The Mad Thinker admires Intello's golden body



Classification: Extradimensional (Earth-20051) autonomous android

Creator: Mad Thinker

User/Possessors: Mad Thinker

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#11 (March, 2006)




Powers/Abilities/Functions: Standing about 7' tall, Intello was a silent, autonomous and intelligent android that was programmed to respond to the Mad Thinker's commands. It could fly and was extremely fast, being also strong enough to break Spider-Man's sticky webbing with little effort. It was waterproof and crafted to appear like a large muscular man. However, it could be disabled by electrical surges. It appeared to be made of highly durable and strong flexible metal that was either gold in color or painted gold.




Spider-Man's sticky webbing on Intello's chest


(Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#11) - Frustrated by the interference of Spider-Man in his crime sprees, the Mad Thinker created a golden android that he dubbed Intello to stop the hero. Via a computer, he typed in its commands to find Spider-Man and eliminate him. Later, Peter Parker donned his Spider-Man outfit and swung away from his school just as the golden robot attacked in mid-flight, punching Spider-Man off his webbing. Parker's spider sense prevented any more of Intello's blows connecting. Thwarted, Intello flew rapidly away when Spider-Man was distracted by lightning. Meanwhile, one of the Mad Thinker's video drones monitored the brief duel. Angered, the Mad Thinker began devising a new plot to trap Spider-Man just as Intello returned, wet from the rain.

  The next day, Intello rampaged through Midtown High School because the Mad Thinker knew that Spider-Man was usually in the area. In a hallway, Flash Thompson confronted the golden android and was about to get punched when Spider-Man suddenly intervened. The two again briefly fought with the robot breaking free of Spider-man's webbing. However, Flash was hit down and Intello knocked out Spider-Man when he was again distracted, this time for Flash's welfare.

Intello bonks Spider-Man

  After Intello took Spider-Man to the Mad Thinker's base, the villain quizzed the chained hero about his spider sense, but Spider-Man broke free and tackled Intello once more. This time, Spider-Man smashed the android with full force, knocking it into the Mad Thinker's computer equipment, with the resulting electric surge disabling it.


Comments: Created by Sean McKeever (writer), Mike Norton (pencils) & Jonathon Glapion (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#11, p6, panel 1 (standing)

p16, panel 2 (webbed up)
p9, panel 1 (flying punch)

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#11 (March, 2006) - Sean McKeever (writer), Mike Norton (pencils), Jonathon Glapion (inks), MacKenzie Cadenhead (editor), Mark Paniccia (consulting editor)

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