Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: Unnamed scientists employed by Justin Hammer

User/Possessors: Smithers

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes III#13/2 (April, 1993)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Roboids were a pair of humanoid roboids which possessed the ability to fly.

History: (Marvel Super-Heroes III#13/2) - The Roboids were sent by Smithers (pretending to be Justin Hammer) to bring Tony Stark to an island in the pacific that was cut off from civilization so that he could examine the contents of Stark's briefcase. However, he did not find the Iron Man armor inside, but instead what was apparently a doomsmith device. He took it with him, and left Stark behind.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#13/2) - When Smithers returned to the island, he had his men start shooting at the island's natives to bring Stark out and take him prisoner. Smithers' men found the Iron Man armor, which Stark had abandoned after running out of power. Stark was taken with them to Smithers' yacht, but he reclaimed the armor, and attacked Smithers and his men. Smithers sent the Roboids to attack Iron Man, but he easily smashed the two robots together, destroying them.

Comments: Created by Christopher Priest, Greg LaRoque and Vince Colletta.

by Prime Eternal

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Smithers was an employee of Justin Hammer's hired to impersonate him for his dealings in the Pacific. He was responsible for overseeing Hammer's plot to have Tony Stark stranded on a pacific island, and was assigned the Roboids to assist him. When Stark eventually escaped the island and confronted him as Iron Man, Smithers confessed that he wasn't the real Justin Hammer. For failing in his mission, the real Justin Hammer had the yacht Smithers was on destroyed, killing him.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#13 (13/2

Images taken from:
Marvel Super-Heroes III#13, page 11, panel 4
Smithers- Marvel Super-Heroes III#13, page 43, panel 8

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