Real Name: Imogen

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial magic & technology user (possibly Hodomur; see comments)

Occupation: Thief

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsNohm, Sixteen, Thirty, Tyrmean brain-stem parasites
    formerly: Broker, Century
    possibly: Lore (see comments)

EnemiesAzimuth, Broker and his Bodyguard Cadre (Esh-Uta, Kerth, Onyx, Skarla, Skewer, Slug, many more), Century
    possibly: Scatter (see comments)

Known Relatives: Azimuth (possibly sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Century: Distant Sons (February, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: She was an over 100 year old extraterrestrial with vast magical powers she could use to trap people in a field that could destroy their mind or knock them out. She possibly could persuade others telepathically into serving her which would explain her unlikely associates. She also used a handgun and a control device (similar to Broker's control bracelet) to excite Tyrmean brain-stem parasites into a feeding frenzy.

(Century: Distant Sons (fb) - BTS) - Imogen met Century under unknown circumstances in the past.

(Century: Distant Sons (fb) - BTS) - For 100 years Imogen tried to find the Crucible.

(Century: Distant Sons) - Imogen met with Broker on Memoriam and bought Century from him. She paid Broker fifteen billion in adjusted credits and got a duplicate of his control bracelet to keep Century obedient. After Broker left she ordered Sixteen to remove Century's shackles. Century knew her from somewhere, but she told him that he was mistaken and ordered Nohm to explain the mission to Century. Imogen told Century that she had been familiarized with his history by Broker, mocked him about not finding Lore, and asked him how many years he had still left, but he couldn't answer her. Century teleported Imogen and her staff to the dimension she wanted to go and they were all attacked by the surroundings. A short time later they were trapped in a force bubble and brought to a city by Azimuth. She told them that they weren't welcome, especially Imogen who acted unconcerned and was shown the Crucible. Imogen showed her true powers when Azimuth tried to tell Century something about Imogen, and she attacked Azimuth with a magical blast. Imogen went for the Crucible and hit Century with another blast. She fled with the Crucible while Century fought against Broker.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Danny Lanning, Jim Calafiore & P.L. Palmiotti.

Who and what was Imogen?

I don't know what Abnett & Lanning intended with Imogen and Azimuth, but there were remarks made by both that let me think a little bit about them.

Century knew Imogen from his past, but he couldn't remember from where. She was not a nice person like Azimuth, and if Century knew her from his past she was most likely associated with or actually was one of his earliest foes. It could be that Imogen was a treacherous Hodomur probably even the one that worked together with Lore against the Hodomur's Nexus. This could've been even more tragic if Azimuth and Imogen where really sisters. There mother could've been the Nexus or Azimuth was the Nexus. Imogen mocked Century about not finding Lore and there is another far worse possibility.

Sure Lore is dead and we at the Appendix were pretty sure that Abnett & Lanning meant the Lore (also created by Abnett & Lanning) destroyed by Scarlet Witch when she was mentioned in Century: Distant Sons, but death in the Marvel Universe is nothing definite and Lore was a very powerful being. Her spirit could've survived and with a new body she could've returned to her old evil deeds, but weakened as she was she needed something like the Crucible. This would explain why Century felt that he knew her as she was his main target.

Azimuth called Imogen sister, but the rest about hearing rumors about Imogen's powers and being surprised by her attack felt like Imogen and Azimuth never met before. It could also be that they lived separated for so long (100 years at least) that they didn't know how much the other one had grown in power. It could also be that sister was meant metaphorically and they were never intended to be sisters.

My favorite version would be that Imogen helped Lore against the Hodomur's Nexus who was none other than Imogen's sister Azimuth. Both wanted the Crucible to gain more power, but Azimuth left with it in the chaos of her world's destruction through the Scatter. Since then Imogen searched for the Crucible.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Imogen has no known connection to:

Gene-Batch Warclones have no known connection to:

Nohm has no known connection to:

Gene-Batch Warclones

The Gene-Batch were a race of clones living in castes. Sixteen and Thirty were heavily armed Warclones who got involved with Imogen at an unknown point in their life. They accompanied Imogen to Memoriam where she bought Century from Broker. Sixteen removed Century's shackles. Afterwards they were both teleported to the dimension Imogen sought to go. Sixteen died fighting the animated surroundings. Thirty was brought to Azimuth's city in a force bubble along Imogen, Century and Nohm. There he was berated by Azimuth who questioned if there was no nobler cause for him to fight for. Thirty was knocked out by Century when he tried to protect his mistress Imogen from him. After Imogen was gone and Broker was dead he joined the crew on Broker's former spaceship to get back home.

--Century: Distant Sons





He was a Quo Modari who got involved with Imogen under unknown circumstances. He accompanied Imogen to Memoriam where she bought Century from Broker. Nohm explained their mission to Century and showed him where Imogen wanted to go. Nohm was teleported to the dimension Imogen sought to go and was surprised when his scanning device didn't work there. He threw it away and was brought to Azimuth's city in a force bubble after an attack by the animated surroundings. There Nohm was berated by Azimuth who wondered how a pacifist communicator could've been drawn into such a plot. After Imogen was gone and Broker was dead, he told Century that Azimuth's mind had been destroyed by Imogen's attack. Nohm joined the crew on Broker's spaceship afterwards to get back home.

--Century: Distant Sons

Imogen body shot: Century: Distant Sons, p24, pan1
Imogen head shot: Century: Distant Sons, p36, pan3
Thirty body shot: Century: Distant Sons, p31, pan1
Sixteen head shot: Century: Distant Sons, p24, pan1
Nohm head shot: Century: Distant Sons, p24, pan1

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