Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassAlternate future reality (Earth-928) human mutate;
    true identity secret

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None 

Affiliations: Draco, the Golden One;

Enemies: Adonai, Hulk

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Ugly" from Hulk

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly the Golden One's base

First Appearance: Hulk 2099#9 (August, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Presumably matching the Hulk's abilities, the Anti-Hulk possesses superhuman strength (lifting up to at least 150 tons). 

    Extremely durable, he is bulletproof, can withstand powerful explosions at close range, and can regenerate from injuries.

    He can leap hundred of feet and run hundreds of miles without appreciably tiring.

    He has sharp teeth and sharp claws on both his hands (which have three fingers and a thumb) and feet (which have four toes).

    Unlike the Hulk, the Anti-Hulk had limited intelligence, growling rather than speaking, and following direct orders from Draco.

Height: Presumably 12'
Weight: Presumably 1500 lbs.
Eyes: Solid red
Dark green (nearly black)



(Hulk 2099#9 (fb) - BTS) -  At some point before or after allying with Draco, the Golden One acquired the means to transform a human into a Hulk-like being.

    An unidentified test subject was chosen to be thusly mutated, and regulators were designed so they could control their mutation.

(Hulk 2099#9) - After Draco arrived at his base, the Golden One informed him that the brain-encoding was complete and that his subject would have no thought but to destroy its target.

    With the regulators in place, the Golden One shouted "It's gamma time!!"

    The subject was swiftly transformed into what the Golden One considered to be the only creature guaranteed to destroy the Hulk: The Anti-Hulk.

(Hulk 2099#10 (fb) - BTS) - Draco's sources confirmed the Hulk to be a transformed John Eisenhart.

(Hulk 2099#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Golden One programmed the Anti-Hulk to seek out and destroy John Eisenhart and/or the Hulk.

anti-hulk-928-2099ad-bombanti-hulk-928-2099ad-confront(Hulk 2099#10) - Observing John remotely, Draco had the Golden One release the Anti-Hulk to pursue its targets.

(Hulk 2099#10 - BTS) - After the Hulk reached the Locusts' base, Adonai threatened to detonate a bomb that would set off a massive earthquake.

    When the Hulk's advised that they would suffer, too, Adonai argued that they're lives were through with Doom taking over.

(Hulk 2099#10) - As the Hulk tried to assure Adonai that he would take down Doom, he was assaulted by the Anti-Hulk who caught him offguard and punched him through a wall. 

    After a few punches back and forth, the Hulk --  appreciating that his foe matched his strength, speed, and moves -- the Hulk tried to convince the Anti-Hulk to take the fight away from the bomb.

    Unable to get reason with the virtually mindless creature, the Hulk resolved to depart and lead the Anti-Hulk away, even if this delivered him to Doom; however, Draco guided the Anti-Hulk to attack the Hulk further.


    Appreciating the bomb's imminent explosion, the Hulk grabbed it and dove on top it; after a brief delay, the bomb triggered a massive earthquake, splitting off California from the rest of the continental USA.

    The Hulk was apparently overwhelmed by the massive collapse, and debris landed on the bomb, triggering the gamma explosion.

     As energy leaked from the devastated land, a monstrous green creature emerged from the land (see comments).

hulk-928-2099ad-cmonthen (2099 A.D. Apocalypse#1) - In Gammadion, as the realm in California affected by the gamma bomb explosion had become known, SHIELD troops serving John Herod (who had ousted Doom as US president) hunted down a number of superhuman or advanced technology using renegades. anti-hulk-928-2099ad-someonedead

    During video footage from a SHIELD satellite narrated by Jack Whitlow, the Hulk (or a being resembling the Hulk pre-gamma bomb explosion; see comments) was apparently cornered by SHIELD agents near a mock-up/replica of Independence Hall.

    Surveying the situation, this Hulk challenged the troops, repeatedly telling them, "Come on then!"

     Apparently armed with anti-gamma weaponry, the SHIELD troops opened fire, each blast tearing a hole through this Hulk.

    When they stopped firing, this Hulk was on his back, apparently deceased.

(2099 A.D. Apocalypse#1) - Whitlow was executed by SHIELD for reporting their activities.

Comments: Created by - Gerard Jones, Joe Bennet, and Chris Ivy.

    As noted in the Hulk 2099 entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update #2: It remains unconfirmed that who emerged from the Hollywood rubble following the gamma explosion: the Hulk, the Anti-Hulk, Adonai (who bore an unexplained resemblance to both creatures) or indeed another victim transformed by the explosion. Likewise, it is possible the creature killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. was the Anti-Hulk.

    Yeah, what kind of Hulk gets killed by injuries seen here?

    Obviously the Anti-Hulk may have been able to speak after the gamma explosion and being released from Draco's control.

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Profile by Snood.

The Anti-Hulk
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