaulted the Kree warriors, promising "little Fawn" that he would buy her that time, though it cost him his life.


    Fawn considered that if Rambu -- who was only half of a living being -- could give his life so willingly, then she -- who was no more than a dream -- could do no less. She subsequently blasted back the Supremor as it prepared to assault the stunned Rick; initially still unable unaware her existence, the Supremor reasoned that Jones had created Fawn by drawing on the power of the Nega-Band. Now sensing her (and her name), the Supremor concluded that if she was real, whatever her genesis, than she must be destroyed, and it terminally struck her Fawn with a blast of energy from its hand.


fawn-jonesrick-cm46-facewrickShe apologized to Rick, telling "her love" that she had failed him when he needed her most. Refusing to let her die, Rick prepared to use his power to restore Fawn, but she told him that both he and Mar-Vell had used too much of their own life forces in their battles, and that he had nothing left for her. "But don't worry, handsome boy. I'll...always...be with...you..."fawn-jonesrick-cm46-demise

(Captain Marvel I#46 - BTS) - Rick's anguish actually distracted Mar-Vell enough for his Supremor to beat him down. However, Rick's rage over Fawn's demise subsequently caused Rick to rally and beat down his Supremor. With Marv seemingly defeated, the Supreme Intelligence diverted his power and influence from that Supremor into the one battling Rick, but Marv rallied and fought anew, using only his own power and allowing Rick to use the Nega-Bands' power to throw his Supremor to the ground.

     Rick then rushed to the controls and launched a number of anti-matter nuclear missiles into Hala's sun, causing a massive solar flare that engulfed Hala. The Supreme Intelligence diverted all of its power to the bolster Hala's shields, effectively overloading and short-circuiting itself and every person and machine on (or orbiting) Hala. This not only left the Supreme Intelligence offline but also somehow neutralized the energies and the threat of the Millennia Bloom.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, Al Milgrom, Frank Giacoia, Mike Esposito & Bernie Wrightson.

    Alas, poor Fawn, we hardly knew ye...
    or WTF was the deal with Fawn?fawn-jonesrick-cm45-anklesup

    Presumably it is as the Supreme Intelligence (in one of his Supremor android forms) speculated, that she was a manifestation of Rick Jones' mind using the power of the Nega-Band. The Supremor further noted how this was somewhat similar to how Jones had tapped into his own latent mental powers (later referred to as the Destiny Force) to generate the forms of various Golden Age beings during the Kree/Skrull War. While the Supremor was only considering that to be the apparent situation rather than stating it conclusively, his vast psychic powers would likely have enabled him to the truth, and he was presumably correct. There is certainly not anything to contradict it nor any other explanation offered as far as I'm aware.

    I also see that she was supposed to represent this unknown factor that threw a wrench into the Supreme Intelligence's plans and allowed Rick and Mar-Vell to thwart them.

    However, even after repeatedly reviewing the issues for profiles on the OK Space Station, Rambu, the General/Head, Deneb IV and its moon and its Underground, I still don't really get what she accomplished, especially in the final encounter.

    Let me start my including a well-thought out and thorough summary by Donald Campbell, and then I'll discuss a few more things:

Fawn was Rick's image of the ideal woman who his subconscious mind made real by drawing on the power of the Nega-Band he was wearing. It's like what he had done earlier in Avengers I#97 when, after his latent human power (later called the Destiny Force) had been stimulated by the Omni-wave projector, he created three-dimensional solid images of super-heroes from his comic books.

Fawn only appeared in Captain Marvel I#42-46. As far as I know, she's never even been mentioned anywhere since dying in that last issue.

While it's true that she didn't do much, she did somewhat disrupt things. On Deneb IV's moon, she caused Drax to stop fighting Mar-Vell when the Supremor's plan was for Mar-Vell to defeat Drax. Then, although Mar-Vell couldn't perceive her, she alerted him to the fact that Rick was dying because Mar-Vell had unwittingly drawn too much of Rick's life-force from him via their Nega-Bands.

On Deneb IV, she restored Mar-Vell's strength so that he could return to Rick. Then, when Rambu was attacking the Soul (Mind) Gem, she stopped him and persuaded him to take her into the gem so she could stop Rick and Marv from continuing a battle that could have killed them.

Aboard the Star of Vengeance, she inspired Rambu to sacrifice himself by attacking the Kree crew in order to give her the time she needed to save Rick from being killed, and then attacked the Supremor android, something that exposed her existence to him and enabled him to kill her.

Finally, the rage and grief that Rick felt over Fawn's death re-ignited his will to fight the Supremor. That in turn made Rick available for Mar-Vell to direct to the starship's missile control console so he could launch anti-matter nuclear missiles at Hala's sun, causing a massive sunflare that overloaded every machine on the planet, including the Supreme Intelligence, thereby thwarting its plans.

So, yes, the roles that Fawn and Rambu played in the final conflict were definitely minor but still crucial. Without both of them, the Supreme Intelligence's plan would probably have succeeded. Of course, since the final issue was written by Chris Claremont, who knows what roles Steve Engelhart had planned for both of them to play?

Don Campbell

fawn-jonesrick-cm45-faceWhy Fawn?

Fawn's earliest appearances/interactions

However...why would she convince him to take off his helmet?
     Why when he was clearly in agony after removing the helmet and begged her to give it back to him did she not only not give it back (when she had shown that she could touch him and the helmet) but run away and leave him, when he might have died?

Fawn and Drax

Why could the robotic Null-Trons sense Fawn when Mar-Vell, with his bond to Rick and his cosmic awareness could not?

You can read the comments on the profile for the
Millennia Bloom to see the discussion of whether the sunflare/etc. should have neutralized its threat.

I also wonder if Steve Englehart had anything else planned for Fawn, as the final chapter that both ended the Supreme Intelligence's plot and her existence was written by Chris Claremont.

    For a discussion of Deneb IV and its location, etc., please see the comments for the Deneb IV profile.

    Parsecs are about 3.26 light years, so I guess Mar-Vell, Rambu, and the others were accessing warp space to travel that distance in a timely fashion.

fawn-jonesrick-cm46-spacetravelProfile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

: (without ads)

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with Rick, Mar-Vell, and Rambu)
        - great image of Fawn, but best in context, so included it super-sized------------------------------->
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          panel 7 (blasting Supremor);
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Captain Marvel I#42 (January, 1976) - Steve Englehart (plot/script), Al Milgrom (plot/pencils), Frank Giacoia, Mike Esposito & Bernie Wrightson (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Captain Marvel I#43 (March, 1976) - Steve Englehart (plot/script), Al Milgrom (plot/pencils/inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Captain Marvel I#44 (May, 1976)Steve Englehart (writer), Al Milgrom (artist), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Captain Marvel I#45 (July, 1976)Steve Englehart (writer), Al Milgrom (artist), Terry Austin (finishes), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Captain Marvel I#46 (September, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Al Milgrom (penciler), Terry Austin (inker), Archie Goodwin (editor)...I had Steve Englehart listed as co-plotter in my notes, but I don't see him in the credits for the issue...

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