OBLITERATOR mothership

Classification: Extra-terrestrial engine of destruction

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Fantastic Four III#33 (September, 2000)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Obliterator mothership existed as a machine, programmed to destroy the entire population of any species it encountered. Its internal security systems included robot drones equipped with energy blasters and the mothership contained thousands of creches containing nigh-indestructible Obliterator constructs. The mothership was able to fly through interstellar space and was semi-sentient, as it could sense and recognize threats.








(Fantastic Four III#34 (fb) - BTS) - Built by unidentified creators millennia ago, the Obliterator mothership was programmed to completely wipe out any species it encountered. Eventually, surviving the destruction of its own creators, the Obliterator mothership continued to travel through space, causing the extinction of alien species.

(Fantastic Four III#33 (fb) - BTS) - The Obliterator mothership had made a name for itself as a scourge of interstellar space.

(Fantastic Four III#34 (fb)) - Despite no warning or declaration of war, the Obliterator mothership released its semi-sentient weapon, the Obliterator, onto the homeworld of the Z'ylztaya aliens.

(Fantastic Four III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Destroying the homeworld of the Z'ylztaya alien race, the Obliterator pursued the survivors (who had been off-planet at the time), intent on destroying them as well. The fleeing Z'ylztaya ship entered a wormhole and managed to escape the Obliterator ship. Years later, an experiment by the Fantastic Four's Mr. Fantastic drew the Obliterator ship's attention towards Earth.

(Fantastic Four III#33) - The Obliterator mothership arrived on Earth above the Arizona town of Revelation, having traced the probe sent into space by Mr. Fantastic straight to Earth.

(Fantastic Four III#34) - When Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, and Z'ylztayan survivors Quinn and Miranda flew near the Obliterator mothership to investigate it, the mothership released the creche containing an Obliterator weapon. The Obliterator immediately set about destroying the town of Revelation despite attempts from the Thing at halting its progress. The townsfolk of Revelation also fought back, shooting at the Obliterator with no avail. As the Obliterator continued its swath of destruction, the Fantastic Four, Quinn and Miranda flew into the Obliterator mothership and detonated a chronal energy-bathed crystal, causing the mothership to be ripped apart and its atoms dispersed into various points in time.



Comments: Created by John Moore, Salvador Larroca and Art Thibert.

The Obliterator mothership was never seen in its entirety, only in closeups, hence the lack of decent images.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Obliterator mothership has no known connections to


The Obliterators were weapons used by the mothership of the same name. Upon arriving on inhabited planets, the mothership released a creche containing an Obliterator, which then took on a form similar to the inherent species of the planet. In that form, the Obliterator set out to thoroughly destroy every living thing on the planet. When the mothership arrived on Earth, it released a creche containing a humanoid Obliterator that set about destroying the town of Revelation. Shrugging off all attacks, the Obliterator halted when the mothership was torn apart by a chronal crystal. Becoming a hollow shell without instructions from the mothership, the Obliterator was easily destroyed by the Thing.

Obliterators, programmed by the Obliterator mothership to destroy, were incredibly strong and durable. At least one was able to withstand blows from and easily swat away the superhumanly strong Thing. Without constant programming from the mothership, however, the Obliterator lost its powers and became inert.



--Fantastic Four III#34

images: (without ads)
Fantastic Four III#33, p22, splash page (Closeup of the Obliterator mothership, main image)
Fantastic Four III#34, p3, splash page (Obliterator mothership releasing the Obliterator weapon while the FF dodge)
Fantastic Four III#34, p5, pan2 (Obliterators)

Fantastic Four III#33 (September, 2000) - John Moore (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Fantastic Four III#34 (October, 2000) - John Moore (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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