Real Name: Mahkizmo

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-74101) human mutant/mutate

Occupation: Former ruler and conqueror

Group Membership: Men of Machus

Affiliations: Men of Machus (aka the Machans), especially the scientist;
    Three-Who-Wait (pawns); former pawn of
    Mad Thinker, Puppet Master, Threska (see comments);

Enemies: Women of Femizonia;
    Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Medusa, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), She-Hulk

Known Relatives: None (he never even knew he had a mother at all)

Aliases: The Nuclear Man

Base of Operations: Earth-Machus/Femizonia (Earth-715)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#151 (October, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Mahkizmo possesses superhuman (Class 100) strength and durability, as well as being a savage warrior skilled in unarmed combat. In addition, he can release explosive force from his body sufficient to level a small building. This can be added to the force of his punch, or it can be released as an omni-directional wave.
    It may be that his maximum strength and durability is only achieved with conscious effort and tapping into some energy force, as he was once knocked out by a bottle being broken over his head.

    Mahkizmo is as macho as they come. Men rule the world; any guy not up to his standards of manliness is a girly-man. He lives for combat and conquering, although he really had no idea what to do with a woman once he had the chance. I think the most he ever understood was perhaps "feeling all funny, like when you climb the rope in gym class." (thank you Garth).

Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 505 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: Mahkizmo is a native of Earth-Machus. The exact source of his enhanced powers are uncertain

(Fantastic Four I#151-153) - He was sent back to the modern era to stop Thundra, who was trying to prevent the existence of Machus by altering the past. Mahkizmo appeared and quickly overpowered the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, and the Thing. Thundra attacked him, but he teleported her back to Machus, where he used an energy beam to sap her will and imprison her.
The Fantastic Four used Dr. Doom's time machine to travel forwards and "sideways" in time to follow them, but Mahkizmo and the Men of Machus defeated them (Mahkizmo did resort to threatening to kill Johnny to subdue the Thing when "Clobberin' Time" came around). Mahkizmo took his prize for the conquest, Medusa, to his chambers. Medusa entranced him with soft words and hands, brained him with a jug of wine, and then escaped back to the modern era. After recovering, Mahkizmo sentenced the Fantastic Four and Thundra to death in the gladiatorial pens. When they overcame all opposition, he entered the fight himself. Again he defeated the group (although this time it was revealed that they had all been subjected to his will-killing energy ray, too).
Medusa then arrived with the cavalry--the Femizons. Having used the time machine to go to Earth-Femizonia, she then brought them to Earth-Machus. The Human Torch destroyed the will-killing energy ray, allowing the Femizons and Machans to fight on equal ground. Mahkizmo summoned his energy for his devastating nuclear-punch, but Thundra and the Thing smashed him before he could release the force, and he was disintegrated by the energy implosion.
With Mahkizmo destroyed, the last barrier between the Earths (Machus and Femizonia) dissolved and the two worlds merged. The Machans and Femizons were all affected by the merging, and ceased their hostilities in exchange for sweet love.


(Sensational She-Hulk#39 (fb)) - Mahkizmo, was somehow maintained as an intangible, invisible cloud of atoms. Upon observing the harmony between the men and women, Mahkizmo was furious. He managed to direct his disembodied form into a man of the new world (the merged Femizonia/Machus), and transformed it into his own form. Since he had been spared the effects of the fusion, Mahkizmo was the only one who remembered how the world had been.

(Sensational She-Hulk#34) - Mahkizmo set out on a plan to set off the Gender Bomb, to kill all of the women of the past, to prevent the women of his timeline from existing. Mahkizmo then accessed a time machine of his world to travel back to the modern era.

(Sensational She-Hulk#38) - Mahkizmo arrived in the modern era and attacked the She-Hulk, apparently planning to humble one of the most powerful women of that era. They fought an even match, until Cupid, acting on a challenge of Venus, shot Mahkizmo with one of his arrows, and he fell in love with the She-Hulk. He abducted her to his world, with the intention of making her his bride (and then finishing up on the plot to kill the wimmens.

(Sensational She-Hulk#39) - They were followed by the Thing and Wyatt Wingfoot, who used Reed Richard's time machine to follow Mahkizmo's "temporal trail." The She-Hulk and the Thing combined their power and defeated Mahkizmo. Jen then explained to him why his plan wouldn't work they way he wanted it to (Birds and Bees and What-Not).
However, the arrival of the heroes from the modern era allowed the men and women to remember their pasts. This broke their unnatural spell of harmony and peace, and allowed them to beat the crap out of each other, just like good warriors should. Mahkizmo's assistant explained that these brawls were nothing more than household spats as played out by a race of warriors...and everyone lived happily ever after.

(Fantastic Four: Foes#1) - Mahkizmo attended a gathering of enemies of the Fantastic Four held by the Puppet Master, who suggested that they combine their forces. Occulus left with the others, without even acknowledging the Puppet Master's scheme, unaware that the Mad Thinker had obtained a DNA sample from him, as per his primary intentions.

(Fantastic Four: Foes#5 (fb) - BTS) -  The Fantastic Four captured Mahkizmo and transferred him to the newly constructed Vault in the Negative Zone.

(Fantastic Four: Foes#5) - Mahkizmo and the rest of the inmates were released from their cells by the Negative Zone sorceress Threska.

(Fantastic Four: Foes#6) - Mahkizmo and most of the other inmates fought the Fantastic Four, and they either voluntarily returned to their cells or were recaptured by force.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler.

    In Fantastic Four#153, the worlds of Machus and Femizonia were merged. That created Earth-Femizonia/Machus. However, it has since been shown that there are diverging realities/timeline, and while in one reality the two worlds merged, in another (as first seen in Marvel Two-In-One#67), they remained separate. Thundra traveled to the unmerged Femizonia, where she rules as queen. The Men of Machus have been seen opposing her, but the Mahkizmo of that separate reality has not (it may be that there is not one, since he was "destroyed" before the merger). It is not 100% clear where the Men of Machus from the unmerged reality live. It may be that they still exist on separate parallel worlds and travel to Earth-Femizonia to attack the Femizons, or it may be that they are now exist as separate nations on the same planet.
The profile on the
Femizons may or may not help explain this further.

    Mahkizmo did actually have an interest in the womenfolk in his first appearance, as he kept trying to bring Medusa and Thundra back to his bed chambers. It was John Byrne who made him even simpler, so that he had no idea what women were for.

    Mahkizmo has a loose association with other Negative Zone Vault prisoners, including [DEVOS]?, DIABLO, DRAGON MAN, [DREADFACE]?, GREY GARGOYLE, HYDRO MAN, [ICONOCLAST?]?, KLAW, kree (?), MAD THINKER, [MODOK?]?, MOLECULE MAN, MOLE MAN, OCCULUS, [OVER-MIND, PSYCHO-MAN]?, PUPPET MASTER, [RAMA-TUT]?, RED GHOST, RUINED ([B'arr], Exalt, [Stem]), SPHINX, SUPER-SKRULL, [STAAK]?, SUPER-APES, [TERRAX]?, THRESKA, TRAPSTER, WIZARD, [cloaked figure, dark haired woman, blue-skinned spiked shoulder pad guy, dark-haired guy with red cape]?, guy with cybernetic left eye

Mahkizmo has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1970's Handbook.

Profile by Snood

No known connection to:

  • The Nuclear Man, Dr. Thurgood Vance, @ Ghost Rider II#40
  • other nuclear-powered characters

Earth-Machus and the Machans (see comments) are of uncertain connection to:

  • Mahkos and Elysia, presumably another future Earth, in which the Men of Mahkos (including Will-Killer) fight the
    Women of Elysia (including Sondia and Tambi), @ Marvel Team-Up I#143
  • Polemachus, the world of Arkon, which fought against Thundra and the Femizons (of unmerged Femizonia), @ Avengers I#76
    There is almost certainly NO connection to:
  • Macha, one of the Hyborian Era and Celtic Gods, about which we know very little, referenced/invoked repeatedly by Conan

The Three-Who-Wait have no known connection to:


Earth-74101 is an alternate future world, presumably @ the 23rd Century, in which the men of the world are extremely barbarous and the women have been enslaved. This reality was parallel to the world of Earth-Femizonia (Earth-715), where the women (Femizons) rule. The Machans and Femizons soon became enemies after learning of each other, as their dimensions for some reason began to move closer to one another. Men of Machus traveled to Femizonia, inspiring the men of that world to rebel against the Femizons. As the two worlds continued to move closer together, the problems worsened. The Empress of Femizonia chose Thundra, their strongest warrior to travel back in time, in the hopes that if she could defeat the most powerful man of the modern era, men would learn their lesson for all time. In response Mahkizmo traveled back to

--Fantastic Four#151 (151(fb), [151], 152, 153->Earth-Femizonia/Machus

The Men of Machus continue to exist in some fashion (see comments) in a divergent reality in which the worlds of Machus and Femizonia never completely merged. Some of the imprisoned men of Machus revolted, and constructed a large android which sent out alpha waves to weaken women. Using this android, they took several of the prison guards hostage. Thundra traveled back to the modern era and recruited the Thing to help her and they defeated the android, allowing the Femizon guards to rise up and defeats the Machans.

--Fantastic Four I#303

They are strong, powerful, barbarous warriors. It is likely that only Mahkizmo possesses superhuman strength and the rest of the Men are merely powerful athletes, although they could be enhanced human. While they use swords and offer fight in using other primitive weaponry, they also have access to various energy weapons and other advanced equipment, such as their Android Champion, the Gender Bomb, a time machine, and the Will-Killing energy ray. They just prefer hand-to-hand combat, as they felt that to be more manly.
I believe Mahkizmo is the only one identified by name, and his assistant, the
scientist is the only other one of individual significance. Also present were the Three-Who-Wait, a group of mutates used in gladiatorial combat.


The Android Champion


Created by the Machans (of the unmerged timeline), it released "alpha waves" which weakened the women of Femizonia. Between that and its great strength (Class 25-75) none of them could stand against it. The Thing put the kibosh on it with a single punch.

--Fantastic Four I#303




The Gender Bomb

Designed by Mahkizmo's scientist on Femizonia/Machus, this device was designed to be sent back in time to the modern era, at which point it would release a radiation that would cause chronal acceleration of all of the women of Earth, causing rapid aging and death within minutes. Mahkizmo believed that this would eliminate the women of Femizonia, whom he hated, and failed to appreciate that this would cause the extermination of the human race.
The same scientist may have designed the rest of the technologically advanced items on Machus, and or Femizonia/Machus.

--She-Hulk II#34, 39 (34, [38], 39




Will-Killing Energy Ray


This device was used on the enemies of Machus, to prevent them from fighting back with their full strength. It may well have functioned similarly to the "Alpha Wave" generator of the Machans android champion, but it could also be used against males. It was destroyed by the Human Torch.

--Fantastic Four#152, 153 (152-BTS, 153




The Three-Who Wait

These were monstrous creatures used in the gladiatorial pens of Machus. Whether those were natives to Earth-Machus (races of mutates might be quite likely a few hundred years in the future, esp. in sci-fi/fantasy), genetically engineered mutates, or perhaps prisoners from other conquered realms is never detailed. They fought and were defeated by Thundra and the men of the Fantastic Four.

--Fantastic Four I#153





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