Membership: Ganglia, Hazmat, Savant, Silverback

Purpose: Obeying Ubiquitor

Affiliations: Ubiquitor

Enemies: The Galactic Guardians; Heimdall; Woden

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe, Earth-Guardians

First Appearance: (as a team) Galactic Guardians#3 (September, 1994)

History: (bts) Ubiquitor's emissaries were deamed the best of the galaxies that she had destroyed. Being the best, they were chosen to work for her after their respective planets/galaxies/dimensions were destroyed.

(Galactic Guardians#1) While a mysterious organism grew inside the computer system of the Galactic Guardians' base, Silverback found himself on the rainbow bridge to Asgard. Encountering Heimdall, it's protector, Silverback easily defeated him and prepared to snap his neck, when Woden, son of Thor, arrived.

(Galactic Guardians#2) Their battle getting too big for their location, Woden teleported himself and Silverback to Earth. Back at the Guardians' headquarters, Replica, who had made contact with the mystery organism, was starting to lose control of her shapeshifting powers. The Spirit of Vengeance, on a routine trip through space, found Hazmat spraying Firelord, who wasn't looking too good. Crash-landing on Earth, Woden and Silverback battled into the Great Lake, where a giant crab-monster grabbed them. Mainframe and Hollywood's battle was finally interrupted by a spaceship crash-landing on Neptune. Trying to help the creature inside, Savant took over the minds of both Hollywood and the mechanical Mainframe. Hollywood and Mainframe were blinded only with their rage, and they finally gave in to a full-on battle that had been broiling up for over a thousand years. Back at the Guardians' HQ, a severely burnt Firelord tried to warn Martinex, when Ganglia emerged from Repl09¤

(Galactic Guardians#3) Above the planet Klatuu, the Spirit of Vengeance and Hazmat battled, but Hazmat was unable to harm the Spirit, who eventually drove his Hellfire wheeled motorcycle through his body, knocking him out. Ganglia launched an attack on Martinex, but thanks to his freezing powers, he was able to escape with Replica. His exit was short-lived, however. Having watched Hollywood and Mainframe beat each other unconscious, Ubiquitor calls Savant away. Back on Earth, Woden uses a large electricity jolt to fry the crab, allowing himself to escape, dragging the defeated Silverback behind him to the surface. As Ganglia advanced on Martinex, the Spirit of Vengeance used his Hellfire on him, then Firelord lit him up a little more. While Martinex argued with the Spirit to take Replica to sick bay, Ubiquitor showed up and took Ganglia away, behind their backs. Hollywood and Vision, who got better, returned to Guardians' HQ, just in time to see the arrival of Ubiqui09¤

(Galactic Guardians#4) Hollywood wasn't long with the other Guardians though, as he charged Silverback and flew him straight up into space. Savant this time decided to take on the entire Mainframe computer system, but this time Mainframe was just too much, and Savant's mind was fried. While Ubiquitor teleported Giraud away, Hazmat and Ganglia were left to the rest of the Guardians. The combined efforts of Firelord and Martinex were enough to melt Hazmat, and, turning into a Vobiscan Sponge (Think very big and very ugly), Replica soaked up his body, keeping him from re-forming. The Spirit of Vengeance then allowed Ganglia access to his body, and while trying to bond with the Spirit, Ganglia was dragged to Kauri (Hell). While Hollywood and Silverback battled, Mainframe teleported them to the site of a black hole, where, despite Hollywood's best efforts, Silverback was sucked in.

COMMENTS: Created by Michael Gallagher and Kevin West

If these were the best of the universes Ubiquitor destroyed, it's possible she was just starting REALLY light... You know, practice universes.

It may be possible Silverback was strong enough to survive being sucked into a black hole, but probably not.

What was with Replica being able to take Hazmat into her (Minds out of the gutter, kids) with no problems? Not even indigestion?

The use of Ubiquitor's emissaries reminds me of some other mysterious intergalactic characters. The Celestials use of various beings and Galactus' use of Heralds, in particular. Could Ubiquitor be related to Galactus and/or the Celestials? More discussion in her own profile

Profile by: Zerostar


Savant of Earth-Guardians should not be confused with...

Silverback of Earth-Guardians should not be confused with...

Ganglia looked kind of like a big insectoid brain. It could combine with other people's bodies and take them over. It also had tentacles that it could grow to great lengths.
--Galactic Guardians#1 (Galactic Guardians#1-4

Hazmat was a being of pure toxic waste. It's touch er... Splash, was enough to extinguish Firelord's flames, but he also fell to them later on. Despite his power, he was quite physically comical.
--Galactic Guardians#2 (Galactic Guardians#2-4

Savant could control the minds of others and reprogram them to do his will. This wasn't limited to sentient computers, as he took over the mind of one of Mainframe's Vision droids, but his capacity is limited, as the feedback of trying to take over Mainframe himself was too much for him to contain. He was also height-challenged (To be PC)
--Galactic Guardians#2 (Galactic Guardians#2-4

Silverback was the bruiser of the group. His strength likely reached Class 100, as he was durable and strong enough to go toe to toe with both Hollywood (The Earth-Guardians future version of Wonder Man) and Woden (Thor's son.) Much like other stereotypical bruisers, Silverback wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I guess you don't need much smarts for smashin'
--Galactic Guardians#1 (Galactic Guardians#1-4


images: (without ads)
Galactic Guardians#3, p22 (main image)
Galactic Guardians#2, p22 (Ganglia)
Galactic Guardians#4, p10, pan2 (Hazmat)
Galactic Guardians#4, p2, pan2 (Savant)
Galactic Guardians#1, p19 (Silverback)

Galactic Guardians#1-4 (July-October, 1994) - Michael Gallagher (writer), Kevin West (pencils), Steve Montano (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)


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