Classification: Extraterrestrial (created either in the Dromisana Galaxy or on Counter-Earth; see comments)

Creator: Presumably the New Men serving the Man-Beast

Possessors: Man-Beast and his New Men (notably Kohbra and Rhodan and his Hounds of Helios; likely Barachuudar, Cobrah, Haukk, Lizhardus, Monck, Pih-Junn, Rhodan, Snakar, Triax the Terrible, Weezhil, others)

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#1 (April, 1972);
Marvel Premiere#2 (May, 1972)

wundagore-3-manbeastship-mp2-mboffice-tube.jpgPowers/Abilities/Functions: Wundagore-3 was a base on Counter-Earth and possibly derived from the ship the Man-Beast and his New Men used to return to Earth's solar system.

    It certainly had communication screens via which the Man-Beast could contact his minions and vice-versa audio-visually.

    It also contained transport tubes through which the residents could travel to and from different levels.

wundagore-3-manbeastship-mp2-mboffice-rhodan    If it was indeed rebuilt from the ship, it could travel intergalactic distances, presumably via some form of faster-than-light travel and/or accessing space warps. 

(Marvel Premiere#1 (fb) - BTS /
(Marvel Premiere#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Man-Beast and his New Men (including Kohbra) secretly returned to Earth's solar system from the Dromisana to which the High Evolutionary had banished them. The Man-Beast covertly monitored the High Evolutionary's activities.

(Marvel Premiere I#1 - BTS) - When the High Evolutionary became exhausted by the process of creating his Counter-Earth and collapsed, the Man-Beast led his New Men to invade the Evolutionary's asteroid base.

    After Him (soon to be Adam Warlock) helped the Evolutionary fight off the Man-Beast and his New Men, they fled to Counter-Earth.

(Marvel Premiere#2 (fb) - BTS) - From within their base, Wundagore-3, the Man-Beast assigned Kohbra of his New Men to find Him, with all of Wundagore-3's resources placed at his disposal.

    Via their spy-eyes, Kohbra located Him in Southern California. Anticipating the Man-Beast's interest in sending someone to liquidate Him, Kohbra arranged for Rhodan and his Hounds of Helios to accomplish this.

(Marvel Premiere#2) - Man-Beast summoned Kohbra, noting that it had been hours since his assignment, reminding him that he had access to all of Wundagore-3's resources, and demanded a report on his progress.

    Kohbra noted that their spy-eyes had located Him in Southern California.

    At the Man-Beast's query, Kohbra summoned Rhodan; approving this decision, the Man-Beast dispatched Rhodan and his Hounds of Helios to slay Him. 

(Marvel Premiere#2 - BTS) -Warlock defeated Rhodan's hounds, then used his soul gem to transform Rhodan back into a normal rat, which was apparently slain by a barn cat.wundagore-3-manbeastship-mp1-mb-seatedinshipwundagore-3-manbeastship-mp1-ship

CommentsCreated by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, and Dan Adkins.

    So, the term Wundagore-3 is only used after Man-Beast and his New Men are supposed to have transported from the High Evolutionary's asteroid base to Counter-Earth.
    As there seems to only be hours from their arrival at the end of Marvel Premiere#1 and Kohbra being summoned by the Man-Beast in Marvel Premiere#2, I think it is most likely that Wundagore-3 is the ship that they used to return from the Dromisana Galaxy and then they used it as a base on Counter-Earth.
    Unless there was still some time warp influence (of which the Man-Beast should have had no control), I don't see how they could have established an advanced base with extensive resources in just a few hours.
    The base was not shown from the exterior. I will continue to review the New Men's Counter-Earth appearances throughout the Warlock series and then the Incredible Hulk to see if there are more appearances/references to Wundagore-3, and I will add them here if I find them.
    While the Man-Beast would not have direct knowledge of the world of Wundagore II, he presumably was able to see the High Evolutionary's recordings of events, which is why his Wundagore was Wundagore-3...But then...(see clarifications)

Profile by Snood.




Wundagore-3 should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads):
Marvel Premiere#1, pg. 16, panel 4 (Man-Beast seated in ship);
       panel 5 (ship);
    #2, pg. 10, panel 1 (Man-Beast on viewscreen summoning Kohbra);
          panel 2 (Kohbra reporting to Man-Beast's office);
          panel 5 (Rhodan arriving in Man-Beast's office);
       pg. 11, panel 2 (Rhodan using tube to depart Man-Beast's office)

Marvel Premiere#1-2 (April-May, 1972) - Roy Thomas (writer), Gil Kane (pencils), Dan Adkins (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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