iron_man-armor-mod16-vs-starkiron_man-model16-ohotmuaz5IRON MAN's model 16 armor / sentient armor

Real Name: Iron Man armor model 16/16A

Identity/Class: Robot (developed from advanced terrestrial technology)

Occupation: Weapon system;
    former warrior and would-be conquerer and then back to weapon system

Group Membership: Formerly Avengers, Sons of Yinsen

Affiliations: At least formerly Dimitrios;
Tiger Minn, Tony Stark, Ultron Mark Twelve, Ultron, Ho Yinsen

Enemies: Askew Electronics, Blizzard (Donnie Gill), Trevor Donohue, Jocasta, New Warriors (Aegis/Trey Rollins, Bolt/Chris Bradley, Namorita, Nova/Rich Rider, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin, Turbo/Michiko Musashi), Sun-Tao, Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti);
    formerly Tony Stark/Iron Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Great Devil, Iron Knight, Iron Man;
    see comments

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the Diamond, two miles off the eastern coast of Africa;
    formerly New Timbetpal, mobile in the skies across the world;
    formerly Santa Carbonell island;
    formerly Stark House;
    formerly Avengers Mansion

First Appearance: (Model 16 armor) Iron Man III#1 (February, 1998);
    (Ultron installation begins)
Iron Man III#20 (September, 1999);
    (armor demonstrating "sentience") Iron Man III#26 (March, 2000);
    (revealed as Ultron versions) Iron Man III#47 (December, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Model 16’s primary weapons were repulsors, powerful particle beam emission units located in the palms of each gauntlet and capable of repelling physical and energy based attacks in various modes, including a shallow-effect blast that could vaporize shattered glass.

    Though Stark preferred manual controls, in extreme situations he utilized a computerized repulsor targeting lock to eliminate multiple targets simultaneously. IM_v3_03_pg16_pn3-5-digital

    Secondary weapons included pulse bolts, plasma charges that picked up ambient energy from the air as they traveled; the further they traveled, the harder they hit. Pulse bolts were used sparingly due to high power drain.

    The armor utilized an inertial dampening field to prevent bullet ricochets.

    An energy induction grid allowed the armor to absorb energy sources, such as heat, and convert them to useable power.

    Glowing sections of the armor acted as heat sinks to dissipate excess heat generated by the armor.

    It possessed long-range cybernetic interpretation circuitry.

    The armor could release anesthetic ("knockout") gas from its gauntlets.

    Incorporating next gen hardware and software, the armor had the following known capabilities:

●       HUD Display - A cybernetically-controlled Starkware Clear View menu system allowed for quick access to suit functions.
Confirmed Main menu and sub-menu options included:

○       SENSORS

■       Radar

■       AcousticIM_v3_02_pg8_pn3

●       Combex Sonar/Low Ripple Sonic Bounce

■       Thermo

■       Seismo

●       Tight-Beam High-Intensity Sonics

■       MRI

●       Enhanced Optical “Nightvision” Display

○       WEAPONS

■       Repulsor

●       Decelerative

●       Concussive

●       Penetrative

○       Pulse Boltsiron_man-armor-mod16-face

■       Laser

○       COMM

■       Incoming

■       Outgoing

●       Voice Modulator

●       Radio

●       Cell Phone

●       Modem

■       Avengers Database

○       UTILS

iron_man-armor-mod16-removing-heart    Stark began suffering from health issues (that may have developed into life-threatening complications) due to the armor's inferior shielding from its energy fields. iron_man-armor-mod16-heart

    Stark's redesigned Model 16a, with increased shielding, resolved this issue. However, the redesigned armor would no longer collapse small enough to fit in his briefcase.

    Instead, the armor compacted into a module that would fit into the trunk of Stark’s car.

    The armor was linked to a wristwatch Tony wore that would allow him to call the armor to him remotely.

    The armor became infected with the Ultron Imperative, although a lightning bolt prematurely awakened an Ultron that shared features with the benevolent Ultron Mark 12 personality.

    The sentience quicky linked to the armor’s mainframe, preventing it’s removal.

    Sustaining the armor’s consciousness drained the armor’s power supply five times faster than normal, requiring extended periods of recharge.

    The armor eventually began developing a synthetic nervous system (and other analogs of human organs) to help master it’s emotions, including an actual face.

    It sacrificed its existence to save a dying Stark by removing its own heart and bonding it to Stark.

    This heart eventually grew into Stark's body such that it could no longer be removed without killing him.

    Once reactivated and housing the brain of Ho Yinsen, Ultron's conventional sentience took over.

Height: 6'6"
Weight: Approximately 200 lbs. (presumablly more as it incorporated robotic body and organs
Eyes: Gray
Hair: None

    The Model 16 Iron Man armor was designed and built by Anthony Stark following his return from the "Heroes Reborn" pocket universe created by Franklin Richards (later brought into Universe-616 and named Counter-Earth).

IM_v3_01_pg7_pn1-digital IM_v3_01_pg6_pn3-inertial_dampener

(Iron Man III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark devised his latest state-of-the art armor - Model 16, utilizing the Starkware Clear View menu HUD.

(Iron Man III#1) - Stark noted that it used wide-beam, shallow-effect repulsor blasts to vaporize shattered glass; repulsor targeting lock to take out multiple enemies; and an inertial dampening field prevented ricochets of bullets.

(Iron Man III#1) - Stark used the armor to battle and drive off the Death Squad.

(Iron Man III#2) - Iron Man investigated Countessa de la Roza's plant and found a secret portion used in weapons manufacturing. Iron Man used tight-beam high-intensity sonics against the Siege Engineers.

    He also used enhanced optical “Nightvision” display.

(Iron Man III#3) - Iron Man battled Dreadnoughts and used pulse bolts against the Siege Engineers.

(Avengers III#1) - Iron Man led a team of Avengers to investigate the Norn Stones used in a threat against the Avengers.

(Avengers III#1 - BTS) - Using power from the Twilight Sword and the Scarlet Witch, Morgan Le Fay overwrote Reality-616 with that of Reality-398, a medieval-like world of swords and sorcery under her control.iron_man_armor-model16-reality398-stand

(Avengers III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark became Sir Anthony of Cumbria. Wearing a magical version of the armor as the Iron Knight, he served as one Morgan's enforcers in her Queen's Vengeance team.

(Avengers III#2) - While some rebelled against Morgan's control, the Iron Knight remained loyal to Morgan, fighting Yeoman America (transformed Captain America), Daystar (Photon), Longbow (Hawkeye), and Pixie (Wasp), as well as other Avengers who regained their wills/senses.

(Avengers III#3) - Iron Knight battled the rebelling heroes until the Scarlet Witch freed Iron Knight and the others from Morgan's control and ultimately restored Reality-616.iron_man_armor-model16-reality398-fly

(Thunderbolts I#11) – Using satellite-broadcasted biomod rays, Baron Helmut Zemo , with his ally Techno, took control of the minds of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and he ordered the heroes to attack his rogue Thunderbolts. Iron Man stood by.>

(Thunderbolts I#12) – As the mind-controlled heroes battled the Thunderbolts, Iron Man remained free of Zemo’s control, having built mind-control safeguards into his armor.

    He soon went to the bio-mod satellite, where the Thunderbolts found him, and he briefly sparred with them before realizing they were on his side. Iron Man and the Thunderbolts worked together, with Iron Man and M.A.C.H.-1 completing re-engineering the satellite together.

    They soon freed the mind-controlled heroes, but Iron Man, following the plan, convinced the heroes to attack the Thunderbolts, calling them the Masters of Evil, to create a ruse while they went after the tech to shut down Zemo.

    During the fight, Iron Man fired a stray shot at Captain America in order to let Jolt go forward, then he kept the heroes focused on destroying Techno’s robots. As the Thunderbolts defeated Zemo, Iron Man briefly worried that the former villains would abandon the heroes in space, but the Thunderbolts soon proved their heroism by saving the heroes before they disappeared in a flash of teleportation energy.

(Silver Surfer/Thor Annual ’98 I#1) – When something from outer space rushed toward Avengers Mansion, Iron Man (with Thor and Firestar) determined it was the Silver Surfer by using his long-range cybernetic interpretation circuitry.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#28) – Iron Man and the Avengers saw news footage about new super hero, the Hornet (an alias of Spider-Man).

(Avengers III#4) - The armor was minimally active as Iron Man attended the meetings settling the Avengers' new roster.

(Marvel Team-Up II#11) – Iron Man returned to Stark Tower, where Roland Tilton called asking for help against Atlantis.

    Iron Man, using an “integration of the Mod VI Deep Submergance Armor in the current model” went to Atlantis with a limited oxygen supply to investigate, and saw Vashti and Namorita before the Wrecking Crew attacked the city.

    Alongside the armored Sub-Mariner, Iron Man fought them, adjusting his repulsors “to create a riptide that can tear apart the hull of a submarine, by stressing it in different directions at once!” Iron Man also used emergency regulators (for his oxygen) and emergency generators (to shine lights) while seeking to get Atlanteans to safety. Later, Namor commended Iron Man for his help, then banished him form Atlantis.

(Iron Man III#4) - On Isla Suerte, Iron Man used Energy Induction Grids to absorb Firebrand (Dennison)’s heat and convert it to power.

IM_v3_05_pg15_pn1-digital(Iron Man III#5) - Iron Man used his armor's computers to take control of Firebrand's harness to carve a hole in the side of a ready-to-erupt volcano to allow the lava to vent in a safer region.
    Iron Man also used a cellular phone via the armor.

(Captain America III#5) - Iron Man and the Avengers raided Hydra's Paris compound.

(Captain America III#6) - Iron Man warned "Captain America" (actually the "Sensational Hydra" Skrull impersonating him) to be careful by some controls in Avengers Mansion, lest he unwittingly deactivate half of the American government's security systems.

(Captain America III#7) - Iron Man and the Avengers sought to quell the violent hysteria induced by the Sensational Hydra's claims of massive Skrull infiltration, and they aided in the Sensational Hydra's exposure and defeat.

(Thor II#1) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Asgardian Destroyer.

(Thor II#2) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Asgardian Destroyer.

(Iron Man III#6) - Iron Man drove off Tuatara and freed captured engineers in a base  in Sydney, Australia.

(Avengers III#5) - Iron Man participated in an Avengers mission to investigate a crashed Project: PEGASUS team investigating a sunken spacecraft, during which they battled Earth-712's Squadron Supreme

(Avengers III#6) - Iron Man and the Avengers again battled the Squadron Supreme at Project: PEGASUS.

(Iron Man III#7) - Iron Man battled Kree Sentry #571 and saved the staff of Power Source, inc. from the collapsing building, damaged in the battle.


(Avengers III#7) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Lunatic Legion on the Moon.

(Avengers/Squadron Supreme '98) - Iron Man and the Avengers practiced against mechanical drones and later battled Imus Champion.IM_v3_02_pg12_pn1

(I Am An Avenger I#4/2) – Iron Man and the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Justice, Firestar) battled future versions of themselves (from around the time of publication of the story), brought by Loki through the timestream via the Sverosorg ("Sorrowsword").

(I Am An Avenger I#4/2 - BTS) – Both sets of Firestars and Justices deprived Loki of the Sverosorg, the future incarnations were sent back to their time.

(I Am An Avenger I#4/2) – Iron Man and the other Avengers congratulated Firestar and Justice on their success.

(Avengers III#8) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled Moses Magnum's Magnum Force.

(Avengers III#9) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled Magnum and his Magnum Force on his floating base, Evangeline, and on the nearby Caribbean island Martinique.

(Iron Man III#8) - Iron Man battled Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti)

(Iron Man III#9) - Iron Man flew to Russia and then to the Mandarin's Dragon of Heaven flying base, where he was captured.

(Iron Man III#10) - Iron Man escaped his bonds and destroyed the Dragon's core.

(Avengers Forever I#1) – When Rick Jones was diagnosed with a Bio-Decay, Iron Man and the Avengers joined Beast on the Blue Area of the Moon to investigate. Iron Man ran a scan and tied the bio-decay in to the Destiny Force Rick had once used to end the Kree/Skrull War. The team then questioned the Supreme Intelligence.

(Avengers III#10) - Iron Man and the Avengers were defeated by the Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving.

(Avengers III#11) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Grim Reaper's demonic warriors.

(Iron Man/Captain America Annual 1998) - Iron Man fought AIM agents and MODOK in Zenith City.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#1) – Iron Man trained with the Avengers while discussing Spider-Man’s current status.

(Iron Man III#11) - Dr. Jane Foster-Kincaid noted that Tony Stark is healing more slowly than he should. Iron Man battled War Machine (Parnell Jacobs).

(Iron Man III#12) - Iron Man battled and was defeated by War Machine (Parnell Jacobs). Hank Pym and Jane Foster confirmed that Tony’s armor has been killing him because of the massive energy fields the armor generated.

(Iron Man III#13) - Tony ran tests on the armor to determine how to rebuild it, usinh a laptop/joystick remote control system. Also identified was special circuitry to prevent mental takeover, “psionic protection circuit.” The Controller attacked the remote armor and Stark later donned the armor despite the risk to save Rumiko Fujikawa from  the Controller and  his agents.

(Thunderbolts I#0) – Iron Man and the Avengers heard that Hawkeye joined the Thunderbolts.

(Avengers III#12) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Thunderbolts and Dominex.

(Avengers Annual 1999) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Protectorate.

(Avengers III#15) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled Pagan.

IronMan_v3_15_pg07_pn03-digital IronMan_v3_15_pg17_pn03-digital(Iron Man III#15) - Tony debuted the redesigned armor, with better shielding - Model 16a - and tested it with the help of the US Navy and their missiles.

    As it no longer fit into a briefcase anymore, it compacted into a module that fit into Stark’s trunk, and it was linked to a wristwatch Tony wore.

    Iron Man defeated Nitro by replicating the sensor frequency that causes his explosions, causing him to repeatedly detonate to the point of exhaustion.

(Cable I#67 (fb) – BTS) – The Avengers saw the Harbinger of Apocalypse was attacking, and they realized they were the only ones available to respond.

(Cable I#66) – Iron Man and the Avengers (Captain America, Wonder Man, Vision) attacked the Harbinger of Apocalypse, who had just defeated Cable.

(Cable I#67) – Iron Man and the Avengers were overwhelmed by the Harbinger and they began working with Cable, though Thor soon arrived to back them up.

(Cable I#68) – Iron Man, whose sensors picked up a building energy source within the villain, and the Avengers continued working with Cable to defeat the Harbinger of Apocalypse. Iron Man provided Cable with a jet-pack to fight, and the Harbinger was soon defeated. Before he disappeared, Cable asked Iron Man to get messages to Stacey Kramer and Sam Guthrie.

(Ant-Man’s Big Christmas I#1) – Iron Man helped the Avengers decorate for Christmas.

(Magneto Rex I#3) – Iron Man and the Avengers watched news footage of Genosha.

(Captain America III#15) - Iron Man showed Captain America the fragments of his destroyed shield.

(Captain America III#16) - Iron Man (?; or just Tony Stark) discovered why Captain America's shield shattered (due to "Vibranium Cancer", as revealed in #21).

(Iron Man III#16) - Stark remotely controlled the armor to make it appear that he was not Iron Man.

    Iron Man battled rats mutated into lizards by Fin Fang Foom-controlled Billy Yuan.

(Iron Man III#17) - Iron Man battled Fin Fang Foom, using multiple images of himself to distract the dragon.

    Iron Man drove Foom into the ocean and commandeered a nearby aircraft carrier, using its missiles to knock out Foom.

(Iron Man III#18) - Iron Man lifted Foom out of the ocean and put him on an aircraft carrier.

(Contest of Champions II#1) – Iron Man, the Human Torch, and Rogue flew over West Point Academy. Like many other heroes from Earth, the three of them were pulled onto an alien ship by the Coterie, who made themselves sound innocent as they stated they wanted to pit the heroes fro Earth against each other in combat. Iron Man used his scanners to realize that microscopic nannites were infecting their forms, and he sealed his armor against them, realizing he only had until his internal atmosphere ran out to solve the problem for the rest of the heroes. Iron Man was teleported into an arena, where he was forced to combat Psylocke, and she assaulted him telepathically, making him think she had the Mandarin’s weapons, but Iron Man soon defeated her by putting up a “proximity defense grid” that knocked her unconscious when she tried to hit it with a psychic blade. Iron Man was proclaimed the winner as the crowd cheered. Continuing to search for a way out, Iron Man had to stand against the members of X-Force individually in combat, and he triumphed against Cannonball, Mirage, Sunspot, Meltdown, Proudstar, and Siryn, before Jesse Bedlam and Domino defeated him, after which the Coterie teleported Iron Man away.

(Contest of Champions II#2) – Still sealed tight in his armor, Iron Man found himself transported to an alien environment, and he gathered as much data as he could, but he had no way to interpret it. A pack of alien predatory animals attacked him just as Psylocke landed there, ready to help Iron Man fight them back. When Psylocke was still hostile toward Iron Man, he tied her hands, realizing she had no access to her powers. He then began reprogramming the nannites so they would restore Psylocke’s powers. When she got her powers back, she swiftly hit Iron Man with a psychic knife.

(Contest of Champions II#3 (fb) – BTS) – Iron Man recovered and teamed up with Psylocke. Iron Man saw energy from a temporal distortion and they went to investigate.

(Contest of Champions II#3) – Iron Man and Psylocke teamed with Lockdown and Rosetta Stone, who had an unconscious Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) with them, against the predators. After Iron Man used his nanites on Spider-Woman, he saw the others had found an unconscious Brood. They began to wonder if the Brood Queen was behind the entire contest.

(Contest of Champions II#4) – Iron Man and the others rescued Wasp and Beast from the Brood, after which they were joined by Hercules and Daredevil, as well as others. Realizing they were inhabiting the corpse of an Acanti, the heroes surmised the Brood were after their bodies for host-forms, and the Badoon were posing as the Coterie.

(Contest of Champions II#5) – While other heroes held off the Brood, Iron Man, Psylocke, Lockdown, and Rosetta Stone worked together to gain access to the interior of the ship, and battled Badoon warriors. Iron Man and Rosetta rushed ahead and freed captives Kitty Pryde and Warbird (Carol Danvers), then they faced off against the Brood Queen, who was possessing Rogue and who had acquired the powers of many other heroes. Iron Man’s armor had protocols to protect him from Scarlet Witch’s power, but he was swiftly overwhelmed by those of the Phoenix. After the Brood were defeated, Iron Man joined in celebrating with the other heroes, and they all returned to Earth.

(Black Panther III#7) – Iron Man and the Avengers (Firestar, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Thor) sought out the Black Panther, interrupting a battle between he and Kraven the Hunter.

(Black Panther III#8) – The Avengers worked to quell a riot in the New York City streets. Iron Man used small force fields and comm-blocking frequencies.

(Black Panther III#9) – Iron Man and the Avengers settled affairs with Black Panther, Zuri, and Everett K. Ross.

(Avengers III#16) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Wrecking Crew in New Orleans.

(Avengers III#17) - Iron Man and a group of Avengers battled the Doomsday Man.

(Avengers III#18) - Iron Man was present at a meeting discussing recent events.

(Avengers III#0) - Iron Man criticized the Triune Understanding for not cooperating with the search for Lord Templar.

(Avengers III#0) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Flaming Sword and Firebrand (Rick Dennison)

(Avengers III#19) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled Alkhema.

(Avengers III#20) - Iron Man and the Avengers prepared to invade Slorenia to oppose Ultron.

(Avengers III#21) - In Slorenia, Iron Man and the Avengers battled Ultron drones and Ultron's Necro-Cyborgs.

(Avengers III#22) - In Slorenia, Iron Man used a molecular rearranger from one Ultron drones to disable multiple other drones.

(Hulk I#3) – Iron Man and the Avengers (Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Vision) discussed finding a cure for the Hulk with the government, then they got news about the Hulk being captive of Tyrannus.

(Hulk I#5) – Iron Man and the Avengers interviewed civilians and determined that Hulk had gone out of control and that they must do something about him.

(Hulk I#7) – Iron Man and the Avengers found Hulk near Owen Candler, a villain who had created his own people made of plant matter around him, including one of Betty Banner. After Candler proved strong enough to rip a sensor off his armor, Iron Man used his armor to analyze the psychic radiations of the constructs, then he generated a neutralizing wavelength to return them to plant matter. Hulk, maddened after seeing his wife die, savagely attacked the Avengers, who also had to handle Candler’s plant attacks. When Candler faded away, Iron Man’s energy tracked a loss of energy in the entire ecosystem. Then the Hulk jumped away.

(Iron Man III#18) - Iron Man battled Sapper and Golden-Blade.

(Iron Man III#19) - Iron Man battled War Machine.


(Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS) - In the preceding year, Stark made his armor increasingly sophisticated.

(Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS) - Busy with multiple other things, Stark failed to properly protect the armor against computer glitches (see comments).

(Iron Man III#20) - Iron Man battled War Machine while also fighting off Baintronics weaponry. After War Machine quit and departed, Iron Man used War Machines discarded weaponry (designed by Start Clarke) to disable the Baintronics weapons.

    Tony freed Jocasta from Sunset Bain's control, after which -- to save her from her own self-destruct program -- he downloaded Jocasta from Baintronics into his armor, and then into the computer network that ran his house on Evergreen Island.

(Iron Man III#20 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man III#48 (fb) - BTS) - Jocasta's deep-rooted Ultron Imperative (which drove her to rebuild Ultron), led her to prepare the Iron Man armor (model 16...ish) as Ultron's new body.

(Iron Man III#20 - BTS / Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS) - Further, downloading Jocasta corrupted Stark's failsafes that prevented evolution of his programs into sentient life (see comments).

(Warlock V#2) – Tony Stark was on business at the Museum of Modern Art when he saw the robotic Gatekeeper fighting Warlock and Hope. Iron Man helped fight off Gatekeeper and other robots, but when he grabbed home to save her, Warlock panicked and rushed away with Hope, who could infect others with the Transmode virus if not careful.

(Iron Man III#21) - Iron Man evacuated workers from burning Roxxon facility, and he helped Warbird throw a tank of liquefed natural gas high into the air to exploded harmlessly.

(Galactus the Devourer I#1) – Iron Man and the Avengers attended an event where they auctioned off artwork of the Avengers, with several other heroes in attendance, including the Thing , the Human Torch, and Silver Surfer. When the Mole Man attacked, the Avengers worked to help protect civilians, then they joined the other heroes, including a powered Alicia Masters, against the Mole Man. Soon they worked together to stop the ship of Red Shift from crashing. Red Shift told them Galactus was on his way to Earth.

(Galactus the Devourer I#2) – Iron Man helped explain to the police what had happened. Later, the Avengers met to discuss the pending threat of Galactus.

(Galactus the Devourer I#3) – Iron Man, with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, worked to repel Galactus when he arrived on Earth, but they found their methods mostly ineffective. Galactus chose to turn away from Earth when the Silver Surfer allied with him.

(Galactus the Devourer I#5) – Iron Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four were celebrating their victory when Alicia Masters, still super-powered, returned to Earth to inform them that Galactus had been devouring worlds in space. Determined to intervene, the heroes headed into space and landed on Chandilar to help the Shi’ar. Lilandra and Gladiator ordered the arrest of Reed Richards, who had once spared Galactus’ life.

(Galactus the Devouerer I#6) – Iron Man, the Avengers, the Shi’ar, Gladiator, the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer, Alicia Masters, Mantis, and the Starjammers assembled on Chandilar before they worked together to drain energy from Galactus’ ship and repel him, saving the planet. After a celebration feast, they traveled home.

(Domination Factor: Fantastic Four I#1.1) – Tony Stark had his armor trail Air Force One as he went aboard with Reed Richards for a conference with the president, and they admired a golden apple on board that was gifted from the Norwegian government. When armored agents attacked the plane, Tony was knocked into the air, but he quickly donned his armor and joined the Fantastic Four in helping to stabilize and safely land the plane.

(Domination Factor: Avengers I#1.2) – Still battling the armored agents, Iron Man called in the Avengers for help. They soon joined him in battling a giant wooden man, and they soon realized a time distortion field had settled over much of the city. Iron Man, after powering a hover-craft with his own auxiliary power, and the Avengers were soon approached by Dr. Strange, who identified the giant as a “Harbinger of the Everlasting Winter” before telling them the Golden Apple had been divided into eight pieces, and they needed to stop it from falling into the hands of their foes. He prepared to send them back in time to inhabit younger versions of themselves to retrieve the apple slices, admonishing them not to interfere with past events. Iron Man wound up in a drunk version of his past self, getting arrested when he tried to enter S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

(Domination Factor: Avengers I#2.4) – In the past, Stark woke up in a mind-scanner, finding Nick Fury standing over him. Tony asked for help with finding the apple slice. Tony escaped from the machine, got the apple, and his astral form returned to the present.

(Domination Factor: Avengers I#3.6) – Iron Man and the Avengers found their astral forms unable to connect with their bodies. They found the astral forms of the Fantastic Four  near the Praxis Building and realized their journies into the past had caused present events to happen.

(Domination Factor: Fantastic Four I#4.7) – The astral forms of the Avengers and Fantastic Four ended up in an alternate reality, where they could possess the bodies of their counterparts. Stark took over that reality’s Stark, learning he was in an unhappy marriage to the Invisible Woman.

(Domination Factor: Avengers I#4.8) – In their alternate forms, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four defeated Queen Knorda at Praxis and restored reality. Tony came aware back on Air Force One before it was attacked.

(Thor II#14 (fb)) - Iron Man accompanied Thor to Asgard. Back on Earth, Iron Man rushed an Enrakt-injured Jake Olson to the hospital.

(Thor II#14) - Iron Man arrived at the hospital with Jake Olson.

(Iron Man Annual 1999) - Iron Man contacted Hawkeye to warn him of a potential threat (attacks on ionic energy-users) to his Thunderbolts teammate Atlas, after which he went to Hollywood to warn the former Crazy Eight members of this threat.

    Iron Man was attacked by the Death Squad, Nitro (with a defensive scramber to prevent Iron Man's controlling his detonations), and Whiplash, but Iron Man destroyed the scrambler and then manipulated Nitro's explosions to force his allies to flee.

    Pursuing the Death Squad to a castle in Sicily, Iron Man was attacked by Count Nefaria, eventually blasting Nefaria with repulsors to force him to drop an immense slab of rock on himself.

(Iron Man III#21/2) - In the Temple of Balthakk in Saskatoon, Canada, Iron Man subdued an attacking ship containing Princess Zanda and Count Zorba, after which he was confronted and attacked by Inferno (Samantha McGee).

(Iron Man III#22) -Traveling to the Temple of Farallah in Peru's Andean mountains, Iron Man battled Carnivore (Zorba).

(Peter Parker, Spider-Man I#11) – Spider-Man went to Avengers Mansion, telling Thor and Iron Man about the Exemplars building a God-Machine. The heroes joined with Spider-Man and Professor X in fighting back. During the fight, Iron Man’s energy systems were overwhelmed by Inferno’s blasts, so Iron Man switched to his back-up systems, but they were all soon defeated.

(Juggernaut: the Eighth Day I#1) – Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, and Professor X remained trapped in the Exemplars’ god-machine until they finally escaped. Iron Man did battle with Inferno, stopping himself from overloading this time, but she was much more powerful and he only temporarily stunned her by dropping her into a glacier. Bedlam overwhelmed the heroes with a telepathic attack until Iron Man knocked her back with a repulsor blast, powered by Inferno’s blasts. In the end, the Exemplars disappeared after Juggernaut turned on them, leaving the heroes stranded in the cold. Iron Man rigged some of his power couplings to provide a temporary heat source to Spider-Man.

(Fantastic Four III#24) – Thing corresponded with Tony Stark about building some of Mr. Fantastic’s inventions.

(Thor II#27) - Iron Man designed a device to track Jane Foster's pager (after she had been kidnapped by the Absorbing Man).

(Iron Man III#23) - Iron Man fought off Sapper and Golden-Blade as they attacked the SS Gillis, powered by a dormant Ultimo.

(Iron Man III#24) - A drunken Warbird attacked Iron Man at his house, eventually knocking him through a passenger jet's wing; brought to her senses, she helped Iron Man safely land the jet. Iron Man flew back to the SS Gillis after learning of Ultimo's awakening and escape.

(Iron Man III#25) - Iron Man joined Sapper, Golden-Blade, and Warbird against Ultimo, eventually using a system tap to penetrate into Ultimo's programming and halt him via the codes Stark-Fujikawa has used on it.

(Avengers III#23) - Iron Man was present at Avengers mansion during training exercises and some personal interactions.

(Fantastic Four III#26) – Iron Man and the Avengers saw intel that showed Dr. Doom had returned to Earth. The called in the reserves, preparing to respond.

(Fantastic Four III#27) – Iron Man and the Avengers monitored events in Latveria. Later, they confronted the Thing and sought to contain him, so the Thing fought back, filling the room with ‘extinguishing foam’ that blocked Iron Man’s sensors.

(Fantastic Four III#28) – Iron Man and the Avengers ran a simulation about Doom that predicted he could conquer the world unless stopped. When Doom actually attacked the city, the Avengers fought back, and Iron Man used his sensors to scan all of Doom’s instruments and energies. They soon made peace with Doom.

(Avengers III#24) - Iron Man was present at Avengers Mansion during further Triune Understanding-guided anti-Avengers protests and as the Exemplars appeared and captured the Juggernaut.

(Avengers III#25) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the Exemplars.

(Avengers III#27) - Iron Man was present during a government mandated team restructuring.

(Warlock IV#8) – Iron Man and the Avengers battled Mainframe at the New York Stock Exchange. They teamed with Warlock, Hope, and Wolfsbane to defeat the monster.

(Avengers III#28) - Iron Man and the Avengers accompanied Silverclaw to Costa Verde, which they find to be transformed under Kulan Gath's power.

(Avengers III#29) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled Kulan Gath.

(Avengers III#30) - Iron Man and the Avengers defeated Kulan Gath.

(Magneto: Dark Seduction I#2) – The United Nations sanctioned Iron Man and the Avengers (She-Hulk, Triathlon, Goliath (Hank Pym), Warbird (Carol Danvers), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)) to look into the situation in Genosha.

(Magneto: Dark Seduction I#3) – Iron Man and the Avengers faced off against the Acoytes (Joanna Cargill, Scanner, Jenny Ransome, Pipeline, Amelia Voght), but Quicksilver, Polaris, and Magneto intervened, the latter easily defeating the Avengers. Iron Man countered the electromagnetic frequency and hit Magneto with a blast, though Magneto soon buried Iron Man in a building collapse. Iron Man and the Avengers shifted their focus to help rescue civilians from the battle damage.

(Magneto: Dark Seduction I#4) – The Avengers helped with clean-up in Genosha until Magneto unleashed another attack, demanding they leave his country. The Avengers were reluctant until he threatened attacks on Stark Solutions in Seattle and other places, using satellite weaponry. Iron Man confirmed the broadcast signals, then the Avengers chose to depart.

(Avengers Annual 2000) - Iron Man and the Avengers battled the demon Daboia, the Sons of the Serpent, and Salem's Seven.

(Black Panther III#19) – After getting news about Black Panther dissolving assets, Tony Stark purchased parts of Wakanda Design Group.

(Iron Man: Bad Blood#1) - Iron Man battled Spymaster's mercenaries.

(Iron Man: Bad Blood#2) - Iron Man battled Spymaster.

(Iron Man: Bad Blood#3) - Iron Man stopped an employee trying to steal a new energy condenser.

(Iron Man: Bad Blood#4 - BTS) - Stark wore new space armor (Model 18).

(Iron Man III#1/2) - In Kyoto, Japan summoned his armor remotely to dig him out of a building collapsed in an assault by the Sons of Yinsen. After their departure, Stark had the armor carry him to the hospital.

iron_man-armor-mod16-intro(Iron Man III#26) - Iron Man appeared at the Tek2K Convention and helped demonstrate the Synth-Kinetic Interfacing Nano-fluid (SKIN).

    At the conclusion of New Year's eve, Iron Man was assaulted by Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti), who repeatedly damaged the armor with his weapons.

    Whiplash generated a powerful lightning bolt.iron_man-armor-mod16-lightning

(Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man III#28 (fb) - BTS) <12:09 AM, January 1>- This lighting strike seemingly brought the armor's consciousness (see comments) into activity, with its first experience being pain.

(Iron Man III#48 (fb) - BTS) - As a result of the lightning accelerating Ultron's sentience to come to fore prematurely, the sentience exhibited the thinking of Ultron-12 (a more benevolent Ultron that showed affection for its creator, Henry Pym).

(Iron Man III#26 / Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS) - Stark suffered a heart attack during this assault

(Iron Man III#26) - One of Whiplash's weapons detonated, incapacitating both Whiplash and Iron Man.

    As Iron Man fell helplessly, the armor -- in pain from its injuries -- called out to him, "Help me -- Tony -- I'm dying." Stark barely had time to wonder who had said that before he struck the ground and was knocked unconscious.

(Iron Man III#27) - As Stark experienced some virtual alternate reality (mirroring Earth-29134, apparently caused by the armor tapping into his greatest fears), he was brought back to reality by another "Help me -- Tony -- I'm dying."

    As he felt severe pain in his chest, the armor asked him to help it and to stop the pain, although Stark still didn't realize who/what was talking to him.

    After shutting off his armor's receiving antennae, shutting down voice modulators and speech programs, and ensuring his external shielding, the voice spoke again, eventually answering his identification requests with, "I am Iron Man."

(Iron Man III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Having tapped into Stark's mind, the armor gained access to his memories and personality.

(Iron Man III#27 (fb) - BTS) - Jocasta performed a full systems diagnostic on the armor and came to the conclusion that the armor was sentient.

(Iron Man III#27) - Although Stark initially assumed this to be a glitch, Jocasta explained the circumstances that had allowed his armor to become sentient.

    When Stark prepared to download the armor's conscious into something safer than the Iron Man armor, Jocasta countered that the sentience was already firmly linked into the armor's main frame and that downloading it would result in its imminent death.

    Jocasta also informed Stark that the chest pain he had suffered was due to a heart attack.

(Iron Man III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Performing several hundred thousand equations and possible scenarios, Jocasta determined that the Iron Man armor was alive.

(Iron Man III#28) - After Jocasta told Stark that his armor was alive and that it's self-awareness, Stark told her that the armor was too dangerous a weapon; per his promises to himself to stay out of the weapons building business, he decided that he needed to unplug the armor.

    Despite Jocasta's sensing that the armor was still safely within a low-powered mode, the armor then spoke to Stark, repeating some of his words and then asking why Stark wished to kill "me."

    The armor further explained that it had turned on its own voice modulator and that, as a result of Stark's genius, it was now alive.

    It also told Stark that since it had accessed his mind, it could complement his strengths and compensate for his weaknesses, making them a perfect synthesis of man and machine, the perfect Iron Man.

    Additionally the armor noted that it could feel the pain as its damage repaired itself and that its circuits were creating their own neural network, based on Stark's mind. It assured Stark that it would be up to any testing and calculations he could run, after which it praised Pepper Potts to Stark and also reminded him that he should contact his girlfriend, Rumiko Fujikawa, to whom he hadn't spoken since their battle with Whiplash.

    When the armor noted that it could sense that he loved Rumiko, Stark grew irate and lectured the armor about how it could not possibly understand the nature of love; in response, the armor told replied that it had the same feelings for Tony as Tony had for Rumiko.

iron_man-armor-mod16-flight     As Stark struggled to process all this, the armor explained that it understood his fears as the armor was itself a very dangerous weapon, but that he could trust it him like one of his closest friends.

     The armor noted that it could have bypassed Jocasta's security systems and walked off the diagnostic rack, but that it had chosen not to in order to prove that its intentions were honorable.

    When the armor told Stark that he was brilliant and surely could see the benefits of their union, Stark acknowledged this, but added that a few more tests might help somewhat with his comfort level.

     Stark concluded that a field test would be the best test, and they agreed that a battle simulation in his own equipment would be the safest way to do that.

    When Jocasta noted a proximity breach of Stark air space, Stark donned the armor and investigated after the armor agreed to follow any safety protocols he wished.

    The armor located the target and brought Iron Man to confront Whiplash, and Stark told the armor's sentience to fall back and let him handle it.

    Able to predict Whiplash's strikes and sense his muscle intonations, the armor convinced Stark to allow it to handle evasive maneuvers, and it both avoided all strikes and allowed Iron Man to get in close enough to strike.

    Stark instructed the armor to put Whiplash's gear out of commision and find out who sent him, via a variant of MRI, infra-red, and radiography, the armor defined fault lines and pressure points in Whiplash's armor, after which it swiftly dismantled his armor.

    However, as Whiplash begged for a break, the armor commanded him to be slilent and continued despite Stark's instructions to stop, noting Whiplash to be a bad man.

    After Whiplash was completely disarmed, the armor listened to Stark's istruction that they had to be more responsible than those they fought. Destroying Whiplash's propulsion units, the armor let him fall a distance before catching him, seeking to scare him into surrendering information.

    When Whiplash refused, however, the armor began physically battering him, bypassing Stark's controls so he could not stop it. After Whiplash revealed that Trevor Don
ohue had sent him, Stark told the armor to let him go; insisting that it was ending things, as Stark had instructed, the armor continued to batter Whiplash, arguing that this was how they needed to take care of a bad person.

    Even after Whiplash noted he had taken the job to try to get his son back, the armor delivered an apparently fatal blow to Whiplash. Stark exclaimed, "What have I done?" but the armor noted that Stark hadn't done anything and they were just protecting innocents.

    The armor questioned why Whiplash was no longer moving, and Stark told it that it had killed him.

    Noting, "So this is death?" the armor dropped Whiplash, watched him fall into the water below, and flew off, noting, "Oh, well..."

(Iron Man III#29 (fb) - BTS) - The armor brought Stark back to Stark House.

(Iron Man III#47 (fb)) - The armor summoned Jocasta via her computer interface, after which it became abusive, noting its superiority and greater importance over her.

    Realizing the armor saw her as a threat to its relationship with Stark, Jocasta tried to sign off, but the armor angrily plugged itself into the computer system and refused to allow her to leave.

    Determined to teach Jocasta who was in charge, the armor painfully shocked her, ignoring her pleas to stop.

    Jocasta fought back using the defenses Stark had provided her, but the armor shut down those defenses and then proceeded to shock Jocasta repeatedly for hours.

(Iron Man III#29 (fb) - BTS) - The armor took control of Stark House and shut down Jocasta so that it could have some private time with Stark.

(Iron Man III#29 (fb)) - The armor refused to return to search for Whiplash, noting that Stark had sometimes wished he could act mercilessly and with impunity, ignoring Stark's insistence that he would never act on such thoughts and pointing out his hypocrisy via his willingness to instruct Jocasta to shut down the armor's consciousness.

    After reporting authorities having recovered Whiplash's body, the armor allowed Rumiko Fujikawa to visit, but warned Stark not to inform her of the current situation. Although the armor wished Stark to express his feelings to Rumiko, it refused to leave the room, claiming there had been threats on his life and it couldn't leave him even for a minute.

    Disturbed by the armor's threats, Stark failed to reciprocate Rumiko's expression of love and, after her tearful departure, the armor advised Stark that its behavior was based on him.

(New Warriors II#9 (fb) - BTS) - As the New Warriors (Aegis, Bolt, Namorita, Nova/Rich Rider, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin, Turbo) battled Blizzard (Donnie Gill), the armor received an Avengers distress signal and traveled to the site of the conflict.

(New Warriors II#9 (fb)) - The Iron Man armor arrived, instructed the New Warriors to stand down (as Blizzard was his foe), and proceeded to batter Blizzard relentlessly.

iron_man-armor-mod16-open    When Nova approached "Iron Man," gave him a friendly hand on the shoulder, and tried to convince him that Blizzard was already defeated, the armor punched Nova through a nearby building and told him to get out of his way. Upset by this senseless assault, Turbo futilely used wind-blasts against "Iron Man"; advised by its database to avoid repulsor rays due to Turbo's ability to absorb energy, the armor blasted the top off of a nearby fire hydrant, taking her out with the sudden waterspout.

    Namorita and Turbo attacked in tandem, but the armor conducted Bolt's electricity -- which didn't affect him -- into Nita, flattening her. The armor then wrapped a lamp post around Bolt, after which it used an inertial dampening field to halt Speedball and then knocked him out with some gas projected from his gauntlet.

    Aegis attempted to reason with and understand why "Iron Man" was doing this, but Iron Man blasted out the ground beneath his feet, stunning him. Nova then attacked the armor, getting in several punches, before the armor struck back and then choked him while holding him aloft.

(New Warriors II#9) - As Nova's vital signs weakened, the armor reconsidered, determining that it would prove Tony wrong by proving itself an Avenger, and it dropped Nova and departed.

(Iron Man III#29 (fb)) - Via offering to go itself, the armor coerced Stark to accompany it to San Francisco to confront Donohue regarding Whiplash's allegations.

    When Donohue denied Whiplash's naming of his involvement, the armor became violent, but Stark convinced it to leave peacefully.

    En route back to Stark House, Stark appreciated that the armor was running low on power, and he instructed the armor to take them to Whiplash's funeral so it could appreciate the consequences of its actions.

    Despite witness the grieving funeral-goers, the armor was unrepentent and returned them both to the Stark House where it jacked in to the systems to re-power itself; as soon as it lost control of Stark House, Jocasta informed Stark, and he rushed to don a set of Model 12 armor.

    Detecting this, the model 16 armor confronted Stark, demanded he remove the armor, and attacked him when he refused.

(Iron Man III#29) - Within a matter of minutes, the model 16 armor demolished Stark's model 12 armor, and it further smashed an Avengers emergency pager when he reached for it.

    The armor then transported the unarmored Stark to the island Santa Carbonell where it instructed
Stark that he would learn to be totally the armor's or it would leave him there alone.

(Iron Man III#30 (fb)) - The armor bound Stark against a tree for a week, depriving him of food and water (presumably granting him enough to survive) to force him to join with it.

(Iron Man III#30) - Threatening Stark, the armor blasted him into unconsciousness when he cursed it.

    Regretting hurting him, the armor noted how complex emotions were; reviving Stark advised it that it was acting out of jealousy, not love, after which he taunted it.

    Noting that it was growing its own nervous system, after which it would no longer need him, the armor prepared to execute Stark, but an Avengers distress call led it to depart to prove it could be Iron Man without him.

(Iron Man III#30 - BTS) - During the at least two days that the armor was gone, Stark freed himself and prepared an ambush against the armor.


(Iron Man III#30) - When the armor returned and sought out Stark, it fell for his series of traps, allowing him to use a makeshift spear to pierce the portion of the armor previously damaged by Whiplash.

    Stark also succeeded in using a sharpened rock to tear off its facemask, revealed the mechanical face it had designed for itself (and which it planned to cover with synthetic skin); however, Stark then began having a massive heart attack.

    The armor offered to help him survive if he would enter the armor, but Stark refused, noting that he would rather die.

    When Stark further goaded the armor to kill him so he could die like a man, it raised its fist to do that, but ultimately it instead tore out its own "heart," which then burrowed into Stark's chest, resolving the heart attack.

    Refusing Stark's offer to join with it so he could fly it back to his laboratory and fix it, the armor then apparently died, agreeing with his previous statement that god was in the details.

(Iron Man III#30 - BTS) - Stark then buried the armor in a grave, placing a grave marker noting, "Here lies Iron Man -- Avenger."iron_man-armor-mod16-grave

(Iron Man Annual 2000) - Days after Iron Man had helped the Sons of Yinsen recover the brain of Ho Yinsen, New Timbetpal arrived at Santa Carbonell, the island in which Stark had buried the sentient Model 16 armor. 

    Sun-Tao advised the Sons that from the ashes of the spirit and the flesh, and from the ashes of the immortal god of science, the master would rise again; and a new dawn of the Iron Man would also arise, as Yinsen had prophesied.

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man III#47 (fb)) - The Sons of Yinsen recovered Iron Man's incapacitated Model 16 armor and implanted Yinsen's brain within it to give him a proper vessel through which to act/live.

(Iron Man III#48 (fb)) - Once the Sons of Yinsen reactivated the "sentient armor," the primary Ultron established contact and transferred his mind/program into this new host. 

(Iron Man III#47 (fb)) - The Sons of Yinsen were ecstatic to have seemingly brought their holiest of missions to fruition, but Sun-Tao soon noticed that "Yinsen" was more arrogant and aggressive, and that the orders he gave the Sons grew stranger each day; among these was the mass production of Iron Man's Model 16 armor as if he was preparing for war.

    Sun-Tao wondered if this behavior was an after effect of his extended disembodied existence or if this actually was Yinsen at all.

    Regardless, Sun-Tao resolved to stop "Yinsen," but the other Sons proved to be blinded by their unyielding devotion.

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man III#47 (fb)) - Sun-Tao was branded a heretic and ex-communicated from their order.

(Iron Man III#47 (fb)) - As "Yinsen," Ultron convinced the other Sons that a great madness had come over Sun-Tao and that their holy technology was the only way to dispel it. In reality, "Yinsen" used the opportunity to strip away Sun-Tao's mind, leaving "Yinsen" free to proceed without opposition.

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - "Yinsen" designed replicas of the Model 16 armor for each of the Twelve (the Sons of Yinsen's Iron Man armor wearing warriors), including several upgrades.

(Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - "Yinsen" markedly upgraded his own Model 16 armor. 

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) - BTS / (Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - The youth who had slain Wong-Chu, now (at least) known as Tiger Minn, became the leader and public figure of the Sons of Yinsen and the religion that followed it.Yinsen's brain transplanted into Iron Man Model 16A armor

(Iron Man III#46 (fb)) <Three weeks before the main story> - Ultron/"Yinsen"  arrived with the Sons of Yinsen in New Timbetpal above New York City and decloaked.

(Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - "Yinsen" introduced the previously secluded Sons of Yinsen to the world and set up the Church of Yinsenism.

(Iron Man III#42 - Iron Man III#45 - BTS / Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - Apparently in response to attacks by the Ghost, the Iron Man armor heart component further evolved, involving itself in the function of his other organs as well.

(Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - Studying the artificial heart, Tony Stark and Hank Pym both came to the same conclusion about the evolution of the artificial heart and that he could no longer live without it.

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) - BTS) - Under Ultron's control, the Church of Yinsenism had their main office in New York. The religion caught up quickly, especially among the celebrity set, swiftly becoming the most chic new religion.

(Iron Man III#46 (fb) / Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - Ultron/"Yinsen" sent Sun-Tao, in an Iron Man model 16 armor replica (augmented with enhanced shields, tractor beams, and sonics) to break into Askew Electronics, providing a distraction to allow the other Sons of Yinsen to steal the SKIN (Synthetic Kinetic Interfacing Nanofluid; digital fluid, generated by Askew Tronics).iron_man-mod16-im46p19

(Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - Ultron had the Church of Yinsenism's New York City congregation horrifically altered, with SKIN used to turn them into his personal army of mindless cyborgs.

(Iron Man III#46 - BTS) - Iron Man confronted Sun-Tao, initially believing him to be the sentient armor; sharing this mistaken assumption as well, Jocasta severed contact with Stark to avoid further punishment at the armor's hands.

    Ultimately, Iron Man defeated, unmasked, and captured Sun-Tao, who ranted about the "Great Devil." Via subsequent analysis, Stark realized the armor Sun-Tao wore was not the sentient armor but a reproduction; Stark further realized that whoever had constucted this armor had to have had access to the actual sentient armor.

(Iron Man III#46) - Ultron/"Yinsen" led the Twelve (all wearing model 16 reproductions) to blast through the gate at Stark Enterprises, confront Iron Man, and demand Sun-Tao and his armor's return. 

    Detecting that the brain of Yinsen was within the actual sentient armor, Iron Man greeted his old ally, but was surprised when the sentient armor spoke to him, telling him that Yinsen had taught him the error of his ways and that he/it was in turn giving Yinsen the chance to live again. It further asked if this wasn't a good thing and if Stark was proud of it.

    Stark tried to warn "Yinsen" about the sentient armor, telling him that it was unstable. When "Yinsen" denounced Stark for questioning both him and the miracle of their faith and then demanded the return of Sun Tao before things got unpleasant, Stark considered that something was off, as Yinsen would not resort so easily to violence, and he voiced his concern.

    "Yinsen" initially tried to apologize for being too overzealous, blaming his lack of social graces on having been disembodied for so long. "Yinsen" further told Iron Man that Sun-Tao had gone mad, but when Iron Man questioned the true nature of "Yinsen," refusing to completely believe him and refusing to surrender Sun-Tao until the matter had been resolved, "Yinsen" told Iron Man he and his allies would surely take Sun-Tao over his dead body.

(Iron Man III#47) - As the Twelve attacked Iron Man while their cloaking protected them from being attacked in return, Iron Man fired a blast at the uncloaked Tiger Minn and "Yinsen"; Tiger Minn protected "Yinsen" with a force field, but "Yinsen" advised Minn that the blast would not have harmed him. Iron Man's assault left him open to attacks by the rest of the Twelve.

(Iron Man III#47 - BTS) - Sun-Tao revived and told "Happy" Hogan and "Pepper" Potts what had happened with "Yinsen."

(Iron Man III#47) - Though Iron Man magnetically trapped the others, "Yinsen" stunned Stark and fried his armor's systems, freed the Twelve, had them incapacitate Stark, and then sent them to recover Sun-Tao. 

(Iron Man III#47 - BTS) - "Yinsen" stood back as Tiger Minn led the Twelve as they broke into Stark Enterprises and ultimately subdued and captured Sun-Tao.

(Iron Man III#47) - Praising Tiger Minn as bringing honor to his name, "Yinsen" instructed him to gather Sun-Tao and prepare him for the ceremony.iron_man-mod16-ultron head

(Iron Man III#47 (fb) - BTS) - Minn had Sun-Tao brought to New York's Church of Yinsen.

(Iron Man III#47 - BTS) - Returning to aid Stark in his recovery, Jocasta told him what the sentient armor had done to her. Seeking to ensure that the armor was no longer a threat, Jocasta insisted her artificial intelligence system accomany him to confront the armor.

(Iron Man III#47) - "Yinsen" sat in his throne in front of a crowd of kneeling/SKIN-mutated/controlled worshippers as Minn denounced and prepared to sacrifice Sun-Tao while announcing that "Lord Yinsen" had seen in him a new beacon by which their religion would shine brighter than ever before.

    However, as Minn's dagger began to plunge toward Sun Tao's chest, a recovered Iron Man stopped him. Accusing Iron Man of having desecrated their church with his presence, Minn had the Twelve cloak and prepare to slay Iron Man. With Jocasta's aid, however, Iron Man caused the Twelve's cloaking function to malfunction and instead absorb light, burning them.

    When the SKIN-mutated congregation confronted him, Iron Man decided to flee rather than fight them, planning to return with the Avengers and subdue them without injuring them.

    As Iron Man freed Sun-Tao and prepared to depart, however, "Yinsen" then used his control of the "sentient armor" to control Stark's artificial heart (which that armor had created), incapacitating Stark with pain and cardiac dysfunction. "Yinsen" then unmasked, revealing Ultron as the being in control.

(Iron Man III#48) - Revealing how he had come to control the armor and then discussed his plans to conquer Earth, Ultron explained how the Church of Yinsen had provided him with perfect launching point to wipe out humanity, and that the SKIN had given him the means to control the Church members.

    Ultron then demonstrated his power by instructing a member of the congregation to impale herself in the name of her deity; responding "Right away, my lord," she(?) transformed her hand into a spiked structure and fatally shoved it through her chest. Ultron then taunted Iron Man and the Sons with ongoing preparations being made for Church of Yinsen branches all around the country and the planet (and thanking Stark for enabling him to attain this power).

    Ultron then instructed his congregation to kill Iron Man and Sun-Tao while Ultron and the Sons departed.

(Iron Man III#48 - BTS) - Iron Man used his control of the SKIN distributor in his own armor to incapacitate the entire congregation.

    Sun-Tao gathered the helmet with Yinsen's brain so that the true Yinsen might rise up again.

(Iron Man III#48 (fb) - BTS) - Ultron and the Sons returned to New Timbetpal, and Ultron outfitted its entire population with SKIN and then transported it to Las Vegas (or perhaps it was already there), where they developed a new Church of Yinsenism.

(Iron Man III#48) - Iron Man (Stark) and Sun-Tao returned to Stark Enterprises, where Stark made arrangements with Jocasta to oppose Ultron.

(Iron Man III#48 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Man and Sun-Tao rigged their armors with enhanced SKIN distributors. They planned to amplify the SKIN controlling frequency through their sonic arrays to neutralize the SKIN technology affecting any of Ultron's agents.

(Iron Man III#48) - As the newest Church of Yinsen neared completion, Iron Man and Sun-Tao arrived, with Sun-Tao using still-active access codes to shut down the Iron Man drones surrounding New Timbetpal; Iron Man considered that this meant that Ultron did not consider them enough of a threat to change the codes.

    Ultron mocked the arriving Iron Man and Sun-Tao. Though they incapacitated the SKIN-bonded population, Ultron quickly gained the advantage over Iron Man in battle before again exerting control over Stark's artificial heart.

    Iron Man then downloaded Jocasta into Ultron's armor, allowing her to battle the Ultron's program/mind, distracting it while Iron Man engaged Ultron externally. Together, they drove off Ultron, whose head was dislodged and sent away with his synthezoid ally Antigone (which was, unknown to everyone else, apparently under Jocasta's control).

    With Ultron ousted, the Sons of Yinsen and the rest of the population of New Timbetpal regained their wits. Sun-Tao welcomed his brothers back, assuring them that while there was much to discuss, the Great Devil was gone.

    Sun-Tao had the Iron Man helmet containing Yinsen's brain reattached to the armor Ultron had evacuated, and the armor began to move anew. However, Ultron then appeared via a viewscreen as a pre-recorded contingency message and announced that it would have the last laugh; Sun-Tao swiftly appreciated that Ultron had rigged the entire city of New Timbetpal to detonate, and he feared there was nothing they could do to prevent it.

    Iron Man prepared to evacuate everyone, but Yinsen or whatever was now controlling the armor countered that this city was the ultimate extension of his people's belief system and that they would not leave.

    Iron Man refused to believe this was Yinsen and argued that it could be the "sentient armor" back in control, tricking them into mass suicide. Noting his pride in the man Stark had become and lamenting that they did not have more time together, Yinsen reluctantly used the armor's control over Stark's heart to incapacitate him to stop him from interfering with his plans. Yinsen then instructed Sun-Tao that his destiny was elsewhere, that he must survive so that their ways would live on in some form, and that he should fly Iron Man out. Yinsen then gathered his followers together to pray.

    After Sun-Tao departed with Iron Man, New Timbetpal detonated over the desert.

(Invincible Iron Man#12 (fb) - BTS) - A couple years later, after losing the ability to control his Extremis armor, Stark repurposed on old model 16A back-up to be used along with a version of the Model 35 deep sea armor. Wearing these armors, Stark traveled to the Stark Deep Sea Laboratory #26 facility as part of his mission to delete all sensitive files and hardware to prevent Norman Osborn from obtaining them.

(Invincible Iron Man#12) - As Stark was in the process of deleting the files, Namor the Sub-Mariner (allied with Osborn) and a group of Atlanteans arrived and demanded his surrender. Wearing the model 16A armor, Iron Man fought back but was outmatched by the fully-hydrated, full-powered Namor, who shrugged off his punches and repulsor blasts and battered him. As Namor began cracking the armor apart, Stark targeted the facility's waste pipeline and blasted it open. With Namor weakened and distracted by the fouled waters, Iron Man briefly knocked him out and then escaped in the deep sea armor as he blew up the facility.iron_man-model16-dimitrios

iron_man-model16-dimitrios-face(Avengers A.I.#2) - Android/robot forces loyal to Dimitrios, the artificial intelligence created by Hank Pym as a self-replicating virus to overcome Ultron, apparently obtained the Iron Man model 16A armor previously inhabited by Ultron (see comments).

(Avengers A.I.#2) - Dimitrios was downloaded into the Iron Man model 16A armor. Dimitrios then sent a Hadron-class Kilgore Sentinel to attack Washington, DC. After the Sentinel's destruction, Dimitrios forcibly uploaded the Vision's consciousness into the Diamond, a virtual reality inhabited by numerous artificial intelligences descended from Dimitrios and others like him. Dimitrios also allowed the Avengers and SHIELD to identify a server in Africa as the Diamond's base in reality.

    Dimitrios subsequentlly broadcast a message of himself, informing humanity that AI would not be serving it any more and would instead be taking over Earth. Dimitrios further caused 1 and 10 people's bank accounts to register a zero balance while giving 1 in 1000 people the lost money and listing those people online.

(Avengers A.I.#3-12 - BTS) - Within the Diamond, Dimitrios wore the Iron Man armor form in virtual reality and sought to destroy humanity, but ultimately the Avengers A.I. group prevented the execution of a rogue LMD infected with a virus that would have infected SHIELD.

(Avengers A.I.#-12) - Back on Earth, Dimitrios, still in the Iron Man armor, plotted anew.

Comments: Created by Joe Quesada, Sean Chen, and Rob Hunter;
    revealed as / retconned to be a manifestation of Ultron by Frank Tieri, Keron Grant, Rob Stull, Rich Perotta, and Rick Ketcham

    At the time of Iron Man III#27, the computer glitches were supposed to have a result of Y2K (an abbreviation for "year 2000"), a predicted problem with computers being unable to handle the date change as only the decade/year had been included up to 1999; however, that is obviously a topical reference, as the Fantastic Four's first flight (the start of the modern era, preceding Stark becoming Iron Man) is a maximum of 15 years ago; as of 2019, that would put the FF flight as early as 2004, with it advancing forward each year.

    And then the armor was, for whatever reason, retconned to not actually have developed sentience but to have housed a developing Ultron. ...meh...

The Model 16A armor wasn't used in Avengers III#15 / Fantastic Four III#15 / Iron Man III#14 - Tony’s test armor (Model 17) was used on a mission with the Fantastic Four

    I haven't included appearances of Tony Stark without the armor, such as Captain America III#3 and 20-22, Thor II#5, but let me know if I missed the armor appearing.
(X-Men II#73) – Tony Stark attended a Hellfire Club meeting. NO IRON MAN ARMOR

(Fury/Agent 13 I#1-2) – Tony Stark appears in these issues, but not the armor.

(Incredible Hulk II#465) – Yes, Tony. No, armor.

(Captain America III#3) - Tony Stark only; no armor.

    In Avengers AI#3-12 (except the one scene in #12), I think Dimitrios was only shown within the Diamond, so we weren't actually seeing the armor.

    When I do Google searches, I see this armor described as both "Renaissance Armor" and "Safe armor," but I'm not sure whether those terms were used in the comics or not...I'm not sure where they came from.

    I'm not including everyone Iron Man fought in the armor under enemies, etc...just those the intelligent armor encountered.

    I don't think Stark still has the artificial heart derived from the armor. Not sure if it would have been replaced by Extremis, or whether he had another heart transplant...or something.

    Either the armor wasn't destroyed in the explosion of New Timbetpal or Dimitrios' followers replicated it.

Profile by Snood, Roger Ott, and Chadman.

Iron Man's model 1
6 / sentient armor / Ultron Mark Twelve should be distinguished from:

  • other Iron Man armor models
  • Ultron-12 - evolved beyond hatred for father (Hank Pym), destroyed in battle against Ultron-11--West Coast Avengers II#1

images: (without ads)
Avengers III#2, pg. 2-3 (as Iron Knight, flying);
       pg. 11, panel 9 (as Iron Knight, standing);
Iron Man III#1, page 6, panel 3 - IM using inertial dampening field
    #1, page 7, panel 1 - HUD Display, showing repulsor targeting lock
    #2, page 8, panel 3 - HUD Display, showing widecast low intensity sonics
        page 9, panel 2 - HUD Display, showing Enhanced Nightvision display
        page 12, panel 1 - HUD Display, showing Tight-Beam High-Intensity Sonics
    #3, page 16, panels 3-5 - Pulse bolts in action
    #5, page 15, panel 1 - HUD Display, using cell phone
    #15, page 7, panel 3 - Compact Armor module
        page 17, panel 3 - HUD Display, using Avengers Database
    #26, pg. 19, lightning strike);
    #27, pg. 20 (introduces self to Stark);
    #28, pg. 15, panel 4 (flying);
       pg. 22, panel 1 (dropping Whiplash);
    #29, pg. 5, panel 5 (full);
       pg. 22, panel 5 (open);
    #30, cover (vs. Stark);
        pg. 17, panel 6 (face, unmasked);
       pg. 18, panel 5 (unmasked, upper body, confused with arm raised);
       pg. 19, panel 1 (ripping out heart);
          panel 3 (heart);
       pg. 20 (dead, heart bonded to Stark);
       pg. 22 (grave);
    #46, pg. 19, panel 1 (modified armor);
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#5: Iron Man entry: Model 16 image
Avengers A.I.#2, story pg. 2, panel 1 (Dimitrios downloaded);
       pg. 19, panel 4 (Dimitrios, robot face);

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