GHOST RIDER of Earth-928
circa 2099 A.D.

Real Name: Zero Cochrane

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D.) copy of human personality placed into robot body

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former data pirate

Group Membership: Formerly the Hotwire Martyrs (2600, Warewolf)

Affiliations: Formerly 2600, Cash, C-Gram, Coda, Dr. Neon, Fresno Bob, Kylie Gagarin, Ice 9, Jerry X, Anesthesia Jones, Kabal, Lox,  Neurodancer, Dr. Sandoz, 'Selka, Warewolf, Warp Angel, Weez

Enemies: Artificial Kids, Harrison Cochrane, D/MONIX (Data Manipulation and Organization Networks), Ghostworks, Kellerman, Jeter Warlord, Zero 2.0

Known Relatives: Harrison Cochrane (father), Shinobu Cochrane (mother), unidentified woman (surrogate mother), Zero 2.0 (formerly Ghost Rider; copy), Ghostworks entities (stored his brain pattern/memories/persona)

Aliases: Zero 1.0

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    formerly cyberspace;
    formerly a prison in the Ghostworks;
    formerly Transverse City (sprawling between what used to be Detroit and what Chicago became), U.S.A., Earth-928, @ 2099 A.D.

First Appearance: Ghost Rider 2099#1 (May 1994)

Powers/Abilities: As Ghost Rider, he had a modified Cybertek 101 chassis composed of silicon and carbon steel, fiber optics and superdense metatasking nanoprocessors and enough integrated hard ordinance to make payback by the ton. His right hand could be transformed into an electrosaw, an energized chainsaw with composite ceramic/graphite blade. His left hand was composed of a polymimetic nanomer alloy that he could reshape as desired, though he generally formed long and sharp talons. These talons could reach a sub-molecular thickness that could slice through most systems. He could project optic lasers.
    His CPU housed a metatasking neuromimetic network, with a variety of user help files installed in memory. His user-programmable solidogram camouflage system could scan other beings and replicate their appearance (or allow him to appear as Zero). He could also use it to modify his costume, etc. He could activate a stealth field that could render him invisible to the naked eye and to most computer systems, though this required large amounts of energy.
    He initially required daily battery recharges to maintain full capacity and had to resupply the sarrium krellide storage cells regularly or risk crashing the whole system
; but eliminated these limits after hooking up to a “Mr. Fusion” heavy duty battery.
If severely damaged, his nanotech components could restore him to a functional state.
    He rode a customized Ford velociraptor nine-hundred-XL motorcycle with A-grav (anti-gravity) propulsion, super-charged turbo thrusters and a genuine pseudo-leather upholstery.
    The flames on his head were cosmetic.

    As a human, Zero was an experienced cyber-surfer and hacker. After that, Zero was an analog of a human personality existing in cyberspace. He could hack into other computer systems, either controlling them or accessing whatever data he needs. He can aid others in acquiring material needs in the real world by manipulating data as needed. He can still project his consciousness into cyberspace in this fashion.

Height: (Zero) 5'9"; (Ghost Rider) 6'5"
Weight: (Zero) 150 lbs.; (Ghost Rider) 675 lbs.
Eyes: (Zero) Brown; (Ghost Rider) red (variable)
Hair: (Zero) Brown; (Ghost Rider) none

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - Zero was carried by a surrogate mother, as was the standard of the time.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - After Zero's birth, his surrogate mother tried to visit him for years.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - Zero was rebellious almost from the beginning,

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - By the time Zero was five years old, his mother had wired herself into her 3V (futuristic television) set and was addicted to serenevil.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - As he grew older, Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane's father, Harrison, found him uncontrollable.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - Upon discovering that Zero was involved with data theft, Harrison threw him out and then erased all records that Zero had ever existed.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb)) - Zero had a relationship with Kylie Gagarin, though it was virtually void of emotion on both of their parts. Zero was afraid of getting close to anyone while Kylie similarly was happy to not have to worry about getting too attached, as he would give her a new reason to dump him almost every day.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS / Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb) / Ghost Rider 2099#4 (fb) - BTS / Ghost Rider 2099#4 (fb) - BTS)
<Zero at approximately 19 years old> - Warewolf and the Hotwire Martyrs boosted some data files from a fibreop trunkline during an infobank transfer. These files were the Singapore Archive, which erased itself as it moved from system to system, ensuring that there was only one copy in existence at any time. The archive contained information on the existence of the secret section of cyberspace known as the Ghostworks, and the artificial intelligences that inhabited the Ghostworks made plans to destroy the archive.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb) - BTS) - The department of Harrison Cochrane of D/Monix logged the intrusion/theft, and Harrison determined the ID codes of the data pirates involved.
(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTS) - Harrison knew it had to be Zero because the securicode used to penetrate D/Monix's defenses was Harrison's own code.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb)) - Two days later, Warewolf began to tap into the data files.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb)) - Phrack and 2600 cautioned Zero about being overwhelmed by the massive information influx. Zero tapped in and discovered a pretransmission packet for a D/Monix hypersecure transfer out of Singapore. Realizing it was too large and read-protected that he'd have to download it to disk to decrypt it. As he did so, the Artificial Kidz broke in and attacked the Hotwire Martyrs.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zero Cochrane had the data stored in a Latverian biochip implanted in his own head.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb)) - Zero and the Martyrs were ambushed by the Artificial Kidz. The Kidz had been instructed to avoid headshots against Zero so as to not damage his implant, and so their leader, Jeter Warlord, shot him in the shoulder with a fletchette coated with a designer mycotoxin. Zero took off, but the toxin soon began to affect him and he crashed his cycle. Sinking into a delirium, he smashed a series of television screens and then called his girlfriend, Kylie Gagarin, asking her to save the message <and he downloaded the data files from his implant to her system>. Seconds later, however, Jeter caught up to Zero. Knowing his weakened body stood no chance against Jeter's cyborg power, Zero refused to surrender the information, instead entering cyberspace amped, taking in input to the max, intending total meltdown that would leave Jeter with nothing but fired wetware and a slagged implant. Zero went out in cyberspace blaze of glory.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS) - While Zero's body perished, the Ghostworks preserved his consciousness as digital code. They chose him for his rude and arrogant behavior and lack of respect for authority, which would make him an ideal agent to serve them in the physical world.

(Ghost Rider 2099#25 (fb) - BTS) - The Ghostworks entities made a copy of Zero's cyber-persona, storing the original in a containment device.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zero 2.0, believing itself to be the original, accepted an offer to work for the Ghostworks and was downloaded into their Ghost Rider robot form.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - Zero 1.0 hacked his way out of the Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics that surrounded the Ghostworks' domain.

(Ghost Rider 2099#15) - Zero 1.0 apparently set a trap in cyberspace that blasted Zero 2.0 of cyberspace when he tried to learn more about the Anarquistadores

(Ghost Rider 2099#16) - After Ghost Rider had broken a deal with Max Synergy, Zero 1.0 helped spread the word of Ghost Rider's betrayal as part of his plot to bring him down.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17) - Zero 1.0 surfed cyberspace, searching the deep-storage levels and finding a hypersecure archive that matched the Ghostworks' work. Cracking the archive open, Zero unwittingly unleashed L-Cypher, an earlier product of the Ghostworks.

(Ghost Rider 2099#18) - Zero 1.0 was pleased to see L-Cypher was causing problems for both SHIELD and Ghost Rider. Zero then caught a message sent by Dr. Neon to inform SHIELD of Ghost Rider's identity. Not ready for this to become public knowledge just yet, Zero destroyed the message and then set out to meet with Neon.

(Ghost Rider 2099#19) - Zero 1.0 met with Dr. Neon, proposing an alliance to take down Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#23) - Zero 1.0 continued plotting with Dr. Neon and then announced that Ghost Rider was coming to him for aid  at which point Ghost Rider (having suffered major injuries in battle with Vengeance, leaving at the verge of a systems crash) knocked on the door and then collapsed.

(Ghost Rider 2099#24) - Under Zero 1.0's prodding, Neon swiftly restored Ghost Rider 1.0 to working order, at which point Ghost Rider began to rampage. Neon neutralized Ghost Rider's motor functions, and then Zero sectioned his own cyberspace form, sending some of his files to Neon to implant into Ghost Rider, restoring his sanity and replacing the things the Ghostworks had taken from him. Just as Ghost Rider began to figure things out, Zero 1.0 appeared and revealed himself to be the original, naming the persona inhabiting Ghost Rider as a bootleg copy; a copy he intended to get rid of.





(Ghost Rider 2099#25) - Zero 1.0 assaulted Zero 2.0 who was forced to flee. Escaping through what appeared to be a broadband gateway, Zero 2.0 unwittingly evacuated the Ghost Rider form, leaving Zero 1.0 completely in charge, while Zero 2.0 was trapped in a computer disk and held by Dr. Neon. Ghost Rider 2.0 (operated by Zero 1.0) met with Coda, Ice 9, Anesthesia Jones, Kabal, Neurodancer, and Warp Angel of the Undernet and proposed an alliance to  taking down D/MONIX. Soon after, Ghost Rider forced his way past security at D/MONIX headquarters in Neo-Chicago. At the same time, the Undernet agents hacked into D/MONIX's security systems, corrupting their entire global new with a tailored Data Macrophage, and Coda planted bombs in their sub-basement. Ghost Rider confronted and apparently slew Harrison Cochrane before challenging Kellerman directly. Ghost Rider told Kellerman, "I've seen the future...and I didn't see you.", at which point an immense explosion rocked D/MONIX, and the entire building collapsed.














    Ghost Rider then crawled from the wreckage, telling reporter Willis Adams, "I've cleaned up your little city for you this time. Now I'm gonna blow this little sinkhole -- so you better keep it clean from here on out. You don't, I'll be back -- and next time I'll burn it all to the shockin' bedrock." Ghost Rider hooked himself in a "Mr. Fusion Heavy Duty" battery to eliminate his need for frequent recharging. Kylie told him not to come back without the $50 he owed her, and he took off, in search of someplace he could stand...or someplace he could make into something he could stand.








Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, Chris Bachalo, and Mark Buckingham.

Zero 2.0 escaped captivity and went on to act as the "Ghost in the Gears," assisting Miguel O'Hara in bringing humanity to its Manifest Destiny. I don't think Ghost Rider or Zero 1.0 was ever seen again after leaving Transverse City.

Ghost Rider 2099 has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

Profile by Snood.


Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider 2099#24, last page
    #25 cover - upper body
        p26, panel 1 (full body)
        p27, panel 2 (with goggles...whatever they're needed for...keeping the dust out of his internal systems, I guess)

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