Real Name: Lena Ivana

Identity/Class: Human (Bosnian; see comments) magic item user

Occupation: Works in the morgue at St. Jude's Hospital

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Morgan Michaels (Morbius' alter-ego), Rayessa, Jack Russell, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal

EnemiesMartine Bancroft, Joey, Morbius, Mouth, Phelps, Reid, Tadj

Known Relatives: Binka Ivana (brother), unidentified mother & uncle

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: St. Jude's Hospital, New York City;
formerly Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (see comments)

First Appearance: Morbius#25 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: An unidentified mystical amulet from her home country enabled her to turn into a bird and possibly other creatures. She didn't know how to use the power of the amulet and only used it accidentally once when she was in grave danger.


(Morbius#25 (fb) ) - During the war Lena was getting fire wood for her family. Upon her return to her mother and brother she saw them die in an explosion.

(Morbius#32 (fb) ) - Six months after the death of her mother and brother, Lena lived with her uncle. He found two men who were willing to smuggle Lena to America where she could work with children. At the church he gave her an amulet that had been hidden at the church for centuries. He promised that it would protect her if she protected it as well. The boy Vladimir arrived with weapons he got from Mouth and Joey and told Lena's uncle that they were ready to take Lena with them.

(Morbius#25) - Lena was smuggled to the United States by Mouth and Joey, who then brought her to the Jagged Club. She didn't want to go there, but she soon stopped resisting when Mouth threatened to hit her. She met the club's boss Phelps in his office and later was brought upstairs by him to meet the psychotic Reid, who had paid 10.000 $ for an untraceable woman like Lena. Lena tried to escape and didn't let Reid into the room when he arrived, but she wasn't strong enough to hold onto the doorknob. He entered and pulled Lena to him with his lasso. He then made her clean his boots. She began to cry which made Reid even angrier because he didn't give her any reason yet to cry. Reid began to tie up Lena and told her that he would slaughter her like a little lamb. Lena realized that he was really going to kill her and hit Reid over the head with his grinding machine. Morbius then arrived and she watched him attack Reid. She ran out the door and saw Phelps and Mouth. She returned to the room with Morbius and Reid still inside. Morbius took her and flew with her to a nearby roof. Despite Morbius saving her life she hated him because he was a ruthless murderer. She wanted to leave the roof immediately over a fire ladder.

(Morbius#26) - Morbius didn't want to let her go alone. After she told him her name he wanted to take her home, but she didn't have a home. He still couldn't understand why she hated him so much. Lena was in pain because a rib was cracked, but she didn't want Morbius' help. She climbed down the fire ladder and Morbius gave her some money. She took it because her purse was still at the Jagged Club. Because of her injury Morbius told her to go to St. Jude's Hospital and see Dr. Morgan Michaels (Morbius alter-ego). Lena then just left and went to a diner to get something to eat. She got some clothes at a 2nd hand shop in change for her current outfit and then went to Port Authority Bus Terminal at the 422nd where she had put all her belongings into a locker. After taking a few wrong turns in the tube system, she arrived at the bus terminal. She didn't have the key anymore because it was in her purse, so she didn't get her belongings. Unfortunately for her, Phelps' henchmen had the key and waited for her at the bus terminal as well. She ran away from them and escaped in a cab to St. Jude's Hospital because her rib was still bothering her. There she met Dr. Michaels, who examined her. In the end it was really just one cracked rib. Dr. Michaels ordered Lena to rest. Over a coffee she told Dr. Michaels how she got to America and what happened since her arrival. Dr. Michaels then brought Lena to the doctors' rest room where she could get some sleep. Lena thanked him with a kiss.

(Morbius#27) - During Dr. Michaels' absence Lena took a job at the morgue because nobody wanted to do it and therefore they didn't ask for her papers. For a second Dr. Michaels thought she was dead until he saw her working there. Lena then told him that she had to return to the Jagged Club to get her possessions especially a trinket that was given to her by her uncle. Dr. Michaels asked her to give him 24 hours to return her belongings to her before she went on her own.

(Morbius#28) - 24 hours later Dr. Michaels' had still not returned her belongings. Lena wrote a note for Dr. Michaels and left to get her stuff back because she thought Dr. Michaels had been not brave enough to do it. Before she could take a bus to the Jagged Club, Dr. Michaels stopped her and gave her the bag with her belongings. She found the amulet and thanked him, but Dr. Michaels was in pain due to his bloodlust. He told her that she could go to Dr. Weisenthal if she needed anything and then left.

(Morbius#29) - The next day at the morgue a sleazy journalist offered Lena money for any good information on who is sleeping with who. Lena thought he offered her money to sleep with her and slapped him. Later Jack Russell and Dr. Weisenthal brought the recently deceased Morbius to the morgue. Lena recognized the monster and screamed. When she calmed down she decided to do her job, but Dr. Weisenthal told her that she didn't have to.

  Lena was taken to Morbius' private funeral by Dr. Weisenthal. Others attending included Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Caretaker, Brother Voodoo, Werewolf, Blade and Martine Bancroft. Lena gave a speech at the funeral about Morbius. Meanwhile inside the coffin Morbius was awakened by the Dwarf. He heard Lena's voice and dug a way to the surface. Lena had already left the funeral when he returned alive in front of the others attending.

(Morbius#30) - On a snowy night Lena walked through a part of the city with chic clubs. She saw a man pushing a girl into a limousine and told him to let her go, but he told her that it was none of her business. She called the police, but when they arrived to help her, they realized that the man was Tadj from the Celsian embassy. He asked them to arrest Lena, which the police didn't do either, but they had to explain her that they couldn't do anything against Tadj because he had diplomatic immunity. The police officer invited Lena to a restaurant, but she was afraid that he would find out that she was in the country without papers and left. The next night Lena met Dr. Michaels in hospital again. She decided to ask him for help against Tadj to help the woman she had seen. Lena waited for him after work when Dr. Michaels was called to the emergency room.

(Morbius#31) - While waiting for Dr. Michaels, Lena decided to put on the amulet from her homeland. Lena wrote a note for Dr. Michaels and went to the Celsian embassy. She hoped Dr. Michaels would soon join her there. A few minutes later Dr. Michaels arrived to read the note. Dr. Michaels met her at a coffee shop across the Celsian embassy and she told her about the woman the ambassador had violently taken to the embassy. Lena wanted to go into the embassy that night to talk to the woman. After Lena had left Dr. Michaels learned more about the woman, who was the ambassador's sister Rayessa. That night Lena and Dr. Michaels tricker their way into the embassy when Lena claimed to be Rayessa's hair stylist and Dr. Michaels knocked out a guard. Inside the embassy Tadj saw Lena and sent a guard after her, but the amulet transformed Lena into a bird and she flew to safety. She didn't even realize that she had been turned into a bird on her search for Rayessa's room. She disarmed Tadj when he entered Rayessa's room and watched Morbius carry Rayessa to the street. She transformed back into a woman when she arrived on the street as well, but Rayessa, who had taken poison, was already dead. Dr. Michaels then used his psychic abilities to wipe Lena's memory of seeing Morbius that night.

(Morbius#32) - After talking a little bit more about Rayessa's death at Dr. Michaels' apartment, Lena and Michaels spent the night together. Martine Bancroft watched them from their warehouse loft across town and she was really angry at Lena. The next morning Lena was happy, but she was afraid of what he wanted to tell her later and left after leaving a note on the door while Michaels showered. Lena went to a park and remembered how she got the amulet from her uncle and then went to work. Martine Bancroft visited Lena at the morgue and revealed to her that Dr. Morgan Michaels was also Morbius. Lena couldn't believe it and confronted Dr. Michaels, who didn't deny that he was Morbius. Her heart was broken and she didn't want to hear his lies anymore and ran away. He followed her to the morgue, but she just wanted him to leave her alone. Michaels left like she wanted it and soon he transformed into Morbius again.

Comments: Created by Lisa Trusiani, Craig Gilmore & Rick Bryant.

This story was published at the time of the Yugoslav Wars. Because Majka is Bosnian for mother, Lena has to be of Bosnian heritage.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Lena Ivana has no known connection to:

Joey has no known connection to:

Mouth has no known connection to:

Phelps has no known connection to:

Reid has no known connection to:

"Amulet of Change"

(Morbius#32 (fb) ) - The amulet was hidden for centuries in a church, but the church had become a target in the war and Lena's uncle wanted her to keep it safe by taking it with her to America. He told her that the amulet would protect her if she protected it as well.

(Morbius#26 - BTS) - Along with her other belongings the amulet was left in a locker at the Port Authority bus terminal. Phelps' henchman Joey had the key and took her belongings to Phelps after Lena had escaped them again.

(Morbius#28) - Morbius retrieved Lena's belongings from the Jagged Club and she was happy when the amulet was still in her bag.

(Morbius#31) - Lena decided to wear the amulet. She wore it when she and Dr. Michaels broke into the Celsian embassy. It transformed her into a bird when she was in danger to be caught by the embassy guards. The power of the amulet transformed her back into a human when she had escaped the embassy.

(Morbius#32) - Lena wasn't wearing the amulet anymore, but she kept it with her in her purse. She started to think about the things her uncle said about the amulet. She put it around her beck again and went to work.

--Morbius#28 (Morbius#32 (fb), 26 - BTS, 28, 31-32

Joey & Mouth

Joe(y) (left image) and Mouth (right image) were employess of Mr. Phelps.

(Morbius#32 (fb) - BTS) - Mouth and Joey gave weapons to Lena's uncle and took her to America with false promises.

(Morbius#25) - They brought Lena to the Jagged Club. Lena didn't want to go into the club and didn't understand why Mouth and Joey had their guns pulled at her. The situation was watched by an elderly man, who was beaten up by Mouth so badly that he had to be brought to St. Jude's Hospital.

  Later that night Joey had a drink with Phelps, who told him to bring Lena to balcony two at 3:00. Phelps then told Joey that Lena was for Reid, who was paying 10.000 $ for an untraceable woman. Meanwhile Mouth stood at the bar and stared at a prostitute named Luna. At around three Joey got Lena her costume and brought her to balcony two along with Phelps. Back at the bar Mouth had a drink with Phelps and they decided to go upstairs and watched the closed-circuit monitors because the bar was empty. Upstairs they saw that Lena was trying to escape, but they failed to stop her when Morbius flew with her to a roof.

(Morbius#26) - Phelps was mad at Joey and Mouth because a customer, who was paying for their protection, was dead and the untraceable girl was gone. Phelps ordered them to get back Lena Ivana and her freaky friend. Mouth was so scared that he tried to win enough money gambling that he could leave the country. Joey on the other hand had found the key to the locker where Lena had left her belongings and he was sure they would find Lena at the locker. They found the locker and then waited for her, but she was able to run away from them and then escape them for good in a cab because Joey and Mouth lost their cab to a raging woman.

(Morbius#28 (fb) - BTS) - For their continued failures Phelps shot Mouth and Joey in his office.

(Morbius#28) - Morbius found their dead bodies.

--Morbius#25 (Morbius#32 (fb) - BTS, Morbius#25-26, 28 (fb) - BTS, 28


Phelps was the owner of the Jagged Club.

(Morbius#25 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Phelps took over the Jagged Club, a brothel. He made a few changes business wise and granted to his clients all their wishes including untraceable girls from overseas. One of those girls was Lena, who was brought to the United States by Phelps' henchmen Mouth and Joey. Some of the other girls didn't like the changes because it had become really dangerous to work for Phelps.

(Morbius#25) - Phelps talked to Lena in his office after she had been brought to the Jagged Club. At the bar he told Joey to bring Lena to balcony two at 3:00. He revealed to Joey that Reid was paying him 10.000 $ for an untraceable woman and Lena would be this woman.

   Later that night Phelps brought Lena upstairs. The same night Morbius entered the club and Phelps offered him a few of his girls, but Morbius wanted upstairs, which wasn't possible because the room was currently occupied. A short time later at the bar Phelps decided to go upstairs himself to check out the closed-circuit monitors. He and Mouth ran into Lena, who tried to run away. They failed to stop her because Morbius flew to a roof with her.

(Morbius#26) - Phelps was angry at Mouth and Joey because a costumer, who had paid for their protection was dead, and Lena was gone. He ordered them to find the girl or he would feed them to the animals at the Bronx Zoo.

(Morbius#28 (fb) - BTS) - Phelps shot Joey and Mouth in his office for their failures.

(Morbius#28) - Morbius broke into the seemingly deserted Jagged Club and found Phelps inside behind the bar. He attacked Phelps, who tried to shoot him, and then beat him up badly. Morbius wanted Lena's belongings from Phelps and the phone number of the person, who did the restraints at the Jagged Club. Phelps gave Morbius both and then got hung up at his legs. Morbius called the police, which soon arrived to arrest Phelps.

--Morbius#25 (Morbius#25 (fb) - BTS, 25-26, 28 (fb) - BTS, 28


He was a pretty sick and disgusting customer of the Jagged Club. He paid Phelps 10.000 $ for an untraceable girl, who he could kill. Unfortunately the girl was Lena, whose arrival at the Jagged Club came to Morbius' attention. Dressed as a cowboy Reid arrived in the club. He went upstairs to Lena, who didn' let go of the doorknob at first. When he finally entered the room he became her worst nightmare. He made her clean his shoes and became angry when she began to cry. He then began to tie her up and was ready to slaughter her like a little lamb, but Lena hit him with the grinding machine Reid had brought to the room. The grinding machine injured Reid's ear. A few seconds later Morbius entered the room through the window and killed Reid by sucking him dry of blood.


images: (without ads)
Morbius#26, p1 (main)
Morbius#32, p13, pan4 (head shot)
Morbius#31, p19, pan1 (as bird)
Morbius#32, p9, pan2 (amulet)
Morbius#26, p8, pan6 (Joey)

p6, pan4 (Mouth)
Morbius#25, p10, pan2 (Phelps)
p14, pan1 (Reid)

Morbius#25-27 (September-November, 1994) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Rick Bryant (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#28 (December, 1994) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Rick Bryant & Mike Whiterby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#29-30 (January-February, 1995) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Craig Gilmore (pencils), Mike Whiterby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Morbius#31-32 (March-April, 1995) - Lisa Trusiani (writer), Fabio Laguna (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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