Real Name: Col. Wolfgang von Krantz

Identity/Class: Human, foreign spy (World War II)

Occupation: Spy posing as an entertainer

Group Membership: Presumably German army

Affiliations: Axis Powers, Omar, other members of spy ring

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bucky (James Buchanan Barnes), Agent 13 (Peggy Carter; see comments)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Various theaters in an unnamed big city

First Appearance: Captain America Comics#1/3 (March, 1941);
   (modern appearance): Tales of Suspense#64/2 (April, 1965)

Powers/Abilities: Von Krantz may have had limited hypnotic abilities. He claimed to be psychic, predicting terrible fates to befall various key points vital to the war effort, but this was a hoax. He was shown to have normal strength and competent with a handgun. He also appeared to have control over Omar, although it is uncertain if this was a result of hypnotic control or accomplished through other means.

History: (Captain America Comics#1/3 / Tales of Suspense I#64/2 (fb) - BTS) - Von Krantz was a spy for Germany during the Second World War. He was sent to America to sabotage various bridges and munitions factories. Once in the States, he hired a dwarf named Omar from a traveling freak show. Through the use of Omar, he would predict the destruction of a target while the other members of his spy ring carried it out. The results would serve to frighten the public and demoralize the war effort, as well as building his credibility as a psychic.


(Captain America Comics#1/3 / Tales of Suspense I#64/2) - Captain America and his young partner Bucky heard of this strange entertainer. Investigating the show, they rushed from the theater when the prediction was made that a nearby bridge would be destroyed. The patriotic pair arrived too late though, but the act was enough to make Captain America curious about the strange duo.


  Seeing another show, Cap and Bucky rushed backstage, where they encountered Special Agent 13, who told them of Sandoís real plan. Sando himself told them of his real name and then ordered his spies to kill them. Captain America and Bucky wiped the floor with the spies and escaped back to Camp Leigh before Agent 13 could ask any more questions.


  Sando was last seen in a crumpled heap with his fellow spies. He was presumably arrested for spying and for the devastation he caused.

Comments: Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Rewritten by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Frank Ray.

  The entire story was recreated for Tales of Suspense#64 (April, 1965). The images were taken from Captain America Comics#1/3. Note, in the GA story, the agent is frequent romantic foil Betty Ross, whereas in the Tales of Suspense itís Agent 13 (later reveled to be Peggy Carter).

Tales of Suspense I#64/2 was a rather faithful re-telling of the original story, with only a few variations and some additional material added to the storyline. An obvious mistake is the mention of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, or WAACs. This group was not established until May,1942 and did not become the Women's Arm Corps, or WACs, until 1943. Cap wore his orignial cowl and triangular shield in the original story. In the updated version he wore his new cowl and round shield. In the original story the camp was erroneously named Fort Bix which was corrected in Tales of Suspense and later reprints to Leigh. I would date this adventure to late March, 1941.
--Ron Flick

Profile by David Lawrence.

Sando and Omar have no known connections to


His past prior to meeting with Sando is unknown, save that he was working in a traveling freak show. He was hired by Sando to be a part of his act. The act consisted of Omar being placed in a hypnotic trance thanks to Sandoís powers and then predicting horrific events. He did travel with Sando, although if this was willingly or if he was constantly under hypnosis is unknown. He wasnít much use in a fight, and quickly fled when Captain America and Bucky arrived. He was last seen with the spy ring after they had been beaten. Agent 13 convinced Captain America of his innocence in the whole affair, so it is doubtful he was arrested with the spies.

----Captain America Comics#1/3 (Tales of Suspense I#64/2











(Captain America: The Early Years volume 1) (Reprinting Captain America Comics#1/3) p8 panel 1

Other Appearances:
Tales of Suspense I#64 (April, 1965) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks)

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