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Real Name: William "Billy" Braddock

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-833) human mutate (British citizen)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Amazing Arachnids (Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-2301/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-9411/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man-9500/Max Borne, Spider-Man-50101 (India)/Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker), Corps, Web-Warriors (Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, Octavia Otto-1104, Spider-Girl-616/Anya Corazon, Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Man-50101 (India)/Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman-65/Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman-982 (MC2)/Mayday Parker);
   formerly Spider Army (Arachnosaur-99476, Aracnido, Jr.-15349/Junior, Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, Bombastic Bag-Man-15343/Peter Parker, Captain Spider-78127/Eugene Thompson, Cosmic Spider-Man-13/Peter Parker, "Cowboy" Spider-Man-31913, Doppelganger-616, Kwaku Anansi-7082, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, Mini-Spider-Man-15312, Octo-Spidey-11983/Peter Parker, Old Man Spider-4/Ezekiel Sims, Prince of Arachne-71004/Peter Parker, Scarlet Spider-616/Kaine, Silk-616/Cindy Moon, Six-Armed Spider-Man-92100/Peter Parker, SP//dr-14512/Peni Parker, "Spider-Fist"-19156, Spider-Girl-616/Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl-982 (MC2)/Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl-78227/Betty Brant, Spider-Ham-8311/Peter Porker, Spider-Ham-93726/Piguel O'Malley, Spider-Horse-31913, Spider-Jameson-78327/John Jameson III, Spider-Man-67/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-94/Ben Reilly, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-616/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-928 (2099 AD)/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man-989/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-1610/Miles Morales, Spider-Man-3145/Ben Parker, Spider-Man J-7041/Sho Amano, Spider-Man-7122 (Mangaverse)/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-9500/Max Borne, Spider-Man-11714/Peter Parker, "Spider-Man"-15151, Spider-Man-18119/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-50101 (India)/Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man-50810/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-51778/Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Man-57780/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-66115, Spider-Man-70105/Bruce Banner, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-96283/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-99062, Spider-Man-120703/Peter Parker, Spider-Man-313710, Spider-Mobile-53931/Peter Parkedcar, "Spider the Hunter"-19156, Spider-Woman-65/Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman-616/Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman-1036/Erin Hasko, Spider-Woman-807128/Ashley Barton, Superior Spider-Man-616/Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body, "Ultimate" Spider-Man-12041/Peter Parker, others)

Affiliations: Master Weaver-001 (Karn), Benjamin "Benjy" Parker-982, Peter Parker-22191, Roma, Saturnyne-9, Spider-Ma'am-3123 (May Parker), Superior Spider-Army (Assassin Spider-Man-8351/Peter Parker, Black Widow-1610/Jessica Drew, Cyborg Spider-Man-2818/Peter Parker, Lady Spider-803/Maybelle Reilly, "Six Armed" Spider-Man-92100, Spider-Man-138/Hobie Brown, Spider-Man-1610/Miles Morales, Spider-Man-50101 (India)/Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man-90214 (Noir)/Peter Parker, Spider-Monkey-8101/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman-807128/Ashley Barton, Superior Spider-Man-616/Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body)

Enemies: Carnage-22191, Deadpool-616 ("Wade Wilson"), Electros (Battery-1082/Mike Dillon, Electro Prime-449/Max Dillon, Electro-9009/Max Dillon, others), Enforcers-22191 (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox), Inheritors-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Solus, Verna), Looter-616 (Norton Fester), Green Goblin-22191 (Mayor Norman Osborn), Sinister Sextet-311 ("Carnage"/Canice Cassidy, "Electro," "Hobgoblin," Karnov, Lizard (possibly Curtis Connors), Magus), Sinister Six-3015 (Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Lizard, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion), Sinister Six-22191 (Doctor Octopus, Electro/Max Dillon, Kraven, Sandman, Scorpion/Mac Gargan, Vulture), Spider-Man-90214 (Harry Osborn/Green Goblin), Superior Spider-Man-616 (Otto Octavius possessing Peter Parker's body), Thor-22191, Tombstone-22191, Venom-7122, Venom-22191 (Eddie Brock), Verna's Hounds (Aleksei, Joseph, Raymond, others)
   (sporting rivals only) Seething Snikters (Albert-616, Colonel Logan-811/Days of Future Past, Mean-5311, Wild Thing-982/NC2, Wolverine-295, Wolverine-2301/Mangaverse, Wolvie of Mojoverse, Wolverine in original costume (possibly Wolverine-74135), unidentified Wolverine in old brown costume)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Spider-Man, "Benedict Cumber-Bug," "Spidey-Brit"

Base of Operations: Inheritor's citadel, Loomworld/Earth-001
   formerly Arachnia, Battleworld; Britain, Earth-833; Starlight Citadel, Otherworld

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse I#2 (November 2014)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-UK has superhuman strength to an unrevealed degree (presumably greater than the average Spider-Man given his physique, but less than the average Captain Britain, so perhaps in the 20 ton range), speed, reflexes, endurance and equilibrium. He possesses a precognitive spider-sense warns him of approaching danger (see comments). Able to stick to and scale walls, he can also produce webbing from wrists, allowing him to entangle and cocoon opponents or swing between buildings; though he never displayed mechanical web-spinners, his webbing is nevertheless apparently artificially created rather than produced from his body as he was able to alter the mixture to make the webbing conductive. He was an exceptional tactician and strategist, and skilled at analyzing both foes' and allies' strengths and weaknesses in battle, picking up on non-verbal signs such as positioning and body language, and able to spot who is and isn't a trained fighter. He was apparently a capable scientist too, though not to the same genius level degree as his teammate Pavitr Prabhakar. Though not fluent, he can read and translate some Celtic runes, and he had a good knowledge of the functioning of the multiverse and alternate realities from his time in the Corps.

   During the originally war against the Inheritors Billy wore a bracelet given to him by Roma which allowed him to scan the multiverse for other Spiders and to teleport himself and others across realities. As a Web-Warrior he replaced this with a Web-watch that allowed him to contact Karn, the Master Weaver, across realities; Karn would then facilitate any required multiversal transportation.

Height: 6'2" (by estimation)
Weight: 240 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

(Spider-Verse II#2 (fb) - BTS) - William Braddock of the England of Earth-833 gained spiderlike powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider (see comments).

(Amazing Spider-Man III#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - He became Spider-UK, both an alternate reality Spider-Man and was recruited into the cross-reality "Captain Britain" Corps originating from Earth-833.

   Still considered a new cadet, Spider-UK sensed something off about the Omniverse, so he booked the use of Corps' Watchtower's scrying room in order to scan across the realities trying to locate the problem.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#7/2) - The scryer located a dimensional intrusions in Reality-1983, and showed Spider-UK the events unfolding there, revealing that an individual called Morlun draining the lifeforce of that reality's Spider-Man after slaying his two Amazing Friends, Iceman and Firestar. Morlun then instructed someone he called the Weaver to open a gateway to another reality where he could feed again. Horrified, Billy instructed the scanner to trace Morlun's dimensional portal, and initiated a cross-time scan for similar readings. This turned up another incident on Earth-999, where two individuals who somewhat resembled Morlun, Bora and Brix, had just captured Spider-Cat; as Billy observed they sadistically taunted their captive, before Bora devoured his life energies. Shaken by what he had seen, Billy asked the scryer to run another scan on the same parameters, turning up yet another incident in Reality7831; this proved the worst of all, as it revealed a massacre of dozens of animal men (Knights of Wundagore) as well as that world's Spider-Man, all drained of their vital essences by a brutish individual called Daemos. Billy watched as Daemos' gorging was interrupted by his sibling, Jennix, who informed Daemos that their father required them to come home. As Billy listened, he learned that this family fed off "animal-totems," but that their father insisted that they should hunt only "spider-totems." However, before Billy could learn more a device Jennix was carrying pinged. Identifying it as his quantum-scope, Jennix brought it up to his eye and stared in the direction of Billy's POV, then informed Daemos that they were being observed by another, British-looking spider-totem. Clearly aware Billy could hear him, Jennix noted that they would eat him too, and Billy hastily cut the scanner feed.

   Now aware that all the Spiders of cross-time were being slaughtered, Spider-UK hastened to the Starlight Citadel, the Corps' main base, which was in a state of high alert due to reports of realities across the Omniverse being destroyed by incursions. As a result Spider-UK found his report that Spiders were being slaughtered was greeted as an unimportant waste of time by the Corps' Majestrix, Saturnyne; her liege and Corps founder Roma however, proved more sympathetic, feeling that it might have something to do with their current crisis and that even if that proved not to be the case, the destruction of the Spiders might be serving a sinister purpose. Roma magically provided Spider-UK with a spider-shaped bracelet to enable easy transit between realities, and charged him with a mission to find his fellow Spiders, keep them safe, and end the slaughter.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#8/2 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-UK recruited Old Man Spider of Earth-4 into his Spider Army.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#8/2) - Visiting Earth-982 (MC2), the pair arrived too late to save that world's Peter Parker, a retired Spider-Man, from Daemos, but rescued his daughter, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker), and infant son, Benjy.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#2) - On Earth-65 Spider-UK covertly observed Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) in action and concluded she would do nicely as a recruit.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#10 (fb) - BTS) - At some juncture Spider-UK learned there was another group hopping realities and similarly attempting to save and recruit Spiders before the Inheritors could slay them. He set a monitor on his bracelet to try and locate them the next time they reality jumped.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-UK's Spider Army set up a base on Earth-13, a world protected by Cosmic Spider-Man, a version of Peter Parker wielding the Enigma Force powers of Captain Universe, trusting that the Inheritors would not risk attacking a world defended by so-powerful a totem.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#1) - With his Spider Army numbering over a dozen members (see comments), Spider-UK watched as Old Man Spider and Spider-Ham returned to Earth-13 with their latest recruit, Earth-94's Spider-Man.

(Spider-Verse I#2/2) - Spider-UK went to Earth-7082 to recruit the African Spider-totem Kwaku Anansi, unwittingly encountering him while he was hiding from Mr. Mighty, a tree spirit who (correctly) blamed Anansi for stealing his sheep herd after promising to protect them. Anansi informed Braddock that he was in the middle of a story and could not leave until it was finished. With Spider-UK insisting that there was little time to waste, Anansi told him that he might be able to help speed the tale to its conclusion. Agreeing to this suggestion, Spider-UK was told to don a smelly sheepskin by Anansi, and informed that to maintain the sacred balance he had to remain completely silent or risk the end of all. Though confused, Spider-UK complied, only for a large tiger to suddenly scoop him up in its jaws and carry him off. Anansi then shouted to Mr. Mighty that the tiger was the real thief.

(Spider-Verse I#2/2 - BTS) - Mr. Mighty retrieved Spider-UK and the sheep and placed them all together in a pen, failing to notice one was a human. Still believing Anansi's story about maintaining the sacred balance, Spider-UK maintained his silence and hid among the sheep.

(Spider-Verse I#2/2) - Once Mr. Mighty had fallen asleep Anansi snuck into the pen and retrieved Spider-UK, who was annoyed to discover that the sheep were sentient and could talk after he had spent several hours desperately trying not to disturb them for the sake of the sacred balance. This ire was worsened when he discovered that the tiger was Anansi's friend and had been part of the deception, which Anansi insisted had only been done to teach Mr. Mighty not to keep pestering Anansi for help. When Spider-UK asked why Anansi had not simply told Mr. Mighty to mind his own business, Anansi asked if he should have also given that response to Spider-UK, somewhat placating him.

(Spider-Verse I#1/2) - Spider-UK and other members of the Spider Army arrived on Earth-2301 in time to save that world's Spider-Man from being slain by Venom, and enlisted him into their force.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Detecting Daemos was heading to Earth-616, Spider-UK sent Old Man Spider to rescue some of that world's Spiders who were at Wundagore Mountain in the European nation of Transia, while he and some of his other recruits went to NYC.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9) -  There they quickly assisted that world's Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl and a temporally dislocated Spider-Man from 2099 in defeating the Looter's gang, appraised them of the impending attack, and headed back to their base on Earth-13. Soon after they got there Old Man Spider also returned, informing Spider-UK that they had successfully recruited 616's Scarlet Spider but lost 70105's Spider-Man in the process. Turning to Spider-Man-616, Spider-UK informed him that in the war to come, he was their secret weapon.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#10) - Spider-UK explained that this was because out of all of them, he was the only one to have previously fought an Inheritor, Morlun, and defeated him. Before he could say more his bracelet detected the other Spider group. Worried that such a grouping would draw the Inheritors' attention, Spider-UK elected to try to reach them first. Spider-UK and his team jumped to Earth-928 and into the midst of the Superior Spider-Army that had been assembled by a time-displaced Superior Spider-Man-616 (secretly the villainous Otto Octavius in control of Peter Parker's stolen body). Upon seeing them Superior Spider-Man stated that they had come too soon and were going to ruin everything, and when Spider-UK urged them to come with his team to the safe zone, but Superior Spider-Man interrupted him, angrily explaining that he had been using a cloaking device to hide his team from the Inheritors' detection, but that it couldn't mask so many additional unique signatures. Sure enough, a few seconds later Daemos portalled in, only for the well-trained Superior Spider-Army to slay him after a short battle. However, as the teams discussed their next move, another Daemos portalled in, this time accompanied by Brix and Bora. Spider-UK ordered an immediate retreat back to Earth-13.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#11) - With the Spider Army having sent teams off on various missions, Spider-UK relayed reports back to the team's new leader, Spider-Man-616, only to be left in charge again when Spider-Man-616 himself departed on a mission. Shortly afterwards however the Inheritors Morlun and Jennix portalled to Earth-13, accompanied by their father, Solus. Their most powerful member, Cosmic Spider-Man, immediately incinerated Jennix, but then, as Spider-UK and the others watched helplessly, Solus easily devoured the hero.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#12) - The Spider Army attacked, but were unable to stop Morlun departing to Earth-001 with young Benjy Braddock-982, calling the infant "the Scion." As the other Spiders fought a losing battle against the Inheritor patriarch Spider-UK desperately called on his bracelet for back-up, which promptly arrived in the form of Takuya Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of Earth-51778, piloting the giant mecha Leopardon. Though even this opponent was swiftly shown to be no match for Solus, it granted the heroes a valuable distraction and Spider-UK promptly called for an evacuation to another reality. They retreated to Earth-8847, a world dominated by dinosaurs, but this only provided them a brief respite before the Inheritor Verna and her hounds, superhumans conditioned to be her mindless hunters, portalled in to attack, prompting a second retreat, this time at the prompting of Silk to the post-nuclear Earth-3145, safe from the Inheritors because they had an extreme vulnerability to radiation. Since the irradiated landscape would also prove lethal in time for the Spiders, they quickly retreated to a bunker Silk had located.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13) - As the team took a moment to catch their breathes, Spider-UK noticed that one of them, Pavitr Prabhakar, the Indian Spider-Man of Earth-50101, looked especially troubled. Introducing himself, Spider-UK inquired what was bothering him, and Pavitr admitted that having seen how similar he was to Peter Parker-616, he now couldn't escape the feeling that he was merely some strange, ultimately expendable reflection of the "real" Spider-Man. Spider-UK told him not to believe this for a second, explaining that as a member of the Corps he was one of thousands, but he had learned that each member from each world was unique and valuable in their own ways. He reassured Pavitr that he was a hero, wherever he was and whoever was by his side, and asked how he could be sure that 616 Peter wasn't the one who was a pale reflection of him?

   Meanwhile the others finished translating some scrolls that Spider-Woman-616 had smuggled out of Earth-001 with the help of the Inheritor's unwilling slave, the Master Weaver. The scrolls revealed that the Spider-totems had a unique relationship to the Web of Life and Destiny (a.k.a. the Great Web), a lattice of energy that ran throughout all realities, allowing those who controlled it to transit between realities and predict the future to some extent; since the Inheritors used the Web to maintain their power and prey on other realities, the Spiders' continued existence was seen as a threat, so the Inheritors intended to wipe out all the Spiders across the multiverse by sacrificing three special ones, the Scion (Benjy Parker-982, the Other (Kaine-616) and the Bride (Silk-616), in accordance to ancient prophecy.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#3/2) - Spider-UK watched as Spider-Girl-982 demanded they set off for Earth-001 immediately before the Inheritors could sacrifice her baby brother, then stormed off angrily when some of the others counseled caution instead, fearing to do so would be a suicide mission.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13) - Spider-Girl-616 meanwhile had learned some other vital information from the scrolls, and gathered a team that included Spider-UK for a new mission, which she now proposed to Spider-Man-616.

(Spider-Verse Team-Up I#3) - The scrolls had revealed that one Inheritor, Karn, hated the others and unlike them did not kill for pleasure, but only to survive, so Spider-Man-616 agreed to try to turn him to their side. Spider-UK and the others arrived on Earth-3123 in time to prevent him feeding from that world's Spider-Ma'am (May Parker). Though initially resistant to their entreaties, while battling him each of the Spiders chosen for the mission used their personal life experiences to gradually break through to Karn; when he insisted he was fated to feed on totems as part of the natural order, Spider-UK noted that the variety of the multiverse had shown him there was more than one natural order, and reminded Karn that per his scrolls he had originally wanted to explore the multiverse in order to celebrate its beauty and study it, not to bring death and destruction. Finally they won him over, even offering to share a small piece of each member's life force so he could keep his hunger in check.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#13 - BTS) - While Spider-UK's group were away, Spider-Man-616 tried to contact the Inheritor's other two main targets, only to discover both had already made their way to Earth-001. With the situation now critical, Spider-Man-616 ordered an immediate assault on the Inheritors' home reality.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14) - The other Spider teams had fought their way into the Inheritor's citadel when Karn arrived, accompanied by Spider-UK and his group.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5 - BTS) - The Spider Army battled the Inheritors.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14 - BTS) - Wave after wave of arriving Spiders overwhelmed the Inheritors, who were eventually overpowered and exiled to Earth-3145, whose radioactive nature the Spiders hoped would ensure the posed no future threat.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#15) - With the battle now over, Spider-UK used his bracelet to send the surviving members of the Spider Army back to their home realities. However, unknown to the others, the Superior Spider-Man had learned he was fated to lose his stolen body back to its original owner and now sought to change this. With only a handful of Spiders left for Spider-UK to send home from Earth-001, their spider-senses went wild. Racing to the chamber containing the Web of Life and Destiny which connected to the realities of the multiverse, they found the Superior Spider-Man had slain the Master Weaver that maintained it and was now cutting away at the threads. Checking his bracelet, Spider-UK confirmed that he was losing portals to several realities, which might leave them stranded on Earth-001. Hastily he sent the remaining non-616 Spiders to their realities, while the 616 group battled Octavius and sent him back to the correct point in his own timeline, his memory of the Inheritor conflict and his ultimate fate wiped. To repair the Web Karn replaced the slain Master Weaver, but upon doing so learned some distressing news for Spider-UK - his home reality, Earth-833, no longer existed. Realizing it had been wiped out by the Incursions the Corps had been investigating, Spider-UK berated himself for putting the fate of his fellow Spiders over his duty to the Corps, but Spider-Man-616 reminded him that if he had not brought the Spider Army together the Inheritors would have wiped them all out. Since he no longer had a world of his own and many worlds had lost their Spiders, Spider-UK vowed to stay on Earth-001, and use Karn's Web to go to any worlds that needed the help of a Spider-Man. Hearing this, Spider-Girl-616 (Anya Corazon) opted to stay to help him.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Incursions that had destroyed Spider-UK's home reality and so many others finally concluded in a total multiversal collapse. However, existence did not end thanks to Doctor Victor von Doom-616 seizing the godlike powers of the Beyonders and using them to combine the remnants of multiple versions of Earth into a single patchwork Battleworld, which he ruled as God Emperor. The memories of survivors on each segment were altered so that now believed they had always lived in their respective realms on Battleworld. It was presumably at this juncture that Spider-UK lost the bracelet Roma had gifted him for inter-reality travel.

(Spider-Verse II#4 (fb) - BTS) - God Doom's enforcer in each realm was a version of Thor.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) - One of these realms was Arachnia, a version of New York City made from the remnants of Earth-22191 and now ruled by Mayor Norman Osborn, and where Spider-Man had vanished years ago. Several of the Spiders who had fought in the recent conflict against the Inheritors ended up in Arachnia, including Spider-UK; perhaps because of their recent extensive reality-hopping, all of them retained a sense that something was wrong about their new memories and some vague recollection of their true identities. Feeling drawn to crimefighting, Spider-UK recreated his costumed identity, though since there was no Britain in this realm, he decided his codename should be simply Spider-Man.

(Spider-Verse II#4 (fb) - BTS) - One night as he swung through the city he was spotted by Anya, and her feelings of being in the wrong place suddenly clicked into focus as she realized where she did belong.

(Spider-Verse II#1 (fb) - BTS) Anya joined Billy as his partner, once again becoming Spider-Girl. Conscientiously, Spider-UK made sure to train extensively with her, so that they could act and fight as a team, rather than two individuals, and found his new partner somewhat green, but a fast learner. Hearing of their activities, Osborn ensured that the crimefighters got scant press for their exploits, and set a trap for them.

(Spider-Verse II#1) - The pair interrupted a smuggling operation at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, defeating the criminal Enforcers, but the encounter proved to be a set-up, and Osborn's troops attacked from ambush. However, they escaped with the unexpected help of their old ally Pavitr Prabhakar (the Indian Spider-Man of Earth-50101), who had located them via a scanner he had constructed to locate the energies that connected them. Once safe, he confirmed that each of them shared the same sense of not belonging in Arachnia, despite having memories of living there their entire lives, and suggested a theory that all of them were somehow interconnected, tied together by some sort of Web.

(Spider-Verse II#2) - Soon locating two more of their former friends, Spider-Ham and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Woman of Earth-65), the group hid out together at Pavitr's safehouse and compared stories. Pavitr showed the others a device he had made to track the energies of people like themselves, which suddenly detected another Spider. Following the energy signature to the docks, the group discovered the criminals Tombstone and Carnage threatening some prisoners; when the heroes intervened, they were suddenly joined by Spider-Man-90214 (Spider-Man "Noir"), who revealed he had known about them for a while but had held off making contact until he was sure what side they were on. Their conversation was interrupted however by the arrival of Arachnia's Sinister Six.

(Spider-Verse II#3) - Spider-UK instantly realized that though the two groups' numbers were evenly matched, the Sinister Six were a battle forged team, as he spotted them exchanging non-verbal signals over which opponents each would attack, while the Spiders didn't even know what each others strengths and weaknesses were. Realizing the best way to combat the Six's battle-won teamwork would be to attack them in pairs in order to learn their weaknesses by analyzing how they defended one another, Spider-UK was about to advise this when Spider-Woman called to everyone to each pick one foe to target. Reluctantly accepting that having two competing strategies was worse than one bad one, Spider-UK instead instructed Spider-Girl to take down Electro while he went for Sandman; though Spider-UK's blow went harmlessly through Sandman's body, his teamwork training paid off as Anya tricked Electro into blasting Sandman, turning his midsection to glass. Switching opponents, Spider-UK teamed up against Scorpion with Pavitr, knocking the villain down, but because he had stood out by shouting commands, Spider-UK was now targeted by Doctor Octopus, who snared the hero in his tentacles while calling out that he had the enemy group's leader. This last prompted an angry rebuttal from Gwen denying that Spider-UK was their leader, and as Spider-Girl called out to Gwen to team up with her against Ock, Gwen ignored her, shouting back that she would free UK while Anya should go for Ock. This proved to be a mistake as Electro then stunned both Gwen and UK by running his energies through Ock's metal tentacles. With both of them down it only took seconds for the rest of the Spiders to be overpowered.

   Luckily for the Spiders the Six delivered them to Norman Osborn unharmed, who informed them that he had not intended to start a fight, but rather wanted their help, and had only chosen the Six as his envoys in case they needed assistance against Carnage and Tombstone. Unsure whether to trust him, Spider-UK asked what help Osborn needed from them, and the mayor explained that while their morphogenetic fields were each unique, they were also in sync with one another, sharing a resonance that bound them together. He apologized for suppressing news of UK and Anya's heroic exploits, but explained that he had not wanted to start a panic until he knew who he was dealing with. Now that he had confirmed the Spiders were not a new group of costumed criminals he suggested he might be able to help them find where they actually came from. Over the last few months before the Spiders had come together he had worked with Spider-Ham, analyzing his frequencies to design lenses able to focus on fifth-dimensional space; now he showed the Spiders what this revealed, which proved to be a weblike energy structure (the Web of Life and Destiny, though none of the Spiders recalled this). Osborn pointed out this lattice, which he believed to be a protean structure of the universe, was in tatters, and when UK asked if the Spiders were connected to it somehow, Osborn countered by saying he thought they were part of it.

   Discussing things in private, Gwen expressed doubts over Osborn's story, but UK admitted that he now couldn't be sure of anything, and since Pavitr was in full nerd mode examining the Web Osborn had shown them, he wasn't going to leave him stranded at Ozcorp without support. Anya chose to stay too, to back Billy up, and ultimately only Gwen elected to leave, unable to shake her distrust of Osborn.

(Spider-Verse II#4) - Billy helped Pavitr and Osborn's scientists study the Web.

(Spider-Verse II#4 - BTS) - Meanwhile Gwen ran into the depowered Peter Parker native to Arachnia and got confirmation that Osborn was a villain manipulating the Spiders for his own ends. Since he hated Peter with a vengeance, they concocted a plan to make him expose his true nature for the others to see by using Peter as a lure, starting by texting him a taunting photo message.

(Spider-Verse II#4) - With Osborn in the Web room when the text arrived, Pavitr and Billy observed Osborn's mask partially slip as his true rageful nature showed through. After he left (to go kill Peter), Anya showed the other Spiders a discovery she and Spider-Ham had made, a high tech chamber beneath the Web room containing a chair inscribed in Celtic runes as the "Siege Perilous." UK noted that Osborn had a lot of cheek using that name, as in myth the Siege Perilous was reserved for the person who found the Holy Grail, but Pavitr pointed out it was worse than that, as the chair appeared to be hooked up to the Web, a power that might be able to overwrite the nature of the universe. With the additional information that Spider-Ham had overheard Osborn ranting while in the chair about how he was going to crush God Doom, Spider-UK realized they had a serious problem. Moments later energies began to visibly run through the chamber and chair, as the proximity of the Spiders with their unique relationship to the Web was resonating with the chair and amplifying its power. The Spiders realized they should withdraw rapidly, but before they could do so they were confronted by Arachnia's Thor, sent by Doom to destroy the weapon Osborn had created to challenge his reign. 

(Spider-Verse II#5) - Thor attacked, but the Spiders dodged her lightning and tried to convince her that they had merely been investigating the laboratory of a madman when she arrived, and that they were not Doom's enemies. Thor countered that the chair was intended to threaten Doom, and since they were lodestones to its power their very existence offended her. Arriving intending to rescue her friends before Osborn returned, Gwen joined the fight, while UK instinctively took charge of issuing orders, instructing them to keep the battle inside the building so civilians would not get caught up in the conflict, and to spread apart so as to not get in each others' way, then hit Thor at the same time from multiple directions. When Thor smashed Spider-Ham away through several walls of the building, the conflict drew the attention of Electro, the only Sinister Six member left behind by Osborn to monitor the Spiders, and he reluctantly joined the battle against Thor. Realizing that their attacks weren't working on Thor, UK decided to prove to her they weren't threats to Doom by destroying the chair. They convinced Electro to blast the chair, hoping to appease Thor, but instead the electrical surge combined with their proximity caused an explosive feedback loop which stunned all of them, even Thor. Returning from having captured Peter, Osborn was initially enraged at the destruction, but upon seeing the unconscious Thor and intact chair he concluded that he had been right to believe that the Spiders focused and boosted its powers. Barely conscious, UK tried to grab at Osborn's ankle and stop him hooking himself into the chair, but Osborn kicked his feeble grasp away. Luckily for everyone, Spider-Ham returned, having freed Peter from Osborn's guards, and they used the unconscious Thor's innate electrical charge to short out the chair's helmet, frying Osborn's brain before he could tap into the Web's power. The rest of the Sinister Six arrived moments later, but were tricked into surrendering when Pavitr threatened to use the chair's power against them, a bluff since it was now broken. Realizing that though Norman had been a corrupt madman, he had also been the Baron of the Domain, responsible for maintaining order, meaning Arachnia was in danger of falling into anarchy without him, Spider-UK pointed out to the others that the people would need someone to protect them, and that it was their combined responsibility to provide this.

(Secret Wars#9 - BTS) - Doom was defeated by Mister Fantastic-616, who took his reality controlling powers and restored the realities destroyed during the Incursions. The six Spiders who had come together in Arachnia ended up on Earth-001, back with Karn and the partially repaired Web, and decided to stay together as the Web-Warriors.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/5 (fb) - BTS) - Someone, presumably Karn, provided Spider-UK with a "Web-Watch" to facilitate communication and transportation between realities.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#1/5) - Believing it was the Web-Warriors' duty to lend a hand to worlds which had lost their Spider-Men to the Inheritors, Spider-UK led the Web-Warriors to Earth-311 to defeat the marauding Sinister Sextet. However, while they apprehended five of the malcontents, they unwittingly transported one, that world's version of Electro, back to their Loomworld base.

(Web-Warriors I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Under Spider-UK's leadership the Web-Warriors practiced using different battle plans and formations; though this wasn't really as necessary as Billy made out, since all of them were seasoned fighters, his real reason for doing so was because Billy, having lost everything he once held dear, wanted to spend time with the only friends he had left, something only Noir realized. Wanting them to have actual combat practice, he and Karn spent weeks scouring the multiverse looking for a world where they could run training exercises against live enemies with non-lethal threat levels, finally settling on the cartoonish Reality-3015. He invited 982's Mayday Parker, now calling herself Spider-Woman, to join them.

(Web-Warriors I#1) - The Web-Warriors apprehended Earth-3015's Sinister Six, though Noir complained to UK that they were such lightweights that they didn't even trigger his spider-sense.

   The team returned to Earth-001, and Spider-UK reminded them of the importance of training as a unit. Mayday thanked him for the invite, but reminded him that she was her world's Spider protector, so that while she would be available to help in emergencies she wouldn't come along just to train with them in future.

(Web-Warriors I#2) - Mayday returned to Earth-001 to inform the Web-Warriors that Gwen had been captured by multiple Electros while visiting Earth-9105 ("Forever Yesterday"). Transporting there to investigate, the Web-Warriors were confronted by more Electros, members of an alliance of Electro variants from across the multiverse. As the Electros attacked, Spider-UK realized his team was ill-prepared for the battle and, noting that the Electros had been in the process of stealing silver when they were interrupted, called out to his teammates to target the metal. As hoped, this tricked the Electros into withdrawing with their ill-gotten gains, but Spider-UK was confident that he could rely on Pavitr's scientific prowess to devise a way to now track them back to their base.

(Web-Warriors I#3) - Before the Web-Warriors could return to Earth-001 Billy received an urgent call on his Web-Watch from Anya, who had been left back at base, informing him that more Electros had appeared there and taken Master Weaver prisoner. Returning as fast as they could, the Warriors battled the intruders, but swiftly realized they were vastly outnumbered, forcing Spider-UK to order a retreat. The group escaped to the Steampunk Earth-803, where within moments they were found by an old ally from the Inheritors' war, Lady Spider.

(Web-Warriors I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Lady Spider offered the new arrivals shelter in her mansion. On the way over the Web-Warriors informed her of the situation, and upon hearing that the Electros seemed to be interested only in silver, she mentioned a recent encounter she had with her world's Black Cat, who had also stealing silver.

(Web-Warriors I#4) - Accepting Lady Spider's offer of shelter at her mansion, Spider-UK rallied his disconsolate teammates, insisting that just because some thugs had a temporary advantage over them was no reason to lose hope. With their transporters broken and this world's technology not capable of fixing it, Spider-UK suggested they pursue Black Cat, suspecting she might be connected to the Electros. Though he was unaware of it, his rallying speech left Lady Spider very impressed with him.

   The team soon tracked Black Cat down, who informed them she had been hired to commit the robbery in return for an unusual pendant that crackled with electricity, which Spider-UK confiscated and gave it to Pavitr to analyze. Using local technology and the power from the pendant, Pavitr swiftly constructed a mechanical difference engine as a means of communicating interdimensionally. Sending out a signal on their Web-watch frequency, Spider-UK made contact with Gwen, learning she had escaped the Electros and was working on a way to take down their leader the Battery, a gestalt energy entity containing the minds of several absorbed Electros, but could do with a distraction to lure as many of their number away from their base as possible. Since the Web-Warriors were unable to travel the multiverse without their Watches, Spider-UK decided to lure the Electros to Earth-803 by broadcasting a multiversal wide signal taunting them to run before the Web-Warriors came for them.

(Web-Warriors I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Knowing they needed a way to trap potentially thousands of Electros, Spider-UK planned to create a gigantic Faraday cage that would render them powerless; to facilitate this Pavitr developed a substance that could be added to the Web-Warriors' artificial webbing to make it conductive.

(Web-Warriors I#5) - Lady Spider berated Spider-UK for endangering her city by luring an army of electrical madmen there, but calmed somewhat after hearing his plan. Setting up their ambush in Battery Park with Master Weaver as the main bait, the Web-Warriors didn't have to wait long before the Electros arrived. Spinning the cage at the same time as fighting the Electros, the Web-Warriors completed it just as Gwen teleported the Battery into the center of the trap. Spider-UK carried Master Weaver to safety, but when he realized that the good Inheritor was nearly dead from starvation Billy told Karn to take as much of his lifeforce as Karn needed to enable his escape. Thanking him, Karn did so, but Spider-UK was left severely weakened. He called to Lady Spider to ensure Master Weaver escaped, and when she chastised him for giving up too much lifeforce, stating he should have split Karn's feeding between them, Billy reminded her that she was not a totem, commending her for being a hero despite lacking innate powers. Kissing her hand, he told her she was a remarkable women, then repeated his request that she withdraw with Karn, promising to be right behind her. As they departed he struggled to his feet, pulled off his mask and turned defiantly to face the approaching Electros, challenging them to come at him. With the park almost completely enclosed with webbing, the Web-Warriors exited through a small hole in the tip of their dome, but upon learning Billy had been left behind Mayday leapt back in to retrieve him. Though she overpowered the Electros attacking him, they couldn't get out of the dome before the rest of their team were forced to close it.

(Web-Warriors I#5 - BTS) - Luckily for Billy and Mayday all the energy the Electros were generating had recharged his Web-watch, transporting them away at the last second. Master Weaver detected this and informed their teammates that the pair might have survived, although he had no way of knowing where they might have ended up.

(Web-Warriors I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Billy and Mayday found themselves only teleported outside the dome, rather than to another reality. Meanwhile Lady Spider learned she could not return home, as the Master Weaver could no longer locate Earth-803, a side effect of having so many Electros there generating a disruptive frequency.

(Web-Warriors I#6) - With his Web-watch once more defunct and the rest of the team back on Earth-001 he and Mayday took it upon themselves to keep people from entering Battery Park, but realized they needed to find a way to get back to the others soon, as the prison showed signs of buckling.

(Web-Warriors I#8) - Mayday and Billy took up residence in Lady Spider's mansion. Using Pavitr's difference engine, Billy kept signalling out in the hope that he would make contact with Master Weaver. Meanwhile Karn too was trying to locate the missing Earth-803 with the assistance of new ally Octavia Otto (a good Doc Ock counterpart from Earth-1104), who concluded that somehow the strands of the Web had become tangled. She devised a way to untangle them by "yanking" on them, causing a brief cross-reality quake. While this successfully restored the connection to Earth-803, allowing Billy to make contact, it also sent the other Web-Warriors tumbling to random realities and broke the cage holding the Electros. Seeing the barrier breaking, Billy requested urgent back-up.

(Web-Warriors I#9) - Billy radioed Mayday to let her know he had re-established contact, only for her to inform him that the Electros were now free. Seeing that the Electros now looked almost like zombies, she asked Billy how the request for reinforcements was doing.

(Web-Warriors I#10) - Once he was sure Master Weaver had their location, Billy raced towards Battery Park to help Mayday fight the Electros. He found many were incapacitated or too weak to fight due to hunger from being confined without food in the cage, but there were still hundreds, most notably the Battery, remained a deadly threat. Watching the two Web-Warriors continue to fight, the Battery chided the Electros, pointing out that they only faced two foes and demanding the Electros overwhelm them. Luckily, just as hope seemed gone, reinforcements arrived in the form of Octavia Otto at the head of a new multiversal Spider Army. With the odds evened somewhat, the Spiders began to rally, and things looked even more hopeful when Lady Spider and Anya arrived accompanied by the Spider-Man of Earth-50810, who piloted a giant robot...until the Battery seized control of the mech.

(Web-Warriors I#11) - The Spider Army battled the possessed mech, but it shrugged off their attacks until Ben Parker, the Spider-Man of Earth-3145, sacrificed his life by forcing the Battery to absorb his mind into itself. Though this killed his physical form, Ben's strong personality influenced the Battery, infecting it with Ben's moral code, and ordered the other Electros to surrender or die. However, the danger proved to not yet be over, as the Master Weaver alerted the Web-Warriors that in their absence the insane Harry Osborn of Earth-90214 had attacked their base on Earth-001 and was now ripping apart the Web. With Master Weaver unable to transport any of his allies back to stop Osborn, the Spiders hastened to figure out another plan, using the now-friendly Battery to tap into the combined Electros' powers and vibrating the entire Web to disable Osborn from realities away.

   With Osborn defeated, Spider-UK appealed to Ben's presence within the Battery to help return all the Electros to their native realities; it agreed to return all the Electros including itself home, promising also to release its hold on the robot, but it ominously warned Billy that this would not be the last he saw of the Battery. The crisis having finally ended, the Web-Warriors, Spider-UK included, returned to Earth-001. With the Web having been further damaged, the Web-Warriors added some new recruits to help repair it; Anya noted they looked sharp, to which Billy responded that they looked green, but they would learn (and those recruits were never seen again as part of the team).

(Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic I#6) - Spider-UK attended the baseball match between the Seething Snikters interdimensional Wolverines team and Amazing Arachnids interdimensional Spider-Men, covering second base when the Wolverines were batting. When Deadpool crashed the game, Spider-UK called him out for distracting the outfield (Spider-Ham) and joined both teams and the spectators in driving the annoying mercenary off.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Billy told off Spider-Ham for stealing a sandwich, though Spider-Ham didn't get why he was bothered, as it hadn't been Billy's sandwich. At some point he informed Mayday that calculus wasn't hard (see comments).

(Vault of Spiders#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Spider-UK took a photo of himself with the Master Weaver in the background.

(Spider-Geddon I#0/2) - Spider-UK joined Pavitr in monitoring the Inheritors' continued decline in their exile via a remote drone sent to Earth-3145. As they watched as the drone parachuted down from its arrival point and entered the bunker the Inheritors had taken refuge in, Pavitr mentioned that Hobie had suggested they should simply kill the Inheritors, but Billy insisted that was simply not how the Web-Warriors did things, though he admitted it would be convenient. The drone entered the bunker and showed a momentary image of an emaciated Daemos before it lost signal, presumably destroyed. Pavitr noted that it didn't look like the Inheritors could last much longer, and Billy agreed that they had some hard choices coming. Neither suspected that the Inheritors were harvesting the drones they had destroyed for components in an effort to escape.

(Superior Octopus I#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Web-Warriors began returning all the parts of all the worlds conquered and stolen by the Inheritors to manufacture Loomworld, their artificial Earth in Reality-001. 

(Superior Octopus I#1/2) - As the team threw a "Happy End of the World" party, Spider-UK proudly announced that they had finally returned the last stolen items to their proper realities, leaving only their headquarters perched atop a rock floating in space. Gradually one by one the team departed for their home realities, until only Billy and Karn remained. Slightly maudlin, Billy noted that it was kind of the others not to bring up the fact that neither he nor Karn had anywhere else to call home, as they had dismantled the only place they had left to them. Karn responded that it had been the right thing to do, since Loomworld had been constructed by his family through conquest and theft, and Billy told Karn he didn't need to teach Billy anything about Imperialism, reminding Karn that he was a Captain Britain after all. As such, he didn't regret ending Loomworld, but was saddened as it had been home for a while. Karn stated he was glad Billy was still there, admitting he thought of Billy as his best friend, and Billy confirmed that Karn was his best friend too.

   Their touching exchange was suddenly interrupted by an alarm sounding, alerting them to someone on Earth-616 using Inheritor cloning technology. Billy realized that if the trapped Inheritors could send out a resurrection code, they would be able to reincarnate on Earth-616, escaping their exile, and to his horror Karn suddenly recalled the robot drones Pavitr had sent to Earth-3145, each containing technology designed to send signals across realities. Hastily Billy told him to block the signal, but Karn informed him it was already too late, and that the cloning engines would even now be growing his siblings new bodies. Billy responded that they would have to go to Earth-616 and destroy the cloning engines then, and ordered him to alert the Web-Warriors to reassemble immediately. Karn replied that they had been lucky last time, and that under normal circumstances no one could fight the Inheritors and win. Billy agreed, but said he would die trying if that was what it took to save another world from destruction.

(Spider-Geddon: Spider-Man Noir) - Spider-UK went to Earth-90214 to fetch Noir. Materializing to see Noir and his ally White Widow standing over a downed foe, Spider-UK asked if he had come at a bad time. Shocked, Widow asked what the Hell he was, and Noir identified the newcomer, prompting Widow to ask incredulously "they have a Spider-Brit now? What is this, a franchise?" Apologizing, Spider-UK told Noir it was urgent, and though clearly put out at being needed again, he accompanied Spider-UK back to Earth-001.

(Spider-Geddon I#1) - The Web-Warriors teleported to Earth-616, recruiting Miles Morales, a Spider-Man formerly of Earth-1610 now resident in 616, to assist them in their mission. They then teleported to San Francisco, where they discovered Otto Octavius-616, the former Superior Spider-Man and now calling himself the Superior Octopus, was the culprit using the Inheritor cloning technology. With no time to waste, Spider-UK used his strength, greater than the other Spiders because of his Captain Britain aspect, to literally rip his way into Otto's base and the team quickly located the cloning tubes, but before they could disable them the Superior Octopus intervened. When they explained that the Inheritors were going to use the Otto's equipment to return, the arrogant Octopus refused to believe them, so Spider-UK ordered the team to get past him and destroy the tubes, even ripping apart one of Otto's tentacles when it got in his way. Unfortunately he had delayed them too long, and as Noir jumped forward intending to destroy the tubes a reincarnated Morlun broke free from one and grabbed him mid-leap. With Morlun immune to his gunfire, Noir sacrificed himself by causing an explosion, but Morlun survived. Noting that they still had a chance while they only had Morlun to face, Spider-UK now teamed up with Superior Octopus to attack the Inheritor, pounding the villain. With Morlun on the ropes, Spider-UK shouted at the others to keep back so he couldn't feed off them, promising to finish the Inheritor himself. Sadly for Billy, unnoticed by everyone Verna had also emerged from the cloning tubes. Coming up behind Billy she grabbed his head and broke his neck, apparently slaying him instantly.

(Spider-Geddon I#2) - As the other Web-Warriors looked on in shock, Verna gloated as she stood on Spider-UK's corpse. Superior Octopus blew up his base hoping to prevent the Inheritors from reviving the rest of their number, but they escaped using Billy's Web-watch; Billy's remains were blown up with the base.

(Vault of Spiders#1 - BTS) - Glancing at photos of slain Spiders, including Spider-UK, the Master Weaver sought to find more recruits to join the Spider Army, vowing to not let Billy down.

(Vault of Spiders#2 - BTS) - Master Weaver worried that he had found too few recruits, and apologized to his dead friend that they would lose the war, then reminded himself that Billy would not give up so easily, and renewed his efforts.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#1 (fb)) - As she fell between realities, Gwen recalled Billy's death at the hands of the Inheritors.

(Spider-Geddon I#5 - BTS) - The Inheritors were eventually defeated by a new Spider Army and Spider-UK's remains were retrieved.

(Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#4 - BTS) - Still mourning Billy, Gwen hallucinated him after several days without sleep, admitting to herself that she never wanted to say goodbye to him. Traveling to Earth-803, Gwen relayed the news of his death to Lady Spider, who had loved Billy like a brother, and the Web-Warriors laid his remains to rest on that world, buried next to Lady Spider's parents, feeling that if he couldn't be buried in his world's England (since they believed his Earth-833 was still destroyed - see comments), he could at least rest in a version of his home country. Lady Spider told him to sleep well, and to remember that they had loved him and that he would be missed. Afterwards they held a wake, remembering their departed friend, but Gwen snuck back out to the grave to cry, telling Billy he had been the best of them.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott and Oliver Coipel, though he debuted in a comic by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez; based on characters created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (Spider-Man) and Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe (Captain Britain).

   In Spider-Verse II#2 Billy says he got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. At the time his memories had been messed with as part of being on Battleworld, so it's possible he was merely recalling the most common origin shared by Spider-Men across the multiverse, except that the rest of his companions recall differing origins that we know to be broadly correct for them; as such, it's likely Spider-UK was recalling his origin accurately.

    There's presumably a bunch of BTS appearances where he recruits various members of his Spider Army; basically, any member we see whose recruitment wasn't depicted. However, since (a) we don't know when most of those occurred, (b) some will have been recruited by others in the army on his behalf, and (c) it'd be a fairly repetitive listing of "Spider-UK recruited XXX," I've not included those in the history for the most part; just take it as read that if someone is listed as being part of the Spider Army, there was probably an undepicted recruitment scene that probably included Spider-UK.

   Since the Corps has a ridiculous number of members, in Spider-UK's group affiliations I've only listed the ones he was seen to interact with - which is to say, none.

   In Spider-Verse II#1 Spider-UK confirms to the Enforcers that he lacks a spider-sense when they taunt him for being caught off guard by their snipers, but he seems to demonstrate said sense only two pages later when he, Anya and Pavitr all have similar "spider-sense" lines drawn by their heads as they detect danger from approaching enemy helicopters. Additionally, Spider-UK clearly demonstrates that he has a spider-sense in Amazing Spider-Man III#15, and in Spider-Verse III#3 he advises Gwen to trust her spider-sense over Osborn, asking her if it has gone off while dealing with the mayor; while this doesn't mean he too had to have such a sense, the confident way he asks her this does come across as him being fairly sure she will say no because he knows his own spider-sense wasn't tripped by Osborn. Perhaps he'd simply forgotten he had a spider-sense thanks to the Battleworld memory wipe (he seems surprised when it does activate two pages later, not fully knowing what it is), and it wasn't triggered by the snipers because he was in no danger, since he had Anya positioned to take them down for him. However, in Web-Warriors#2, when we see the group all have their spider-senses triggered, Billy is the only one lacking the lines. So Billy seems to switch back and forth between having spider-sense and not having it, depending on the writer and/or artist.

   Reed Richards-616 apparently restored pretty much every reality that the Incursions had destroyed, yet Spider-UK continued to believe his home, Earth-833, was gone. Billy only knew his reality was gone because he had been away when it happened and had checked on it prior to the final collapse, but for most people who ended up on Battleworld they had no idea their realities had been destroyed, nor were they aware they had been subsequently restored. As such it's entirely possible that Earth-833 was fine, but Billy simply didn't bother to check.

   The placements of the other Web-Warriors' recollections of Billy brought up in Ghost Spider#4 are completely speculative; as minor snippets of interaction, it's virtually impossible to know for sure when they occurred, beyond obviously having to take place during the time they were a team.

The cover of New Avengers III#30 depicts Spider-UK lying slain amidst the corpses of his fellow Corps members. However, this clearly didn't happen as he was absent from that issue when they were massacred (unless it was a nearly identical looking alternate reality variant of him, which can't be totally ruled out).

   When maskless Spider-UK was originally and most commonly depicted as either blond or having very light brown hair, but for the Web-Warriors run he was frequently shown with brown hair. It doesn't seem in his nature to dye his hair, so while other explanations might be available in-universe to explain this (exposure to interdimensional energies for example), the simplest solution is probably to accept it as a coloring error - presumably the colorist thought he was a Peter Parker-variant and so should have brown hair like Parker would.

   Spider-Geddon: Spider-Man Noir was a partially animated mini-episode released online. In it voice actor Griffin Burns provided Spider-UK's voice.

   Spider-UK was included as one of the figures in Eaglemoss' Marvel Chess Collection Partworks in issue #93; he was the White Pawn.

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Spider-Geddon I#0/2 (November 2018) - Jed McKay (writer), Javier Garron (art), Nick Lowe (editor)
Superior Octopus I#1/2 (December 2018) - Jed McKay (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils), Craig Yeung (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Geddon I#1 (December 2018) - Dan Slott and Christos Gage (writers), Jorge Molina (art), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Geddon I#2
(December 2018) - Dan Slott and Christos Gage (writers), Jorge Molina (pencils), Jay Leisten, Craig Yeung and Roberto Poggi (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#1 (December 2018) - Seanan McGuire (writer), Rosi Kampe (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Vault of Spiders#1-2 (December 2018-January 2019) - Jed MacKay (writer), Scott Koblish (art), Nick Lowe (executive editor)
Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider I#4 (March 2019) - Seanan McGuire (writer), Rosi Kampe (pencils), Takeshi Miyazawa (inks), Devin Lewis (editor)

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