Real Name: Azimuth

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional magic user; possibly former extra-terrestrial (Hodomur; see comments)

Occupation: Ruler of an extra-dimensional city & the Crucible's guardian

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsCentury, her city's residents

EnemiesBroker and his Bodyguard Cadre (Esh-Uta, Kerth, Onyx, Skarla, Skewer, Slug, many more), Gene-Batch Warclones (Sixteen, Thirty), Imogen, Nohm,
Tyrmean brain-stem parasites
possibly: Lore, Scatter (see comments)

Known Relatives: Imogen (possibly sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An unnamed extra-dimensional city

First Appearance: Century: Distant Sons (February, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: She was an over 100 year old woman that possessed telepathic abilities and great magical powers she used to animate dead materia, trap enemies in force bubbles or travel around in her astral form. Besides that she was the keeper of the Crucible and ruler of a city that was occupied by many different beings.



(Century: Distant Sons (fb) - BTS) - Azimuth met Century under unknown circumstances in the past.

(Century: Distant Sons) - As soon as Azimuth detected the arrival of Imogen and her staff, she animated the area to attack them, then showed herself in her astral form and told them to drop their weapons before trapping them in a force bubble in which she brought them to her city. There she told them that they were unwelcome in her stronghold especially Imogen. She released Imogen and her staff from the force bubble and realized that the rumors about Imogen being a great and terrible power weren't true. Azimuth showed her sister Imogen the Crucible and told her that she would never leave the city with it. Then Azimuth turned to Imogen's staff and berated Imogen's willing accomplices Nohm and 30. She saw Century and knew that he wasn't there willingly. She freed him of the Tyrmean brain-stem parasite by removing and killing it with her bare hands while she talked to him about him being used all his life and his happy time with Force Works which she could all see in Century's mind. Shortly before Azimuth could tell Century something he should know about Imogen, Azimuth was blasted by Imogen with an unknown magical blast. Azimuth's mind was destroyed and she fell into a coma and Century could learn no more about his past from Azimuth.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Jim Calafiore & P.L. Palmiotti.

Among the residents in Azimuth's city were Tintin & Milou (Snowy in English) the famous duo known from "The Adventures of Tintin" written by Belgium author Georges Remi better known as Hergé.

Who and what was Azimuth?

Azimuth is the name for the angle of the horizon. I don't know what Abnett & Lanning intended with Imogen and Azimuth, but there were remarks made by both that let me think a little bit about them.

Century knew Azimuth's face from a long forgotten past. She could've been from one of the worlds Century led the Scatter to or she could've been a Hodomur and therefore creator of Century. If she was Hodomur this could've been an indicator that Century didn't have much time left because she had already waited 100 years for Imogen in this strange dimension.

Then there was the strange connection between Azimuth and Imogen. Azimuth waited 100 years for Imogen to arrive at her stronghold and she called her sister, malign witch and great and terrible power. Was Azimuth a surviving Nexus of a world destroyed by the Scatter and devastated by Lore (could even be the Hodomur's homeworld)? Or were Azimuth and Imogen both daughters of their worlds' Nexus.

Azimuth's city inherited many different beings. I only spotted twice beings that originated from one and the same world for sure. Was Azimuth's city a refuge for other Nexi or the last survivors of destroyed worlds? Or was the dimension wherein Azimuth's city resided a place in between used to travel to other dimensions so that the people in her city where just travellers?

Azimuth had great power over everything in that strange dimension, but I'm not sure if she really was that powerful or if the Crucible just enhanced her powers. I also wonder if Azimuth was merely the ruler of her city or if she had created it.

My favorite possibility for Azimuth would be that she was the Hodomur's Nexus, Imogen's sister and that she created that city holding the Crucible as a resting place for extra-dimensional voyagers.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Azimuth has no known connection to:

The Crucible has no known connection to:

Azimuth's city

It was a city built in a strange dimension where physics didn't work the same way they did normally with people walking on ceilings left, right, up and down. It is unknown how the city was created. It hung like a wasp's nest at the appendix of a net-like surrounding. Everything about the dimension and the city itself stayed a mystery.

--Century: Distant Sons








It was a magical item of unknown origins and unknown powers. Azimuth kept it in her city until Imogen stole it. Consequences of this theft couldn't be determined yet.

--Century: Distant Sons




Azimuth body shot: Century: Distant Sons, p36, pan2
Azimuth head shot: Century: Distant Sons, p36, pan3
Azimuth's city: Century: Distant Sons, p34, pan5
Crucible: Century: Distant Sons, p36, pan2

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