Type: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-7511

Environment: Earth, with minor modifications

Usual means of access: Vibrational Attunement. The Black Lama utilized the Golden Globe of Power, an invention (possibly of Teller's) that served as an inter-dimensional transporter.

Dominant Life Form: Humans (Black Lama/King Jerald and Princess Susan, Baron and Baroness Rockler, King Richard (unnamed), Lord Professor Teller (all of Grand Rapids)); other Kingdoms include the Boston Republic and Nova Scotia, as well as the nation of the Menomenee.

First Appearance: Iron Man I#80 (November, 1975)

History: While the specific details are unknown, in this reality, the landmass that would be the USA never organized into a political unit. The culture is European, with small principalities and kingdoms. The technology of this reality is further advanced than that of Earth-Prime. Some fundamental difference between the dimensions causes natives of Earth-Fragmented America to develop progressive mental delusions and insanity the longer they remain in Earth-Prime, and vice-versa

The former ruler of the Kingdom of Grand Rapids, (Richard Nixon, unnamed), left his office in disgrace. The new king, Jerald (Gerald Ford), was unable to cope with the stress and used an interdimensional transporter, aka the Golden Golbe of Power, to escape to Earth. Once on Earth, he was afflicted with a madness that caused him to assume the identity of the Black Lama. While Jerald was gone, his daughter, Princess Susan ruled as regent. However, the Baron and Baroness Rockler sought to take over the throne for themselves.

The Black Lama eventually returned to his world, regaining his sanity and original personality in the process. He brought with him the Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Firebrand (Gary Gilbert) of Earth-Prime. The three were instantly ambushed by the soldiers of Rockler, who wished to stop Jerald from retaking the throne. Firebrand ended up siding with Rockler's forces, in hopes of gaining the rule for himself. Iron Man sought only to return Firebrand to his own Earth, to keep Roxanne Gilbert (Firebrand's sister, Tony Stark's girlfriend) happy. Both Iron Man and Firebrand were afflicted by the same madness which had gripped the Black Lama, but Iron Man overcame this, defeated Firebrand and Rockler's forces, and returned himself and Firebrand to Earth-Prime. King Jerald reassumed the crown.

Comments: Created by Mike Friederich and Chic Stone.

In case you didn't get it, the former king was Nixon, and the Black Lama was Gerald Ford. I'm not sure if the Baron Rockler was Nelson Rockefeller, or someone else. (I'm much better with fictional history).

Baron Rockler was the husband of the Baroness Rockler, and initially led his soldiers in the revolt against King Jerald. He died when the Baroness poisoned his drink to take over his role.







Baron Rockler's soldiers used a variety of weapons, most of which were designed by Lord Professor Teller. They also used hand-held ray-guns.








Baroness Rockler is the widow of the Baron Rockler, whom she slew to take over his role. She worked closely with Lord Professor Teller, and also with Firebrand when he offered his help against Iron Man. She did not trust Firebrand, and planned to execute him when he outlived his usefulness. She was knocked out when the robot blew up while she was within its head. Her fate is unknown.







Black Lama-see his own entry.

The dragon robot was a creation of Lord Professor Teller. It channeled the flame of Firebrand into bursts of fire-breath. It required an onboard operator within its head to control it. It was destroyed when Iron Man plugged up its mouth, causing the heat to build up and explode it.









Lord Professor Teller was an agent of the Baron and Baroness Rocker. He designed the advanced weaponry which they used in their attempted coup. His weapons include the Neutronic Imploder and the dragon robot. He was knocked out when the robot blew up while he was controlling it from within its head. His fate is unknown.






The Neutronic Imploder was a large, mobile-treaded, energy blaster, and allegedly nothing could stand up to its power. However, Iron Man blew it up before they could use it on him.






The Nulatrons were robots, Nul-1-4, sent by Teller to destroy Iron Man, who made short work of them. They appeared to possess superhuman strength and were constructed from ordinary steel.








Susan was the daughter of King Jerald/Black Lama. She assumed the role of regent after his appearance, but was happy to see his return. She joined him against the Rocklers, and relinquished the leadership to him after their defeat.






Iron Man I#80 (November, 1975) - Mike Friedrich (writer), Steve Englehart (plot assist), Chic Stone (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Iron Man I#81 (December, 1975) - Mike Friedrich (writer), Chic Stone (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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