Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-928 @ 2099 A.D.) genetically engineered humanoid/human mutate

Occupation: Megalomaniac

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Adonai, Anti-Hulk, Draco, his mutates (Fex, Torg, Vulx) - all 2099 natives

Enemies: Cybershaman, Gawain, Hulk (John Eisenhart), Quirk - all 2099 natives

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Gold, Master of Genetics

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly Musac Studios, Los Angeles
    formerly an unspecified laboratory around Los Angeles

First Appearance: (Behind the Scenes) 2099 Unlimited#1 (July, 1993)
    (Fully seen and named) 2099 Unlimited#6 (October, 1994)


Powers/Abilities: The Golden One is a genetically engineered humanoid. His eyes discern three times the detail of a normal human eye, and his brain processes at twice the speed. He apparently has superhuman strength and speed, though it was not sufficient to match the Hulk in combat (enhanced human or Class 10?). He can generate and project energy blasts, and he can float on energy disks.
    The Golden One is able to use technology to genetically engineer other life forms.



(2099 Unlimited#6 (fb)) - <Decades before 2099> - Observing how the mindless office drone, the criminal, and the welfare leech becoming the human norm, a group of scientists devoted themselves to producing the perfect human. They succeeded in creating the being who would become the Golden One, who decided that only he could lead a project of such importance. Using his energy powers, the Golden One destroyed his creators.

(2099 Unlimited#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Golden One began to create his own race of servants to aid him in his eventual mastery of the degenerate accidentals (people who aren't scientifically bred). However, while his creations were fearsome fighters, they were far from perfection. The Golden One gave them names like Vulx and Fex to remind them of their hideousness.

(2099 Unlimited#1 - BTS) - Seeking to learn of the work being done by the Knights of the Banner, the Golden One had agents abduct Gawain, a youth working under the Knights.

(2099 Unlimited#5 - BTS) - The Golden One sent Vulx to capture John Eisenhart, one of the former Knights of the Banner. Eisenhart transformed into the Hulk and overpowered Vulx. Meanwhile, Eisenhart's ally, Quirk, obtained information on Gawain's location.

(2099 Unlimited#6) - Quirk and Eisenhart deliberately walked into a trap of the Golden One, having Quirk pose as a potential test subject. When the Golden One's mutates showed up, Eisenhart became the Hulk, but they were nonetheless captured when the Golden One paralyzed the Hulk with an energy blast. Impressed with the Hulk's power, the Golden One tried to convince him to join forces with him in conquering the accidentals. Pretending to agree with the Golden One's philosophies, the Hulk convinced him that only he could release the information imprinted on Gawain's unconscious mind via a secret pressure point. As soon as the Golden One released his hand, the Hulk broke free and attacked the mutates. The Golden One himself attacked the Hulk, but found that he lacked the strength to defeat him. Refusing to allow any of the accidentals to take his project, the Golden One used his power to destroy the entire facility. The Hulk escaped with Gawain and Quirk, while the Golden One slipped away unseen.

(Hulk 2099#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Golden One created more mutates.

(Hulk 2099#2) - After the cyborg Draco was defeated by the Hulk, the Golden One and his mutates forced their way into Draco's base at Musac Studios, telling Draco that they shared a common enemy and could be of much value to each other.

(Hulk 2099#3) - The Golden One donned a suit of armor, telling Draco he would not be sorry that he helped him, but Draco told him he would need more than armor to oppose a new foe, the Cybershaman, who threatened their mission.

(Hulk 2099#7) - The Golden One shared the progression of their Hulkbusting plans, but Draco told him that Doom had just taken over as president and become their number one priority. They discussed taking over Lotusland Studios and use it to take full control of Los Angeles before Doom could consolidate his power in the West.
    Later, when the Hulk destroyed one of Doom's Environmental Maintenance Platforms, Draco used the disruption to fire probes into the other EMPs, enabling him to secretly scan and then control them. Draco used the EMPs to cause the temperature to rapidly rise in LA, and when the Hulk investigated with Dr. Apolonio, he sent the EMP hurtling into space. With the Hulk out of the way, Draco sent his men to conquer Lotusland.

(Hulk 2099#9) - Having completed the needed brain-encoding, the Golden One created the Anti-Hulk, who would have no thought but to destroy his target. Meanwhile, Draco learned that the Hulk was John Eisenhart.

(Hulk 2099#10) - Draco neutralized Lotusland's security, and the Golden One sent the Anti-Hulk after the Hulk. While they battled, another foe, Adonai, set a bomb that destroyed Los Angeles.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and Khato.

    It is uncertain whether the Golden One and/or his mutates were originally human or were created entirely artificially. The Golden One had hired some sailors and some homeless men to bring him healthy young volunteers, which might indicate that these became his test subjects and were transformed into his mutates. That seems logical, though it's not 100% confirmed.

    I always really wanted to like the Hulk 2099 series, but it was just missing something...

    The Golden One was not shown after the explosion that destroyed LA, so his fate remains uncertain.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


    Either mutated/reprogrammed humans or entirely artificial beings created via genetic engineering, they loyally served the Golden One. The Golden One treated them with disdain and used them as cannon fodder.

--2099 Unlimited#5 ([6(fb)], 5,6, Hulk 2099#2, 7

2099 Unlimited#6, p7, panel 4 (mutates)
        p10, panel 1 (scientists)
            panel 4 (Golden One body)
        p13, panel 3 (face)

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