Eugenix (Seven, Nine & 


MEMBERSHIP: One, Four, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Twelve
PURPOSE: Terrorist strike force
AFFILIATIONS: Agents of Genecide
Enemies: Psionex, New Warriors (especially Namorita)
FIRST APPEARANCE: New Warriors#63 (September, 1995)

HISTORY: Eugenix are a superhuman strike force assembled or created by Genecide to carry out her evolutionary terrorist ideals; besides their leader Genecide, each member is designated with a number, and possess a single common superhuman power. Eugenix sterilize those they deem unfit to perpetuate the human race, and kill those who drain society's resources excessively just by continued life. Certain of the Eugenix commandos, specifically One, Four and their leader Genecide, can visually analyze a target's genetic structure, learning everything from what their recessive traits are, to what mutations or genetic defects they possess, and make their judgments from their. Eugenix have been seen to attack medical clinics, where plenty of 'unfit' people will be gathered, and also strive to shut the clinics they attack down by draining the institutions' funds and destroying their medical records. Through these activities, they seek to restart human evolution by removing the clutter of people who are only alive because of modern medicine.

(New Warriors I#63)-Eugenix attack Meditek, a clinic owned by the Taylor Foundation, with surgical precision -- only to be waylaid by Firestar, who has come to the clinic in her civilian identity of Angelica Jones to find out if her microwave powers are damaging her body. Firestar defeats several Eugenix, but is brought down by Genecide. However, Night Thrasher (secretly Dwayne Taylor, owner of the Taylor Foundation), Rage, and their current team Psionex arrive, and face off against Eugenix.

(NWI#64)-Psionex make short work of Eugenix while Genecide tries to flee, taking Firestar's doctor as a hostage when Firestar and Night Thrasher follow her. Meanwhile, the New Warriors, alerted by Firestar, arrive and attack Psionex, assuming their old sparring partners are the aggressors. Genecide holds Night Thrasher and Firestar at bay while she explains her actions, but Night Thrasher shoots her in the neck with his machine pistol, and a stray shot hits the doctor in the shoulder. Genecide heals her injured neck, and tells Thrash that perhaps he isn't as advanced as his DNA, which makes him uncomfortable. Eleven swoops by in Eugenix's aircraft, and Genecide tosses the doctor to the heroes and grabs hold of a ladder and escapes. The other Eugenix members are turned over to the police, some of them quite badly beaten by Psionex.

Eugenix's Aircraft(New WarriorsII#1)-At their hidden headquarters, Genecide informs her soldiers of their next target, their first high-profile one: Namorita of the New Warriors, a minor celebrity and also a clone, a science Genecide has deemed evolutionarily counterproductive.

(NWII#2)-Seven, Nine and Twelve observe Namorita as she approaches scientific firm Hermiston Research, and report back to Genecide who tells them to stick to the plan and not engage her. Namorita meets Dr. Lowell, who she hopes can help her find out why her body has been mutating so much recently. Lowell leads her to an analyzer machine and straps her down, then morphs into Genecide! Eugenix gather around Genecide, as she explains to Nita "Your death will be the first salvo in my war against mankind's venture into cloning." Namorita frees herself, and is attacked by Twelve and Four, who she uses her new acid-touch on. Genecide takes a look at her genetic structure and finds it fascinating, while Nita signals the other Warriors. The Warriors arrive just as Namorita, restrained by Seven, is about to be incinerated by Twelve, and pair off with members of Eugenix; Namorita takes Genecide, who tries to bargain with her -- she can see Nita's genetic structure after all, and explain what's happening to it. Nita doesn't fall for it, so Genecide orders Contingency Plan B -- Twelve attacks the life-support machinery of Hermiston's cloning tanks, and Nine sets fires; while the Warriors concentrate on saving the clones, Eugenix escape.

COMMENTS: Created by Evan Skolnik and Patrick Zircher.

Presumably there are/were other members of Eugenix labeled Two, Three, Five, Six, Eight, and Ten, but we'll probably never see them.

In addition to their powers, Eugenix all seem to have fluctuating skin and hair color. Four was caucasian during the Meditek mission (her hair going from gray to blonde back to gray in the course of an issue), but became african for the Namorita operation; Seven was introduced caucasian, but was suddenly african the next issue; Genecide started out with bright purple hair and blue eyes, which changed to orange-brown and dark brown respectfully, and then her hair darkened to a normal brown; and Eleven started with red hair, and became a brunette later on.

In their first appearance Twelve ('Carl') had optic blasts, while Nine projected fire from his hands, but when they attacked Namorita, Twelve was represented as having both powers, in addition to Nine being on hand.

Genecide and the Eugenix, with their evolutionary and terroristic themes, could fit in a Captain America story or an X-title, though they probably won't. It would be especially fitting for Genecide and the High Evolutionary to meet, as they work towards the same goal, with completely different motivations and methods.

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Members of Eugenix

GenecideGenecide, the leader of Eugenix, is an african-american woman who can "see" the genetic make-up of every person she encounters (in her own words "Every dominant trait, every recessive gene, every minor mutation"), and interpret what every single nuance means. She can also mentally manipulate her own genetic structure, enabling her to morph into a completely different human form or heal severe radiation burns and bullet wounds in only a few seconds, just by concentrating. The full scope of her powers is as-yet unrevealed, as is her history. The motivation for her personal crusade lies in her powers themselves; she can see all the "defective" people around her, those that would be (should be in her view) dead if it weren't for modern medicine, and she believes that unless she does something about it, human evolution will cease, and with it, our advancement as a race. She doesn't see her mission as a political agenda, but as something of a 'divine mandate.' She carries 'smoke stun' bombs and energy nets, and can generate energy from her hands, in the form of projected attacks or to take 'samples' from especially interesting specimens (like Firestar, whose powers and morality she praised heavily). Though of african heritage, she has blue eyes and purple hair, and has a double helix-shaped mark running down her face, which might be a tattoo or face-paint, but is more likely a 'birthmark,' either natural or caused by her genetic manipulation powers. Presumably she instilled her 'gene sight' powers in her agents One and Four, and possibly others of her Eugenix soldiers.

One/I handled computer-related operations during Eugenix's assault on Meditek, and possessed a superhuman leaping ability similar to the Toad, as well as sharing Genecide's power to see other people's genes. Absent in the kidnapping of Namorita.

Four/IV carried out 'genetic cleansing' on the patients of Meditek, using superhuman speed and guns which either sterilized or killed those patients she deemed unfit. She attacked Namorita when she broke her bonds, and engaged Aegis when the Warriors arrived. Like One, she could also peer into the genes of others. Female.

Seven/VII was Eugenix's token Generic Strongman, introduced during their attempted murder of Namorita. He was strong enough to restrain her, but didn't seem to have the upper hand when he tangled with Nova.

Nine/IX shot fire from his hands to burn Meditek's records, and seems to be the least reliable of the group, being told not to tell jokes in his first missions and doubly-reminded to stick to the plan during the second.

Eleven/XI (Rupinski) piloted Eugenix's aircraft, and shot ice from her hands to delay police vehicles. She participated in the Namorita mission, but didn't act until the Warriors intervened.

Twelve/XII (Carl) attempted to keep an exit clear during Eugenix's attack on Meditek using his optic heat beams, only to be incapacitated by Firestar. Participated in the Namorita operation; his heat beams helped Eugenix recapture Nita, and could have led to her death.

Four (IV)Twelve (12)

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