main image Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: Space stations (presumably constructed on various planets)

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Giant spider, interfering robot

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (Whitman, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: The "Faceless Creatures" each appeared to have enhanced strength, sufficient enough to hold an adult man in their grasp. They were a technologically advanced species capable of space travel.

Traits: Each Faceless Creature had clawed, three-fingered hands and no mouths. They also did not appear to possess actual noses or eyes, instead having bumps where the nose and eyes would be. They each had pointed ears and hooven feet, similar to elephants.


(The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book) – While on a fishing trip with a friend of his, Peter Parker overheard a man yelling for help from his houseboat. Tying up their boat, Peter and his friend followed the man into the nearby woods, where the man's wife and child were waiting. Upon asking the man what was wrong, Peter and his friend saw an unidentified flying object descend from the skies. Moments later, the "Faceless Creatures" emerged from the UFO, captured the man, and took off into the air. Changing into his Spider-Man costume and leaving his friend to watch over the captured man's family, Peter followed the UFO until it landed at a space station that had also landed on Earth. Watching the "Faceless Creatures" carry the man into their space station, Spider-Man fell through a glass skylight and was quickly captured himself by a giant mechanical claw within the space station. Placed inside a tube that dropped him into a detention cell, Spider-Man waited until one of the "Faceless Creatures" came to check on him, then made his escape. Searching for the captured man, Spider-Man ran into a grouping of the "Faceless Creatures", who then attacked him. Fighting them all off, Spider-Man found the captured man strapped to a table and freed him, only to come face-to-face with a gigantic alien spider. While Spider-Man fought off the spider, the man became entangled in the spider's web. Shortly after defeating the spider and freeing the man once more, Spider-Man was assaulted by a giant robot, who captured both Spider-Man and the man, and prepared to return them both to the Dome of the space station. Escaping the robot's tendrils, Spider-Man managed to defeat the robot, and both he and the man escaped the space station together. The "Faceless Creatures" immediately sent two more UFOs after their captives, but Spider-Man downed the UFOs with two web fists and left the man in the woods while he rushed to change out of his Spider-Man costume. Returning moments later, Peter Parker met back up with his friend while the formerly captured man commented that his family's friends would never believe the story. With the man and his family safe, Peter and his friend returned to their fishing trip.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer and artist.

The aliens in the coloring book story were never identified, other than as "faceless creatures". Their robot was only referred to as "an interfering robot" and their technology was only referred to as "UFOs" and "Space Station". Also, despite being called a "space" station, the Faceless Creatures' base was on Earth.

This coloring book was later reprinted in 1990 by the Golden Books company. The 1990 reprint was used for the images in this profile.

It seems odd that Spider-Man would just rescue the captured man then leave the Space Station without destroying it. What’s to keep the Faceless Creatures from doing the exact same thing again? Maybe Spider-Man informed the Fantastic Four or Avengers afterward...?

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Faceless Creatures have no known connections to

Giant spiderGiant Spider

The giant spider was a creature used by the "Faceless Creatures" when Spider-Man and the captured man had escaped their cells. The spider quickly began covering the room in webs, trapping the formerly captured man while Spider-Man battled it. Upon its defeat, Spider-Man freed the man from its web.

Like most Earth spiders, the giant spider was capable of generating webs, enough to cover a room within minutes due to its size.


--The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book

Interfering robotInterfering Robot

The interfering robot was a robot used by the "Faceless Creatures" when Spider-Man and the captured man managed their way past the "Creatures"' giant spider. It quickly trapped Spider-Man and the man in its mechanical tendrils and prepared to take them to the Dome area of the "Creatures"' space station. Spider-Man soon managed to escape the robot's grasp and defeat it.

The interfering robot was equipped with wheels for speedy travel, and its arms and legs could extend and entrap enemies. At the end of its arm tendrils were razor-sharp claws.



--The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book

Space stationSpace Station

The "Faceless Creatures"' Space Station was built on Earth in a heavily wooded area, far from prying eyes. It was used as a base of operations by the "Faceless Creatures" and sent out the UFO ships that contained "Faceless Creature" pilots. After a duo of "Faceless Creatures" captured a man from his houseboat, Spider-Man followed them back to the Space Station, where he fell through the glass skylight of the Station. The Station's mechanical claw quickly captured Spider-Man and deposited him into a tube that took him to the Dome prison area. After escaping, Spider-Man rescued the captured man and escaped the Station, downing two pursuing UFO ships once outside.

The Space Station was equipped with a gigantic mechanical claw that could extend to capture intruders. It also had tubes that could transport others to various parts of the Station and contained a Dome area where the prisons were contained. It also housed numerous UFO ships.

--The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book


The UFOs were the spaceworthy ships of the Faceless Creatures. They were used by the "Faceless Creatures" to travel to and from their Space Station UFOs and capture unsuspecting humans. When the "Faceless Creatures" captured a man from his houseboat, Spider-Man followed the UFO back to the "Faceless Creatures"' Space Station and later, after escaping the Space Station, Spider-Man was attacked by two pursuing UFO ships which he downed using web fists.

Each UFO ship was capable of flying through the air and could fire energy blasts from their front cannons. The ships were also equipped with energy force fields.

--The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book

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The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (1990), front cover (interfering robot)
The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (1990), p15, splash page (space station)
The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (1990), front cover (UFO attacking)

The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (Whitman, 1976) – uncredited writer & artist
The Amazing Spider-Man: A Coloring Book (Golden Books, 1990) – reprints original story – uncredited writer & artist

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