Real Name: Harlan Silverbird

Identity/Class: Human, technology user, mutate

Occupation: Silver miner, businessman, astro-terrorist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: (former) Randi Moore

Enemies: Moon Knight, Randi Moore

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A custom-landscaped Caribbean island

First Appearance: Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51 (June, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Harlan Silverbird was a skilled martial artist, and wore a suit composed of antarctic vibranium which made him invulnerable to metal-based attacks, and would deflect all metal-based weapons flung at him. Prolonged use of the suit ultimately granted him the power permanently.

Silverbird also designed the vibranium projector, designed to bring down satellites using antarctic vibranium radiation. He also had a private army of mercenaries, and kept a pack of powerful guard dogs on his island.

History: (Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51 (fb) - BTS) - Harlan Silverbird was a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in silver. Believing that the future of all business was in space, he invested into antarctic vibranium, aware of the metal's ability to destroy other metals. He then lured Randi Moore away from NASA to assist him with his project, to establish the satellite Silvermoon into space and down all other satellites, granting him 100% control over all satellite transmissions. In order to establish a safe orbit for Silvermoon, Silverbird began to bring down satellites with a vibranium projector which emitted antarctic vibranium radiation into space.

(Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51) - Just as the vibranium projector was bringing down the last of the satellites, Moon Knight invaded Silverbird's island and fought his way past Silverbird's dogs. Silverbird decided to face Moon Knight personally, and easily held up against his attacks because of his antarctic vibranium. Unable to best Silverbird, Moon Knight fled from him to stop the projector just as Silvermoon was launching, and turned the projector on Silverbird's base, destroying it and causing a power feedback that destroyed Silvermoon. Moon Knight then toppled over the projector on top of Silverbird and Randi Moore.

Moon Knight dug into the wreckage and pulled Randi to safety, but when he lowered his staff to Silverbird, Silverbird found that his own anti-metal aura prevented him from holding on to it, and that prolonged exposure to his device made it impossible to turn off his power. Moon Knight was forced to abandon Silverbird as the debris collapsed upon him.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Dave Hoover, and Keith Williams.

by Prime Eternal

Harlan Silverbird should not be confused with:

Silverbird's Vibranium projector was a non-metallic weapon designed to fire upon satellites in orbit using antarctic vibranium radiation which would cause them to fall apart, thus securing a safe orbit for Silverbird's own satellite, Silvermoon. The projector succeeded in destroying all of its targets, but was then used by Moon Knight to destroy Silverbird's own base, causing a power feedback that destroyed Silvermoon just as it launched. Moon Knight then destroyed the projector by toppling it over.

--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51

Randi Moore was a former NASA scientist who was lured away to work for Silverbird on his vibranium projector, unaware of his project's goals. She turned against Silverbird when she realized what his intentions were, and alerted Moon Knight to the projector's location so that he could destroy it before Silvermoon could be activated. Moon Knight managed to save her from Silverbird's island when the projector was destroyed.

--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#51

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