Real Name: Ethan Shields

Identity/Class: Human/Technology User

Occupation: Employee of Stark-Fujikawa

Affiliations: Stark-Fujikawa; Suzanne Carter

Enemies: Corporate saboteurs; Captain America 2099; SHIELD 2099

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A protective bubble in the Stark-Fujikawa Building.

First Appearance: 2099 Unlimited#6 (October, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Ethan Shields had no powers of his own, but he could control the Galahad armor from a remote location due to a chip implanted into his brain. The Galahad armor itself was superhumanly strong, had a jetpack that allowed it to fly and shot blasting spikes from it's forearms.

Weaknesses: Ethan Shields had no immune system, and was stuck living in a protective bubble in the Stark-Fujikawa Building.

History: (2099 Unlimited#6 (BTS))- As a child, the apartment where Ethan Shields lived burnt down. A watchdog rescued him, but later died trying to rescue others. Ethan made it his goal in life to provide them with better protection in case of such events.

(2099 Unlimited#6)- Hired by Stark-Fujikawa, Ethan was forced to live in a protective bubble, due to his lack of an immune system. Ethan was visited by Suzanne Carter, a fellow Stark-Fujikawa employee, but they were attacked by a Construction robot piloted by a possible saboteur. Ethan took control of the Galahad suit and protected Suzanne. Before he could question the pilot, he electrocuted himself, saying he was ordered not to be taken alive. This set off the armor's heavy-destruct program, sending it into a huge robo-rage. After tripping it up and knocking it out a window, he failed to keep it from smashing into the ground and the Galahad armor was destroyed. Ethan was later seen in his protective bubble, rebuilding the Galahad armor...

(2099 Apocalypse)- Under President Rogers' orders, SHIELD agents attacked Galahad, attempting to destroy him. They didn't have much luck at first, until they started shooting him with HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) cannons, frying the chip in Ethan's brain. Suzanne Carter watched as the Galahad armor fell and exploded from the assault.

Comments: Created by Michael Jan Friedman and Matt Ryan.

Ethan lived his life under a code of chivalry, but this code led to an early death in the world of 2099.

My Doom 2099 knowledge is pretty limited (Probably the best 2099 book, and the one I'm most lacking in. Eesh... Nah, X-Men 2099 was the best. --Prime Ed-ternal; I second the vote for Doom--Snood ), but I believe that the President Rogers/Captain America 2099 was some guy who John Herod used as a figurehead to take control of America back from Doom with.
That's pretty much it.

by Zerostar

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