Classification: Extradimensional (Earth-14101), terrestrial device

Creator: The Leader (Samuel Sterns)

User/Possessors: The Leader

First Appearance: Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1 (October, 2014)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Mental Manipulator could boost the intelligence of anyone hooked up to the machine by harnessing natural lightning. The boosting of the user's intelligence granted them advanced thought-control abilities including telepathy sufficient enough to manipulate the minds of an entire city and telepathically freeze opponents where they stood. A side effect of its harnessing of lightning was that it generated extreme cold and frost.


History: (Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1 (fb) - BTS) - In an effort to boost his own intelligence, the Leader designed the Mental Manipulator and installed it in an orange grove clearing in Orlando, Florida. As the Leader took over the minds of the local police to cover up the construction of the Mental Manipulator, the extreme cold and frost emitted as a byproduct of the Machine caused the local orange groves to die. The Leader eventually sent his Humanoids to attack Orlando, Florida, manipulating the minds of the police, who were unable to see any threat at all despite Orlando native boy Peter and his mother yelling for help.

(Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1) - When the Leader's Humanoids' attack on Orlando, Florida drew the attention of both the Avengers and the local hero Captain Citrus, Citrus informed the Avengers of the clearing and construction going on in a nearby orange grove. Realizing it couldn't just be a coincidence, Captain America had Captain Citrus lead them to the orange grove, where the Leader's Mental Manipulator loomed large, harnessing lightning from the heavens. Busting through the outer hull of the Mental Manipulator, the Avengers and Captain Citrus found the Leader hooked up the Machine. The Leader quickly froze the heroes where they stood and had his Humanoids capture them while he monologued his plan to increase his intelligence using the Mental Manipulator. While the Leader gave his speech, Captain Citrus managed to free himself and despite the Leader's attempts to get Citrus to side with him, Captain Citrus flew outside and used his solar pods to absorb the lightning that the Mental Manipulator was harnessing. Eventually destroying the Mental Manipulator absorption dish, Citrus freed the Avengers, who made short work of the Leader and his Humanoids.

Comments: Created by Ralph Macchio, Kev Sharpe, Rick Magyar, Don Ho, Allen Martinez, Victor Olazaba and Joe Rubinstein.

Profile by Proto-Man.

 The Mental Manipulator should be distinguished from:

Peter and "Momma"

Peter and his "Momma" were victims of the Humanoids' attack on Orlando, Florida. Running from the Humanoids, "Momma" begged for help from the local police who, due to the Mental Manipulator's interference, were unable to see any danger at all. Realizing that no one would help her, "Momma" told Peter that they had to hide just before the Avengers arrived on the scene.

--Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1

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Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1, p7, pan2 (Mental Manipulator harnessing lightning, main image)
Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1, p8, pan2 (The Leader hooked up the internal parts of the Machine)
Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1, p1, pan1 (Peter & "Momma")

Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus#1 (October, 2014) - Ralph Macchio (writer), Kev Sharpe (pencils), Rick Magyar, Don Ho, Allen Martinez, Victor Olazaba, Joe Rubinstein (inks), Bill Rosemann (editor, creative director)

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